Saudi warplanes kill Yemeni judge, six members of his family in Sana’a [Press TV - 25/1/16]




Israeli airstrikes launched across Gaza after rocket fire [Maan - 25/1/16]




Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq, who has been on hunger strike in Israeli jail for 61 days, is on brink of death, the journalist's lawyer told Ma'an.

After a visit with al-Qiq on Monday, Ashraf Abu Sneina, a lawyer from the Palestinian Authority's commission of detainees and ex-detainee affairs, said al-Qiq is unconscious and cannot speak, adding that he has exhibited "sudden symptoms that could lead to his death."

The head of the committee, Issa Qaraqe, accused Israel of “reckless and indifferent treatment of al-Qiq,” which stems from “a decision by the extremist Israeli government and its intelligence to let him die.”

The 33-year-old journalist from the southern West Bank town of Dura has been on hunger strike to protest his administrative detention -- internment without trial or charge -- since Nov. 24. ... [Maan - 25/1/16]




MI5 is bracing itself for revelations from a former spy that it knew detainees in Guantánamo Bay were being subjected to torture. A former senior intelligence officer is set to break ranks and give evidence to a parliamentary inquiry that the Security Service was aware of the abuse of inmates at the American run prison camp.

The UK Government has long refused to detail what it knew of activities in the Cuban-based camp but has always insisted it would not condone or participate in torture.

However, the unnamed former MI5 officer is understood to have evidence that members of agency witnessed ill-treatment there.

 He is understood to be seeking official permission to give evidence to the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), which is to examine whether Britain was complicit in torture. ... [Telegraph - 24/1/16]




Terror attacks continue across Iraq and Syria




US Department of Defense [24/1/6]:

U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

Strikes in Syria

Fighter, attack, ground-attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted seven strikes in Syria:

-- Near Ayn Isa, one strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed two ISIL structures and an ISIL fighting position.

-- Near Hasakah, two strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL building and an ISIL weapons cache.

-- Near Hawl, two strikes destroyed an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL vehicle.

-- Near Raqqah, one strike struck an ISIL weapons storage area.

-- Near Mara, one strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL vehicle, an ISIL heavy machine gun and two ISIL fighting positions.

Strikes in Iraq

Attack, ground-attack, fighter, and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 16 strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of the Iraqi government:

-- Near Baghdadi, one strike denied ISIL access to terrain.

-- Near Kisik, two strikes destroyed seven ISIL assembly areas.

-- Near Mosul, three strikes struck two ISIL tactical units, destroying five ISIL fighting positions and denying ISIL access to terrain.

-- Near Ramadi, six strikes struck two separate ISIL tactical units, destroying four ISIL staging areas, an ISIL vehicle and an ISIL fuel tank and denying ISIL access to terrain.

-- Near Sinjar, one strike destroyed four ISIL fighting positions.

-- Near Sultan Abdallah, one strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL staging area.

-- Near Tal Afar, one strike suppressed an ISIL mortar position.

-- Near Beiji, one strike destroyed an ISIL petroleum, oil and lubricant cache.






Five civilians killed, six injured in ISIS terrorist mortar attack in Deir Ezzor [SANA - 25/1/16]




The Russian Defense Ministry does not plan to create a new airbase in the area of Al-Qamishli in Syria, contrary to a number of previous Western media allegations, the ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said on Monday. ... [TASS - 25/1/16]




Marine Corps. General: Recommendations forthcoming on US troop presence in Northern Iraq [US Department of Defense - 24/1/16]




@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [25/1/16]:




Baghdad: A roadside bomb exploded today morning in Ubeidi area east of Baghdad killing 3 persons and wounding 7 ....




 Diyala: Militias have shot fires towards a car transporting students at Abu Jisra intersection which is located between Muqdadiya and Ba'quba districts resulted in death of its driver -Basheer Abid Mohamad Ali Al-Juboori-and injuries of 4 students....




@MSF_Sea [25/1/16]:  13 boats have so far made it to #Lesvos. The @MSF @Greenpeace team can confirm that it is very, very cold.  






@munduhurbila [25/1/16]:  The Chinese activist @aiww with a lifeguard from @PROACTIVA_SERV team in the Greek island of #Lesbos ...




