Day 177 peaceful protest [East Haus, Manus Island]



Image: @Shamindan1 [26/1/18]



@Shamindan1 [26/11/18]:  PNG police are involved in changing none refugees rooms at Hillside camp. The guys are really scared of them. We have previously face very hard times with them during the when they move us by force.



Turnbull and Shorten put on a special Australia Day refugee "deterrence" torture display 



 A refugee in Port Moresby hospital has been on hunger strike for 20 days. He has high blood pressure and diabetes and the doctors have forced him to eat by getting authority from the court.#Manus  @BehrouzBoochani [26/1/18]



A Manus Island refugee on a hunger strike is being restrained and force fed at a hospital in Port Moresby.

Detained by Australia in Papua New Guinea, the man from Iran has refused food for 20 days in protest over inadequate healthcare.

A diabetic with high blood pressure, the man said he spent a year in Australia receiving treatment before being returned to Manus.

The refugee said the care he needed could not be provided by the PNG hospital, which he said won a court order to force feed and medicate him.

He said he had been restrained for three days and had been slapped by hospital staff during feeding sessions.

The man said he was throwing up the food. [RNZI - 26/1/18]



Force-feeding under International Law and Medical Standards [Addameer Factsheet]



We haven't heard anything from the Manus and Nauru refugees sent to the US last September.

Have you heard anything?

Are they OK?

I am worried about them. ---> Finally my name is on the list with those who going to have first interview with USA resettlement team(RSC) in Port Moresby. I'm happy to seeing them after all this time, good luck 4all others. thanks God and thanks for those who want us to be in safe place. #Manus ‏ @Omarjack003 [26/1/18]



@JulianAssange [26/1/18]: Background to today's case ...



ICE set to deport immigrant father reportedly raped in custody [Think Progress - 25/1/18]



Family members are worried about the possible deportation of a 30-year-old father of two from Sylmar who was recently detained by ICE after living in the U.S. since being brought here when he was a toddler.

An attorney for the man, Raymond Torres, says her client was arrested in violation of his rights on Jan. 11 after being pulled over for a traffic stop. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says their agents were specifically targeting the 30-year-old for immigration enforcement.

Torres' lawyer  Erika Roman Maury argues agents should never have pulled Torres over without a warrant, and she now wants the case against Torres thrown out. ... [KLTA 5 - 25/1/18]



Immigration officials have released a Back of the Yards man who spent 10 months in detention after he was wrongly included on a Chicago Police Department list of people with gang ties.

Wilmer Catalan-Ramirez, 32, was seriously injured in a March 27 arrest after six U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents entered his home without a warrant, according to court documents. ... [Chicago Tribune - 25/1/18]



US and Australia to deport 413 South Sudanese under arbitrarily applied medieval exile laws [Paanluel Wel - 23/1/18]



Guantanamo Bay prisoners' lawyers urge Defence Secretary to end censorship of inmate's artwork [Independent - 25/1/18]:


... In testimony to his legal representatives, Mr Rabbani said he was subjected to a medieval form of torture, known to the Inquisition as the “strappado”.

He showed his lawyers an image of the incident that he had drawn.

“They took me to a room and hung me by my hand to an iron shackle where my toes hardly touched the ground,” Mr Rabbani told his lawyers.

“They removed the mask away from my face and left me hanging from one hand, naked, thirsty, and hungry.”

Mr Stafford-Smith said the authorities at Guantanamo did not allow him to take with him the image Mr Rabbani produced showing him being tortured.

However, once he returned to the UK, he arranged for students to recreate it.

“So much truth is hidden in Guantanamo Bay, including the long history of torturing people like Ahmed, who has never been charged with any crime, and is in my view guilty of none,” he said. ...



... Yesterday, my organization, the Center for Victims of Torture, filed an amicus brief explaining that “the status quo at Guantánamo is human suffering,” and arguing that because the “United States should not be in the business of prolonged noncriminal detention to that end,” the court should grant the detainees’ motion.

