United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 26/11/16]



‏@MSF_Sea [26/11/16]:  This train carriage is "home" to these young men. They'd rather be here than in any of #Serbia's filthy overcrowded camps.



‏@PROACTIVA_SERV [26/11/16]:  Mediterranean is the deadliest border in the world and it's a route for asylum seekers. Victims must be protected #Solimed



‏@Marodriguez1971 [22/11/16]:  En el agua me auxilian y una vez en tierra me persiguen... ¡Qué dilema!  



Mariel boatlift










 Political prisoners protest on Nauru, June 2016



Murdoch, the very embodiment of FAKE NEWS, spins more fascist, anti-refugee hate next Tuesday --->  What is life really like on Nauru? This Tuesday @ljayes brings you an exclusive report from the island on #TheLatest ‏@SkyNewsAust [26/11/16]



War of attrition against Australia's political prisoners continues unopposed as noisy #BlockTheBill ALP fans impliedly endorse Shorten [PNG Loop - 26/11/16]:


... Knight says the asylum seeker has been roaming around Lorengau town and has become violently aggressive towards the locals.

Knight alleges the individual is mentally unstable and is a risk to the community at large.

“He assaulted several people in the town, including another asylum seeker,” said Knight.

Knight is calling on authorities to take the necessary steps to deal with the unstable asylum seeker.

Knight said: “I am asking the authorities to show us the procedures to be taken in this instance, who is responsible for this illegal alien?” ...



Parliamentary Committee finds Turnbull's attempt to cement ALP anti-refugee policy is nothing but a pointless wedge [Sydney Morning Herald - 22/11/16]



Day 74: Clinton’s Birthday! [24/11/16]



Amy McQuire via Aboriginal Tent Embassy [25/11/16]:


A quarter of a century ago, an Aboriginal man named Kevin Henry was convicted of the murder of an Aboriginal woman named Lynda in Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

Since that time, he has always maintained his innocence, and belief of his innocence has thrived not only in the Aboriginal community in Rocky - but also in the wider population.

Martin Hodgson and I have been investigating this case since the beginning of this year - and we have already shown how the police investigation was flawed, and the legal process botched.

There are real reasons to believe that Kevin is really innocent.

Now how can you have an Aboriginal man sitting in jail for 25 years for a murder he most likely never committed - and there be no outcry, no uproar?


 I feel the reason there is this enduring injustice is not only because the alleged perpetrator was black, but also because the victim was as well.

The lives of Aboriginal women just don't matter in this country - especially in the eyes of the justice system.




...Take me away from your dance floor

Leave me out of your parade

I have not the heart for dancing

For dancing on his grave ...


'Bicentennial', Paul Kelly [1987]




Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian near Shufat checkpoint for alleged stab attack [Maan - 25/11/16]



Israeli forces violently disperse march in Kafr Qaddum, protesters suffer tear gas inhalation [Maan - 25/11/16]



Israeli forces Friday dispersed a weekly march against Israel’s separation wall and Israeli settlement construction in the village of Bilin in the occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. ... [Maan - 25/11/16]



US Supertanker lands in Israel to assist with raging fires [Jerusalem Post - 25/11/16]



DAPL protesters arrested at North Dakota shopping mall [Reuters - 26/11/16]



Forty-four people were killed and 103 injured when one Iranian passenger train collided with another at a station about 150 miles (250 km) east of the capital Tehran, state media reported.


Semi-official Mehr news agency said four of the dead were railway employees aboard the trains.

Iran's rail network aged badly under economic sanctions imposed over its disputed nuclear program, making it difficult to modernize rolling stock, and safety standards suffered. ...  [Reuters - 25/11/16]



A sentimental journey. ---> Historic and contemporary views of rail transit in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Includes scenes of the Key System, Southern Pacific, Sacramento Northern, Northwestern Pacific and BART. Bay Area Transit [1984]



"If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal."


Fidel Castro


@wikileaks [26/11/16]: US government longing for the death of Fidel Castro



@wikileaks [26/11/16]:  Fidel Castro on WikiLeaks: "Ideas can be more powerful than nuclear weapons."


@EmbassyofRussia [26/11/16]:  President #Putin: Fidel #Castro personified high ideals of a politician, citizen and patriot, was symbol of an entire era in modern history



@AP [26/11/16]:  ... Cuban President Raul Castro has announced the death of his brother Fidel Castro on Cuban state media.



