Four civilians were killed and four others were injured in terrorist rocket attacks on residential neighborhoods in Aleppo city on Thursday. ... [SANA - 23/6/16]




Turkish army, US-led coalition kill "8 Daesh" in Syria [Anadolu Agency - 23/6/16]:



... Also, Turkish military conducted air operations in northern Iraq and destroyed five PKK targets and a shelter late Wednesday, according to the statement. ...




United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 22/6/16]



@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [22/6/16]:



20 civilians of Fallujah displaced persons died at the security station of Hashd Militias near Amiriyat Al-Fallujah due to the intended arbitrary procedures with the high temperature and shortage in food and water....................


Press reports:Najaf graveyard receives 100 dead bodies daily since starting of Fallujah battle ............. Attachment:A circulated photo shows Hashd Militias killed elements in Fallujah battles from Basra people which their photos are fixed at one of Basra squares...................... [23/6/16]





Six Jordanian border guards were killed by a suicide bomber who drove a car at speed across the border from Syria and rammed it into a military post on Tuesday, security officials said.

The explosives-laden vehicle blew up a few hundred meters from a camp for Syrian refugees in a remote, desolate area where the borders of Iraq, Syria and Jordan meet, a Jordanian army statement said. ... [Reuters - 21/6/16]




Nigeria: At least 24,000 displaced people in dire health situation in Bama [Médecins Sans Frontières - 22/6/16]




Four men have been arrested as part of an investigation into alleged smuggling of migrants across the Channel.

Two British men, aged 65 and 49, a 42-year-old naturalised British citizen of Kuwaiti origin and an Egyptian, 33, were detained following raids in Birmingham, Blackburn and Wiltshire on Tuesday, the National Crime Agency said.

All four were arrested on suspicion of conspiring to facilitate illegal immigration.

The operation – carried out in cooperation with French authorities – follows the report of suspicious activity involving a rigid hulled inflatable boat in Ramsgate, Kent, in September last year, the NCA said. ... [Guardian - 23/6/16]




@MSF_Sea [23/6/16]:  Even with 1000+ on board, the #Argos continues to rescue boats in distress. It's 2016 and there is no other option.





@ItalianNavy [23/6/16]:  #SAR nave Vega #MarinaMilitare in operazione #MareSicuro ha soccorso 2 gommoni con 250 migranti a bordo





@moas_eu [23/6/16]:  "I lost my brother in the desert" K, from #Nigeria. He was rescued last week off the coast of #Libya ...




‏@GermanyinGreece - Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Greece [22/6/16]:  Die @bpol_kueste rettet 41 Migranten vor #Samos, darunter 4 Tage altes Baby, alle der @HCoastGuard übergeben.



US exiles Guantanamo prisoner to Montenegro [Reuters - 23/6/16]



Day 96 refugee protests, Nauru



Image:  ‏@InsurrectNews [23/6/16]




Famous throughout the camp and the island, Mehdi’s dramatic skills have provided solace to the men imprisoned in Australia’s detention centre.

On the night locals attacked the compound, his reputation may also have saved his life.

Behrouz Boochani, a journalist detained on Manus, reports. ... [New Matilda - 23/6/16]




The asylum seekers detained at the Manus processing centre will be seeking orders for their release and return to Australia, and to be paid compensation for their illegal detention, their lawyer says.


“Our instructions were to seek a release order and then compensation because the detention was illegal and therefore there should be nobody in detention anymore,” Lomai said. 

“The orders are very clear. It’s taking too long and our clients are suffering. We are concerned because the rights of our clients have been breached.” ... [The National - 23/6/16]




PNG Supreme Court requests list of Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island [PNG Loop - 22/6/16]:


... Sir Salamo instructed Kandi [lawyer representing the Chief Migration officer and Minister for Immigration, Laias Kandi] to produce a list to the court when the matter returns on June 28.

“Every one of these persons will have to be accounted for as an individual,” he said.

The instructions came after the Court granted an application sought by the asylum seekers lawyer, Ben Lomai, to have them be joined in the proceeding SCA 84 of 2013 which was filed by Belden Namah. ...




@DoingOurBitNZ [23/6/16]:  Great event from @PeaceActionWGTN in support of Nauru and Manus detainees. In the pouring rain 40 lent their voices.