Our hope is that the court will give serious consideration both to the grave medical consequences associated with indefinite detention, and to what it means for torture survivors to be trapped—without access to effective rehabilitation—in a place synonymous with torture.  ... Two updates in mass Guantanamo habeas case [Just Security - 25/1/18]



Six members of one family were killed and two others wounded when a rocket hit their home in Ghazni province on Friday, local officials confirmed. ... [TOLO News - 26/1/18]



Local security officials on Thursday said bodies of three girls had been found in Mazar-I-Sharif, the capital of northern Balkh province.

Provincial police spokesman Sher Jan Durrani told Pajhwok Afghan News they found the corpses in a ruined building in 10th police district of the city this morning. ... [Pajhwok - 25/1/18]



US drone strike targeted an Afghan refugee camp near Kurram Agency: Pakistan Foreign Office [Daily Times - 23/1/18]



In a major step toward facilitating exports by air, the Afghan government inaugurated a One-Stop Shop (OSS) at the Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) Customs Zone with the support of USAID’s Afghanistan Trade and Revenue Project


[US Ambassador] Bass said “the US believes that the steps taken today—the creation of this One-Stop Center— will help not only generate income and opportunities for Afghan businesses, and employment for Afghans, but it will give the world a different vision of Afghanistan and its future.”  ...  [TOLO News - 16/1/18]



@MiladAm89876094 [25/1/18]:  #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers #Indonesia Our 9th day of protest for freedom is leaded by 14 years old child . Migrants are battling to be released after 4 years of imprisonment . #afghanistan_is_not_safe ...



Hazara International Network [25/1/18]: Day 9 of Peaceful Protest in #Balikpapan_IDC_PrisonCamp ...



Asif is a young, clever man of 28 years.

Despite all the difficulties posed by life in a war-torn country like Afghanistan, he managed to study International Relations at Kabul University and become fluent in four languages, some of which he taught himself.

In a different time and place, Asif could easily have become whatever he wished—a professor, a diplomat—but not today, and not in the place in which he is currently forced to stay.

Four years ago, Asif decided to leave Afghanistan, after seeing the situation there becoming more drastically unstable year after year.

He left in the hope of reaching Australia, a place to start a new life far from the war.

During his journey, he found out that his wife was pregnant.

He eventually reached Indonesia, and one month later, while being held captive in a detention center, he became the father of a beautiful little girl whom he has never had the chance to meet.

But Asif is not a criminal—he is a refugee detained for the past four years in an immigration detention center in Balikpapan, Indonesia, along with other 183 other people. ... [Global Voices - 25/1/18]



Seeking refuge in prison [Jakarta Globe - 19/1/18]



Living Rough [Jakarta Globe - 7/1/1/18]:


Around 50 people, including children, from Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia are forced to live on the roadside in front of an immigration detention center in Kalideres, West Jakarta, after it ran out of space for more refugees on Friday (05/01).

The refugees have resorted to sleeping on carpets on the pavement, while using tree branches to hang their clothes and using discarded carton boxes to store their personal belongings.

When it rains, they take shelter in the homes of nearby residents or kiosks belonging to local traders.

They pay Rp 3,000 (2 US cents) to make use of public bathrooms in the area.

"After we fled Afghanistan, we were stranded on the ocean and now we are stranded on the side of the road," one refugee said.

Most of the asylum seekers, who arrived in the country three weeks ago, have yet to receive any assistance from the Indonesian government, the United Nations refugee agency, or the International Organization for Migration.

Faridullah Zazai, a 25-year-old Afghan man who has already been in Indonesia for four years, paid a visit to the area on Friday to see how he can assist his fellow countrymen living on the roadside.

"I've been here a few times to help my brothers here; they live in poverty and their children do not receive proper care. The only food and medicine they get, come from residents. They really appreciate the very kind people around here," Zazai said. ...



Looks like significantly more people protested - than actually attended - official Australia Day events ---> 1,000s march in Brisbane @7NewsGoldCoast [26/1/18]



@ShutYouthPrison [25/1/18]:  More than a hundred people at #freedomfire #AliceSprings last day of freedom gathering today. Change the date. Respect culture.



The Last Day Of Freedom – Australia:


This is an idea my late father Tiga Bayles shared with people across the country.

Mob around Australia have marked the last day of balance and harmony on the 25th January, with events in their local communities.  ...



26 January 2018