The European Union’s commissioner for migration policy, Dimitris Avramopoulos, on Sunday warned against recent suggestions that Greece may be expelled from the Schengen Area if it fails to take more effective action on managing the inflow of thousands of refugees and migrants through its borders.

“If Schengen collapses then the entire European structure will start collapsing,” Avramopoulos told Greece’s Mega TV on Sunday, adding that there are no provisions in the Schengen pact for the ouster of a member. ... [Ekathimerini - 24/1/16]




Protesters march against Greece-Turkey border fence [Yahoo - 24/1/16]:


Hundreds of people protested in north-east Greece Sunday against the security fence along the Turkish border, demanding the opening of safe routes for migrants, two days after 45 died making the risky Aegean Sea crossing.

Demonstrators, some wearing life jackets as a symbol of the flow of thousands of people making the perilous sea journey from Turkey to Greece, marched from the village of Kastanies, which lies close to the frontier.

Police stopped the marchers a few hundred metres (yards) away from the border fence, located in a restricted-access military zone.

The protesters waved placards demanding the opening of borders and a group of Pakistani migrants carried a picture of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi.

A picture of his body lying on a beach became a global symbol of Europe's refugee crisis.





Banksy's new artwork criticises use of teargas in Calais refugee camp [Guardian - 25/1/16]




A man was killed and two suffered injuries on Monday morning during violent clashes between migrants at Greece’s northern border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), the Athens-Macedonian News Agency has reported. ... [Ekathimerini - 25/1/16]



@MSF_Sea [24/1/16]:  Leaving people to sleep like this at a gas station when there is a heated camp in #idomeni 20km away is shameful





@MSF_Sea [24/1/16]:  We know there is space in #Idomeni camp tonight. Why won't the Greek Authorities allow more people to stay here?





No confidence motion against Marshall Islands President set for tomorrow [RNZI - 25/1/16]







A guard has been beaten and briefly held prisoner by inmates at New Caledonia's East Camp prison.

The police say about twenty detainees in Noumea's overcrowded facility burnt furniture and mattresses during Sunday night. ... [RNZI - 21/1/16]






Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community should be barred from university campuses, a minister has argued. 

“There are standards of values and morals to uphold. A university is a moral safeguard,” Technology, Research and Higher Education Minister Muhammad Nasir said on Sunday as quoted by Antara news agency. 

According to Nasir, the LGBT community corrupts the morals of the nation, while a university should be able to uphold moral values and the values of the ancestors of Indonesia. ... [Jakarta Post - 25/1/16]



Furious over a lack of arrests one year on, Hanuabada villagers have threatened to put up roadblocks if police fail to give a timeframe by when those police involved in the shooting will be arrested. ... [PNG Loop - 25/1/16]




Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Justin Tkatchenko says a lawsuit on the Kokoda incident is on the cards. ... [PNG Loop - 24/1/16]




A candidate backed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe claimed victory in a mayoral election in Okinawa on Sunday, beating an opponent of a planned new U.S. military base there.

The election was the latest episode in a long dispute about the future of the base, which has deepened mistrust between the central government and the southern island chain.

Incumbent Ginowan mayor Atsushi Sakima, 51, was certain to be re-elected with the support of Abe’s ruling coalition to continue governing the island’s main city, where the U.S. Futenma air base is located, according to exit polls by major broadcasters.

The official result is expected early Monday. Sakima edged out Keiichiro Shimura, 63, who was supported by Okinawa Gov Takeshi Onaga.

Onaga has vowed to prevent the central government from constructing a new US Marine air base in a remote part of the island to replace the existing Futenma base in heavily populated Ginowan, where it is widely seen as a potential danger to residents. ... [Japan Today - 25/1/16]






State Department official to visit Sri Lanka to ensure ongoing pacificaion of Tamil population and adherence to neoliberal policies benefitting the US [Tamil Guardian - 23/1/16]







Over 5000 acres of Tamil land in Valikamam North are still occupied by Sri Lanka’s armed forces as High Security Zones found a survey conducted by District Secretaries.

The district records found that 9968 families still had their names registered as waiting for resettlement in their original land.

Records further found that over 8000 families remained in IDP camps over 6 years after the end of the war. [Tamil Guardian - 23/1/16]








Tamil families of disappeared in Sri Lanka vent frustration at TNA [Tamil Guardian - 23/1/16]








Authorities are once again carrying out a census to determine the current level of Rohingya population in Arakan state.

