Several Indigenous communities west of Alice Springs including Kintore, Kiwirrkurra, Willowra and Nyirripi have been cut off by heavy rainfall and need food supplies to be air-dropped. ... [SBS - 25/1/17]



Anyone can participate in white supremacy Linda Burney, and the ALP don't care about blackfellas. Your STUNT stinks. [NITV - 25/1/17]



The Queensland Premier says she stands by the police service, although she was yet to read a Federal Court judgment that police were unlawfully discriminatory in responding to a 2004 death in custody on Palm Island.  ... [ABC - 6/12/16]



Manifestations of moral panics in the sentencing of Palm Islander Lex Wotton, Anthony Thalia [UTS - May 2009]:


... The bravery awards were the climax of the narrative that portrayed the police on Palm Island as morally righteous.

The courts’, media’s and State Government’s valorisation of the police were key parts of this narrative.

The courts that sentenced the ‘rioters’ emphasised the sacrifices of the police officers who were sent to quell the ‘riot’.

The Queensland Police Minister, Judy Spence (2008), claimed the police officers on Palm Island ‘really exercised enormous restraint and commonsense and sound judgment [sic] in dealing with that riot’.

I think it was extraordinary that given their frame of mine [sic] and fear at the time, that none of them chose to use their weapons, which they had at their disposal. … I think our police do a marvellous job on a daily basis … I mean it’s a tough situation and we’re asking our police to do this job on our behalf, and I think people lose sight of the fact that they are there every day, and for the most part they’re doing a great job (Ibid). ...



Palm Island awards timing appropriate: Spence [Brisbane Times - 3/11/2008]



Seven on the run after mass breakout from Australian youth detention centre (where they torture kids) [Nine MSN - 25/1/17]:


Two more inmates have been arrested after up to 15 youths escaped from a detention centre in central Victoria this afternoon.

The inmates escaped during a riot involving 30 inmates at Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre about 2.45pm, police said.

Police arrested two of the escapees shortly after 7pm in the vicinity of the centre.

Eight have now been arrested and are in all police custody, while seven remain on the run.

At least three stolen cars are believed to have been involved in the escape ...

9NEWS has been told one of the stolen cars was travelling on the wrong side of the Calder Freeway, at speeds of up to 150km/h.

A ute was found by police dumped near the Calder Freeway.

Witness Ray Blackmore told 9NEWS the ute rammed his car, before several people armed with iron bars jumped out.

Mr Blackmore said the “only reason” they stopped was because they saw his grandchild, Ally, in the back seat.

“As soon as they saw her, they backed off”.

There have been no injuries, police said.

Specialist forces including the Dog Squad, Operations Response Unit, Fugitive Taskforce and CIRT are assisting police.

Images captured by the 9NEWS choppercam showed several inmates on the roof.

It is believed the inmates have now come down from the roof.

Police have advised people in the vicinity of the centre to avoid the area. ...



Corrections records indicate a teenager was placed in isolation for up to 10 days at Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre in central Victoria during the past year, according to the state's Commissioner for Children and Young People.

A teenager also received a fractured limb after being restrained by staff, while rolling "lockdowns" — where children were unable to leave their rooms — were found to be common place in Victorian youth justice centres. ... [ABC - 26/7/16]



Israeli authorities have decided to release 14-year-old Usama Zeidat from prison on the condition he pay a 25,000 shekel bail ($6,600) and that Usama's father bring the boy to the next court session -- with an additional 25,000-shekel fine if he fails to do so.

Lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) Akram Samara had appealed to the the military court at Ofer detention center to release Usama, and was granted the appeal on Tuesday.

According to PPS, Usama was hospitalized for three weeks and underwent two internal fixation surgeries for fractures in his leg while in custody, after Israeli forces shot the 14-year-old in the back and leg when they detained him on Sept. 23, 2016. ... [Maan - 24/1/17]



Palestinian man shot dead by unidentified gunman in Hebron [Maan - 25/1/17]



Israeli rights group B’Tselem released a report and video on Tuesday revealing that 17-year-old Ahmad Hazem Ata Zidani (al-Rimawi) was shot dead in December while fleeing from the scene of clashes with Israeli forces in the Ramallah-area village of Beit Rima in the central occupied West Bank. ... [Maan - 24/1/17]



Israeli forces level lands, fire at fishermen in Gaza [Maan - 25/1/17]



Israeli tanks target resistance posts in Gaza [Al Manar TV - 25/1/1/7]:


... Hamas, the Palestinian resistance group confirmed that three Israeli tank shells had been fired towards an observation post near the Al-Maghazi refugee camp without causing any casualties. ...



