United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 24/9/16]



‏@MSF_Sea [24/9/16]:  Everyday there are new arrivals in #Calais. The jungle is as busy as ever.



French President Francois Hollande has said he intends to close the "Jungle" camp in Calais and move 9,000 migrants to reception centres across France. ... [BBC - 24/9/16]



‏@karloszurutuza [24/9/16]:  Dozens of Somalians just rescued off the Libyan coast @PhotographicSV rest aboard #Astral ...



‏@MSF_Sea [24/9/16]:  2 pregnant women have been medevac'd to #Italy from #Dignity1 to make sure their conditions don't worsen on the 2 day trip to #Italy




Day 189 refugee protests, Nauru



Image:  ‏@elahe_zivardar  [24/9/16]




These men, women and children are still detained in an IOM gulag in Kupang. Australian politicians and media HATE refugees. [Sydney Morning Herald - 24/9/16]:


A[n] notorious Indonesian people smuggler, who allegedly helped organise the failed asylum seeker journey to New Zealand at the heart of last year's cash for boat turn-back scandal, has been arrested in Jakarta.

The captain and five crew members, who said Australian officials paid them $US32,000 to return 65 asylum seekers to Indonesia, are already serving at least five years behind bars for people smuggling.

Indonesian police said Abraham Louhenapessy, or Captain Bram as he is also known, had been arrested at 2am Friday local time at his house in West Jakarta and would be taken to the "crime scene" on Rote island on Saturday. ...



New Zealand government rejects refugees, refers them to the UNHCR regional representative in Australia - who ignored them [RNZI - 13/6/15]:


The Government has told 65 asylum seekers wanting to live in New Zealand to contact United Nations officials in Australia.

The people, from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, say they were heading for New Zealand when they were shipwrecked on an Indonesian reef earlier this month.

In a letter seen by Radio New Zealand, the group made a plea to the Government for asylum, saying it is unsafe for them to return home.

A written reply from the office of the Immigration Minister, Michael Woodhouse, said while New Zealand accepted 750 refugees annually, it could not pick and choose.

It said the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Canberra was responsible for inquires dealing with New Zealand and suggested the group approach that office. [The UNHCR Canberra said nothing.]

A UN representative in Indonesia said they met with the group, 52 of whom were registered as refugees. [As far as we know, these refugees are still detained in Kupang.]



Jail for boat crew paid by Australian official to turn back [Sydney Morning Herald - 17/1/16]:


The captain of an asylum seeker boat who said he was paid thousands of dollars by an Australian official to return to Indonesia has been sentenced to five years and eight months' jail on people smuggling charges.

The panel of judges also ordered Yohanis Humiang​, 35, to pay 700 million rupiah ($70,000) or serve an additional five months in prison. 

The remaining five crew members were sentenced to five years and six months' jail and a fine of 500 million rupiah or an extra three months' prison time.


The asylum seekers remain in limbo in Indonesia.

Kandiha Kayuran and his wife, who gave birth in December, are still in immigration detention in Kupang.

He told Fairfax Media they had no idea what the future held.

"No one cares, New Zealand is not listening, and Australia too, even after the Amnesty report came out. Please help us."



PNG Immigration Minister continues to block release and compensation of illegally and unconstitutionally detained men [RNZI - 23/9/16]:


... PNG's Immigration Department argues the application by hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers should be dismissed because it wasn't personally signed by them.

However the refugees' lawyer Ben Lomai says that his signature on their behalf is legitimate.

He describes the government's move as vexatious.

BEN LOMAI: And the full bench correctly stated that the orders are very clear. Why can't the Australian and Papua New Guinea government do something quickly? We were about to go and get an order for a summary judgement and here they come, Johnny-come-lately, come in and file this application and state that we don't have the jurisdiction to sign. This is ridiculous, you know. ...



Pato challenges refugees’ summary judgment application [PNG Loop - 23/9/16]



Powerplus - which manufactures construction equipment for the US military - to set up an assembly line in Madang [PNG Loop - 24/9/16]:


... The announcement by Powerplus General Manager and Director, Gerard Lau, was a huge shock to the summit organizers as well as the Madang business community and the provincial government leaders.

