United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 27/8/16]



Europol’s director, Rob Wainwright, has announced that a team of 200 counterterrorism officers will be deployed to the Greek islands over the next few weeks to track down jihadists trying to enter Europe by posing as migrants or refugees.

In an interview published in the UK’s Evening Standard on Friday, Wainwright said the agency is responding to increased concern over reports that Islamic fundamentalists are using fake documents to enter into Europe. ... [Ekathimerini - 27/8/16]



Afghan national arrested for trying to help migrants escape northern Greece [Ekathimerini - 27/8/16]



Athens: Activists are working to rehabilitate the Centre for refugees, @Notara26. Three days ago it was attacked by arsonists. ‏@RRYrevolucion [27/8/16]



‏@shawnmicallef [27/8/16]:  Maltese navel vessel P23. This boat has rescued migrants.  



‏@guardiacostiera [26/8/16]:  Velivolo #GuardiaCostiera avvista unità con 44 #migranti a 150 miglia da coste calabre: salvati da #NaveFiorillo e motovedette CP323 e CP326



Day 161 refugee protests, Nauru


Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can quietly become a power no government can suppress, a power that can transform the world.


Howard Zinn



Image: @Mums4Refugees [27/8/16]



‏@Mums4Refugees [27/8/16]:  In support of mass Aust wide rallies there was a big protest on Nauru today.  ...



1,000s rallied today, but we're still awaiting a clear denunciation of the policy.  Australians ought to consider why not one politician, human rights organisation or professional association has:


1. Made a coherent demand for the camps be immediately closed;


2. Called for the genuine resettlement of refugees AND


3. Proposed a Royal Commission into the ENTIRETY of Operation Sovereign Borders (the interdiction and refoulement of refugee boats), and its regional impacts.




The #BoycottWilson campaign is NOT direct action.  It is a distraction designed to divert momentum away from attacking Australia's fascist LNP and ALP ruling political duopoly.  

The only way to challenge Australia's anti-refugee policy is by protesting ALL politicians (including the feeble Greens). 

Wilson is at best a third tier, ancillary issue.  The elephant in the room is the solid bipartisan backing of the anti-refugee policy.




Can someone please tell Paul Stevenson OAM that Turnbull and Dutton are under no pressure while the ALP has got their back.  --->  ... At a #BringThemHere refugee rights rally in Brisbane on Saturday Mr Stevenson, also the president of the Australian Democrats Queensland branch, called for a Royal Commission into Australia's involvement in the offshore detention centres, which he said was "overdue".

"Minister Dutton asserts that it is their (Papua New Guinea and Nauru) detention regimes, not ours," he said.

"He hides behind the technical legal loophole that a Royal Commission cannot be engaged upon with regard to a foreign country's activities. ...  [Brisbane Times - 27/8/16]




“We refugees and asylum seekers need protection NOT detention”. Ex-detainees’ day for Asylum Seekers and Refugees, 3rd of September 2016



Displaced Tamils told Sri Lankan’s Foreign Minister that they were prepared to protest until their deaths, in order to secure the release of their land from military occupation, as he visited the Tamil North-East on Saturday.

Mangala Samaraweera visited the Mallakam – Konappulam welfare camp, which is housing displaced Tamils from Valikaamam North, with a heavy military entourage.

He toured the premises and met displaced Tamils, some who have been blocked from returning to their land for several years.

“We do not want any alternate land, housing or any other government aid,” said one of the residents.

“What we want is our own land.” ... [Tamil Guardian - 27/8/16]



Tamil IDPs from Vali North this week accused the Sri Lankan government of seeking to portraying a false image of resettlement to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon during his visit next week by rehousing them in different land instead of allowing them to return to their own homes.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 27/8/16]



5 Tamils die at Camber Sands, victims' father says fled Sri Lanka to be safe in UK [Tamil Guardian - 27/8/16]




‏@MalikMujahid [26/8/16]:  No #Rohingya is on Burmese commission to decide their fate while those killing them sit on it. ...  




Three lese majeste prisoners freed [Bangkok Post - 27/8/16]



Russia has invited Japan to join a humanitarian mission in civil war-hit Aleppo in northern Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.

Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov invited Japanese participation during a meeting with Japanese Ambassador to Russia Toyohisa Kozuki on Thursday, the ministry said.

In the meeting, Antonov showed readiness to deepen military cooperation between Japan and Russia through joint exercises.