Refugee Week Australia 2016 -  The war you don't see [Jakarta Globe - 22/6/16]:  Sri Lankan immigrants arrived at a quarantine in the Punteuet village, Blang Mangat district, Lhokseumawe, Aceh province, on Wednesday. A total of 43 Sri Lankan migrants were stranded on June 11 on the coast of Aceh Besar and have since been temporarily occupying the former immigration office buildings in Lhokseumawe, while waiting for paperwork and relevant clearances to be processed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Indonesia in Aceh.





Well-known Tamil businessman abducted in Vavuniya [Tamil Guardian - 22/6/16]




Exiled To Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya [Customs House, Sydney - 24 June - 2 October 2016]




Nowhere People:


...  Statelessness can come as a result of conflict, shifting borders or in the creation of a new state, but in most cases, statelessness is rooted in discrimination and intolerance.  

Many governments and people in power use citizenship as a tool to marginalize, exclude and disenfranchise those who they feel threaten their national identity or political, ethnic and personal interest.

As a result, entire communities are denied an identity and are excluded from participating and contributing to places most have lived in for generations.

Seen as outsiders and outcasts of society, stateless people are the unwanted and the unwelcome whatever the ground beneath their feet.

Stateless people are invisible to most, yet the denial of citizenship impacts regions everywhere and rests as the root cause to any number of critical issues, including forced migration, human trafficking and even armed conflict. ...




Rohingya voices silenced on occasion of Aung San Suu Kyi visit to Thailand [Khaosod - 23/6/16]




Woodside Innovation Centre opened at Monash University [The Australian Pipeliner - 20/6/16]




Students who were in this morning's confrontation with the guards are calling for the UPNG vice-chancellor to apologise. ... [PNG Loop - 23/6/16]




National Court: Students must sign entry form [The National - 23/6/16]:


... Cannings said the refusal of the interim order did not mean that the Rapa’s case had no prospect of succeding. 

The court directed the parties to return on Wednesday for a one-day trial to hear arguments on the substantive issue of whether the “Reaffirmation registration form” was an illegal document.

Lawyer Laken Aigilo, who represented Rapa, asked the court to grant the interim orders because a section of the form stated that they would be excluded from studies if they took part in an unrest or boycott. 

Aigilo said that these terms of the agreement form was unnecessary because it infringed on their human rights under the constitution which included freedom of conscience, thought and freedom of assembly and association.

He said the form restricted students from raising future issues that may arise. 

He said that some students had returned to class but they wanted their rights to remain.  ...




Mount Hagen General Hospital in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea has closed after doctors and nurses walked off the job. ... [RNZI - 23/6/16]



Tornado, hail storms kill at least 51 in east China: Xinhua [Reuters – 23/6/16]




Jokowi off to flashpoint island to send strong message to China [Jakarta Post - 23/6/16]




Okinawa on Thursday marked 71 years since the end of a fierce World War II ground battle that killed a quarter of its civilian population, with the solemn atmosphere infused with locals’ anger over the U.S. military’s ongoing presence in the island prefecture. ... [Japan Today - 23/6/16]



Japan's multi-billion-dollar pornographic industry has issued a formal apology and promised change in response to allegations that women have been forced to perform sex acts on film against their will. ... [Channel News Asia - 23/6/16]



TEPCO admits delay in declaring 'meltdown' was cover-up [Japan Today - 22/6/16]



Samoa police investigating death of transgender woman [RNZI - 23/6/16]



US arts website removes Māori images [RNZI - 22/6/16]




... To the Australian people, think deeply, use your own thoughts and ability to question. 

Watch and examine how the Australian political parties will use advertisements and propaganda to try to make your minds up for you, to stop you thinking independently.

We in these prisons, are being used for political aims, women, children and men are used in this power play.

You too are used in a power play.

Hold your government and all the political parties to account.

You have a voice.  Use it.


From Manus prison to Australian voters - Behrouz Boochani via @KateSusabu [15/6/16]




‏@racvictoria [23/6/16]: ... This is no different to the danger experienced by other people who escaped by boat & are incarcerated on #Manus & #Nauru #shame  --->  ‏@abc730 [23/6/16]:  Former Australian soldiers fight to get visa for Afghan interpreter who was left behind & fears for his life ...




