Logan bookseller and thought crime suspect pleads guilty to foreign incursion as terror charges dropped [ABC - 24/10/16]:


Terrorism charges have been dropped against a Queensland man, after he pleaded guilty to foreign incursions offences.

Omar Succarieh, 33, was set to face a Supreme Court trial next week charged with making funds available to a terrorist organisation but in a pre-trial hearing today all terrorism offences were dropped.

He has instead pleaded guilty to four charges including two counts of preparing for incursions into a foreign state and two counts of giving money for incursions into foreign state.

Counts one and three relate to Succarieh facilitating a person's safe passage into Syria.

Counts two and four relate to Succarieh providing money to Abraham Succarieh and others related to him for the intention of supporting or promoting engaging in hostile activity in Syria.

He is due to be sentenced next month. ...



Logan bookseller and thought crime suspect denied access to evidence while in prison [Yahoo - 21/1/16]:


... Supreme Court Justice Jean Dalton on Thursday adjourned a bail hearing for Succarieh for one week, saying she needed more time to decide whether the 32-year-old has being given enough access to the evidence against him - hundreds of hours of covertly recorded conversations.

Justice Dalton suggested prison authorities should be called in to explain why they refuse to let Succarieh have a computer in his cell.

"If I come to a conclusion that there's not sufficient access to the brief of evidence in prison, and I'm still concerned about whether or not bail should be granted, the obvious practical solution is have the Department of Corrective Services justify their position," she told the Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday.

A $600,000 surety has been offered for Succarieh's bail, and he has agreed to submit to GPS monitoring and a curfew if released.

In his submissions, Succarieh's lawyer Saul Holt QC said his client needed to decipher 840 hours of conversations - which are peppered with Arabic and slang - to properly defend the allegations against him.

"This is simply a monster brief with a very large quantity of material which Mr Succarieh needs to carefully consider, and on the access that he has, he can't," Mr Holt said.

He added that the case against Succarieh was highly contestable, and the risk of him fleeing was not unacceptable.

"He has the support of a highly respected imam who is prepared to work with him while he's on bail, who can be described as anything other than radical," Mr Holt said. ...



Lawyers for two men facing terrorism-related charges have criticised police for taking too long to provide evidence against their clients, who remain in custody in Queensland. ... [SBS - 19/12/14]



A lawyer for one of three Queensland men charged with terrorism offences has accused police of withholding evidence and using the G20 Summit to drag out his client's pre-trial imprisonment. ... [Daily Mercury - 17/10/14]



Brisbane Times [23/1/15]:


Court documents have revealed how an undercover police officer infiltrated a Logan Islamic bookstore community, gaining the trust of three members who were later charged with terrorism offences.

The Australian Federal Police agent known as UCO317656 met Omar Succarieh, Agim Kruezi and Robert Louis Maestracci in June 2014 at the iQraa Islamic Centre, according to material filed in the Brisbane Supreme Court this week.

iQraa, which was run by Mr Succarieh, was raided on September 10 last year by AFP anti-terrorism police.  [Following a Murdoch Press beatup.] ...



Another uprising pacified - and violent retribution expected - at racist youth detention torture facility in Australia [The Age - 23/10/16]:


Violence has again erupted at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Facility on Saturday evening, when officers were confronted by about a dozen young offenders who are understood to have caused significant damage to the Deakin Unit.

The rampage began at about 7pm on Saturday and it took almost three hours for the Youth Justice Safety Emergency Response Team to regain control.

It is understood the group ripped benches from their fittings and armed themselves with metal legs before taunting guards at the facility about 100km north-west of Melbourne.

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services said the situation was resolved at about 9.50pm, without injuries to staff or the youths involved.

Victoria Police is expected to investigate the damage to the notorious detention centre, which has been plagued by violent uprisings and assaults over the past year.

A recent WorkSafe report found staff were at risk of death or serious injury in attacks that were occurring almost daily.

In one month alone, WorkSafe recorded almost 40 incidents of violence against staff, including threats of rape made against female youth justice workers.

Last month, Families and Children Minister Jenny Mikakos announced that additional staff would be moved to Malmsbury and the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre in Parkville in a bid to restore order.