While in other countries, authorities conduct censuses after years, the census of the Rohingya population is done almost every year.

Rohingya activists say the purpose is to gauge the current population of Rohingya Muslims, which is decreasing every year as the beleaguered community is escaping the country. ... [Burma Times - 24/1/16]





Allegations of misappropriation in refugee camp education program [Burma Times - 24/1/16]





Woodside Energy takes MetraWeather marine weather guidance for offshore Myanmar [Hellenic Shipping News - 25/1/16]:


... MetraWeather and MetOcean will be exhibiting their offshore marine weather solutions on Stand 07 at the 6th Myanmar Oil & Gas Exhibition.

OGEX is the largest and longest established oil and gas exhibition in Myanmar and is being held in the Sedona Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar from 28th–29th January 2016.





Woodside Energy and partner Daewoo International have started drilling their latest exploration well offshore Myanmar just weeks after announcing a gas discovery in the region.

The latest well, the Thalin-1 well in Block AD-7, was spudded 20 January. 

On 4 January, Woodside announced a gas discovery at the Shwe Yee Htun-1 exploration well in Block A-6 in the Rakhine basin, offshore Myanmar. ... [OE - 22/1/16]





The chair of a local civil society organization and two others were detained in Arakan [Rakhine] State’s Kyaukphyu Township on Thursday, according to eyewitnesses, who suggested the trio were accused of having links to the Arakan Army (AA).

Maung Aye, the chair of the Kyaukphyu Rural Development Association, and two other unnamed men were detained in Leik Kha Maw village at around midday on Thursday by a group of eight men in plainclothes, presumed to be police or military officers, according to local monk and the brother of Maung Aye, Oo Bawdi.

“Our villagers are very scared now,” said the monk, adding that the plainclothes men were armed.

The village is situated near the Shwe gas project, around 10 km from the town of Kyaukphyu in the coastal western state. ... [The Irrawaddy - 22/1/16]





Tony Blair queried, again, over nature of Burma dealings [The Irrawaddy - 22/1/16]





“They treat us like animals” – a letter from Nauru on life in one of Australia’s refugee gulags [OPC Voice - 25/1/16]:




... We have been in these conditions for nearly three years. We are very stressed and tired. People even return to their own countries because they cannot stay in this place any longer. Australia is happy when this happens. This is what detention is used for. It is made like a type of torture. If it was just to check our claim then we would not be here so long. Australia makes it like this to stop other people from wanting to come. But there are still refugees in the world and people need to go somewhere.

We are not a problem. War is a problem. Denial of human rights is a problem. Persecution is a problem. Injustice is a problem. Where I come from to become Christian is a crime. In my country I would face jail for a very long time, if not execution. Here in Nauru we are not free to speak or protest. Last year we had a protest on Nauru. Many of us were sent to jail by force. We have no rights where we came from. We have no rights when we claim asylum from Australia. We have no rights in Nauru.

You ask why we would want to come to New Zealand?

Can you imagine your country treating human beings the way we have been treated? We have the travel papers. Australia and New Zealand have an agreement. We believe you uphold human rights. We know you have taken people that Australia chose not to accept before. And that those people found safety and a future in your country.

Our needs are simple. Safety and a future. New Zealand is not as selfish as Australia. We have heard good things. You are a fair country and friendly people.





Fascism 101: Ignore the human rights atrocity ---> Challenging the view in Nauru that only men should be leaders [ABC - 25/1/16]




What would Martin Luther King Jr have said about Australia's US-inspired refugee concentration camps?  ‏@AmbCefkin -  Judith B. Cefkin - US Ambassador to Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, and Tuvalu [17/1/16]:   Happy #MLKDay. Remembering with gratitude his legacy and all he did to advance justice in the U.S.





US Ambassador Cefkin with the Republic of Nauru media team [17/8/15]





The Immigration Department developed its new, highly restrictive policy on media visits to detention centres with reference to US military arrangements governing media access to the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention centre.

Documents released under freedom of information show the ''deed of agreement'' that Immigration insists journalists and media organisations visiting detention centres must sign was ''informed by … the current US Department of Defence media access policy for its detention facility at Guantanamo Bay''.