Thanks for impliedly endorsing me!   Mr Invisible - Richard "offshore single most important policy" Marles - sits pretty [23/6/16]






@kwardenclyffe [23/6/16]:   Protester arrested after gaining entry to the Liberal Party HQ in Melb protesting for refugee rights ...




True believers get knickers in knot as Di Natale calls out Medicare hypocrisy



"Opposition" Immigration Minister Richard "offshore single most important policy" Marles on Refugee Week 2016 --->  Well done London! Labor will put people first. [22/6/16]



Will members of the National Press Club follow up on their round of applause for Senator Di Natale's response to a question about refugee "deterrence" with some journalism, or will they continue protecting the oppressors, and their demented, lying ideology? [Nine MSN - 23/6/16]:


Greens leader Richard Di Natale has been called many things. Independent commentator is not one of them.

But as the leader of a party that sits outside the main game of players vying for government, he believes scare campaigns like that mounted by Labor over Medicare privatisation aren't necessary.

"The truth is scary enough," Senator Di Natale says.

The senator believes Labor's attempt to convince voters the coalition will privatise Medicare - despite Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull categorically ruling it out - is a distraction. The real issues are a planned freeze to Medicare rebates and cuts to hospital funding.

"But of course Labor doesn't want to start there because they have form in those areas," Senator Di Natale told the National Press Club in Canberra on Thursday.

It's just one of the "steady staple" of scare campaigns and unimaginative policies being sprayed by the major parties during the election campaign, he says.

People are bored and tuning out.

"There's been a lack of courage, imagination and vision." Senator Di Natale wants more independent political parties - rid of vested interests pushed by the lobbyists who "prowl the halls" of Parliament House.

"Australians are over it," he said.

"When wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a few, and they wield that power for their own narrow interests, democracy cannot flourish."  ...




It has been revealed that Australian Greens leader Bob Brown and millionaire businessman Dick Smith were involved in the ransom deal to help free Australian journalist Nigel Brennan and his Canadian colleague Amanda Lindhout in Somalia. ... [ABC - 27/11/09]





Lindt police expected 'massive explosion' [Nine MSN - 23/6/16]:


The tactical commander during the Sydney siege believed it would be his last command, and that gunman Man Haron Monis would explode a bomb as police entered the Lindt Cafe.

The inquest into the 2014 siege has heard that when police Tactical Operation Unit members entered the Lindt Cafe at about 2.13am on December 16, shortly after Monis executed Tori Johnson, they did so believing he was carrying a bomb.

"It's one of the most courageous efforts I've ever seen," the chief inspector told the inquest on Thursday, his voice breaking as he paid tribute to his men.

Police initiated their Emergency Action (EA) plan - the trigger for which included death or serious injury to a hostage, or imminent death or serious injury - and stormed the Martin Place building more than 17 hours after the siege began, and after Monis shot Mr Johnson.

Monis was killed by police, while hostage Katrina Dawson died after being hit by police bullet fragments.

"I honestly believed it would be my last command," the tactical commander told the inquest on Thursday, adding that he thought there would be a "massive explosion" from the stronghold.

The commander, who has served for 30 years as a special forces commando in the Australian army, said it was thought they most likely would have to enter and confront a terrorist with an improvised explosive device.

He believed that, even if Monis was paralysed, the explosive may have been connected to a "dead man's switch" which would automatically detonate the bomb if the operator becomes incapacitated.

The tactical commander has maintained throughout his testimony that a direct or deliberate action, whereby the police would have ended the stand-off at the time of their choosing, was a less risky and preferred option compared to the EA.

It was also revealed on Thursday that the EA had been given the codename "S.L.O.T.H.", standing for "Save lives of the hostages."

The codename appears on page three of the formal document setting out the EA orders, and appears under the heading "mission".

The inquest continues.




Victoria Police homicide squad detectives are overseeing the investigation into the death of a Port Fairy woman on Wednesday. ​

The woman was found deceased in her Elizabeth Street home on Wednesday afternoon and Warrnambool crime investigation unit detectives immediately rushed to the scene.