Syrian Army thwarts ISIS attack on Deir Ezzor Airport, establishes control over al-Fawaera well in Homs countryside [SANA - 25/1/17]



A cameraman from the Lebanese resistance Haidar Hussein al-Murr was killed while covering military operations against ISIS in Aleppo’s countryside. ... [SANA - 25/1/17]



Astana joint statement affirms commitment to preserving Syria as independent and democratic state [SANA - 25/1/17]



Turkey’s Syria invasion has killed hundreds of civilians [ - 24/1/17]



Claims that Turkey will hand over the Syrian town of al-Bab to President Bashar al-Assad's forces after driving out Islamic State are not true, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus told the state-run Anadolu agency on Tuesday.

Syrian rebels, backed by Turkish special forces, tanks and warplanes, have been besieging al-Bab since December.

Kurtulmus said the U.S.-led coalition had failed to give sufficient support to Turkey's operation to seize the town. ... [Reuters - 24/1/17]



‏@IraqiSMCEn  - Iraqi Spring Media Center [25/1/17]:


Nineveh: Two children were killed and other was wounded as a blast occurred in Masarif neighborhood northeast of Mosul.


A person was killed and 4 were wounded as an IED exploded in Furat neighborhood west of Baghdad.


8 persons were either killed or wounded as an IED exploded in Iskan area west of Baghdad.


Deaths and injuries were resulted as a car bomb exploded at Nahidha intersection in the middle of Baghdad.


10 deaths and injuries were resulted as a blast hit Talibiya area east of Baghdad according to initial toll.



Mosul air raids killing civilians, says UN - stops short of calling for an end to the bombing [The Gulf Today - 25/1/17]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense  - 24/1/17]



Refugee children injured in illegal border push-backs across Balkans: Save The Children (not the Australian branch) [ReliefWeb  - 24/1/17]:


The EU-Turkey deal has spelled a deadlier land route for refugees crossing the Balkans, with children experiencing harsh weather conditions, dog bites and violent treatment by both police and smugglers as they cross mountains and forests in sub-zero temperatures.

In the last two months, 1,600 cases of illegal push-backs from Hungary and Croatia have been alleged by refugees and migrants, who’ve been forced - often violently - back into Serbia, despite already crossing its border.

An average 30 cases a day of unlawful and clandestine push-backs highlights a disregard for the human right to an individual assessment of the need for international protection.

Save the Children estimates that there are up to 100 newly arriving refugees and migrants in Serbia every day, and is supporting the government to refurbish safe spaces and support services which prioritise lone children.

About 46% of refugee and migrant arrivals in Serbia are children and 20% of these children are unaccompanied and travelling alone, some as young as eight and nine years old.


More than 1,000 people are still sleeping rough in the centre of Belgrade, and with up to 100 additional people a day to cater for, shelter capacity has become overstretched.

Even when space becomes available in asylum centres, migrants and refugees are anxious to move, fearing that they will be detained in centres indefinitely, or deported illegally.


Save the Children is calling for the EU to urgently help by increasing funding for emergency shelters and for the Serbian authorities to support provision of life-saving assistance for those waiting to be relocated to official shelters.

In the longer term, safe and legal routes for migration must be made available, including family reunification, resettlement, humanitarian visas, private sponsorship, all of which constitute the best way to combat smuggling along the route, which is an increasingly fatal last resort. ...



An Egyptian refugee died in the field of Moria, Lesvos. He was found by his friends ... ‏@AlbaFerrs [24/1/17]



Exhausted refugees in Greece try to keep sane [AP - 24/1/17]



G4S filmed asylum seekers in their own homes without consent [Guardian - 25/1/17]



Evidence emerges of visit by Bahrain jail officials to UK immigration detention centre Yarl’s Wood [Guardian - 15/1/17]



Nigeria refugee camp bombing death toll reaches 236 [Belfast Telegraph - 23/1/17]



‏@art_maniere  [23/1/17]:  Le camp d'Holot, au sud d'Israël, abrite 3360 réfugiés, sans statut, ni droit  .. #Cinéma #EntreLesFrontières #Mograbi



Immigration to Israel, explored in two controversial photography projects [The Creators Project - 17/1/17]



Trump expected to order temporary ban on refugees [Reuters - 24/1/17]



Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.



A federal judge has ruled that immigration officials unlawfully detained Providence resident and United States citizen Ada Morales as a "deportable alien" while the government investigated her immigration status, violating her constitutional rights, the American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island announced Tuesday.

The ACLU of Rhode Island sued on Morales' behalf in 2012, stating that her constitutional rights had been violated, and that she had been detained "solely based on her national origin and Hispanic last name."

