It’s 176 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengua refugees transit center. ... [Manus Island]



Image: @sunosi3 [25/1/18]



@Shamindan1 [25/1/18]:  Day 176 peaceful protest. [West Haus, Manus]



@Shamindan1 [25/1/18]:


We got the power back but we got no water. Still we can't use toilet. It has been long time since we have no water. Guys are suffering being not able to use toilets.


Since this morning 3.30am West house and Hillside camp, no power and water. Refugees are suffering even use toilets. There is no one to complain or to fix the problem. Security says it's not us it's NKW. Still we are waiting for someone to come and fix them.




Ron Tandberg [July 2013]



Gus Dalton, a fishing captain who was by most accounts — including his own — an accidental hero for saving the lives of more than 150 Tamil refugees off southern Newfoundland, has died. He was 87. 

Dalton made international headlines in August 1986 when a routine fishing trip on a foggy evening took a fateful turn. 

Scores of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees may have perished had it not been for Dalton, who came across their open boats about six miles off St. Shott's, on the southern tip of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. ... [CBC - 18/1/18]



Cambridge University study finds Britain's strategy to stop refugee boats doomed to fail [The Independent - 22/1/18]:


... Dr Campana called for sea operations to be replaced with a wider set of policies to “reduce the demand for smuggling services”.

“The adoption of schemes that resettle refugees directly from conflict zones would be a step in this direction,” he added. ...



@DLPublicLaw [19/1/18]:  SL Tamil asylum seeker, who submitted the bullet he was shot with to the Home Office FSU, finally wins his asylum and human rights appeal. Our @DaniaJawaidRaja and Alasdair MacKenzie @DoughtyStImm acting. Not sure about you, but this has made our day. #RefugeesWelcome



UK government and G4S in court after forcing immigration detainees to defecate in front of cellmates [The Canary - 23/1/18]:


... This challenge comes at a time when immigration detention is under increased criticism.

The UK is the only country in the EU not to place a time limit on detention. 

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have pledged to do away with indefinite detention, and the Greens have vowed to do away with the system altogether.

The Conservatives now stand alone in defending the UK’s inhumane detention system.

Perhaps they have forgotten that detainees are human.

In court, they may regret this amnesia



@ecre [25/1/18]:  ECtHR finds detention to guarantee transfer under the #EUTurkeyDeal NOT arbitrary & NOT “unlawful”; conditions in Vial #hotspot/ Chios Island NOT severe enough to be characterized as inhuman. ...  



Greek doctors' association calls for the release of detained refugee despite serious health problems @Refugees_Gr [24/1/18]



@teacherdude [24/1/18]:  Accusations of forced sampling of DNA from Turkish prisoners being held in Greek prison after seeking asylum.



Following certain publishings by the President of the company that owns City Plaza, we would like to remind the following ... [City Plaza Squat - 23/1/18]



Refugees can achieve so much if they’re not caged in isolated camps [Guardian - 19/1/18]:


... The hotel, he continues, is more than just a home: it is, firstly, a political message.

“It is counter-example to the camps,” he says.

“It shows an alternative to how refugees should be housed. Not in the middle of nowhere, but in the city, with access to social services. One third of the population here are children and they are able to access schools. People should live in houses and buildings, not in camps and containers far from cities.

“So we occupied the hotel partly as a demand to the government to house refugees properly – especially as there are so many empty houses around Athens. We also wanted to create a space to fight against EU policies of detention, deportation and general mistreatment of migrants, and to fight against the labelling of them.” ...



@zolinphoto [22/1/18]:  In 2015 the images of #Refugeesgr reaching Greek islands made every headlines. Most medias have packed their bags but the situation for new arrivals got only worse. Here a series of photographs I've taken from May 2015 till now, describing what's happening 



Art amid the rubble [Independent- 21/1/18]:


... "I spoke with as many people as I could to get a grip on it. The destruction was carried out in the taking back of the city, but it was also carried out in taking of the city initially. There was a bomb put under the Carlton Hotel that reduced it to 10ft of rubble. I met university students preparing to go to war, being conscripted, and thinking they'd be killed. One young student studying law said to me, 'the Syrian army saved us'. I'm not an apologist for the crimes committed by the state forces in Syria but I still won't blind myself to what I see."

Maguire relates the time he was just about to leave Damascus when his group came under fire from al Qaeda and the Army of Islam.

The former, he said, had been invited to the negotiating table the following day by the UN.

"Their preparation for it was to attack Damascus with rockets and rifle fire the night before. I doubt it was ever reported," he shrugs.

Fittingly, the paintings that Maguire conjured from the photos he took work off a washed-out, jaundiced colour scheme where the yellows and blues of the Middle East are cut with damp greys and black holes.

The buildings wear the scarring of the conflict.

They emerge as powerful ciphers for the realities of that war, bridging the distance of shiny news analysis and statistics.

Real lives were housed here. ...



Crimes of solidarity once again lead to outcry in France [Global Voices - 22/1/18]



An estimated 2,500 people formed a human chain in the streets around Brussels North station to show solidarity towards migrants, after news emerged that a police raid on the Maximilian Park camp was imminent.