She was allegedly bashed with a hammer and stomped ​on ​last Saturday, suffering two fractured right ribs, a broken shoulder and bruising to her face and the top of her feet.

Police have alleged a domestic argument turned physical between 8.30pm and 10pm on Saturday night and police were notified after the woman went to the town’s hospital. ... [Standard - 23/6/16]




A man who repeatedly raped his own daughter, forced her to wear bondage and pimped her out to six other men has been jailed for more than 22 years.

The father, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to 61 offences committed between 2013 and 2015 when the girl was aged between 11 and 13.

The graphic details of the 42-year-old's offending were revealed in the West Australian District Court on Thursday.

 It included giving the girl a stupefying drug, watching as others raped her and recording her while she was naked and in bondage. ... [Yahoo - 23/6/16]




Woman suffers burns in Tallebudgera car fire [MYGC - 23/6/16]




The NSW Minister for Aboriginal Affairs has made a personal apology to the survivors of the Stolen Generation.

It comes after a NSW parliamentary inquiry recommended that a financial compensation scheme be set up for the thousands of Aboriginal children who were forcibly removed from their families up until the 1970s. ... [Nine MSN - 23/6/16]



Sunshine Coast kindergarten in lockdown as didgeridoo mistaken for firearm [Brisbane Times - 23/6/16]




Homeless numbers in Logan City up, services under strain [ABC - 23/6/16]




A man has been rushed to hospital after suffering multiple stab wounds in a reported carjacking at Logan this morning.

The man, believed to be aged in his mid 20’s, was attacked at Woodridge around 5.30am. ... [MYGC - 23/6/16]




Another dangerous, resource wasting, class and race-based police pursuit ends in crash, Logan [MYGC - 23/6/16]




Boy among three hurt in Bundaberg crash [Brisbane Times - 23/6/16]




A woman is being treated for head injuries following a two car crash on the Gold Coast this morning.

The accident occurred on Weedons Road at Nerang around 7.30am. ... [MYGC - 22/6/16]




Four people including a child have been injured in a crash at Varsity Lakes.

The accident, believed to have involved a truck and car, occurred at the Reedy Creek Road and Scottsdale Drive Intersection around 1.30pm. ... [MYGC - 21/6/16]




A man has been charged with the murder of Mohammed Haddara, who was gunned down in a driveway in Melbourne’s west seven years ago.

Police arrested a 36-year-old man from Brooklyn and charged him with one count of murder.

He is due to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today. ... [Nine MSN - 23/6/16]




Moree shooting: Farmer Ian Turnbull jailed for 35 years for murdering environmental officer [ABC - 23/6/16]




Remains found on Lockyer Valley property identified as missing man Darrell Simon [ABC - 23/6/16]




Lynette Daley's family welcomes decision to charge Adrian Attwater and Paul Maris over 2011 death [ABC - 23/6/16]




Treasurer Curtis Pitt has confirmed that the Cairns Shipping Development Project will now target mega cruise ships up to 300 metres in length, to take advantage of the strong growth forecast for these impressive vessels. ... [Queensland Government Media Release - 21/6/16]




The North-West resource sector won a boost today with the looming release of new land for exploration.

Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Dr Anthony Lynham announced that an area of 102 square kilometres would be released for competitive tender over the next couple of months. ... [Queensland Government Media Release - 21/6/16]




Six dingoes found dead on Fraser Island 'likely baited' [ABC - 21/6/16]




A dead whale found washed up near the North Queensland Cruising Yacht Club in Bowen this morning has been buried.

A spokesperson for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) said Whitsunday Regional Council (WRC) coordinated the burial of the carcass this afternoon. ... [Whitsunday Times - 20/6/16]


UQ researcher aims to turn Brisbane River back to blue [UQ News – 17/6/16]




Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has signed a $36.6 million deal to buy APN News & Media’s Australian regional newspaper business, which includes The Northern Star and Tweed Daily News.

The deal – which is subject to approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – also covers the weekly publications, Byron Shire News, Ballina Advocate, the Lismore Echo and the Richmond River Examiner.

News Corp, already holds a stake of almost 15 per cent in APN, which means shareholder approval would also be required for what would be deemed a related-party transaction. ... [Tweed Shire Echo - 21/6/16]




A woman told Queensland's corruption watchdog a high-profile lawyer instructed her to make payments to his firm in a way that would've helped avoid government detection, a court has heard.

