Australia:  Palm Islanders who were children during 2004 post-riot raids recall fear of being shot



Yahoo [22/9/15]:

Palm Islanders who were children when they were caught up in post-riot raids a decade ago have recalled thinking they were going to be shot, while one feared his father would be killed by police.

The fears were expressed in evidence given at a groundbreaking trial to determine whether alleged police failures following the 2004 death of Mulrunji Doomadgee on the Palm Island watchhouse floor were racially discriminatory.

Among the supposed failures outlined in a class action launched by once-jailed riot-inciter Lex Wotton on behalf of Palm Islanders is that the declaration of an emergency, subsequent raids and arrests without warrants were excessive.

Mr Wotton's son, Albert, told the Federal Court on Tuesday he was 12 years old when he saw his kneeling father, who had his hands behind his head, being Tasered.

"I thought he was going to die," Mr Wotton said on Tuesday.

"(I thought) what happened to Mulrunji was going to happen to my dad."

The health worker, who left school several times to help his mother after Mr Wotton went to jail, said he still becomes frightened because of the raids.

The events are also still raw for Krysten Harvey, who had to leave the courtroom as she gave testimony about her grandmother's house being raided.

She said police arrested a man at the house who had been in the shower and pointed guns at her.

"I don't know anything about guns but they were big," Ms Harvey, who was a teenager when her grandmother's house was raided, told the court.

"I was scared and I thought ... they was going to shoot me."

Albert Wotton also said he saw red dots from guns on his kitchen wall before masked police entered his family home.

But counsel for the state of Queensland, Mark Hinson QC, said police did not use weapons with lights that day and suggested Mr Wotton had been mistaken.

Earlier in the day, the court heard from Andrea Sailor, who saw about 24 police officers with helmets, shields and a dog marching past her house.

Outside court, Ms Sailor said the death in custody, riots and subsequent police investigation are still "very alive" for the islanders who were children at the time.

"Those kids are grown up now and I think they still carry those wounds," said Ms Sailor, who was an indigenous legal service field officer and daughter of the community's mayor at the time.

"I don't think it's gone away for them."

Justice Debbie Mortimer, who visited the sites of the riot and raids, will consider whether the state of Queensland should compensate the community.

The trial will continue, at a court set up at a Palm Island school, on Wednesday.





$25 million for corporatised eugenics research is NOT funding healthcare [Queensland Government Media Release - 22/9/15]




You could properly fund a strong public hospital system, patient care and INDEPENDENT, ETHICAL UNIVERSITY research, or you could continue funnelling taxpayer dollars toward the usual failed, neoliberal experimentation:  $7 million clinical trial funding [Minister for Health Media Release - 8/9/15]





The CEO of JB Hi-Fi has sent a personal letter of apology to a man with Down syndrome who was denied access to a Brisbane store. Victoria Milne says her brother James, 21, was refused entry to Mount Ommaney JB Hi-Fi on Monday because a security guard and the manager mistook him for another man with the genetic disorder who had been banned from the premises.

Ms Milne vented her family's disgust in a Facebook post, which was shared more than 55,000 times and had hundreds pledging to boycott the retailer.

JB Hi-Fi CEO Richard Murray sent a personal letter of apology to Mr Milne which was initially rejected by Ms Milne.

However later she said she had chatted briefly with Mr Murray, who told her the manager in question was deeply distressed. "I was yet to see his (the CEO's) personal letter of apology to James so he emailed it through," Ms Milne wrote on Facebook.

"It included the following: `I am proud of the staff at our Mt Ommaney store, however there is no doubt the events of yesterday are disappointing.' ... [Yahoo - 22/9/15]



Egypt demolishes thousands of homes for Sinai buffer zone



BBC [22/9/15]:



 Egypt's military has destroyed nearly all buildings within 1km (0.6 miles) of the Gaza border Egypt has evicted and demolished the homes of 3,200 families in the Sinai peninsula in violation of international law, Human Rights Watch says.

 The military has been razing homes along the border with the Gaza Strip to create a "buffer zone" and eliminate smuggling tunnels.