The League of Human Rights had received a tip-off about plans for a large-scale police operation on Sunday evening, timed to coincide with the evening meal distribution to migrants on the station esplanade.

Volunteers for a citizens' action group offered temporary shelter in their homes for 300 migrants to ensure they were not staying in the park at the time. ... [The Bulletin - 21/1/18]



Report of the Greek National Commission for Human Rights (GNCHR) on the condition of reception and asylum system in Greece [December 2017]



Ten Syrian refugees freeze to death crossing mountains into Lebanon [Middle East Eye - 19/1/19]



Hundreds of professionals including flight crews, school principals and psychologists have called on Israel to halt deportations of asylum seekers or announced they would not cooperate with expulsions ... [Haaretz - 24/1/18]



@Refugees4Sale [24/1/18]:  Response? 'voluntary'? @onduhungirehe @RwandaGov "The Population and Immigration Authority has begun informing asylum seekers at the Holot detention center that they will have to leave Israel for Rwanda, otherwise they will be incarcerated indefinitely." ...



@Refugees4Sale [24/1/18]:  Israeli MK Katz "Who do you believe? PM @netanyahu or the statement given by @RwandaGov under pressure? I know that PM Netanyahu traveled to Africa and achieved the goal not only with #Rwanda , but with another African country as well." ...



@Refugees4Sale [22/1/18]: Does Rwanda officially state it will act to eliminate human trafficking of refugees within its sovereign territory? Can Rwanda Gov provide any evidence or documentation on the thousands of refugee deportees from Israel arriving since 2014? Where are they ? ... 



Israel set to win its war on African refugees [Electronic Intifada - 22/1/18]:


... Once Israel’s High Court cleared the way for the government to expel African refugees, the next step was to ratify the plan in the Knesset.

Newly elected Labor party chief Avi Gabbay justified his support for the proposal by saying, “We don’t have to be more righteous than the High Court of Justice.”

Prior to his leadership run, Gabbay had no affiliation with the Labor party.

Even now, he is not a member of the Israeli parliament, and cannot become one until the next national election, currently scheduled for 2019.

The deportation plan does not need Labor’s support as all parties in the governing coalition agreed to support its passage.

But Gabbay urged Labor lawmakers to champion it, saying that failing to do so would cost the party votes in the next general election.

“We would pay a heavy price for opposing the bill,” he said.

In the first Knesset vote on the bill, 11 lawmakers in Labor’s coalition voted in favor of it.

By the time the bill was brought to the Knesset for a final vote, pressure from anti-racist activists convinced some Labor party backbenchers to reverse their votes and oppose the measure.

But this last minute resistance was ineffectual on all counts: Labor was unable to peel away any parliamentary seats from its more openly racist rivals; Gabbay demonstrated that he can’t effectively lead his own party, much less a whole country; the anti-refugee bill easily passed in the parliament, regardless. ...



@davidsheen [21/11/17]:  New @ZionistUnion/@HavodaParty leader @GabbayAvi in white hood & KKK robes: “I came to remind you what it means to be a Jew!” - political cartoon by Mysh skewering @GabbayAvi’s decision to support Netanyahu in fast-tracking Israel’s ethnic cleansing of non-Jewish African refugees




"It is OUR policy":  Bill Shorten Labor Machiavelli behind re-opening Manus Island and Nauru concentration camps, Bill Shorten, and signatory to the illegal July 2013 PNG arrangement, Mark Dreyfus, meet with Israeli anti-refugee "opposition" politicians Avi Gabbay, Isaac Herzog [October 2017]



@GraffitiExpert [25/1/18]: UNHCR endorses Australian Labor Party's failed proposal to traffick and exile refugees to Malaysia for slavery ...



@LaborDialogue [30/12/17]:  ALP delegation members Tony Burke MHR, Susan Templeman MHR, Josh Wilson MHR, Susan Lamb MHR, Julian Hill MHR, Steve Georganas MHR, Skye Laris & Wendy Turner meeting at the Knesset with Labor MK Hilik Bar ...



Senior Labor MP Tony Burke rejects links to underground campaign that propelled Indonesian live exports crisis [Queensland Country Life - 6/6/16]:


... Ms Laris’ LinkedIn profile says she “delivered improvements to animal welfare and paused live exports when overseeing GetUp!'s live exports campaign which was the fastest growing online petition to date with more than 250,000 signatures in less than a week”.

After being the GetUp! communications and campaigns director to January 2012, it says she returned to the Labor camp to be chief of staff to then Employment Participation, Early Childhood & Child Care Minister Kate Ellis, until August 2012.

After that, Ms Laris took on leadership of digital campaigns for the Labor Party prior to the 2013 election campaign before becoming Chief Of Staff and Digital Director up to October 2015.



@AliNatiqi [24/1/18]:  8th days of protest in Balikpapan i.d.c. Fighting for just basic human right "freedom" we want to emancipate from this severe condition, and live our life freely. it's the right of every human beings  



@RehmatAkbary [24/1/18]: Our 8th day of peaceful protest in #Indonesia #Balikpapan_IDC_PrisonCamp for our #Refugees freedom 




25 January 2018