Day 97 refugee protests, Nauru



Image: ‏@InsurrectNews [24/6/16]




PNG Supreme Court gives further directions on enforcement of ruling re Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island [RNZI - 24/6/16]





Australia's National Broadcaster:  History is over and good refugees don't come by boat [24/6/16]





What would you do if your fisheries had been decimated by plunder and pollution? ---> @7NewsQueensland [24/6/16]:  26 Vietnamese fishermen have been detained in Cairns....

14 Vietnamese fishermen detained for fishing in Malaysian waters [The Malay Mail – 24/6/16]




The Supreme Court will hear a case brought forward by a group of north Queensland residents questioning whether the State Government properly assessed the expansion of the Abbot Point coal terminal before approving it. ... [ABC - 24/6/16]






Pro-ALP protest theatre activists target Immigration Minister's climate change and Barrier Reef policies [Brisbane Times - 24/6/16]






... In the daytime

I will meet you as before

You will find me

Standing on the ocean floor

Building castles

In the shifting sands

In a world

Nobody understands ...




'Morning Of My Life', Baptist Generals [2013]




High Definition Earth-Viewing System (HDEV)




The European Union: Government by deception [The Automatic Earth - 22/6/16]




Palestinian medical sources have reported that two workers were injured, on Thursday morning, after Israeli soldiers assaulted them, near Bethlehem, while trying to enter occupied Jerusalem for work. ... [PNN - 23/6/16]



Israeli settlers set fire to Palestinian agricultural lands near Nablus [Maan - 23/6/16]




Israeli navy opens fire at Palestinian fishermen [Maan - 22/6/16]




An Israeli court sentenced four Palestinians to multiple lifetime imprisonment sentences each on Wednesday over their alleged involvement in the killing of two Israeli settlers in October. ... [Maan - 22/6/16]



Humanitarian organization World Vision International said on Wednesday that Israeli forces had detained the head of the organization’s office in the Gaza Strip, Muhammad al-Halabi, as he attempted to return to the besieged enclave via the Erez crossing a week earlier, the group said in a statement. ... [Maan - 22/6/16]



UN genocide official warned not to be complicit in Israel’s crimes [Electronic Intifada - 22/6/16]:


... John Dugard, a former UN special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories and a signatory to the letter, expressed shock at the conference location. “There are serious allegations that Israel committed crimes against humanity in its 2014 assault on Gaza,” PACBI quoted him as saying in a press release.

“In these circumstances it is highly inappropriate to hold a conference on genocide in Israel.”

John Docker, a professor of genocide and massacre studies at the University of Sydney, added, “Genocide studies is now, it seems clear, actively seeking opportunities to be complicit in Israel’s flouting of international law, not least the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

Haidar Eid, an academic who lives in the besieged Gaza Strip, slammed INoGS for colluding with his oppressors.

“I have witnessed three massacres committed by Israel, I almost lost my own life and saw my comrades, colleagues, relatives and students perish in them,” Eid said. “I have read with agony the names of 44 of our students and colleagues who lost their lives and 66 families wiped out by Israeli weapons.”

“INoGS is lending its name to the perpetrators of these crimes in a move that is not unlike holding a conference on racism in apartheid South Africa,” Eid added. ...




Gunman takes hostages in German cinema, is shot dead by police [Reuters – 23/6/16]




Egypt wins membership in UN Human Rights Council [Ahram - 23/6/16]




An Egyptian committee tasked with appraising and freezing the funds of the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood group decided on Thursday to seize several hospitals, medical centres, and pharmaceutical companies owned by the group.