Lau had earlier during his Company’s presentation at the summit clarified that Powerplus through a series of transformations, from a construction equipment and spare parts supplier established since 1973 had evolved to be a global manufacturer of construction equipment in 2001.

Following his announcement, Lau went on to say that the company’s outlook for the Pacific region was to establish Powerplus Pacific Limited in Madang.

He said the assembly based in Madang has already had land area identified along the north coast road measuring 10,000 to 50,000 square metres and will cater for sales and marketing.

The area will also cater for technical development and training centre and parts and services.


He said from the Madang factory the company would looking to exports to emerging markets in the Pacific covering Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, East Timor Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Tonga.

He said Powerplus Group Inc. was incorporated in the United States 2001.

Its market game changer and brand influence was through its supply of spare parts to the US army for its mission in the Gulf War and in Afghanistan. ...




Air Niugini pilots who went on strike have been sacked [RNZI - 22/9/16]




PNG court issues temporary stay on students’ expulsion [RNZI - 24/9/16]:


A Papua New Guinea court has granted an interim stay against the exclusion of seven student leaders from the University of PNG.

The members of the university's student representative council were permanently excluded last month.

They had led a weeks-long boycott of classes by thousands of students in protest against the prime minister Peter O'Neill's refusal to stand down from office to face corruption allegations.

Those protests turned violent in June, when police opened fire on students who were trying to march on parliament in support of an opposition motion of no confidence against Mr O'Neill.

But PNG Loop reports that on Friday, the Waigani National Court temporarily stayed the exclusion for two weeks to allow a judicial review to be filed and for respondents to be notified.

The matter will return before the court on the 20th of October.



Okinawa appeals high court ruling supporting US base transfer plan [Japan Today - 24/9/16]:


The Okinawa prefectural government on Friday appealed a recent high-court ruling that backed the central government’s move to transfer a key U.S. air base within the southern island prefecture under a plan strongly opposed by local residents.

“The ruling that excessively takes the side of the central government…will leave a serious problem to the future,” Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga said in a statement, referring to the first judicial judgment in the intensifying dispute with Tokyo over a plan to move the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma from a crowded residential area in Ginowan to the less-populated Henoko coastal area of Nago.

Defense Minister Tomomi Inada, meanwhile, made her first visit to Okinawa since assuming that post in early August and expressed regret to local municipalities over a U.S. military aircraft crash off Okinawa a day before, which she said had stirred “great concerns” among the citizens there. ...



Duterte urged to end US intervention [PhilStar - 24/9/16]:


... “The Duterte government should effect and ensure the provision of secure jobs with living wages, decent housing, free education and health care, and land to cultivate. It is through empowering the people and helping them provide for their needs that they will veer away from drugs,” Palabay said.

Allowing the Armed Forces of the Philippines to participate in the anti-narcotics campaign, including the revival of the Philippines Constabulary, is like bringing to life another monster responsible for violence, cruelty and all types of abuses during martial law, Palabay said.

According to Karapatan, the use of the military and other mercenaries in so-called wars against drugs is a concept that was peddled by the US government in countries such as Mexico and Colombia through the Merida Initiative.

“It is a form of military intervention which justifies American military and financial support for governments to maintain and protect US political and economic influence,” Palabay said.

It has been proven that US-funded drug wars have not eliminated the drug menace, but have targeted the civilian population, Palabay added.



'No way' any US President can ignore Asia and make America stronger says John Kerry [Channel News Asia - 24/9/16]



Heavy rain accompanied by strong winds on Saturday afternoon in Jakarta caused large parts of a footbridge near Pasar Minggu Station to collapse and hit several people passing underneath.

Witnesses said the parts of the footbridge collapsed when the rain was heavy.

It not only hit people passing underneath it but people using it fell with it onto the road beneath, tribunnews.com reported.

The police later closed off the road.

The latest report said seven people had been injured in the accident.