US Coast Guard captures 17 Cuban migrants (and their dog) at sea; hands them to Bahamas authorities for imprisonment and repatriation [The Freeport News - 23/11/16]



US picking up pace of deportations to Haiti [Miami Herald - 23/11/16]:


... On Sept. 22, Homeland Security ended a six-year moratorium on non-criminal deportations to Haiti, citing “improved conditions in Haiti” since the country’s devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake and “a significant increase” in the number of Haitian nationals taking a dangerous smuggling route from Brazil to the Southwest border in San Diego, California.

Deportation flights were temporarily suspended after Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on Oct. 4 as a Category 4 storm.

The flights were resumed days before the U.S. presidential election. ...



There is no opposition to the ongoing sadism and war of attrition against refugees being perpetrated in our name.








Australia continues torturing people on behalf of the regimes they fled [Guardian - 26/11/116]:


... Abdellatif has watched hundreds of asylum seekers pass through and out of detention: granted bridging visas, protection visas, some deported.

He has seen people set themselves on fire in detention, hang themselves and stab each other.

Sniffer dogs invade rooms without notice seeking out drugs.

Abdellatif doesn’t count the days – 1,643 – he has been in held immigration detention.

He knows broadly it is four-and-a-half years and he knows he remains no closer to a resolution of his case than the day he arrived in Australia. ...


Asylum seeker advocates have condemned the Australian government for releasing pictures of a group of Iranians apparently distraught at being told they will never be allowed to settle in Australia under new immigration rules.

The photographs and videos – which are blurred to preserve individuals' identities – show some of the 81 Iranian people whose boat was intercepted by Australian customs north of Christmas Island on Saturday morning, the minister for home affairs, Jason Clare, told Guardian Australia.

They include a photograph of a woman crying, with head in hands, captioned: "A female asylum seeker comes to terms with the fact she won't be settled in Australia."

Immigration minister Tony Burke said he made "no apologies" for the photographs on Monday evening, adding he was "determined to get the message out as quickly and as forcefully as possible that anyone who comes by boat now without a visa will not be settled in Australia. ... [Guardian - 22/7/13]



New York Times flog UNHCR with wet lettuce leaf over its support for Australia's anti-refugee policy, "resettlement" lies [25/11/16]



This week the UNHCR gave an explicit endorsement of Australia's reheated proposal to traffick and exile refugees for slavery ---->  MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: So a regional solution. One of the countries the Government is in talks with currently is Malaysia. Malaysia hasn't signed the UN Convention on Refugees. Would you be comfortable with any deal involving that country?

VOLKER TURK [UNHCR]: Well, Malaysia has had a tradition of hosting refugees.

It's true they haven't signed the convention, but there are a lot of opportunities, especially when it comes to access to the labour market, to ensure that one could negotiate a certain standard of treatment for people.

Obviously I am not privy to these negotiations. I've heard about it in the press.

There was a deal that was struck a couple of years ago and we thought that the deal was workable at the time. ... [ABC - 22/11/16]



Human rights advocates have called for the governments of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to end the indefinite detention of Rohingya refugees in immigration facilities and government-operated shelters and camps. ... [Bangkok Post/MSRI - 16/3/16]



... Rohingya refugees in Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia told BROUK and Fortify Rights that police routinely used the threat of arrest to extort money and property from them, particularly if they were unable to produce proper documentation or a card demonstrating they were a registered asylum seeker with the UNHCR.

Changes in the UNHCR's registration practices in Malaysia have considerably narrowed access to asylum procedures for Rohingya refugees, the [Everywhere Is Trouble] report said, leaving many without any documents and at risk of serious security abuses, including the possibility of indefinite detention.

Rohingya refugees in Malaysia said the lack of access to UNHCR registration was the single most important issue they faced, followed by a lack of access to affordable healthcare and livelihoods.  ... [The Nation - 12/3/16]



In May, the ABC began exposing a regional scandal, then ran dead after giving the UNHCR the final word. [2/5/16]



The UNHCR should be held to account for damage that they do - as well as their lack of advocacy for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in South East Asia.



Tatmadaw forces entered Ludaing (Doe Dan) on Friday and went on a shooting spree killing and wounding many Rohingyas.

Many people are feared dead following the deadly assault, while many more have been apprehended and taken to unknown locations.

The army took up positions around the Hatipara neighbourhood of the restive village tract at around 4am in the morning.

At around 5.30 am, they started heavy machine gunfire and gradually advanced into the area.

Many Rohingyas were shot down as the Tatmadaw kept up a steady hail of gunfire at the fleeing populace. ... [Myanmar Observer - 26/11/16]



'They raped us one by one' [The Daily Star - 26/11/16]



'The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.'