The Russian official also said the United States’ push to deploy a missile defense system in the Asia-Pacific region is negatively influencing the situation on the Korean Peninsula. [Japan Today - 27/8/16]



Last Saturday evening on Raivavae, a small volcanic island that juts out from the vast expanse of the eastern Pacific Ocean, residents made an unusual discovery on the edge of a road.

A small baby sea lion, uncommon in the tropical waters of French Polynesia, had somehow made its way to this island of 940 people. ... [RNZI - 27/8/16]



Pacific countries agree to free trade agreement's legal text [RNZI - 26/8/16]



Tamim Chowdhury, the Dhaka café massacre mastermind, is killed in raid: Police [bdnews24.com - 27/8/16]



Home Hill stabbing: Police request accused murderer Smail Ayad stay away from court [Brisbane Times - 26/8/16]:


... He was expected to appear via video link but was not beamed into the court on Friday morning.

"It was the police that requested that he not be brought up and I've taken instructions that don't resist that," Legal Aid solicitor Helen Armitage said.*

She asked for an eight-week adjournment to allow police to complete an unspecified application and prepare a brief of evidence.

The matter was delayed for most of Friday morning as a French lawyer was organised to speak to Mr Ayad and only lasted a matter of minutes when it was eventually heard.

Directly after the hearing, the court was closed for police to make an unspecified application to Magistrate Richard Lehmann.

Ms Armitage didn't comment as she left court. ...



The jury for the Suardi Tasrif Award for freedom of expression on Friday night bestowed the prize on two groups that have fought stigma and the legacy of a dark past.

They had been “courageously voicing violence and discrimination against them to uphold freedom of opinion and expression in Indonesia”, it said.

The jurors — Press Council member and Jakarta Post Digital chief editor Nezar Patria; Ignatius Haryanto from the Press and Development Study Institute (LSPP); and Luviana, journalist and Suardi Tasrif Award laureate in 2013 — gave the award to the LGBTIQ Forum and the International People’s Tribunal 1965 (IPT 65) group.

The forum for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning (LGBTIQ) individuals consists of more than 20 organizations concerning the minority groups’ rights while the IPT 65 consists of victims of the 1965 communist purge, researchers, advocates, lawyers and organizations concerned with justice for victims. ... [Jakarta Post - 26/8/16]



Indonesia’s gotta catch all the communists [IPT 65 - 25/8/16]





Day 160 refugee protests, Nauru via ‏@InsurrectNews [26/8/16]



 Brisbane crowd chanting #BringThemHere and #LetThemStay


Image: ‏@DonSinnamon [27/8/16]



Thank you so much for kind people Thank you for everyone who support us ...


"tweeted" by @manusFad22 [27/8/16]



‏@K_A_Webber [27/8/16]:  #bringthemhere Brisbane


@DaniekaM [27/8/16]:  #BringThemHere rally in Brisbane



‏@pattieqld [27/8/16]:  #BringThemHere #Brisbane rally today Sam Watson talking "We welcome Asylum Seekers and Refugees into our Country'



Nauru Files Reading at Australia House, London [VIDEO - Sarah Keenan - 26/8/16]



@BestLani [26/8/16]:  Reading the #NauruFilesReading Continues till late tonight at australia house London . This needs to be heard  




Every year, CRNI searches the world of political cartooning for those who have demonstrated exceptional courage and resilience in the face of life-threatening risk and danger.

Political cartoonists are often the first journalists to be attacked for their irreverent and satirical commentary against tyrants and terrorists alike.

Because their cartoons are so immediately recognizable, they often have more power and influence over public opinion than other media.

This year’s recipient, whose pen name is Eaten Fish, is an Iranian national, currently interred in the Manus Island detention camp in Papua New Guinea. ... [Cartoonists Rights Network International - 26/8/16]


California pushes to end private-prison management of immigrant ddetention centres [CityLab – 26/8/16]:


Last year, Raúl Ernesto Morales-Ramos, an undocumented Salvadoran immigrant, died of intestinal cancer while in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Adelanto Detention Center in Southern California.

The center is operated by the private prison company GEO Group, whose medical care provider failed to diagnose or treat Morales-Ramos’ cancer until authorities noticed his “unusual bleeding,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

He was taken to a hospital and died three days later.

Ramos’ seemingly preventable death provoked outrage among immigrant-rights activists in California.

Now, a week after the U.S. Justice Department announced that it is phasing out contracting with private prison companies, California is looking to follow its lead by ending the operation of detention centers for suspected undocumented immigrants statewide by private prison companies.

