United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 24/11/16]


@MSF_Sea  [23/11/16]: ... Another young Afghan is in a serious condition in hospital after being electrocuted attempting to cross from #Serbia to #Hungary ...



Nearly one in three migrant children tracked by a refugee charity have gone missing since the "Jungle" camp in the northern French town of Calais was dismantled in October, the organization said on Wednesday.

Refugee Youth Service said it could not locate a third of the 179 child migrants it had been tracking since authorities bulldozed the Jungle, home to up to 10,000 people fleeing war or poverty in the Middle East and Africa. ... [Reuters - 23/11/16]


@moas_eu [24/11/16]:  ... Ongoing rescue op. in the #Med by the #Phoenix crew right now in choppy seas #RescueHumanity



@moas_eu [24/11/16]:  146 people were rescued from this rubber boat today, among them 16 women, 2 of whom are pregnant. Also 27 unaccompanied minors on board.



Political prisoners' release, resettlement and compensation case returns to PNG Supreme Court December 5 after more obstruction [The National - 22/11/16]


The 731 asylum seekers on Manus have filed a fresh application in the Supreme Court seeking orders for their release and the payment of compensation for their illegal detention.

Their earlier application was rejected by a three-man bench on Oct 27 because they had not signed the application submitted by their lawyer Ben Lomai. Lomai signed the application himself.

The new application was signed by each of the 731 asylum seekers and filed on Nov 4.

It named the National Executive Council, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Rimbink Pato and the State as respondents.

Lomai told the court yesterday presided by Justice Stephen Kassman that the State had rejected the asylum seekers’ Section Five notice on the basis that six months had lapsed since the court had handed its decision on an application filed by former Opposition leader Belden Namah on April 26.

The Section Five notice was served on the State on Nov 4.

Lomai told the court that there were previous cases which had set the stage for the enforcement of constitutional rights in the Supreme Court.

The asylum seekers’ application sought to enforce their constitutional rights in relation to the court’s decision in Namah’s application.

In Namah’s application, a five-man bench declared that the detention centre on Manus was unconstitutional and illegal.



... The matter will return to the Supreme Court on Dec 5 for further directions. [PNG Loop - 23/11/16]



Manus province politicians continue complaining that Australia's refugee concentration camp delivers no benefits to locals [EMTV - 24/11/16]



After ignoring the Supreme Court ruling that declared Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus illegal and unconstitutional, PNG pretends to care about human rights ---> Man committed to stand trial for human trafficking [The National - 6/10/16]



Police in Chimbu have arrested and charged a senior police officer for allegedly aiding the trafficking of 18 young women from Central. ... [The National - 23/11/16]



The United States is calling on the Papua New Guinea Government to certify and gazette its anti-human trafficking legislation to eradicate modern-day slavery. ... [PINA - 28/1/14]



US Embassy in Port Moresby awards two new grants totalling US$1 million to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) [11/12/14]



Khmer Rouge Leaders’ life terms for crimes against humanity upheld [Cambodia Daily - 24/11/16]



Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively working to identify cases of commercial surrogacy – and has already refused to authorise some birth certificates – in an effort to prevent foreign intended parents from leaving the Kingdom with children delivered by a surrogate mother, officials said this week.

“We consider [surrogacy] as a new kind of human trafficking and our ministry is in position to prevent such crime,” Samnang Tho, director of the ministry’s Legal and Consular Department, said in an email.


On Friday, anti-trafficking police arrested an Australian national and two Cambodians in the Kingdom’s first-ever arrests for surrogacy. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 24/11/16]



Five people are dead and three people are still missing after flooding and landslides in New Caledonia which the territory's president described as a catastrophe not seen since the 19th century.

Two villages near Houailou, on the main island's east coast, were hit by landslides when about 400 millimetres of rain fell in 12 hours on Tuesday, authorities said.

Rescue workers described the area as devastated and unrecognisable.

So far, five bodies - including those of two children - had been recovered.

Three people were missing, but there was little hope of finding them alive.

Six people were injured.

As many as 500 people had been affected, said Jacqueline Johnston, the chairperson of the French Red Cross in New Caledonia.