According to a Jakarta Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) report obtained by The Jakarta Post on Saturday afternoon, three of the injured people died in Siaga Hospital in Pasar Minggu while three cars were damaged. [Jakarta Post - 24/9/16]



‏@linhtwittler [24/9/16]:  Demonstration for police accountability after Jafri Katagar was pepper sprayed last night during his 'anti-racism' protest  [Melbourne]



Richard Bell's Embassy at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 24 September 2016



‏@leesawatego [24/9/16]:  Today's #AboriginalEmbassy is competing with the #RiverFire aircraft overhead.



‏@mrphileasfrogg [24/9/16]:  Hanging with my miigaay and some deadly mob at Richard Bells #AboriginalEmbassy




Students are pulling a Kaepernick all over America — and being threatened for it [The Intercept - 24/9/16]:


... “The Supreme Court ruled in 1943 that public schools may not constitutionally force students to salute the flag,” Lee Rowland, a First Amendment attorney who works with the ACLU, told The Intercept.

“That ruling is crystal clear about a student’s right not to be compelled into patriotism by their government, and it is over 70 years old.”

The ruling that Rowland references came after many Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States began to refuse to salute the flag in solidarity with their brethren in Nazi Germany who were being arrested for refusing to salute that country’s fascist flag.

The action by the American Jehovah’s Witnesses provoked a backlash, and a number of followers of the faith were persecuted for refusing to salute.

In West Virginia, a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses brought suit after their children were sanctioned for doing so. 

The court ruled in favor of the family. In his opinion, Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson wrote, “Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard.”

Notwithstanding this history, students exercising their right are now being challenged. ...




Day 188 refugee protests, Nauru



Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [23/9/16]  



"DON'T SAVE LIVES AT SEA BY KILLING PEOPLE ON LAND" ‏@racvictoria [24/9/16]: Day 134 of peaceful protests on #Manus ...



‏@riserefugee [23/9/16]:  List of non profits/co-ops that helped the Australian gov to establish racist refugee policies both offshore/onshore ...



‏@riserefugee [22/9/16]:  ... Remember mandatory detention of #asylum seekers in #Australia was established by the Labor government under Paul Keating in 1992.


‏@riserefugee [21/9/16]: According to @TurnbullMalcolm Australia's border protection policy is the "best in the world"- What about deaths in immigration custody ?



‏@riserefugee [22/9/16]:  Some #Tamil #refugees still held indefinitely in administrative #detention (outside the law) in #Australia due to adverse ASIO assessment



United States continues signalling strong approval for Sri Lanka's ongoing pacification of Tamil population [Tamil Guardian - 22/9/16]



Sri Lanka in 'no hurry' towards reconciliation president tells UN [Tamil Guardian - 23/9/16]



Thousands of Tamils from across the North-East have gathered in Jaffna for the Ezhuka Tamil rally (Rise Up Tamil).

A procession from Nallur was joined by another from Jaffna University and will gather at Muttaveli for the main rally.

Demands put forward by the protestors include an international investigation into genocide, a federal political solution, recognising the Tamil nation's right to self-determination and a halt to state-sponsored Sinhala colonisation in the Tamil homeland. Shops in Jaffna have shut down in solidarity with the rally.  [Tamil Guardian - 24/9/16]



Turned Back To Torture (2014): Is Australia's immigration policy in breach of UN conventions on asylum seekers? Damning first hand accounts now suggest Sri Lankan refugees have been placed straight back into hands of their torturers. [Journeyman/SBS Dateline]



Malaysia's Deputy PM says "Rohingya solution" to be discussed at yet another dodgy forum [New Straits Times - 24/9/16]



Joint Statement: Stop plans to demolish Mosques, Madarasas and Rohingya houses [Rohingya Blogger - 23/9/16]:


We, the undersigned organizations, strongly condemned the Arakan (Rakhine) State government’s plans to demolish more than 3000 Rohingyas’ buildings, including 12 mosques and 35 madrasas, in the townships of Maungdaw and Buthidaung, under the pretext of illegal construction. 

The announcement of the demolition order on 18 September by Arakan State’s Security and Border Affairs Minister Col. Htein Lin at Maungdaw, which was reaffirmed by Maungdaw District General Administrator U Ye Htut, has caused consternation to the entire Rohingya community.

This demolition project is part of their long-drawn-out annihilation and ethnic cleansing policy of the defenceless Rohingya people. 