The demolitions began in 2013 after a surge in attacks by jihadist militants. But those evicted are given little or no warning, no temporary housing and inadequate compensation, HRW alleges.

The US-based group also questions why the military appears not to have used available technology to detect and destroy the smuggling tunnels.

The Egyptian authorities have not commented on the report.

So far, the military has destroyed nearly all buildings and farmland within about 1km (0.6 miles) of the Gaza border in North Sinai using uncontrolled explosives and earth-moving equipment, according to analysis of satellite imagery, videos and interviews with residents by HRW detailed in a new report released on Tuesday.

Dozens of buildings more than 1km from the frontier have also been demolished.

Egypt aims to eventually clear an area of about 79 sq km on the Gaza border, including all of the town of Rafah, which has a population of about 78,000 people, HRW says.





A young Palestinian man has been killed after Israeli military forces clashed with a group of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, and fired live bullets to disperse the crowd.

Palestinian sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Israeli military vehicles rolled into Khursa village, located seven kilometers (4.3 miles) southwest of al-Khalil (Hebron), late on Monday.

The Israeli forces broke into dozens of homes and violently searched them, causing excessive property damage.

A 21-year-old Palestinian, identified as Dhia Abdulhalim, sustained gunshot wounds, and was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Abdulhalim’s death triggered a protest in the village, with Israeli troops firing live bullets, stun grenades as well as tear gas canisters to break up the gathering.

Scores of the Palestinians, including women and children, suffered tear gas inhalation.  

Israeli troopers also took away Abdulhalim’s body to an unknown location. ... [Press TV - 22/9/15]




Israeli forces shoot Palestinian woman in West Bank [Al Jazeera - 22/9/15]




Israeli forces detained four Palestinians in raids across the occupied West Bank overnight Monday, Palestinian security sources and the Israeli army said. ... [Maan - 22/9/15]




A free speech watchdog on Monday condemned as "grotesque" Saudi Arabia's appointment to head a panel advising the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Riyadh's ambassador to the Rights Council, Faisal bin Hassan Trad, "was quietly appointed" in June to head the five-member panel advising the council, meeting in Geneva, said Paris-based Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

"The appointment only came to light today. It has enraged human rights defenders and international human rights organisations worldwide," the watchdog said in a statement.

 ... Worldwide outrage followed a Saudi court's verdict of 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail against Saudi blogger Raif Badawi for insulting Islam. ... [Ahram - 21/9/15]




US drone strike kills 2 in Yemen [Naharnet - 22/9/15]





Five people were killed and 13 were wounded on Monday when a car bomb exploded near a complex housing the office of Somalia's president and its prime minister in Mogadishu, a security official said. ... [Ahram - 21/9/15]





Burkina Faso army troops have entered the capital Ouagadougou without resistance and begun negotiating the surrender of coup leaders, police said Tuesday, as the interim president and prime minister were freed.  ... [Ahram - 22/9/15]





UN chief strongly condemns reported violence against civilians in Burkina Faso [Media Release - 21/8/15]






Afghanistan:  IED victims call for end to war on World Peace Day [TOLO News - 21/9/15]





An Afghan official says at least 10 Afghan army troops have been killed in what he described as an "insider attack" in the country's north after a fellow soldier allowed insurgents inside a check point. ... [Daily Star - 22/9/15]





 A Queensland coroner has recommended the Australian Defence Force review its communication processes after finding that a failure to pass down key orders may have contributed to the deaths of three soldiers in Afghanistan. ... [Brisbane Times - 22/9/15]




All they know how to do is kill and destroy



Isaac Regional Council has began dispersing a colony of little red flying foxes camping in Moranbah. ... [Daily Mercury - 21/9/15]




Bribie Island has been left shocked and upset after one of the island's iconic emus was killed by a dog on Monday.

Facebook was flooded with photos, tributes and concerns that beloved Eric the emu was the victim.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) south east regional director Mick Cubis said they had not been able to properly identify the bird.

"Residents and regular visitors will be devastated about this attack," he said.

"They love seeing the emus strut along the surf beach. Locals even set up a Facebook page for Eric the Emu, however we don't know the identity or sex of the emu that was killed."

Mr Cubis said the loss of the emu would take a big toll on their population.