The department also justified extremely tight media control and censorship to the Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, as ''the right balance'' in circumstances that included ''the current climate associated with media ethics, media 'phone hacking' [in Britain]''. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 14/3/12]




“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”


Upton Sinclair




A society whose media, human rights groups, professional associations, charities and NGOs support anti refugee policy is greenlighting this behaviour ----->  Atem Atem stood his ground as a man yelled "darkie immigrant" and told him to go back where he came from during a five-minute racist tirade beside Lake Burley Griffin.

Sudan-born Mr Atem, a PhD student at the Australian National University and former refugee, was shocked bystanders didn't intervene when the man unleashed the abuse, prompting him to question whether the ACT community had grown complacent about racism.


Mr Atem said he was "a bit surprised" a man and a woman within hearing distance of the two men didn't do anything to intervene or question the abuser.

"Someone ranting at you for five minutes or so and these people walking past it and not doing anything is a concern. This is not all right - this is racism." ...  'We are all human': Canberra student calls for tolerance after racist tirade [Canberra Times - 25/1/16]




Whose interests do the UNHCR serve in their tacit endorsement of Australia and New Zealand's refusal to accept regional asylum seekers? [Cambodia Daily - 23/1/16]:



The head of the Interior Minis­try’s immigration department said on Friday that 13 refugees from Vietnam who are currently living in Phnom Penh could be heading to New Zealand next week, a claim contradicted by the U.N.’s refugee agency (UNHCR).

On Wednesday, Interior Minis­try officials announced that the 13 Montagnard refugees who arrived in Cambodia in late 2014 and were granted refugee status were to be transferred to the Philippines while they seek permanent residency in a third country.

Speaking on the sidelines of a conference in Phnom Penh, Sok Phal, head of the immigration de­partment, said he believed the group could be sent to New Zea­land next week.





IOM helps Australia exile and disappear Myanmar refugees in Cambodia, but is "resettling" 22 of them from Thailand to South Korea [Media Release - 22/12/15]





Australian media continue invisibilising the plight of refugees in South East Asia, while deliberately censoring the concept of safe passage [Sydney Morning Herald - 24/1/16]:



Barely 24-hours into his nine-day mission to save refugees from drowning, Simon Lewis found himself confronted with a mother trying to hand her baby to the lifesavers across the choppy waters of the Aegean Sea.

"We were in an IRB [inflatable dinghy] … five metres from the boat …and one of the mothers turned and offered her baby … she thought it was better than being in the refugee boat," Mr Lewis said.

"This is the middle of the Aegean Sea …we were two kilometre off the shore, in one metre waves … the baby could have fallen straight out of her hand.

"We had to pull away and … [she was so] distraught. It is an image that will stay in my head."

The St Kilda Lifesaving Club captain has just returned from volunteering for the International Surf Lifesaving Association's maiden joint venture with Greece's Lifeguard Hellas.






International Surf Lifesaving Association [22/1/16]:



Here we stand and wait to aid the safe arrival of a refugee boat escorted by coastguard and other volunteers. Whether you agree with the arrival or not, they still deserve to be kept safe as they make the desperate and terrifying journey. I'm grateful to be surrounded by so many warm hearted humans here to make a difference. Only 2 days in and my eyes have been opened to the range of inhumanity to humanity.


-ISLA Guard Craig Needham



... If our priority truly was refugee safety, we could end the deaths tomorrow. If asylum seekers travelled by air like everyone else, none of them would die. For that matter, if they could hire commercial shipping, none of them would die.

But they can't do those things, because we make safe transport impossible. And so they drown. ... Asylum seeker policy: cruel to be cruel, Jeff Sparrow [ABC - 30/9/13]





Why Syrian refugees keep drowning off Turkey [Hurriyet Daily News - 9/9/15]:


... What can the world do?


1) EU politics has a huge impact on these deaths. A legal environment should be established for people in need of protection as it is essential to find a way that does not send people on a perilous sea journey.

2) The EU could shoulder greater responsibility. Like the United States, Canada, Russia, China and the Arab countries of the Gulf, the EU too is avoiding responsibility. The responsibility is left to the countries that border Syria. According to international law, it is a violation of human rights to turn down Syrians who need protection.

3) The “pushback” policy has been continuing for some time. The reason it has become more visible now is the increase in the volume of refugees – with 2 million of them in Turkey alone.

4) The EU needs to open up a safe passage for those who have fled from war. ...