It is a joint conspiracy of the Arakan State government and Rakhine Buddhist extremist leaders to destabilize the situation in the territory with intentions to frustrate any attempts to bring about peace and stability in Arakan and produce more internally displaced Rohingyas to be housed in apartheid-like concentration camps also in Maungdaw district. 

 It is surprising that this sinister design was announced at a time when the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in her first address to the 71st U.N. General Assembly, was defending her government’s effort to resolve the crisis over treatment of the Rohingya or Muslim minority by pointing out to the establishment of an advisory commission for Arakan State chaired by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at the same time assuring that everybody in Arakan would be safe and secure. ...



Rohingya refugees outpace Syrian arrivals in US [Dhaka Tribune - 22/9/16]:


... Nasir Bin Zakaria said that the ability to move around freely and legally made life in Chicago far better than in Myanmar and Malaysia, but it is not without its own challenges for refugees.

The city of 2.7m is struggling with a surge of killings, with 509 murders this year, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Newly arrived children from refugee families, unfamiliar to the United States, are an enticing target for gangs looking to recruit, said Kano of RefugeeOne.

“When we are selecting neighborhoods we have to be very careful about the crime rate and gang recruitment, because the majority of refugees come with kids,” she said.

“You either join or you get beaten up.”  



Private prisons for immigrants not closing anytime soon, says Director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) [Fusion - 24/9/16] 


On Ice: In US Customs and Border Protection facilities, the law’s reach is tenuous [Boston Review - 21/9/16]:

... Prisoners routinely describe their treatment as “humiliating,” “a form of torture.”

Children are treated as badly as everyone else, they say. One child arriving at a CBP detention facility reports being told by officials, “Welcome to Hell.”

A twenty-three-year-old woman, fleeing from Guatemala, told the lawyers, “I am currently five months pregnant. When I arrived at the Border Patrol Station, I told the agents I was pregnant, but the agents were very hostile and did not believe me. They insulted me and poked my stomach and said there wasn’t anything there.”

The most frequent reports of abuse describe forced, lengthy stays in freezing cold temperatures. Detainees recount how agents take away their sweaters, jackets, pants, “extra layers,” and blankets before locking them up. When they complained about cold, they were mocked and threatened.

“When people asked the guards to make it warmer, they made it colder,” a detainee said. “Sometimes they laughed at us when we complained about the temperature.”

The plaintiffs also describe how they slept on floors and benches in overcrowded hold rooms and cells; no beds were provided. The spaces are usually too packed with bodies to allow everyone to lie down. Floors are strewn with trash, soiled diapers, and uneaten food.

Lights are left on through the night.

There are no showers or soap, and no hot water. Nor are there kitchens to prepare meals for the detained; inmates are given juice, a cold or rotten burrito, and crackers.

Water is delivered in one dirty container to be passed around and shared.

A young man with heart problems could not get pills for his ailment, and agents confiscated the medication a woman from Mexico had been prescribed for an ovarian cyst.

Migrants were not allowed to contact their consulates or to use a phone to contact family members, whether at home or in the United States. Detainees were taunted, and in some cases even terrorized.

“If we stood up and looked out the window,” a young Mexican woman said, “they would make fun of us and tell us that they would punish us if we stood there.”

Dogs are used to humiliate and scare. Just over a year ago, one plaintiff was caught with her sister and ten others in southern Arizona.

They were handcuffed and left in the sun for two hours without food or water; then a border agent’s dog was let loose.

“Agents took pictures with their cell phones, laughed, and joked that the photographs were ‘for the dog’s Facebook account.’” ...



More than 100 illegal immigrants are entering the small Central American country of Costa Rica every day, looking for "coyotes" to take them across the Nicaraguan border and on toward the United States, President Luis Solis said on Friday.

Eighty-five percent of the new arrivals are from Haiti by way of Brazil, where many settled after Haiti's 2010 earthquake but whose construction jobs have disappeared now that the Rio Olympics are over and the country wallows in recession, Solis said on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

"The phenomenon has shifted quite significantly," Solis said.

His government has set up centers that offer the migrants basic shelter and food, before they take the day-long bus trip through Costa Rica to the Nicaraguan frontier.