"Bribie is home to some of south-east Queensland's last emus," he said. ... [Sunshine Coast Daily - 11/9/15]



... The barbed wire and fishing line was strung at neck height through trees, 230 metres from the end of the Tuggeranong stone wall.

 "There's no doubt this was meant to severely injure somebody on a pushbike," he said. ... [Canberra Times - 21/9/15]




US justices unlikely to address death penalty's constitutionality [Reuters - 21/9/15]





Australian Defence Force releases video of fighter jets "destroying IS targets" in Iraq [ABC - 21/9/15]




@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [21/9/15]:


Anbar: The government's forces and Hashd militias are still shelling the civilian homes in Fallujah and most of the victims are women and children..................  [VIDEO]



Baghdad: News reported that mortar shell attacks have targeted Baghdad Military Airport..................





Baghdad: " The toll of blast of Amin Al-Thaniya area [Aramil Market] has mounted to 12 people dead and 46 injured ", a security source said................





Ta'ameem: Elements of Asayish forces have seized the documents of the displaced persons informing them to leave north of Kirkuk areas (Rahim Awa and its surrounding )causing confusion and stress to them................




Iraqi government-backed militias carried out widespread destruction of homes and shops around the city of Tikrit in March and April 2015 in violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

Militiamen deliberately destroyed several hundred civilian buildings with no apparent military reason after the withdrawal of the extremist armed group Islamic State, also known as ISIS, from the area. ... [Media Release - 20/9/15]



Four killed in rocket attacks on Aleppo, Damascus and Homs [SANA - 21/9/15]:

Two civilians were killed in a terrorist attack with rocket shells on al-Midan neighborhood in Aleppo city.

A source in the police command told SANA reporter that terrorists in Bustan al-Basha fired rocket shells which fell on houses and properties of locals, killing two civilians and injuring six others, some of them were severely injured and taken to al-Jamea’a and al-Razi hospitals.

The terrorist attack also caused material damage to houses and private and public properties.

14 civilians including seven children and 33 others were injured when terrorists fired rocket shells on al-Midan and al-Saed neighborhood in Aleppo city on Sunday.

A civilian was killed in a terrorist attack with a mortar shell which was fired by terrorists on al-Zablatani area in Damascus.

A source in the police command said in a statement to SANA reporter that a shell fired by terrorists fell in the surrounding of al-Hal market in al-Zablatani area killing a civilian and causing material damage to a number of cars.

The source added that the shell was launched by terrorists from the so-called Jaish al-Islam who fortify in Joubar neighborhood on the outskirts of Eastern Ghouta.

Six civilians were injured in mortar terrorist attacks on al-Tijara, al-Qusour and al-Qeimariya neighborhoods in Damascus last Friday.

Meanwhile, a child was killed in a terrorist attack with rocket shells that hit al-Muhajreen and al-Abasiyah neighborhoods in Homs.

A police source told SANA that two rocket shells, launched by terrorists, fell on a bus station and near the clinic of al-Abasiyah neighborhood in Homs, killing a child and injuring 5 persons.







Villages abandoned as Syrians flee northern Aleppo [US News - 21/9/15]




‏@ItalianNavy [21/9/15]:   #SAR Nave Mimbelli #MarinaMilitare sbarcherà domani a #Taranto i 339 #migranti soccorsi ieri da un peschereccio




@MSF_Sea [21/9/15]:   "Leaving was never our intention but we weren't safe. It's better to die at sea than to live like that” #PeaceDay





@MSF_Sea [21/9/15]:   "There was fighting & the home of my family was bombed killing everyone. I wanted to leave #Somalia." #PeaceDay





The ABC's attempts to maintain the momentum of the Australia's government's cruel PR stunt grow more ludicrous by the day: --->  What Australians should consider before welcoming handpicked, non-muslim Syrian refugees - who didn't come by boat - into their homes [ABC - 22/9/15]




Unisuper Divest [22/9/15]:


A few problems with the No Business in Abuse campaign:


1. The campaign pledge - which calls on you to sign it - contains no demand as such to oppose, close *definitively and forever* Australia's detention camps, both onshore and off-shore;

2. The implicit aim of the campaign is to make the business of mandatory detention of asylum-seekers 'nicer' = free of abuse;

3. The campaign is about making business 'ethical', rather than challenging the very underpinnings of the detention complex;

4. The 'campaign' - if one can call it such - consists solely of signing pledges and petitions. Please, show me an example when that has ever worked in influencing government policy. Direct action, anyone?