"Landslides like that have never happened before," she said. ... [RNZI - 24/11/16]



More than 5000 people from the North and South Koroba local level government in Hela have been affected by flooding from the Kemo River. ... [The National - 24/11/16]



Two men were killed and a policeman was injured in an ambush yesterday at Komo in Hela, provincial police commander Michael Wely said. ... [The National - 23/11/16]



Police shoot dead wanted man in Alotau [PNG Today - 22/11/16]



The Norfolk Island Council of Elders has taken its appeal to overturn Australia's removal of the island's limited autonomy to the British Prime Minister Theresa May. ... [RNZI - 23/11/16]




Call for US military on Guam to return farm land [RNZI - 23/11/16]



A consignment of nine armoured military vehicles, along with components and accessories, was reportedly confiscated by Hong Kong customs in a routine inspection at Kwai Chung terminal.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Thursday, preliminary investigations showed that the armoured vehicles were being shipped from Taiwan to Singapore. 

An unnamed government source with knowledge of the matter told SCMP:

"Hong Kong was not its final destination. It is not known why the consignment was unloaded here."

The source added: "We are still trying to identify the owner, sender and consignee of the cargo." ... [Channel News Asia - 24/11/16]



The Philippines' police chief broke down before a Senate inquiry on Wednesday and vowed to stand by President Rodrigo Duterte and his deadly war on drugs, after a narcotics kingpin testified to entrenched police involvement in the illicit trade.

Amid high drama in the televised hearing, an emotional Ronald dela Rosa grimaced and held back tears in animated remarks in which he promised to rid police ranks of crooked elements. ... [Reuters - 23/11/16]


Philippines, US agree to reduce joint military drills: Philippine General [Reuters – 22/11/16]



Westfield's Queensgate Shopping Centre cinema and car park could collapse [RNZI - 24/11/16]



At least 40 people have died and others are still trapped after a platform under construction at a power plant's cooling tower in eastern China's Jiangxi province collapsed on Thursday, state news agency Xinhua said.

The accident happened in Fengcheng at around 7 a.m. (2300 GMT) and rescuers were on the scene, Xinhua said.

The death toll was likely to rise because an unknown number of people were still trapped, it said. Five injured workers have been sent to hospital. ... [Reuters - 24/11/16]



Russia and China fulfilled military and technical cooperation contracts worth $3 billion over the past year, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at the meeting with Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Yu Zhengsheng on Wednesday. ... [TASS - 23/11/16]



China says it will promote trade deals regardless of TPP, RCEP direction [Reuters - 24/11/16]



Jury awards Wal-Mart truck drivers $55 million in backpay [Reuters - 23/11/16]



@wikileaks [23/11/16]:  President elect @realDonaldTrump maintains his silence on #TiSA the biggest pending "trade deal" of them all ...



@wikileaks [23/11/16]:  An Obituary for The New York Times



‘EU betrays own principles’: RT’s editor-in-chief slams ‘free speech doublethink’ [RT - 23/11/16]



A Ukrainian steel magnate, Victor Pinchuk, paid $150,000 to Donald Trump’s charity to book the then-presidential candidate to speak via satellite at a conference held in Kiev in the early days of the presidential campaign. ... [ABC News - 23/11/16]



Ex-Black Sea Fleet serviceman detained over espionage for Ukraine [TASS - 24/11/16]



The Bubble, Saturday Night Live du 19/11



FUCK YOU, white liberal [Counterpunch - 24/11/16]:


I received the following note in the wake of an op-ed I recently published at the Daily Beast called “Anarchist for Trump: Time For Liberals To See America As It Really Is.”

“As a Middle-Eastern American,” it began, “I just wanted to thank you for your [article.]  I first became politically aware while I was in the army during 9/11 and our country’s response to it.  I felt like a living contradiction, being one of the ‘heroes’ as a soldier and a villain as a Middle Eastern person.” 

The writer was an Iranian-American dual citizen named Bijan Sharifi, who was an infantryman in the U.S. Army and who now teaches art in a youth prison in Ohio.  

He remarked how disgusted he was “at our country’s behavior internationally” and how he had voted for Obama in 2008, partly “because I knew Clinton would continue the policies of Bush.”

But a funny thing happened in the wake of the election.  First, there was his own “complete disillusionment” with the new president, as Sharifi puts it: “Obama continued the same policies in the Middle East and spying at home.” 