Nicaragua does not allow the migrants to enter, so they are forced into the world of "coyotes," or illegal guides, often linked to criminal gangs.

Solis said the 15 percent of arrivals who are not Haitians are Cubans as well as Africans and Asians who make their way across the Atlantic to Brazil and then trudge through Colombia and Panama to get to Costa Rica.

"Migration is a global phenomenon and it is not new. But something unexpected is happening, a refurbished flow of migrants is on the move in Latin America," Solis said.

So far, Solis said, Costa Rica can handle the inflow and outflow of immigrants passing through the country.

The United States, however, responding to a surge in Haitian immigrants, will end special protections for them dating back to the devastating 2010 earthquake, the Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday.

"What if they start deciding to stay on Costa Rica after hearing that the United States has changed its tolerance policy and is going to start deporting them?" Solis said.

"That's a concern." ... [Reuters - 23/9/16]


After urging nations to protect most vulnerable at UN, Obama steps up deportation of Haitians [American Immigration Council - 23/9/16]



US-bound Cuban migrants murdered in Colombian jungle [In Cuba Today - 20/9/16]



Truth at the UN refugee summit [The Hill - 19/9/16]:


... As the world’s nations discuss this crisis and how to respond, many developed states will be implementing enforcement arrangements which seek to stem movements of refugees and migrants, without sufficient protections, safeguards or process.  

These tactics, which feature the extension and closure of borders, the use of detention, and interdiction and return, are being deployed in all parts of the world. 

They are marked by open (and not so open) agreements among nations to return asylum-seekers back to their countries of origin or to other countries, often without assessing if they fear violence, torture or persecution.  

And they are paid or bartered for by the nation or nations attempting to keep asylum-seekers from reaching their territory.


The political declaration to be adopted, formally known as the New York declaration for refugees and migrants, in paragraph 2.3 affirms the right of nations to continue these enforcement arrangements: “We will strengthen border management cooperation, including in relation to training and best practices. We will intensify support in this area and help build capacity, as appropriate.”

 In other words, nations essentially have agreed that these arrangements are valid and should be intensified.

While these joint efforts must conform to international law, the evidence shows that protection concerns usually take a backseat to enforcement under these arrangements. ...



Guatemala: Prosecutor who led Ríos Montt genocide trial arrested [Democracy – 23/9/16]:


In Guatemala, the special prosecutor for human rights, Orlando López, has been arrested, sparking fears he may be killed in prison for his high-level prosecution of Guatemalan ex-military officials implicated in the 1980s genocide.

López is best known for prosecuting the 2013 genocide trial of ex-dictator Efraín Ríos Montt, who was found guilty of killing nearly 2,000 Ixil Mayans under his rule in the 1980s.

López’s arrest stems from hit-and-run allegations reported by a right-wing group tied to many former military generals.



Brazilian President Michel Temer let an open secret become explicitly clear during a speech to business and foreign policy leaders yesterday in New York. 

The country’s elected and now-removed President, Dilma Rousseff, was impeached because of her position on economic policy, rather than any alleged wrongdoing on her part, her installed successor admitted.

Temer’s stunning, and seemingly unscripted, acknowledgement will surely bolster the view of impeachment opponents that Dilma’s removal was a “parliamentary coup d’etat.”

 In his remarks, Temer clearly stated what impeachment opponents have long maintained: that he and his party began to agitate for Rousseff’s impeachment when she refused to implement the pro-business economic plan of Temer’s party.

That economic plan which Rousseff refused to implement called for widespread cuts to social programs and privatization, an agenda radically different from the one approved by Brazilians through the ballot box in 2014, when Dilma’s Workers’ Party won its fourth straight presidential election.

The comments were delivered on Wednesday to an audience at the New York headquarters of the Americas Society/Council of the Americas (AS/COA). ... [The Intercept - 23/9/16]


Sweden charges men who helped migrants escape through Europe with people smuggling [Reuters – 23/9/16]


Sweden moves to deport more asylum seekers [ABC News – 22/9/16]:


Sweden is stepping up efforts to deport foreigners who are denied asylum by making it easier for police to find those remaining in the country illegally.

