... And, you know, whether it’s U.S. troops or ICE agents, or whether it’s police, we’re in a military—we’re in a domestic military occupation in many, you know, of the most vulnerable communities in America. I’ve seen what an occupation looks like. And I walk down some streets in Brooklyn, in Oakland and in Baltimore, in particular, and we’re living under the thumb of this enormous machine. And we need to stop it. ...


Chelsea Manning [Democracy Now - 27/3/18]



239th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengua refugees transit center. #Manus SOS  @sunosi3 [29/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [29/3/18]:  After 5 years illegal imprisonment on #Manus, 3 men face imminent deportation following court challenge to sham refugee assessment. Australian "advocates" and lawyers are silent, as they are on Assange.



@MahdiAlizada18 [29/3/18]:  72th day of our Refugees peaceful protest in #BalikpapanDetentionCenter-Indonesia for #Freedom. We want from the #World to hear our voice.  



@Stranger4Ay [29/3/18]:  Day 72 of peaceful protest in #Balikpapan detention center in Indonesia only for freedom ...



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [29/3/18]:  Day 72 from peaceful protest of demonstration of #AsylumSeeker in #Balikpapan detention center. We are the innocent #refugees left it behind the locked doors with no committed chrges against. Why the #UN is silent?? ...



Pro "deterrence" refugee concentration camp profiteers Save The Children participate in UN backed atrocity whitewashing exercise with their Canadian counterparts in Canberra [9 News - 27/3/18]



@nooneisillegal [28/3/18]:  A few friends left @AhmedDHussen a message tonight and told us "We cannot and we will not let a leader, a community organizer, a mother, a friend like Lucy Francineth Granados be deported" #LetLucyStay #LucyDoitRester 



This upcoming Refugee Rights Day (April 4), the Canadian Council for Refugees is urging the government to resettle more refugees, to process refugee applications more quickly and to treat refugee claimants fairly. ... [Media Release - 28/3/18]



The number of asylum claims heard in Manitoba more than doubled between 2016 and 2017, according to newly released data. ... [Winnipeg Free Press - 24/3/18]



Brutal forced deportations, globalisation and human rights [New Internationalist - 28/3/18]



So I will keep going, and try to stay strong, and I will not go gracefully, to exile. [Detained Voices - 26/3/18]



@DLPublicLaw [25/3/18]:  Last week a #Tamil fresh claim appeal was allowed on the spot overturning previous Tribunal finding that scarring was self inflicted by proxy. ...



The UK’s immigration detention system should be scrapped [TRT - 25/3/18]



Wikileaks editor @julianassange has been gagged and isolated by order of Ecuador's new president @Lenin Moreno. He cannot tweet, speak to the press, recieve visitors or make telephone calls. Ecuador demanded that he remove the following Tweet: @wikileaks [28/3/18]


In 1940 the elected president of Catalonia, Lluís Companys, was captured by the Gestapo, at the request of Spain, delivered to them and executed.

Today, German police have arrested the elected president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, at the request of Spain, to be extradited.



@Aussie4Refugees [29/3/18]:  Similar "Assange" conditions are placed on refugees trafficked from #Manus and #Nauru to the US by State Department and IOM

Are coercive tactics also discouraging effective resistance in the name of "advocacy"?



@ErikGerhardsson [28/3/18]: Another refugee boat carrying approximately 35 people just landed on the North coast of Lesvos. How many new boat arrivals will it be this night? ...



@ErikGerhardsson [28/3/18]: Since last night six refugee boats carrying 242 men, women & children has arrived to the Greek island of Lesvos. The refugee crisis is far from over. ...



@SOSMedGermany [26/3/18]: ... Whilst patrolling the international waters off the Libyan coast, the #Aquarius discovered a deflated rubber boat, with no people in sight and no search and rescue number visibly written on the wreck. No more information, we are resuming our patrol ...



@rspaegean [26/3/18]: Serious allegations by survivors of last week's shipwreck @Agathonisi - They said that Greek coastguard knew about them being at risk a day before they were rescued and failed to act. #Greece Minister for Merchant Marine promised in depth investigation



The European Union is funding military equipment used by Turkey to stop refugees from fleeing the Syrian Civil War and entering the EU [The Black Sea - 23/3/18]



US Coast Guard forcibly returns 18 Dominican migrants following two at-sea interdictions by Caribbean Border Interagency Group law enforcement authorities [Marine Link - 24/3/18]



As thousands of Central American families arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border asking for asylum in 2014, human rights organizations raised alarms about asylum seekers’ treatment by Customs and Border Protection officials.

But these organizations were not the only ones expressing concern—asylum officers within U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services also raised alarms about CBP misbehavior.

A new Freedom of Information Act lawsuit hopes to reveal how asylum officials’ repeated concerns about CBP officer misconduct were left unaddressed.

The lawsuit, filed by Human Rights Watch and Nixon Peabody LLP, seeks information about such misbehavior, including hundreds of reports that CBP failed to properly screen asylum seekers. ... [American Immigration Council - 24/3/18]



For-profit immigrant detention centers are an echo of a sad past [Salt Lake Tribune - 24/3/18]



Federal Judge to review Obama era records on Guantánamo prison closure sought by Kansas Attoney-General [Miami Herald - 22/3/18]



@andreapitzer [13/9/17]:  I made a trailer for ONE LONG NIGHT, my global history of concentration camps. ...



@AssangeFreedom5 [28/3/18]:



We have confirmed reports that Julian has had his internet cut off, visitors refused & phones jammed.

If you are in LONDON please gather immediately outside the #Ecuador Embassy 3 Hans Cres (Catch train to Knightsbridge Railway Station on Piccadilly Line.)



@JulianAssange [27/3/18]:  As a political prisoner detained without charge for 8 years, in violation of 2 UN rulings, I suppose I must be "miserable"; yet nothing wrong with being a "little" person although I'm rather tall; and better a "worm", a healthy creature that invigorates the soil, than a snake.  



26 March 2018