It's alleged former Nyst Lawyers employees Jason Murakami and Ronald Behlau engaged in structuring, which involves banking cash sums of $10,000 or more in smaller amounts to avoid the transaction being reported to the federal government's special financial intelligence unit.

Queensland's crime and corruption watchdog alleges the pair did so to obstruct criminal confiscation proceedings. ... [Yahoo - 23/6/16]




A Gold Coast prostitute who spent three months on the run after she fled a police car has been jailed for trafficking drugs to pay her mortgage.

Renee Elizabeth Tarbuck, 34, who pleaded guilty in Brisbane's Supreme Court on Thursday to trafficking methamphetamine and other dangerous drugs, fed her own addiction and paid off her debt by running a "well-organised" dealing business between 2012-13.

Tarbuck was taken into custody last year on trafficking charges but escaped from a police vehicle and took off in her own car.

She dodged authorities for three months before being caught. ... [Yahoo - 23/6/16]




'Billionaire tradie' case adjourned [Yahoo - 22/6/16]




A Queensland police sergeant is facing misconduct and computer hacking charges after an investigation by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

The 47-year-old Brisbane-based policeman has been accused of unauthorised use of the Queensland Police Service Qprime database.

He has been served with a notice to appear in court on three charges of misconduct in relation to public office and three computer hacking and misuse charges, and will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on July 18. [Yahoo - 22/6/16]




Four NSW police officers acquitted of perjury [Nine MSN - 23/6/16]




Federal prosecutors say they will not charge three police officers in Pasco, Washington, for the fatal shooting of Mexican farmworker Antonio Zambrano-Montes in February 2015.

Police fired 17 shots at Zambrano-Montes, accusing him of throwing stones at them.

Cellphone video appears to show Zambrano-Montes running across an intersection, turning to face police and raising his hands before he’s shot.

But U.S. Attorney Michael Ormsby said there was insufficient evidence the officers violated Zambrano-Montes’ civil rights. His family has filed a lawsuit in federal court. [Democracy Now - 22/6/16]




We all have family.

Sisters, brothers, mums

dads, wives and children



 41st day of continuous peaceful protest on #Manus Men have not seen their families for three years.


Image: ‏@racvictoria [22/6/16]




@PeaceActionWGTN [23/66/16]:  One protester has been arrested after leaving our entirely peaceful demonstration.



Close detention centres banner drop near Australian Embassy, Wellington [ - 23/6/16]:


... The banner reads, "Close Manus, Close Nauru. End detention now!"

This is on the same day as Peace Action Wellington will hold a symbolic blockade of the Australian High Commission at midday.

The High Commission will be turned into a symbolic detention centre.

Peace Action Wellington Spokesperson Emma Cullen says, "We choose to create a detention centre at the Australian High Commission because we feel that the Australian authorities lack empathy and need to understand that no one is illegal. They represent the Australian government, whose current treatment of refugees is reprehensible. While it's only the embassy staff's lunch hour, some asylum seekers and refugees have been detained on Manus Island and Nauru for years. We stand in solidarity with these people and demand their release."



‏@DoingOurBitNZ [22/6/16]:  Blockade of @AusHCNZ with a big old padlock turning the High Commission into a detention centre. @PeaceActionWGTN



ZERO moral authority as Triggs maintains her silence re Australia's war of attrition against refugees ----> The Australian Human Rights Commission will be reiterating its call for a moratorium on capital punishment at the 6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty, being held in Norway this week.

Commission President, Professor Gillian Triggs, is in Oslo to lead a session with other human rights institutions worldwide on the role NHRIs can play in abolition and participate in a focused side event with institutions from the Asia Pacific region. They’ll be looking at ways to eradicate the death penalty in countries where it remains in place. ... [Human Rights Commission Media Release - 22/6/16]




The Frank Lowy Institute wants us to "talk about Manus" before we vote.  Why?  Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus has been ruled ILLEGAL.  In October 2013, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service announced a joint venture with the Lowy Institute to research and develop policy strategy, options for future border management.   [DIPB Media Release - 30/9/14]:


The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) and the Lowy Institute for International Policy have completed their first joint research fellowship, examining ways to enhance and promote Australia’s border as a strategic economic asset. ...