Police would be given expanded powers to conduct spot checks at businesses suspected of hiring foreign labor under a series of measures presented by the left-leaning government on Thursday.

They also would get additional rights to fingerprint migrants and to seize their identification documents once they have entered Sweden. Currently, that's mainly done at border checks.

Migration Minister Morgan Johansson projects that about 40,000 asylum seekers would leave Sweden this year and next, either voluntarily or by force.

Sweden received a record 163,000 asylum applications last year. In January, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman estimated that up to half of them would be rejected.

Hungary's prime minister says "illegal migrants" in the European Union should be rounded up and taken to guarded, EU-funded refugee camps on "an island or some shore of North Africa" from where there they can make their asylum applications.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview published Thursday on Hungary's Origo.hu news website that it is unfair for Germany to try to distribute migrants among other EU countries, and that it should set a limit on the number of migrants that it will take in.

The Hungarian government is sponsoring a referendum to be held Oct. 2 to build political support for its opposition to any future EU quotas to resettle migrants among member states.

The government's campaign has been criticized by rights groups for fomenting xenophobia and intolerance.



A rough night: Protests for freedom, Moria on fire and fascist attacks [No Border Kitchen Lesvos - 21/9/16]



50% of #personas in vessels of #MSF say that they were detained in makeshift jails or in official centers #Libia Via @MSF_Sea  ‏@MSF_ASaavedra [23/9/16]



‏@MSF_Sea [22/9/166]:  "Take this, I'm never, ever going back to #Libya. I do not even want to fly over that country in a plane"



Migrants rescued from boat capsized off Egyptian coast [Yahoo - 23/9/16]:


A senior Egyptian official says a total of 115 bodies were pulled out of the waters off the Egyptian coast, three days after hundreds of migrants heading to Europe drowned.

Mohammed Sultan, the governor of Beheira province, told The Associated Press that dozens more are feared dead.

The migrants’ boat capsized on Wednesday, nearly 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from the Nile Delta port city of Rosetta. The UNHCR estimated that the boat was packed with some 450 people, while the state news agency MENA said earlier that the number might be as high as 600.

Some 150 people, mostly Egyptians, survived while many of the dead are women and children who were unable to swim away from the wreckage.

Egypt has been a traditional route for migrants seeking to reach Europe by sea.



... The IFRC [International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies] reiterates its call to world leaders to ensure vulnerable people seeking safety have access to legal routes. [Media Release - 21/9/16]



@guardiacostiera [22/9/16]:  #StrettoDiSicilia #CentraleOperativa #GuardiaCostiera coordina 5 operazioni #SAR: unità @ItalianNavy e @seawatchcrew salvano 500 #migranti



How teenage refugees from Syria and Iraq end up in Greek prisons accused of people smuggling (note use of barbaric - and discredited - Australian practice of wrist x-rays) [VIDEO - Al - Jazeera - 21/9/16]




Toll reaches 88 as another youth killed in Army firing in Kashmir [The New Indian Express - 23/9/16]




The planned U.S. deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea is not negotiable as part of efforts to agree new U.N. sanctions on North Korea after its fifth nuclear test, but Washington is confident tougher steps will be agreed before long, the senior U.S. diplomat for Asia said on Friday.

China, whose full backing is widely seen as crucial for sanctions on North Korea to be effective, is strongly opposed to the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system and some experts have argued it should be part of talks on new U.N. measures. ... [Reuters - 23/9/16]


‘To forget is not to heal’ [Inquirer - 22/9/16]:


...  “If some of the millennials are enamored with the Marcos era, and want the Marcoses to come back, you have the martial law babies and Marcos-era intellectuals to blame for not doing enough to help them realize that while over the past 30 years Philippine democracy has not been very successful in terms of creating equitable economic conditions and cutting down social inequality in terms of providing prosperity,” he [Political analyst Richard Heydarian] said.

 “The Marcos era was an unmitigated disaster in economic terms and even a bigger humanitarian disaster in political terms,” he said.