Sydney Morning Herald [16/10/15]:


A group of 120 refugees stuck in Pekanbaru, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, have gone on a hunger strike to protest their frustration over delays to their resettlement in a third country.

Ahmad Zaki, a Hazara refugee from Pakistan, said the refugees wanted the UN refugee agency to come to Pekanbaru to discuss their resettlement cases and open an office in the Sumatran city.

"We are waiting for our resettlement process from more than one year," Mr Zaki said.

"I want to go to Australia or any other country."

The men, who are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Myanmar, have been found to be genuine refugees by the UNHCR.

Their accommodation, medical care and a living stipend is paid for by the International Organisation of Migration.

"We tried to contact UNHCR many times. They make excuses every time. They reached other cities every two to three months regularly," Mr Zaki said.

About 13,000 asylum seekers and refugees are registered with the UNHCR in Indonesia.

Many found to be genuine refugees remain stranded in the archipelago while the UNHCR tries to find a third country in which to resettle them.

In an interview with Fairfax Media last week, Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said Indonesia was not a destination country for refugees.

"So we hope that countries like Australia could take more. But of course I understand the domestic situation," she said.

"Shared responsibility, shared burden is very important. I leave it to the UNCHR to have a discussion with destination countries that belong to the Convention [relating to the Status of Refugees]."




New Zealand government refers refugees to Australia [RNZI - 13/6/15]:


The Government has told 65 asylum seekers wanting to live in New Zealand to contact United Nations officials in Australia.

The people, from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, say they were heading for New Zealand when they were shipwrecked on an Indonesian reef earlier this month.

In a letter seen by Radio New Zealand, the group made a plea to the Government for asylum, saying it is unsafe for them to return home.

A written reply from the office of the Immigration Minister, Michael Woodhouse, said while New Zealand accepted 750 refugees annually, it could not pick and choose.

It said the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Canberra was responsible for inquires dealing with New Zealand and suggested the group approach that office. [The UNHCR Canberra have said nothing - as is their usual response to regional refugee  issues - and the media are not interested in pursing the refugees' predicament.]

A UN representative in Indonesia said they met with the group, 52 of whom were registered as refugees. [As far as we know, these refugees are still detained in Kupang.]




Sydney Morning Herald [2/6/15]:


... Fishermen spotted two boats floating near Landuti island in the West Rote district, 500 kilometres north-east of the Australian coast, on Sunday. 

"They looked exhausted," Rote police chief Hidayat said.

"One female passenger is pregnant – we took her immediately to the hospital but she is ok now."

Mr Hidayat said the migrants told him they had been caught by Australian customs on May 26, who sunk their boat.

They were put in two blue and white boats, and sent back into Indonesian waters. ...





Ad shows lifeguards ignoring drowning man in campaign to alter the Australian narrative on migration [Independent - 10/1/16]





The federal government has approved an application from the Gold Coast Airport to install an Instrument Landing System (ILS).

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss says the installation of an ILS on runway 14 is an important addition to the national navigational aid network. ... [Business News Australia - 25/1/16]





Another dangerous, resource wasting class and race based police pursuit ends in a serious crash, Adelaide [ABC - 25/1/16]





“Just doing my job”

The rationale for every

Act of cowardice




#Antiwar Haiku "tweeted" by @Antiwarcom [24/1/16]




Comment on We all have a stake in the future of the mainstream media [The Globe and Mail - 22/1/16]:


... Real investigative journalism disappeared with bell bottom trousers.

Reporting via press release, staged sound-bite, embedding (i.e. in-bed-with), and advertorial (ads dressed up as news) are the new hallmarks of mainstream media.

Political correctness is fast becoming the new facade of censorship. Journalists and columnists self-censor because they know what is expected of them, and faceless moderators with their algorithmic prohibitions routinely reject even the most innocuous comments on controversial subjects.

But water seeks the path of least resistance; dissent, discontent and unblunted public opinion increasingly circumvent traditional media.

A plethora of social media streams offer new, free, free-wheeling platforms for public expression.

Unable and unwilling to change, mainstream media is left behind - assigned to the scrap heap of irrelevant, outmoded ways of communication. ...