The committee has so far frozen the funds and taken control of over 1,000 NGOs and nearly 100 schools allegedly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and seized the assets of over 700 of the group’s leaders. ... [Ahram - 23/6/16]




Thousands protests across France against labour "reforms" [France 24 - 23/6/16]




Bahraini regime forces have fired birdshots and tear gas to disperse dozens of demonstrators, who had taken to the streets in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom to express solidarity with prominent Shia Muslim cleric, Sheikh Isa Qassim, who was stripped of his citizenship by the Al Khalifah regime earlier this week. ... [Press TV - 23/6/16]




Thousands of Eritreans have rallied in Geneva against alleged human rights abuses committed by their government back home, expressing support for a new UN commission report that accuses the regime of crimes against humanity since 1991. ... [Al Jazeera - 23/6/16]




Yemen: Thirteen killed in Taiz fighting [Albawaba - 22/6/16]



A car bomb killed one civilian and wounded at least two soldiers when it exploded near a gendarmerie station in southeastern Turkish province of Mardin on Thursday, security sources said.

The explosion took place outside the gendarmerie outpost near the Omerli district of Mardin province and was carried out by Kurdish militant group PKK, sources said.

The car bomb was detonated through remote control and killed a truck driver who was passing by. ... [Reuters - 23/6/16]




Reconciliation agreements have been signed with representatives of two more settlements in Syria’s provinces of Aleppo and Daraa over the past 24 hours, Russia’s center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria said in its regular daily news bulletin on Thursday. ... [TASS - 24/6/16]




United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 23/6/16]




US Commanders seek more ground troops in Iraq [Antiwar - 22/6/16]




Fierce clashes erupted on Thursday between QSD [Syrian Democratic Forces] groups and ISIS terrorist organization in Manbij city to the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo.

Media sources reported that QSD groups entered Manbij today from the west-southern side of the city under an intensive cover by the US-led Coalition warplanes.

The sources added that fierce clashes erupted between the two sides inside the residential buildings, leaving a number of the two sides killed and injured. [SANA - 23/6/16]




At least eight civilians were wounded in a blast in Laghman province on Thursday, local official said.

The explosion occurred after a magnetic bomb went off near Sultan Ghazi Baba Mosque in Mihtarlam city, said Laghman governor spokesman Sarhadi Zwak. ... [TOLO News - 23/6/16]




Four killed in US drone strike, Nangarhar [TOLO News - 23/6/16]




“Key militant commander” - and four others - killed in US drone strike, Kunduz [Khaama – 22/6/16]


US awards $1.7 billion contract to procure radios for Afghanistan [Khaama - 23/6/16]




Goodbye and good luck:  UNHCR helps "voluntarily return" Afghan refugees from Pakistan [Media Release - 23/6/16]




Peshawar police detain 1,200 Afghan citizens [Pajhwok - 23/6/16]





“Police have detained 340 Afghan refugees during the past three days,” Abbas Majid Marwat, Senior Superintendent of Police of Peshawar was quoted by Geo TV, as saying.

“They were detained during clearance operation in various areas of Peshawar city,” he said, referring to the detention of Afghan refugees.

“We pledge to continue operation against illegal foreigners. Afghan refugees lacked legal stay documents and that’s way police arrested them,” he added. ... [Afghanistan Times - 20/6/16]




‏@guardiacostiera [23/6/16]:   #SAR più di 40 le operazioni di soccorso coordinate oggi dalla #CentraleOperativa della #Guardia Costiera a Roma. Salvati ca 5.000 #migranti




Sri Lankan officials (with assistance of UNHCR and IOM) permitted to coerce Australia-bound asylum seekers - currently detained in Aceh - to return [Media Release - 23/6/16]:



Sri Lanka is willing to bring home all the Australia-bound Tamil asylum seekers stranded in Indonesia if they wish to return, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Harsha de Silva said.

The Deputy Minister said the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Jakarta had informed him that the Government of Indonesia has approved a team from the Sri Lankan mission to meet the 43 refugees in Aceh.

Accordingly, a three-member team will be sent to Aceh Thursday to interview the asylum seekers.

Some of the refugees claim to be from Sri Lanka, but lived in South India for ages, Deputy Minister de Silva said.

"First thing tomorrow morning a three member team will be leaving to the location where they are now housed 250 km away from where their rickety boat, which is no longer sea worthy was beached. They will interview everyone to establish their identity," the Deputy Minister said in a Facebook post.