Then came a greater disappointment, one which turned out to be a common enough experience during the Obama years. 

“My white liberal friends were with me when it was against Bush,” said Sharifi, “but their rhetoric quickly changed with Obama.  Even my black friends weren’t trying to hear any criticism of Obama’s imperialism.   Now all my white liberal friends want to ‘stand in solidarity’ with me?”

“I resent the hell out of them and their protests, continued Sharifi.  

“They’re partisans trying to disguise themselves as social justice warriors.  Obama detained and deported Latinos in record numbers in for-profit detention centers.  Spied on Muslim-Americans here and bombed innocent Muslims over there.  We shame Donald Trump for saying he wants to kill terrorist’s families, but give Obama a pass when he drone strikes an entire extended family at a wedding party out of existence?  Fuck that.  Fuck Obama, fuck Clinton.” 

And, in a final parting blow before signing off: “Fuck white liberals and their meaningless protests.” ...



UN Victory in Assange Case:  Decision has big implications for refugees and whistleblowers - but Australia's establishment international law and refugee rights experts ignored the majority decision, and inexplicably focussed on the minority dissenting opinion [Center for Constitutional Rights - 5/2/16]:


... In our briefs to the WGAD, we argued that someone is effectively detained when they are forced to choose between confinement and running the risk of persecution.

That is the precise dilemma faced by Mr. Assange, who would lose the protection of his asylum if he stepped out of the embassy.

The risk of extradition is the 'fourth wall' for the now repudiated claim that he is free to leave the embassy.

As a result, it has been years since Mr. Assange has had access to proper medical care, sunlight, or the ability to see his family.

The WGAD's decision in Mr. Assange's case sets an important precedent for refugees.

In our submissions we analogized the situation faced by Mr. Assange to that of asylum-seekers in detention facilities.

States may claim that asylum-seekers held in subhuman conditions are not 'detained' because they are technically free to leave for their home country, but this is a non-choice, since the home country would persecute the asylum seeker.

The WGAD decision could mean that so-called 'open' facilities like the Israeli Holot, deep in an Israeli desert, and the Australian-run center in Nauru are legally equivalent to closed prisons. ...









Abbas Alaboudi is a wonderful artist, and one of Australia’s political prisoners, detained for three years on Nauru. 

Abbas’s paintings powerfully convey the loneliness and hardship of indefinite internment on an island far from home, and far from Australia, where he dreamed he would find protection and freedom.

He says of his painting "this is about my situation on Nauru" [Sister Jane - 8/6/16]




Submission 14: Senate Inquiry into serious allegations of abuse, self-harm and neglect of asylum seekers in relation to the Nauru Regional Processing Centre, and any like allegations in relation to the Manus Regional Processing Centre:


... They see little point in reporting abuse as they believe that the purpose of the regime they are living under is to expose them to such abuse in order to force them to leave.

They constantly weigh up their suffering on Manus with the fear of what could happen to them if they had to return to their home countries.

That in itself is a terrible burden for any human being.

A good number of them are stateless.

Many have never felt safe in their lives, and they do not feel safe, nor are they safe on Manus, or being placed in PNG society. ...



No journalism. No opposition. Pantomime continues. Australia's political prisoners still imprisoned. [ABC - 24/11/16]



... The company’s early success in Myanmar establishes the petroleum system credentials of the Rakhine Basin, where Woodside is one of the largest acreage holders, with interests in six blocks (details p3). ... Woodside books contingent resource in Myanmar [ASX Announcement - 20/5/16]



 The CEO of Australian company Woodside, Mr Peter Coleman, and Australian Ambassador to Myanmar, HE Nicholas Coppel, met with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to discuss Woodside's investment in Myanmar on 12 May 2015.  Australian Embassy in Myanmar



Malaysia considers withdrawing from ASEAN Football Federation's Suzuki Cup to protest Myanmar's latest military pogrom against Rohingya [Reuters - 23/11/16]:


Malaysian Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said he raised the issue last week, but a decision would only be made at a cabinet meeting on Friday.

"While we've known for a while that Myanmar will be the host, this (decision) is based on recent reports from the Rakhine that showed proof of attacks, that reportedly show evidence of genocide," Khairy told reporters.