Abbott recontesting his seat is NOT news. Here's the last time Malcolm "we stopped the boats" Turnbull was held to account ---->  Israel and Australia: A conversation with Turnbull [Jewish Journal - 25/8/15]




A man has been charged after allegedly attacking a woman with an axe during a domestic dispute in Brisbane's south-east on Sunday night.

The 38-year-old woman suffered a deep cut to her arm and was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital for treatment after allegedly being attacked by a 51-year-old man.

Police were called to the pair's home at Marina Place in Wishart, about 14 kilometres south-east of Brisbane's CBD, about 9.15pm, where they found the wounded woman.

They will allege a fight erupted between the pair and the man left the house briefly, before returning with the axe, which he allegedly then used to attack the woman.

The man has been charged with grievous bodily harm and is scheduled to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday morning. [Brisbane Times - 25/1/16]




Queensland domestic violence order breaches rise by thousands every year [Brisbane Times - 25/1/16]




A man who allegedly punched a 67-year-old resident through the front doorway of his home on Queensland's Darling Downs has been charged with serious assault. ... [Yahoo - 25/1/1]




A house fire that claimed the life of a 45-year-old man near Toowoomba was deliberately lit, police believe.

The man, reportedly Dalby resident Mark Wilkes, died after the Edward Street property went up in flames on Wednesday night.

Police say forensic DNA testing is still being conducted on the body found inside and preliminary investigations suggest the fire was deliberately lit. [Brisbane Times - 24/1/16]




Disturbance, Warner [QPS Media - 24/1/16]





Burglary, Ashgrove [QPS Media - 24/1/16]




The emergent situation in South Toowoomba has been resolved without incident. Police declared an emergency situation at 4.25am after a 31-year-old man made threats at a unit complex on Stephen Street.

Negotiators spoke with the man, and the declaration was revoked at 9.55am when the situation was resolved peacefully.

The man has been taken to the Toowoomba Base Hospital and investigations are continuing.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day. [QPS Media - 23/1/16]





A man is in hospital with wounds to his arm and chest after a violent brawl in central Queensland.

Police say he suffered the injuries, which may be life-threatening, after a fight broke out between two groups in Gladstone just before midday on Sunday.

The 47-year-old is expected to be airlifted to the Rockhampton Base Hospital in a serious condition. [Yahoo - 24/1/16]




Four teenagers have been charged after a 17-year-old was set upon and clubbed with a traffic cone in Brisbane's CBD.

The group, aged 12 to 17, allegedly attacked the victim after asking him for a cigarette at King George Square just before 5am on Saturday.

The youths are accused of striking him with an orange road cone and following him to Adelaide Street, where he was thrown to the footpath, punched and kicked. [Yahoo - 24/1/16]





Dangerous, resource wasting class and race based police pursuits, Kallangur and Beenleigh [Brisbane Times - 25/1/16]




Dangerous, resource wasting class and race based police pursuit ends in crash, Morley [West Australian - 24/1/16]




A teenager remains in a critical condition following a police pursuit and crash on the NSW Central Coast. ... [Nine MSN - 23/1/16]





A man has been charged following an incident at Landsborough yesterday where it will be alleged two ambulance officers were assaulted.

Around 6.50pm police had attended an address at Cribb Street to assist a man when it will be alleged he pushed one ambulance officer and punched him in the chest before punching second ambulance officer.

Neither of the two male ambulance officers, aged 43 and 45, required medical treatment.

A 32-year-old New South Wales man has been charged with two counts of serious assault person performing lawful duty and is expected to appear at the Maroochydore Magistrates Court today (January 25).

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day. [QPS Media - 25/1/16]







Police are investigating after an ambulance officer was assaulted at a Toowong Hotel this evening.

Police were called to the Hotel on Coronation Drive around 7.30pm following reports that a woman had assaulted a female ambulance officer and attempted to assault a male ambulance officer, whilst they were providing treatment to her.

The 41-year-old female officer sustained bruising and swelling to her face and lacerations to her arms and was taken to the Mater Private Hospital for treatment.

Her 46-year-old male partner was not physically injured.

Investigations are continuing. Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day. [QPS Media - 24/1/16]







A 34-year-old woman covered in bruises has accused police in Frankston of committing a violent attack during a roadside incident.

But Victoria Police refuted her allegations of police brutality, saying the woman injured herself during an arrest.

Elisha Sherwood and her partner Daniel French, both of Frankston South, were pulled over on Young Street in Frankston around 1.30am on Friday. 