Just like Australia's UNHCR supported policies of detention, deportation, exile and death. --->   ‏@rashbrax [20/6/16]:  New European Aid Policy towards refugees : stay at home ! ...






This outrage is a consequence of Australia pushing back its borders with impunity ---> Several of the Tamil asylum seekers stranded after arriving by boat on the Indonesian island of Aceh have been tortured in Sri Lanka and face certain persecution if they are returned, a compatriot living in Australia has claimed.


Karikalan said Anathi and her now husband, Wasanth, who is also on the boat, had been in jail alongside him. He said they were all tortured daily, including being hung upside down while being interrogated.


Those on board the boat reportedly did not pay a people smuggler to bring them from the southern Indian city of Velankanni from where they left in early May.

Instead, the asylum seekers pooled their money to buy the old boat, which is now aground on the beach at Lhoknga and listing badly. ...  [Guardian - 23/6/16]






Does the Human Rights Law Centre have ANYTHING to say about the Australia-bound men, women and children stranded in Aceh? --->  ‏@HughdeKretser - Executive Director, Human Rights Law Centre[23/6/16]:  Great to bump into Grandmothers Against Detention this morning - speaking up to get the kids off Nauru #RefugeeWeek



"First They Came for Assange..." Panel discussion [LIVE]



On Sunday, ten cities across the world participated in “First they came for Assange.”

The global event marked the fourth anniversary since WikiLeaks chief began his self-imposed detention in London’s Ecuadorian embassy.

The worldwide event aimed to highlight freedom of speech and featured a number of well-known participants, including Noam Chomsky, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, and musician Patti Smith. ... [NSNBC - 23/6/16]



Julian Assange just began his 5th year inside the Ecuadorian Embassy [The Nation - 22/6/16]:


... “All who care about freedom of information should demand that the threats made against Julian should be lifted,” said British filmmaker Ken Loach, who was among the participants.

“He should be able to leave his place of safety without fear of deportation or being handed over to those who intend him harm.” ...



Ecuador's Foreign Minister Guillaume Long says there is concern about the health of Julian Assange, who has now been in London's Ecuadorian Embassy for four years. ... [BBC - 21/6/16]


Exclusive WikiLeaks video report – “First they came for Assange” [ACTIVISM – 20/6/16]






One of Pakistan's best known Sufi musicians, Amjad Sabri, has been shot dead in the southern port city of Karachi, triggering an outpouring of grief over what police have described an "act of terror".

Sabri, 45, was shot several times on Wednesday while driving in his car in the city's Liaqatabad area, when a motorcycle pulled up alongside the vehicle and the attackers opened fire, Pakistan's English language newspaper Dawn reported. ... [Al Jazeera - 22/6/16]



Berta Cáceres appeared on hit list of US-trained Honduran military unit [Democracy Now - 22/6/16]



Activists denounce police killings and crackdowns on teachers in Oaxaca [Democracy Now - 21/6/16]



We turn now to look at Thomas Mair, the British man who killed British parliamentarian Jo Cox last week. Mair reportedly yelled out "Britain First" during the attack—a reference to the far-right, anti-immigrant political party of the same name which is pushing for Britain to leave the EU in tomorrow’s Brexit referendum.

In court on Friday, Mair gave his name as "Death to traitors, freedom for Britain."

Cox was a vocal advocate for Britain to remain in the European Union.

More information is coming to light about Mair’s ties to neo-Nazi groups in the United States and Britain.

Meanwhile, a former paid FBI informant named Todd Blodgett has revealed he met Thomas Mair at a neo-Nazi gathering that the informant set up in London in 2000.

Joining us now is Todd Blodgett, who once worked with several leaders of the far right, including Willis Carto, who founded the Liberty Lobby, and William Pierce, leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. ... [Democracy Now - 22/6/16]



Police have arrested six former Bosnian Serb soldiers suspected of having killed 27 Muslim Bosnians during the Serb campaign to remove all non-Serbs from territories they took control of during the 1992-95 Bosnian war. ... [ABC News - 21/6/16]





23 June 2016