On Tuesday, the California State Assembly passed the Dignity not Detention Act, which would ban cities and counties from contracting out the management of these detention centers to private prison companies.

The bill now returns to the state Senate, where it was initially approved, and will, if passed, go on to Governor Jerry Brown’s office for signature or veto. ...



Geo Group, the second largest private prison company in the U.S., and a major player in for-profit immigrant detention, filed a disclosure this month revealing that it provided $50,000 through its political action committee to Rebuilding America Now, the Super PAC backing the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. ... [The Intercept - 27/8/16]



US Coast Guard conducts 14 interdictions in South Florida Straits in past week, forcibly returns 161 Cuban migrants [Media Release - 26/8/16]



‏@wikileaks [26/8/16]:  Julian Assange interview on New York's WBAI about upcoming publications, US politics (mp3) ...



‏@bitterarab [18/8/16]:  An army poster I can get behind



 ‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [26/8/16]:


Baghdad: A roadside bomb attached to a bus has exploded in Siha neighborhood in Doura area south of Baghdad resulted in death and 6 injuries................


Baghdad: A roadside bomb has exploded in Furat neighborhood west of Baghdad resulted in two deaths and 8 injuries................


Baghdad: A roadside bomb has exploded in Hamamiyat area in Taji north of Baghdad resulted in two deaths and 9 injuries................


Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb exploded near a public garage in Sha'b area northeast of Baghdad today night killing two persons and wounding 5..............


Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb exploded near shops in Ur neighborhood east of Baghdad today night killing a person and wounding 8..............


Activists:UN supports the militias in Iraq ...... Activists have criticised on the social media websites the supporting and legitimizing of UN to the militias which are considered as a representative of Iraq and its decision.Therefore, Qais Al-Khaza'li, Asa'ib Militia leader ; has recieved Yan Kubish ,UN representative , at his office to discuss the political and security situation in Iraq and Mosul battles..............



Syria’s Foreign Minister visited Baghdad on Thursday amid recent developments in both countries to discuss the war on the Islamic State (ISIS) and bilateral ties, stressing brotherhood between the two nations. 

During his meeting with Iraqi President Fuad Masum, Walid al-Moallem accused several regional countries of backing ISIS. ... [RUDAW - 26/8/16]



Lavrov, Kerry round up 12-hours-long talks in Geneva [TASS - 27/8/16]:


… There can be no full-fledged ceasefire in Syria without separation of the opposition from terrorists, Lavrov said.

"I don't see any possibility of assuring a really durable, full-fledged ceasefire without the separation of healthy opposition forces from terrorists," he said.

"The understanding of this task between us and our American partners gets increasingly clearer.".

UN Special Envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura told a meeting in Geneva on Friday about his vision on resumption of the inter-Syrian talks, Russian Foreign Minister said.

"We met Staffan de Mistura. He has interesting ideas on how the United Nations should be used for the solution of humanitarian problems. He has plans to resume and in fact start a political dialogue," Lavrov stressed.

Russia is calling for an earliest possible convocation of a new round of pan-Syrian negotiations, Lavrov said. ...



Syria’s Kurds and the wages of treachery [Counterpunch - 26/8/16]



Turkish military have targeted US-backed Kurdish YPG militia with artillery fire south of the Syrian border town of Jarablus on Thursday, Anadolu state agency reported, citing a security source.

The units allegedly refused to withdraw from the area despite warnings.

The group of YPG fighters were attacked with howitzers at about 6pm local time after they were spotted by Turkish intelligence advancing to Jarablus from the north of Manbij, the report said.

Earlier, Washington assured Ankara that the US-backed Kurdish formations have been pulling out forces from the area to the east of the Euphrates River as demanded by Turkey.  

“Kerry [US State Secretary John Kerry] emphasized that the PYD/YPG forces have been withdrawing to the east of the Euphrates,” a Turkish security source was quoted by Hürriyet Daily News as saying following a telephone conversation between the US top diplomat and Turkey’s foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Thursday morning.

While on a visit to Ankara on August 24, US Vice President Joe Biden pledged to withdraw the support of American forces to Kurdish fighters battling terrorists in Syria if they did not comply with Turkey’s request to remain east of the river.

"They cannot, will not and under no circumstances get American support if they do not keep that commitment. Period," Biden said at a joint news conference with Turkish PM Binali Yildirim. ... [RT - 26/8/16]




27 August 2016