"But whatever they decide, we must continue to speak up," he added.


At a closed-door UN Security Council meeting in New York last week, representatives from Malaysia raised concerns that the situation in Rakhine state could "trigger new movement of population across borders to neighboring countries".

They said Malaysia “was already hosting within its borders more than 100,000 people from the Rohingya community", according to two diplomats familiar with the discussions.

Some 25,000 Rohingya and economic migrants from Bangladesh boarded smugglers' boats between January and March 2015, almost double the number over the same period in 2014.

An estimated 300 people died at sea as a result of starvation, dehydration and abuse by boat crews. <---- ALL THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL CARE ABOUT IS STOPPING PEOPLE FROM FLEEING.



After greenlighting latest military attacks on Rohingya by lifting sanctions, US victim blames and says Myanmar isn't enacting its retribution to a false flag in the appropriate manner [Channel News Asia - 24/11/16]



‏@matthewfsmith [23/11/16]:  3,000 #Rohingya children w Severe Acute Malnutrition isolated in Maungdaw. Myanmar Govt denying them aid. More than half could die very soon



Rohingyas are fleeing a scorched-earth campaign in Burma. Bangladesh is sending them back. [Washington Post - 23/11/16]



Rohingya flee Myanmar amid ongoing military attacks [Al Jazeera - 23/11/16]:


... Some Rohingya refugees have been missing since Tuesday after a group crossed the river Naaf that separates Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Those who managed to enter Bangladesh sought shelter in refugee camps or people's homes.

"There was a group of people from our village who crossed the river by boat to come here, but suddenly the boat sank," said Humayun Kabir, the father of three children untraceable since the mishap.

Although many of those on board could swim, and were able to reach the river bank, seven people are still missing, he added, his children among them.


Sirajul Islam, who arrived on Monday at an unregistered camp in Bangladesh's southern coastal town of Teknaf, said he did not know what happened to his eight-member family after soldiers set fire to their home in Rakhine.

"I don't know where my wife and children are," Islam said.

"I somehow was able to cross the border to save my life."


Shawkat Ara, a girl in a refugee camp in Teknaf, who had arrived from Myanmar by boat on Tuesday, said she hoped to return one day and locate missing relatives.

"When there is peace in our country, I will go back and I will try to find out about my father and uncles," she said.



Israeli weapons aid potential genocides in Myanmar and Burundi [Electronic Intifada - 18/1/16]



Police harass and threaten to shoot students at Jaffna University in leadup to commemoration of Maaveerar Naal [Tamil Guardian - 23/11/16]



The United States Aid Agency for International Development (USAID) launched a US$13 million partnership with Sri Lanka’s parliament to strengthen accountability and democratic governance in Sri Lanka. ... [Tamil Guardian - 24/11/16]



White House: GOP to blame for immigration 'obstruction' [Washington Examiner – 22/11/16]:


The White House blamed House Republicans for flaws in the immigration system on Tuesday, and said the uncertain futures of many undocumented people in the U.S. "underscore the need for Congress to act."

"The obstruction by House Republicans have prevented the realization of that goal," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said of the failure to implement comprehensive immigration reform.

Earnest said he hoped Republicans would come to accept the "significant economic benefits of commonsense comprehensive immigration reform."

President-elect Trump has promised to enforce existing immigration laws. Critics have accused him of planning to round up undocumented families and deport them, an idea Trump appears to have abandoned.

Earnest said Trump's most recent immigration focus aligns closely with policies the Obama administration has pursued.

"The president-elect, since the election, has given voice to the same kind of priorities and criteria that this administration has pursued," Earnest said.

"The president-elect had indicated that his emphasis, when it comes to deportations, should be on criminals."



Privatisation, Guantanamo and immigration detention on Thanksgiving [RT - 23/11/16]



Just like Australia: How Israel exiles Eritrean and Sudanese refugees to Uganda and Rwanda where they have no status or rights [Al Jazeera - 23/11/16]:


... Andie Lambe, executive director of the International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI), an NGO that has conducted extensive research into the departure of East African refugees from Israel, also questions just how much choice these refugees have.

"What does it mean when an unknown third country is someone's best option?" he asks.