 — George Orwell


@dabeard [25/11/16]:  More than 27,000 people have asked to commute Chelsea Manning's sentence to time served


@wikileaks [25/11/16]:  Ecuador says it will soon decide whether to continue Assange's digital isolation (Spanish language press report)


@wikileaks [25/11/16]:  Rewind: Ron Paul on Assange (2010) ...  Detained without charge for six years as of 7 Dec 2016 ...



If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth [WikiLeaks]



Smear-mongering: A Mea Culpa for the age of McCarthyism 2.0 [Counterpunch - 25/11/16]



In an ironically false news story from the Washington Post about Russian propaganda “stealing the US election,” the newspaper promoted a website called PropOrNot, which has created a Chrome extension to censor websites that it does not agree with and deems to be “fake news.”

Sites that PropOrNot is accusing of peddling Russian propaganda include extremely popular news websites on several sides of the political spectrum, including The Drudge Report, TruthOut, Blackagendareport, Sputnik News, and even Wikileaks. ... [Sputnik News - 24/11/16]



At least 5 people were killed and 27 others were wounded in a series of explosions in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital of eastern Nangarhar province.

Provincial government officials said the incident took place today in the 2nd police district of the city targeting a top security official who was killed in the attack. ... [Khaama - 25/11/16]



A girl was killed and six people were wounded when an insurgent-fired mortar shell hit a house in eastern Laghman province, the governor said on Friday.

A wedding function was underway in the house on Thursday night when the mortar shell struck in the Dado Kala area of Alingarfistrict, a statement from the governor’s office said.

As a result, a 7-year-old girl was killed and six other people, including three children, were wounded.

The injured are under treatment at the Mehtarlam Civil Hospital. ... [Pajhwok - 25/11/16]



Trump’s National Security Adviser facilitated the murder of civilians in Afghanistan [Antiwar.com - 25/11/16]:


... Now that President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Flynn as his national security adviser, media coverage has given prominence to the more serious issue of Flynn’s denunciation of Islam as a “cancer” and other manifestations of his embrace of Islamophobia.

But the mainstream media view of Flynn’s military record ignores his pivotal role in devising a targeting scheme that was the basis for an indiscriminate Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) campaign of killing and incarcerating Afghans suspected of being in the Taliban insurgency.

The corporate media, which have never examined that dark chapter in the history of the Afghanistan war critically, have long treated the campaign as one of the few success stories of the war. But as an investigation published by

Truthout in 2011 revealed, the target list that JSOC used for its “night raids” and other operations to kill supposed Taliban was based on a fundamentally flawed methodology that was inherently incapable of distinguishing between Taliban insurgents and civilians who had only tangential contacts with the Taliban organization.

And it was Flynn who devised that methodology. ...



... Statistics show that a surge in recent months in violence has displaced nearly 5,000 families from Farybab, Sar-e-Pul, Jawozjan, Kunduz and Baghlan provinces. [TOLO News - 25/11/16]



Afghan asylum seekers on hunger strike in Norway over rejected applications [Global Times - 25/11/16]



Bulgaria will move 1,000 refugees who recently protested against restrictions on their movement to a former army barracks before expelling them, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has said.

More than 400 refugees had been arrested by Friday after clashes erupted on Thursday at the Harmanli reception centre near the Turkish border.

The Harmanli centre, which houses just over 3,000 refugees, imposed a ban on the refugees' movement earlier this week after local media alleged that it was home to communicable skin diseases.

Police fired water cannons and rubber bullets to quell the protest, in which 29 officers and 20 refugees were injured.

The offenders - who authorities identified as mainly young Afghan men - will be moved to closed facilities that are being set up at an empty barracks near the Turkish border before being extradited next month to their native Afghanistan. ... [Al Jazeera - 25/11/16]



A hard winter: Afghan refugees return from Pakistan [Al Jazeera - 25/11/16]:


... Some families describe how some of their members were registered with the UNHCR but others were not, largely because they had been unable to complete the paperwork.

Some had registered but failed to get their refugee cards renewed, leaving them ineligible for the UNHCR's help on their return to Afghanistan.

That was the case for several members of Tanadar Lodin's family.

"We all had to leave together at the same time - the Pakistanis made things very difficult for us," says Lodin, 40, who says he made a living in Peshawar as a street vendor. ...



Iraq told Mosul civilians to stay: now they’re shelling them [Antiwar.com - 24/11/16]



After months of the US assisting weapons smuggling to rebels in Syria but also trying to keep anti-aircraft missiles out of the country, the US-backed rebels in the south, including Ansar al-Islam forces have issued a video of their fighters parading around with anti-aircraft weapons. ... [Antiwar.com - 24/11/16]



Analysis: Why Sweden is giving an award to the ‘White Helmets’? [The Indicter - November 2016]




26 November 2016