"Our position is that if they wish to return voluntarily we will bring everyone back home with the help of IOM and UNHCR," he said.

Indonesia Saturday allowed the group of asylum seekers, who were confined for over a week in their stranded boat in Lhoknga Coast in Aceh Province, to come ashore after a tense stand-off.

UNHCR and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are lobbying the Aceh authorities to move the 44 Tamil asylum seekers, consisting of 20 men, 15 women including a pregnant woman and nine children to a detention center in the province.





"DO NOT FORGET I AM A HUMAN BEING"  ‏@racvictoria [23/6/16]:   42nd day of peaceful protests in the illegal detention centre on #Manus ...  



@elahe_zivardar [23/6/16]:  Day96 of peaceful protest on Nauru People chant: kids in detention, shame on you . 3years in detention ,shame on you





@elahe_zivardar [23/6/16]:  Day 96 of peaceful protest on Nauru.




‏@NadineElEnany [23/6/16]:  Interview I did about our #WorldRefugeeDay protest at Australia House London ...  We tried to take a boat inside ...




The banality of evil --->  ‏@TheCCPA - The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs [23/6/16]:  One of Australia’s most prominent businesspeople, Diane Smith Gander,delivering the Centre’s Annual Oration. $295





As above --->  World Refugee Day 2016:  ‏@AmbCefkin - US Ambassador to Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, and Tuvalu [20/6/16]:  Vinaka to Mad Foxes of @USNavy Patrol Squadron FIVE for great flight on P-8A over #Fiji waters



... When Pacific Standard reached out to Nauru Ambassador Judith Cefkin for her thoughts on the refugee camp conditions, she sent back only a boilerplate response: “We encourage all countries to work with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees to find durable solutions for refugees and asylum seekers.” ... Nauru: A ‘Human Dumping Ground’, Julie Morse [Pacific Standard - 12/4/16]




In response to the Supreme Court decision in Texas vs US, the case of 26 Republican governors suing to block the deferred action programs announced in November, 2014, immigrant communities across the country are calling on President Obama and DHS to take further action and for his potential successors to take up their call.

Marisa Franco, Director of Mijente which runs the #Not1More campaign, reacted, “The way to keep communities from living in fear is to put a freeze on deportations. It doesn’t take a new program for the President to direct his agents to investigate civil rights violations as vigorously as it currently hunts our loved ones. With the courts also taken over by the party politics that have ruled the immigration issue for more than a decade, President Obama has a responsibility to pursue alternatives to make his policies more humane.”

Citing the recent expansion of raids, the on-going abuse in detention, and the spectre of a possible Trump Presidency, groups say it would be reckless for President Obama to pass on the current immigration system onto the next President whoever that will be without taking major steps to halt deportations and address abuse. ... [#NOT1MORE - 23/6/16]




US State Department faces questioning over US military aid to Honduras [Democracy Now - 23/6/16]




Clinton's server technician declines to answer court-ordered questions [Reuters – 23/6/16]




Two Mexican journalists killed this week [Democracy Now - 23/6/16]




Oaxaca residents say Mexican police began massacre - now they want them out [teleSUR - 22/6/16]




The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States, or OAS, decided to file without action the request to apply the so-called Democratic Charter to Venezuela Thursday, a move controversially pushed by Secretary-General Luis Almagro, the Venezuelan delegation at the OAS stated on Twitter.

Venezuela requested to reject the vote, which was supported by Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, but members voted in favor of moving forward with the debate. ... [teleSUR - 23/6/16]




The Baltimore judge overseeing the trials of the six police officers indicted in the death of Freddie Gray on Thursday acquitted the officer facing the most serious charges, delivering a broad rebuke of a case that he said lacked evidence.

Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., 46, who was driving the transport van in which Gray sustained fatal injuries, became the second officer cleared in the case.

Circuit Judge Barry Williams found Goodson not guilty on charges that included second-degree murder and three counts of manslaughter. ... [Baltimore Sun - 23/6/16]





24 June 2016