 But millennials, he said, have to resist martial law propaganda proliferating on the internet, and they must equip themselves with correct information about one of the darkest periods in the Philippines’ history and pass this on to ensure that it will not be forgotten. ...


In the Philippines, several thousand students and activists have protested throughout the week to mark the 44th anniversary of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s declaration of martial law, which was announced on September 23, 1972.

On Wednesday, youth groups organized a nationwide strike that led to school walkouts in about a dozen cities.

Human rights activists protested Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s proposal to give the late dictator Marcos a hero’s burial. ... [Democracy Now - 23/9/16]


‏@wikileaks [23/9/16]:  FBI dumps 189 pages of heavily redacted Clinton witness interviews under the cover of Friday evening ...


‏@wikileaks [23/9/16]:  New FBI-Clinton doc shows that State Dept was tipped off about WikiLeaks publications by "media" and managed to frequently censor stories.




Google Allo: Why people such as Edward Snowden are advising against using the app [Independent - 22/9/16]


Obama vetoes bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia [CBS - 23/9/16]


Police killings of black people in the United States are reminiscent of lynchings and the government must do far more to protect them, a United Nations working group says in a report that will be debated at the U.N. Human Rights Council on Monday. ... [Reuters - 23/9/16]


Moral Mondays Leader Rev. Barber: Release video of Keith Scott shooting, It belongs to the public [Democracy Now - 23/9/16]


In Tulsa, police officer Betty Shelby has been booked and released, after she was charged with felony manslaughter in the fatal shooting of African American Terence Crutcher.

Video footage shows Officer Shelby, who is white, shooting and killing Crutcher while his hands were in the air.

The criminal complaint says Shelby’s "fear resulted in her unreasonable actions which led her to shooting."

Crutcher’s killing has sparked protests throughout the week in Tulsa.

If convicted, Shelby faces four years to life in prison. [Democracy Now - 23/9/16]



Local Yemeni al Qaeda leader killed in US drone strike: official [Reuters - 22/9/16]



Pentagon seeks 500 more ground troops in Iraq for Mosul invasion [Antiwar.com - 22/9/16]



Militants immolate civilians; 216 killed in Iraq [Antiwar.com - 22/9/16]




Five Daesh targets in northern Syria were destroyed Thursday as part of Operation Euphrates Shield, the Turkish army said. ... [Anadolu Agency - 22/9/16]


United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 23/9/16]


The refusal or inability to separate opposition forces from militants in Syria indicate that plans to change the Syrian regime remain in force, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in his speech at the general discussion of the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly on Friday. ... [TASS - 23/9/16]


Syria’s Permanent Representative tells UN recent Israeli attacks indicate strategic alliance with Jabhat al-Nusra [SANA - 23/9/16]:


... “It is astonishing that the Human Rights Commissioner, who dedicated the current session’s report to express deep concerns about the increase in cases of failure to cooperate with the UN Human Rights Council and its mechanisms, hasn’t paid attention to Israel’s long history of refusal to abide by this Council’s mechanisms and preventing investigation and inspection committees from entering to the occupied Arab territories,” he said, adding that selectivity and double standard policies adopted in dealing with issues related to human rights are responsible for the credibility crisis which faces the UN.

Ala noted that the Syrian people of the occupied Golan are also victims of arbitrary arrests because they reject the Israeli occupation’s policies, document its criminal acts, and expose its cooperation with the armed terrorist groups in the Area of Separation in the occupied Syrian Golan.

He reiterated rejection of unauthorized mock trials of Syrian detainees, calling for pressuring the occupation authorities to immediately release all the Syrian detainees in the Israeli jails, particularly Sudqi al-Maqt. ...


Israeli forces shoot, injure 3 Palestinians near Gaza border [Maan - 23/9/16]


A Palestinian teen was reportedly shot by Israeli forces after allegedly attempting to carry out a stabbing attack in the southern occupied West Bank on Friday.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an that an "assailant" attempted to carry out a stabbing attack against soldiers stationed at the Elias junction near the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba in the West Bank district of Hebron, when he was shot by soldiers.

The young Palestinian was receiving treatment for their injuries, the spokesperson added.