As some of us who have visited detention centres know well, detention per se IS abuse. Irrespective of the conditions in centres, or how 'nice' they seem, detention is detrimental to asylum-seekers' physical and mental health, and is, in and of itself, a system that is premised on the idea that human rights abuses are *justified* when one's state borders are dealing with 'illegals'.

In other words, there is nothing in the No Business in Abuse campaign that challenges the premise behind 'Operation Sovereign Borders'.

In fact, that the campaign fails to do so - is precisely the reason why it reinforces the current government policy.






Which country on this map of  South East Asia is supposedly a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention?





Some 32 police officers from three major units have been transferred en masse to inactive posts for alleged involvement in the trafficking of Rohingya migrants.

The transfers were made Monday by the Police Commission meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and  Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon ...[Bangkok Post - 22/9/15]




Rohingya refugees devastated following heavy rains in India’s Haryana [VIDEO - Press TV - 21/9/15]




With the clock ticking for Montagnards in Phnom Penh to leave the country or face forced repatriation, some of the asylum seekers have asked the UN Refugee Agency to help them return to Vietnam.

Vivian Tan, a regional spokesperson for UNHCR, said “a few people” have asked the agency “about the possibility of facilitating their return”.

But, she added, “the numbers and plans are not definitive at this point”.

Hundreds of Montagnards – a predominantly Christian indigenous group from Vietnam’s central highlands – have fled to Cambodia over the past year citing religious and political persecution. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 22/9/15]




... It’s been more than two years since I arrived in Indonesia. And more than 10 months ago I was officially accepted as a refugee — and all I can do is continue to wait.

Once a week I go to the U.N.H.C.R. office to check on my case, and I’m told politely to wait more. ...



New York Times [ 21/8/15]:


... Everything seemed O.K. — until the storm hit. Winds, rain and waves pounded our weak wooden boat. A vessel full of people who had escaped terror at home found that once again our lives were on the line.

We screamed and cried. Someone deep inside the crowd shouted in Farsi, asking if anyone could speak English. I yelled out that I could, and I was hustled forward to the bridge. The captain had already called for help. I was handed a satellite phone. Seconds later I was talking with someone from Australian search and rescue.

“Hello. Can you hear me? Hello? ... We are asylum-seekers in distress on a boat. Our boat is broken and we will drown!”

Rescue: “Could you read me your G.P.S. location?”

I didn’t know how to do that. I had never used a satellite phone before, but I was guided by a voice in my other ear.

Rescue: “What do you wish us to do for you?”

“We are in a real bad situation, sir. We will drown. Our boat is broken. We are nearly 100 people on board. Could you please rescue us?”

Rescue: “What do you wish we do for you?”

“We wish to be rescued, sir! I repeat, sir, we wish to be rescued!”

We stayed low in the boat, helpless, counting every second. They’d said 15 to 25 minutes. Seventeen hours passed. It appeared that the Australians didn’t believe our plea for help.

In desperation, I called an Australian journalist I knew in Jakarta to ask if he could alert the Indonesian authorities.

Nine hours later, a warning bell heralded the arrival of Indonesian search and rescue. We were given first-aid and water. It felt like a miraculous act of kindness. ...



Naqsh Murtaza is a former television news presenter writing a book about his experiences as an asylum seeker.




Refugee crisis:  Over 4,000 Australian women sign open letter to Prime Minister and Opposition Leader


... Enough is enough.

We are demanding the urgent and immediate removal of all asylum seekers and refugees from Nauru and Manus Island on the  grounds that neither the Government of Nauru nor Manus Island can guarantee the effective protection of women, children and men.






The White House plans to allow thousands more refugees into the United States face stiff opposition on Monday in the U.S. Congress, where Republican lawmakers demanded the right to review, and reject, the effort, citing fears of terrorism.

Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday announced an increase of 15,000 per year for the next two years in the number of refugees the country takes in.

He did not say how many would be from Syria. ... [Reuters - 21/9/15




US immigration detention centre conditions ‘similar, if not worse’ than migrants’ home countries: report [Raw Story/LA Times - 18/9/15]:



The U.S. Civil Rights Commission recommended Thursday that the Obama administration release immigrant families who have "illegally" crossed into the United States mainly from Central America and are being held in detention centers where there have been complaints of poor food, inadequate medical care and allegations of sexual abuse.

In its report, the independent commission also found that the immigrants were often denied such rights as due process. It recommended that Congress stop funding the nation's family detention centers, which have become a sore point among immigration rights activists.

"While these immigrants migrate to the United States to escape harsh living conditions, once they cross the U.S. border without authorization and proper documentation, the federal government apprehends and detains these individuals in conditions that are similar, if not worse, than the conditions they faced from their home countries," according to the report.

In compiling its findings, the commission held hearings and in May visited two Texas sites — a detention center in Karnes City and a processing center in Port Isabel. The report was backed by five of the commission members and opposed by two who questioned the methodology and findings. One member didn't vote.

The Obama administration is detaining an estimated 1,400 parents and children in Karnes City and Dilley in Texas, and in Berks County, Pa.

The detention of families came as a response to a sharp increase in the number of people — mostly from Central America — crossing into the U.S. Southwest in 2014. Last fiscal year, more than 68,000 people were caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Activists have alleged that the centers do not have proper food and that detainees do not receive adequate medical care. The lack of lawyers has also been a frequent complaint.









On Monday 15th June, some 100 people gathered in Parliament Square, to demand immediate closure of Yarls Wood as well as all other detention centres in the country.

The protest was called by All African Women's Group, who spoke of the horrific experiences and conditions in the centres.

Natalie Bennet, Diane Abbott, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn also spoke to the protesters. ... [People's Republic of Southwark - 18/6/15]








‘Shut down Yarl’s Wood’: Protesters rally against Bedford immigration detention centre [VIDEO - Guardian - 7/6/15]



... Conservative MP for Bedford and Kempston, Richard Fuller, joined the protest and said the detention of asylum seekers had to stop.

"There must be no more detention of pregnant women or victims of torture and rape," he said. A petition calling for a debate in Parliament to end immigration detention has now attracted more than 100,000 signatures. ... [BBC - 7/6/15]




At work inside Australia's immigration detention centres:  A Serco guard's story [Global Mail - 7/2/14]








Example of ritual sadistic and discriminatory mind games played by Serco and Australia's Immigration Department  [Refugee Rights Action Network WA - 21/9/15]:

Received this gem on Tuesday 15th September via Serco [Yongah Hill].



"Hi Sally,

Since talking to you last time things have changed with the security.

As from last Friday the Security Manager has stipulated that any female Coming in on her own can only see the maximum of 3 people in the one visit.

Could you please let me know which 3 you want to see out of the 5 & maybe Let me know when another date for the other 2?


Kind Regards"



Think maybe they received a few complaints about how insulting this was to asylum seekers and any female wanting to visit them. So today got this update.



"Hi again Sally,


Since our conversation last week in relation to only 3 detainee’s allowed for a female visiting On her own, the Security manager had informed me late last week that that applies for everyone, Not just females. So if 2 people are coming in to visit, then the maximum will be 6 detainee’s they can see.

Due to certain things that keep changing within the Centre, this is Security that are putting this is place.

Kind regards"





Nauru Opposition MPs back in court over seized passports




RNZI [22/9/15]:



Two Nauru Opposition MPs head back to court tomorrow in an effort to have their seized passports returned.

Roland Kun and Kieren Keke, both suspended from Parliament since May last year, have been seeking the return of their passports for months.

In Mr Kun's last day in court, five weeks ago, the Nauru Government, which has not charged him with any offence, had sought to have his appeal struck out.

The Chief Justice, Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi, dismissed that but he required Mr Kun to direct his appeal to the Justice Minister, David Adeang, rather than the Secretary for Justice.