"To me that says they never really had a choice at all."

Media reports suggest that the three countries have cut a secret, high-level deal in which the African states accept refugees in return for arms, military training and other aid from Israel. ...



A Palestinian youth was killed and two others injured after unknown assailants opened fire at a vehicle in the Balata refugee camp in the occupied West Bank district of Nablus on Tuesday night, killing one and injuring two others with moderate to critical wounds. ... [Maan - 23/11/16]



Israeli forces detained at least 20 Palestinians, including three minors, during overnight raids on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning throughout the occupied West Bank. ... [Maan - 23/11/16]



Israel sentences Palestinian girl to 13 years in prison [PNN - 23/11/16]



Electricity shortage causes children's hospital in Gaza to suspend medical care [Maan - 23/11/16]



Protests keep Israel’s bulldozers away from Bedouin village [Electronic Intifada - 23/11/16]


"Libyan forces" press forward against "Islamic State in Sirte", urge civilians to leave [Reuters - 23/11/16]:


... As of Saturday, the U.S. had carried out 398 strikes against Islamic State in Sirte, according to a statement from U.S. Africa Command. ...



2 killed, others injured in terrorist attacks with shells and mortars in Aleppo and Quneitra [SANA - 23/11/16]



Humanitarian pauses in the Syrian city of Aleppo will resume only when the UN provides guarantees of a full ceasefire and allows the access of aid convoys as well as the evacuation of the wounded, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

“No one from the UN has come to us with such guarantees so far,” the Russian spokesman said.

The statement was given in response to a senior adviser to UN Special Envoy for Syria, Jan Egeland, who said that humanitarian pauses could start again next week.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants have planted bombs close to humanitarian corridors and open fire at anyone who approaches, while civilians trapped inside the city are being used as “live shields.”

Given these circumstances, terrorists are most likely to use pauses to restore their battle capabilities, Konashenkov concluded. [RT - 23/11/16]



@IraqiSMCEn  - Iraqi Spring Media Center [23/11/16]:


Nineveh: 6 persons were killed and 30 wounded as east of Mosul area was shelled.


News agencies: More than 1200 soldiers of the government army have fled during the last period and military sources have asserted that most of them have joined to Hashd Militias which owns financially substantial funding either through robbery or blackmailing or supported by the regional countries or central government .


Baghdad: A person was killed as a roadside bomb attached to his car exploded in Baghdad Al-Jadeeda area east of Baghdad.


Baghdad: News agencies: Deaths and injuries were resulted as a car bomb exploded in Sadr City east of Baghdad.


Baghdad: Deaths and injuries were resulted as a car bomb exploded in mashtal area east of Baghdad.


Baghdad: 4 persons were killed and 7 woundedas a car bomb exploded in Ur neighborhood east of Baghdad -according to initial toll-..


Baghdad: Two persons were killed and 5 wounded as an IED exploded in Abi Ghreib district west of Baghdad.


Baghdad: Two persons were killed and 9 wounded as an IED exploded in Sabe' Al-Bour area north of Baghdad.


Baghdad: 12 persons were either killed or wounded as 4 roadside bombs exploded in Shurta Al-Rabe'a ,Shurta Al-Khamisa and Baya' areas south of Baghdad.


Winds destroy tents of the displaced people in Laylan Camp south- east of Kirkuk .



Thousands of  civilians flee as Shi'ite fighters near flashpoint town near Mosul [Reuters - 23/11/16]



US warplanes today attacked and destroyed the Number Four Bridge in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, a move which Pentagon officials say was meant to limit the ability of ISIS forces, who presently control the city, to move back and forth across the Tigris River.

This is the southernmost of five bridges in Mosul, and the third destroyed by the US this month.

UN officials are expressing concern that the strikes, in addition to limiting ISIS militarily, might also leave hundreds of thousands of civilians with no easy way to flee the fighting. ... [Antiwar.com - 22/11/16]



United States has dropped more than 1,000 bombs on Iraq and Syria since June [23/11/16]:


... The U.S.-led coalition has flown more than 125,000 sorties in Iraq and Syria since Operation Inherent Resolve began in Aug. 8, 2014, according to the US Department of Defense.




24 November 2016