The announcement followed a recent riot at Malmsbury, where a group of inmates armed themselves with metal poles before scaling the roof.

Ms Mikakos also launched an investigation into a similar incident at the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre when a group of young offenders, including members of the Apex gang, damaged property and forced staff to barricade themselves in a room.

The violence has prompted calls for a broader inquiry into Victoria's embattled youth detention system by the Community and Public Sector Union and the opposition.



The health condition of Palestinian prisoner Ali al-Rashayda has deteriorated due to medical negligence in the Israeli prison of Ktziot, the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs reported on Sunday. ... [Maan - 23/10/16]



Palestinian woman from Jaffa killed in attack in Salfit, motives unclear [Maan - 23/10/16]



Settlers continue building new illegal outpost despite stop-work orders [Maan - 23/10/16]



The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently published its monthly report on Health Access for Referral Patients from the Gaza Strip.

The report shows high demand for patient permits  with a low approval rate: Of 2,026 patient permit applications to exit Gaza through Erez checkpoint for hospital appointments in September, 63.77% were approved,the lowest approval rate since June 2009. ... [PNN - 23/10/16]



Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Sunday morning broke into the office of the comittee against the wall and settlements in Hebron’s old city.

Head of the committee, Younes Arar announced on his Facebook page that Israeli soldiers broke into the office today.

According to WAFA, the attack came since the committee had displayed photos showing their violence against Palestinian citizems and farmers in the area, and photos of minister Ziad Abu Ein, who was killed two years ago during a protest against the wall and settlements near Hebron when Israeli soldiers threw teargas grenades towards the protesrers. ... [PNN - 23/10/16]



‏@MichaelBochenek [23/10/16]: "After dark there will be light," a sign on a shack in the #Calais migrant camp says, one day before demolition.



‏@GabrielTizonf1 [23/10/16]:  Enfrentamientos esta noche antes del desalojo en "la Jungla" de #Calais.



‏@PA [23/10/16]:  "They treat them like cattle rather than people." Powerful words from the founder of @Care4Calais #Calais ...  



Sit-in in front of the UN building in Damascus demanding end of terrorist war on Syria [SANA - 23/10/16]



A woman was killed and six other people got injured when a landmine of those left behind by ISIS terrorists exploded in Jarez village in the northern countryside of Aleppo province.

Local sources told SANA that the landmine, which exploded in Jarez village in the countryside of Azaz city, claimed the life of a woman and injured six members of one family. ... [SANA - 23/10/16]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 23/10/16]



‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [23/10/16]:


 Anbar: News agencies: The Islamic State has controlled Rutba Police Department.


 Salah-il-deen: News reported that the Islamic State has attacked Ajeel Oil Field north of Salah-il-deen from the four sides.


Anbar: News agencies: The Islamic State attacked Rutba City today morning leaving 30 elements of the government forces dead.


Ta'meem: Clashes have occurred in Askari neighborhood in Kirkuk after the Islamic State stormed the neighborhood.


Nineveh: News agencies: A family consisting of 8 persons was killed when US-led coalition planes shelled Telkeif area north of Mosul.




As another mass atrocity unfolds in the Rakhine, another "Responsibility To Protect" seminar at UQ seeks to advance Australia's involvement in the war on Syria [UQ News - 21/10/16]




‏@Thestateless1 [23/10/16]:  #Kyikanpyin middle hamlet ordered to empty- >600 #Rohingya households. Media & aids blocked. #HumanitarianCrisis is undertaking in #Maungdaw




Myanmar police kill Rohingya scholar then force his family to sign document stating he was a member of a militant group [The Stateless - 22/10/16]




Burma army obstructs media access in Northern Arakan (Rakhine) state [The Irrawaddy - 21/10/16]




‏@TamilGuardian [23/10/16]:  Students also peacefully block entrance to Secreteriat of the Governor's office as part of demonstration over students' deaths #jaffna #lka




Refugees protest on Nauru on 11 March 2015 following mass arrests.


UNHCR said nothing.



Now - after telling refugees they'd be on Nauru for 10 years - UNHCR want your $$$$s for their Christmas fundraiser.  





Which country on this map of  South East Asia is a supposedly a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention, but hasn't accepted refugees since 2014?




24 October 2016