Whatever decision happens in Mr Kun's case is expected to also be applied to Dr Keke.

Three other Opposition MPs are still waiting for their chance to answer charges resulting from an anti government protest.


... The fate of Behrouz Boochani and his fellow detainees is Australia's responsibility. Instead of being imprisoned and harassed, he should be welcomed for his courageous stand for democracy and granted asylum in Australia.

It is a profound irony that he is now experiencing levels of surveillance and harassment that have some parallels with his treatment by Iranian authorities. ...



Arnold Zable [The Age - 22/9/15]:



His name is Behrouz Boochani. He was born in Ilam city in west Iran on July 23, 1983.

He graduated from Tarbiat Madares University in Tehran with a masters degree in political geography and geopolitics.

He worked as a freelance journalist and for several Iranian newspapers – Kasbokar Weekly, Qanoon, Etemaad – and the Iranian Sports Agency.

He published articles on Middle East politics and interviews with the Kurdish elite in Tehran.

Boochani's passions are human rights and the survival of Kurdish culture. With several colleagues, he founded, edited, published and wrote for the Kurdish magazine Werya, documenting Kurdish aspirations for cultural freedom. He wrote a paper advocating a federal system for Iran, protecting minority rights. The paper was delivered at a conference in France on his behalf after he was denied a passport to attend.

On February 17, 2013, officials from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps ransacked the Werya offices in Ilam and arrested 11 of Boochani's colleagues. Six were imprisoned. Boochani was in Tehran that day and avoided arrest. On hearing of the arrests he published the information on the website Iranian Reporters, and the report was widely circulated. Boochani feared for his safety and went into hiding.

During his three months in hiding, colleagues advised Boochani he was at risk of arrest and interrogation. As a member of the Kurdish minority in Iran, and of both the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the National Union of Kurdish Students, he had experienced threats and was under surveillance. Having been interrogated and warned previously about his work promoting Kurdish culture and having signed an undertaking he would not continue this activity, he was in grave danger.

Boochani fled Iran on May 23, 2013. In July of that year he was among 75 asylum seekers intercepted by the Australian Navy en route to Australia. It was his second attempt at the crossing from Indonesia. On the first, the boat sank. He was rescued by Indonesian fishermen, and jailed on his return.

He immediately asked for asylum in Australia. He was detained on Christmas Island where he developed a deep bond with Reza Barati, a Kurdish-Iranian, also from Ilam. He was transferred to the Manus Island Immigration Detention Centre in late August 2013.




Letter to the Editor, Queensland Times [21/9/15]:

In answer to Bob Snell's challenge (QT 15/09) to enter the debate about who is responsible for refugee arrivals - words can not express the dismay I felt as our government parties raced to the bottom.

Abbott's government finally got there with the "turn back the boats" policy; using our Australian Defence Force to "defend" us from defenceless unarmed people. How brave are we? Instead of resettling these people where they can contribute to our economy, our governments are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on pushing them on to third-world countries.

Perhaps they have stopped drownings at sea, but what is happening in Indonesia? Or Malaysia? How are refugees getting on there?

It seems out of sight out of mind. This is why there is so much secrecy around Nauru.

If we could see refugees as real people, we might actually show them some sympathy. Instead, our governments are demonising them to gain political advantage.

To me, the government that succeeded in stopping boat arrivals has shown itself to be the most inhumane.

I believe that it is our duty to accept refugees, no matter how they get here, as our government is partly responsible.

We created the refugee problem by attacking Iraq along with the US, destabilising the area and causing it to descend into waring tribes; which wiser people had already warned would happen. Even IS is partly our fault. So to answer Bob Snell's question about who is to blame for boat arrivals, we should blame John Howard who involved us in the invasion of Iraq in the first place.



CLARE RUDKIN, Barellan Point



PEN International calls on all European Union member states to create common, humane asylum laws and procedures [Media Release - 8/9/15]:



Europe should come to the aid of people in desperate straits and provide them with routes of escape. People who are in immediate danger should be able to establish direct contact with the embassies of European nations in their country of origin, so that they can apply for humanitarian visas.