Ms Sherwood says police bashed her during a 30-minute ordeal in Melbourne's far south-eastern suburb.

"They proceeded to say they were going to search the car for weapons. I questioned this and was basically tackled to the ground," she told Seven News during an interview broadcast on Sunday night.

"My nose and face were smashed into the ground and I was handcuffed.

"They were saying I was spitting at them. I was actually choking on my blood." ... [The Age - 24/1/16]




Mater Private patient tests positive for Legionella [Brisbane Times - 25/1/16]







A far north Queensland aged care hospital will remain under infection control for at least another week after a virus outbreak killed four elderly patients and left another six infected.

Tests on Friday showed the outbreak, which had also affected 15 staff at the Herberton Hospital, was caused by human metapneumovirus. 

Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service public health director Richard Gair said the hospital, which housed 36 long-term patients, had been under increased infection control measures for a week. ... [Brisbane Times - 24/1/16]





Who do you take medical advice from - Angelina Jolie and misogynist "dumb and dumber" ABC local radio talking heads - or the experts?  ---->  A University of Queensland gynaecological researcher and cancer surgeon is urging women facing hysterectomy – surgical womb removal – to consider removal of their fallopian tubes to reduce their risk of ovarian cancer.

The Research Director of the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer, Professor Andreas Obermair, said women should be aware of the new option for preventing ovarian cancer.

“Research emerging from the United States and Canada has shown that up to half of all ovarian cancers arise in the fallopian tubes rather than in the ovaries,” he said.

“This means that women who opt to remove their fallopian tubes can reduce their risk by up to 40 per cent.” He said previous to this research it was thought the only way to prevent ovarian cancer was to remove a woman’s ovaries.

“But, as ovaries produce hormones, this is not a preferred preventative measure in young women as it can result in a woman becoming menopausal,” he said. ... [UQ News - 21/1/16]




@BobBrownFndn [25/1/16]:  Bob Brown has just been arrested at Lapoinya in NW Tas, site of community protests over logging. Being taken to Burnie Police stn. ...





And still the "new and improved" Greens Party say nothing ----> Agricultural  lime is being used to raise the pH levels in a dam exposed to sulphuric acid that leaked after a train derailment. 

The Garomna property stock watering dam owned by grazier Nigel Simmons was exposed to some of the 31,500 litres of sulphuric acid that leaked from the train that derailed 20 kilometres east of Julia Creek on December 27.

It caused the dam’s pH levels to fall to 2. 

The sulphuric acid belonged to fertiliser company Incitec Pivot, which owns an acid plant in Mount Isa and the Phosphate Hill site in the Cloncurry shire. 

A company spokeperson said the neutralisation should be completed by Friday.  ... [North West Star - 25/1/16]




Fire crews were called out to a food processing plant on Randle Street in the port-side suburb of Pinkenba on Saturday night at 8.24pm.

Water was not working on the machinery fire so the 14 crews attending had to put the fire out with foam.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service acting inspector Mark Halverson said there was an added risk of the factory containing 15,000 tonnes of soya bean meal. 

The highly combustible soya bean meal, stored in the factory and took up two thirds of the factory space, was untouched by fire.

The fire was put out at about 11.50pm that night and the Fire Investigation Unit were investigating on Sunday morning. ... [Brisbane Times - 24/1/16]





Teenager killed, friend in induced coma after being hit by a car in Rosemeadow [Sydney Morning Herald - 24/1/16]






Fatal traffic crash, Ballandean [QPS Media - 24/1/16]







Serious crash, Glenwood [QPS Media - 24/1/16]




Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services [24/1/16]:



Police wish to advise the public travelling on both the Victoria Highway and the Barkly Highway that traffic delays may be experienced due to two separate Road Trains having a carriage roll over onto the respective highways.

Approximately 80km west of Timber Creek on the Victoria Highway a road train carriage has tipped over and is blocking the highway.

Approximately 80km west of Avon Downs on the Barkley Highway a road train carriage has also tipped over and is blocking the highway.

Both incidents are causing traffic delays and motorists in the area are asked to take care and follow all traffic directions in place.

It is expected that both incidents will be cleared by mid morning on 24 January 2016.

No injuries were sustained as a result of the incidents and no other vehicles were involved.




25 January 2016