Israeli media reported that the Palestinian had been shot in the stomach, and was suffering from moderate to critical wounds.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the injured teen as Usama Murad Jamil Marie Zeidat, 15.

The army spokesperson told Ma'an that no Israelis were injured in the alleged attempted attack. ... [Maan - 23/9/16]


Four Palestinian children killed in five days [Electronic Intifada - 23/9/16]:


... More than 50 Palestinian children have been killed since October 2015, when a new phase of deadly confrontation between Palestinians and Israeli occupation forces began, according to Defense for Children International - Palestine.

The vast majority of children slain were accused by Israel of attempting an attack. In several cases, according to the group, “children did not pose a direct, mortal threat at the time they were killed, suggesting that Israeli forces are implementing a ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy.”

“Israel routinely defends or denies using lethal force against children and accountability is extremely rare,” Defense for Children said.

The Palestinian rights group Al-Haq stated that more than 250 Palestinians have been killed in the last year, many of them during attacks and alleged attacks which have killed more than 30 Israelis.

Al-Haq noted that “Since 1987, no Israeli soldier or commander has been convicted of willfully causing the death of a Palestinian in the [occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip].”


The alleged murder of 12-year-old Tialeigh Palmer has put Queensland's foster care system under intense scrutiny.

Tialeigh's foster father Rick Thorburn has been charged with her murder.

His son, Trent Thorburn, faces charges of incest.

The mother Jolene and her two sons have been charged with perjury and perverting the course of justice.

Criminal defence lawyer Debbie Kilroy says the foster care system has failed so many mothers. ... [ABC - 24/9/16]


Melbourne:  Anti-racism campaigner Jafri Katagar pepper sprayed by police [The Age - 23/9/16]


Queensland class action over unpaid wages for Indigenous people 'setting a national precedent' [ABC - 23/9/16]:


... The Queensland Government did set up a reparations scheme in 2002, but Ms Jancauskas said claimants only received between $2,000 and $7,000 for decades of work as labourers, stockmen or domestic servants.

"The amount they received through the reparations scheme was but a fraction of the money that the Government is holding in trust for them," Ms Jancauskas said.

"Had people received their entitlements through reparations schemes, then there would be no need for litigation to be pursued."

Those who took part in the scheme had to sign a deed of release, stopping them from taking further action.

But Ms Jancauskas said that would not stop them from participating in the litigation.


UN experts condemned Australia Friday for its laws allowing indefinite detention of intellectually disabled persons facing criminal charges.

Under the current law, if a person is found unfit to plead to a charge against them, they may be held in custody for an unspecified amount of time.

Such prisoners may not come before a court until they are found to understand the idea of "criminal responsibility."

The legislation, the Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Defendants) Act 1996, led to an Aboriginal man being detained for 10 years without having the charges against him determined.

Marlon James Noble was conditionally released in 2012. ... [JURIST - 23/9/16]




Turkish journalist detained over 'subliminal coup messages': media [Reuters - 23/9/16]:


A prominent Turkish journalist was detained for trial on Friday, accused of participating in a coup by sending out subliminal messages to rogue troops who tried to seize power, media said.

Ahmet Altan, also a popular a novelist, was first held for questioning with his brother Mehmet Altan two weeks ago, both of them accused of sending out the messages during a TV talk show a day before the abortive July coup, state media reported.

Ahmet was freed on Thursday, but a prosecutor then argued he might flee and he was formally detained, pending trial, according to the P24 news website that he writes for. Mehmet never left custody.

Both will face trial "for trying to overthrow the government or prevent it from carrying out its duties," media outlets said.

Turkey has detained more than 100 journalists since July 15, when soldiers commandeered tanks and fighter jets, bombing parliament and other key buildings in an attempt to seize power.

The brothers, outspoken critics of President Tayyip Erdogan, allegedly disseminated "subliminal messages suggestive of a coup attempt" during their TV appearance on July 14, the state-run Anadolu Agency said at the time of their first detention. ...


Prison disciplinary board decides to punish Chelsea Manning with solitary confinement for charges related to suicide attempt [Fight for the Future - 23/9/16]


IBM lambasted by ABS for failing to handle Census DDoS [ZDNet - 23/9/16]


24 September 2016