Refugees should no longer have to risk their lives to come to Europe. If they do seek asylum, they should not be treated like criminals.

The EU must be ready, with the consent and in support of the concerned governments – mainly Greece and Hungary, but also Italy – to put in place immediate and adequate emergency reception, assistance and registration capacity. The European Commission should mobilise the EU asylum, migration and civil protection agencies and mechanisms for this purpose, including the resources of member states and with the support of UNHCR, IOM and civil society. It is essential that refugee families that disembark in Europe after having lost everything are welcomed into a safe and caring environment.

Asylum seekers should be given the same basic standards of humane treatment in all EU member states and they must have the same access to a fair asylum process.

In order to ensure the equal treatment of refugees in all EU countries, the financial costs should be distributed fairly between member states. We propose the creation of a European refugee fund, paid for by member countries according to their means. This fund would ensure that the fate of refugees is independent of regional prejudice or changing attitudes towards immigrants. The European Union must be recognised as a common protective area for refugees. ...



Hungarian parliament passes bill allowing use of non lethal force against refugees.



Australian parliament soon to pass a bill authorising concentration camp guards to beat refugees to death.



Independent [21/9/15]:



Hungary’s parliament has passed a law allowing the government to deploy its army to handle refugees at its borders and the use of non-lethal force such as rubber bullets and tear gas grenades.

Speaking ahead of the vote on Monday Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban claimed that millions of refugees are “laying siege” to the borders of his country and of Europe, and said: “The migrants are not just banging on our door, they’re breaking it down,” before reiterating his view that most were coming for economic and not safety reasons.


The vote came on the same day that the Hungarian government took out a full page advert in Lebanon’s leading daily newspaper warning people that entering the country illegally is a crime punishable by imprisonment.






Licence to Kill:  Australia’s Maintaining the Good Order in Immigration Detention Facilities Bill 2015 [Border Criminologies - 12/5/15]



Migration Amendment (Maintaining the Good Order of Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2015





Border Security: Australia’s Frontline "reality" television program is propaganda - shock! [Guardian - 22/9/15]:

... The show has been running for 10 years but the first deed was signed in 2010 under Labor. The deeds are re-signed each year. Guardian Australia understands the national communications team for the then department of immigration and citizenship was generally the division involved in assessing footage.

A spokesman for the immigration department stressed the department had overall responsibility for the show and little had changed in the past 10 years. But he said operational experts – which Guardian Australia understands are now part of the border force – are involved in clearing the footage.






Tweeted by @SandiHLogan - National Communications Manager, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Canberra [19/7/13]





... Advertisements are running in newspapers across the country today and the ABC understands the ads will also be placed in papers in in neighbouring countries.

Two radio advertisements have also been produced, telling asylum seekers that "the people smugglers' guarantee is worthless" and warning them that they are "buying a ticket to another country". ... [ABC - 20/7/13]





... Just as the first wave of refugees began arriving in Denmark from Austria and Germany over the weekend, the Danish government has kicked off an advertising campaign meant to keep them away.   

Shortly after the government announced in July that it would significantly cut benefits to asylum seekers, Integration Minister Inger Støjberg said that she would make sure that asylum seekers and human smugglers were directly informed of the policy change through advertising and social media campaigns.  

On Monday, the first adverts from the Danish government were published in four Lebanese newspapers ... [The Local - 7/9/15]








Sri Lanka:  Protest against Adappankulam army camp after electric fence kills woman [Tamil Guardian - 22/9/15]:



 Residents of a town in Vavuniya held a demonstration on Sunday calling for the removal of an army camp, following the death of a local woman caused by the camp's electrified fence.

55 year old Kanthasamy Rajeswari who lived in the property neighbouring the army camp in Adappankulam was fatally electrocuted while gathering vegetables close to the fence.

A protest was held outside the army camp on the day of Ms Rajeswari's funeral.

The Officer in Charge of the Adappankulam camp has reportedly been arrested in connection with the incident.






Thousands of Tamil protestors gathered in Geneva on Monday to call for an international criminal mechanism that will see justice served for mass atrocities committed in Sri Lanka. ... [Tamil Guardian - 21/9/15]





22 September 2015