In his 38-page decision, U.S. District Judge John J. McConnell Jr. wrote that Morales' "illegal detention revealed a dysfunction of constitutional proportion at both the state and federal levels and a unilateral refusal to take responsibility for the fact that a United States citizen lost her liberty due to a baseless immigration detainer through no fault of her own." ... [Providence Journal - 24/1/17]



Singaporean blogger Amos Yee - who is seeking asylum in the US - condemns their "fucking bullshit" immigration detention system [The Independent - 23/1/17]



Internment, immigrant detention, and the imagined imperilled whiteness of US citizenship [KCET - 21/1/17]



More nauseating Australian media "good" migrant gloating --->  Cowra park tells the story of European migrants [The Herald - 24/1/17]



Human Rights Watch submission on Nauru to UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women [24/1/17]



Does this mean the US influence in establishing Guantanamo-style refugee gulags throughout the region is also here "to stay"? ---> US Ambassador Cefkin to stay … ‏@FijiOneNews [19/1/17]



They then poured fuel on her and set her alight. I have seen photographs of her after the assault.

Her left breast is so badly burnt that the skin has blackened and lifted from the flesh. 


[The Saturday Paper - 22/8/15]



Image: @AmbCefkin  [5/12/16]



‏@AustraliaUN [21/1/17]:  Delighted to continue to work closely together to empower women and girls. Gender equity a key plank of our 2018-20 first ever HRC bid.


In December 2016, the Government of Australia and UN Women signed a new four-year Partnership Framework Agreement, reaffirming their shared commitment to the advancement of women’s empowerment and gender equality in the Indo-Pacific region and globally.


The Partnership Framework also outlines Australia’s multi-year contribution of USD 22.74 million (AUD 31.16 million) to core resources over the next four years, providing UN Women with greater funding predictability and flexibility to support the implementation of the current Strategic Plans for 2014-2017 and the upcoming Plan for 2018-2021, as well as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. ...



"They killed Reza Barati, Hamid Kehazaei, Faysal Ishak and they are trying to kill us":  Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island say "US deal" fake news [RNZI - 24/1/17]:


Refugees detained on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island are sceptical of news they'll meet immigration officials from the United States next month.

Many of the 900 men detained there don't even believe their Australian custodians have struck a deal with the US to re-settle them.

Speaking from Manus Island, the Sudanese refugee, Omar Jack Giram, said the deal sounded like fake news.

"You know, it's almost four years we have been told many, many fake news and fake informations about our future.

"So nothing clear yet and I think it's same old game, they just trying to waste our time, so I hope this is a real deal between two countries."

Omar Jack Giram and the refugees detained on Manus Island said they had been told US immigration officials would arrive on 14 February.

Another refugee, Amir, said US resettlement is a pipe dream.

But he said violent altercations between refugees and locals had convinced him that staying on Manus Island was not an option.

"Absolutely not because PNG is not a country that I sought asylum and Papua New Guinea is absolutely not safe for me and many other refugees.

"It's been already four years that I've spent being in the centre, the detention centre, the prison camp.

"The whole island is like a prison for us. So we are getting hopeless and helpless and we have this feeling that we are not going to get off this island."

The refugee, Ben Moghimi, said he was happy to meet US officials at the prison camp in Lombrum naval base, but he thought the deal was a trick.

"We know that we cannot live in this country and they know that but they are trying to trick us as much as they can because they don't care about us.

"They killed Reza Barati, Hamid Kehazaei, Faysal Ishak and they are trying to kill us," said Mr Moghimi.

"If the US officials want they can come and interview me in Lombrum. I would love to go to US. It's a good opportunity that they put in front of me. If they want to interview me they can come interview me in Lombrum."



The Australian government maintains its anti-refugee policy because there is no opposition, the media supports it, and the NGO sector, unions and professional assocations benefit.

Protests will start becoming effective when people begin challenging the bipartisan nature of the policy, and calling out the phonies.  No compromises. [Behrouz Boochani - 24/1/17]:


During the past four years we have witnessed a lot of rallies against the policy of offshore processing.

These rallies have been organised by many groups who claim that they are working against this cruel policy.

I, as a refugee who is on the ground in Manus, have tried to be a part of these rallies.

Sometimes I have sent statements to be read out, or sometimes I have worked with some of the organisers.

Through these experiences I have always had some questions, and I think these questions are also shared with the groups who are supporting refugees.

Why, after four years of protesting, has the government shown no concern and maintained this policy?

And why are the numbers of people at the rallies much the same over the years (there has been some increase, but I'm sure the number of people who could support us is much more).

My understanding is that there are a lot of groups supporting refugees, but that they don't have enough communication between them, and lack understanding or coordination about shared aims.

Some groups have lost their reason for being and focussed too much on personal aims or benefits.

And some groups have tried to maintain separation from others, or become competitive with other groups who actually have the same goals.

I think after four years it is time for us to critically assess ourselves and try to find a logical solution.

My idea is that all of the groups and organisations find a way to develop more communication between them, and share their ideas and plans.

There is already evidence that if civil society organisations make a structure to coordinate their activities it can have a positive effect.

I know that a large number of people in Australia care about the refugees in Manus and Nauru, and a lot of great work has been done.

But improving the organising structure can also help to make a change.

The government should know that by keeping people in prison they will lose power.

Translated by Dr N. Jackson




25 January2017