234th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


#Manus SOS



Image:‏ @sunosi3 [24/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [24/3/18]: Take 3: After 5 years illegal imprisonment on #Manus, 3 Bangladeshi men challenge sudden deportation proceedings and sham refugee assessment process in PNG National Court. Judge to rule on case next Thursday, 29/3



@Aussies4Refugees [24/3/18]:  This week on #InsidersExtra, former Hawke spin doctor Barrie Cassidy explains how Peter Dutton isn't implementing the medical torture aspect of Labor Party's refugee "deterrence" policy properly ...  



With their journalism and advocacy dead, pro "deterrence" media and fake activists can only produce and circulate a flurry of unfunny anti-Dutton cartoons, and revisionist editorials.



Decontextualised anti-Duttonism is about helping Bill "it is OUR policy" Shorten, and his band of proven anti-refugee Labor fascists Marles, Plibersek, Bowen, Burke and Khalil, slide back into government. And that is all.



Anything less than ENDING Australia's anti-refugee policy = indefinite imprisonment, being trafficked to third countries for enslavement, refoulement or death.


 That is what Kearney, Tim Costello etc mean by "getting people off" Manus Island and Nauru



Ged Kearney has played an intregral role in the perpetuation of anti-refugee policies masterminded by Bill Shorten. The pro "deterrence" Guardian is helping her reassert Labor Party ownership of "dissent", in the leadup to Palm Sunday anti Dutton rallies @Aussies4Refugees [24/3/18]



@AliNatiqi [24/3/18]:  67th days of peaceful protest for freedom in Balikpapan IDC Because of indifferences of #IOM and #UNHCR and #Immigration, yesterday we refused our daily meals until someone comes to solve the problem. ...



@MMahdiQurbani [24/3/18]:  Day 67 our peacefully protest still continuous in #Balikpapan detention center. We pledging behind the barbed wire with no committed crime for past 4 years is it fair?? ...



A green card veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, then later served time in prison on a felony drug conviction, began a journey back to his birthplace Friday.

Immigration officials removed him from a Kankakee detention center and transferred him to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, his lawyer said.

Miguel Perez Jr., 39, told the Tribune Thursday night in a call from the detention center that all of his electronic devices had been shut off.

His family, he said, had not been notified about his imminent deportation.

“I’m not leaving. They’re taking me,” he said.

“They’re not going to teach me to never give up, and then I give up,” he added, referring to his military training.

The move to send Perez back to his native Mexico, where he has not lived since he was 8, could mark the end of what has been a 16-month effort by Perez and his advocates to let him stay in the United States.

Supporters are holding out hope for an eleventh-hour reprieve, though it is seen as highly unlikely. ... [Chicago Tribune - 23/3/18]



Friendly Enemy Alien shows suffering of Jews Britain sent to Outback exile [Telegraph - 17/5/06]



Clip from The Dunera Boys – Episode 2 [1985]:


... A poignant scene in this bleak and godforsaken internment camp, as poor Mr Baum, played with great pathos by Warren Mitchell, tries to explain, with deference and formality, in a very Middle-European way, that the prisoners are not Nazis but people who have escaped the Nazis.

The gulf between the jailors and the jailed means that Mr Baum won’t be understood and nothing will change. ...



Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber instructed the Population and Immigration Authority Thursday to reexamine the cases of Eritreans held in Saharonim Prison whose applications for refugee status have been denied.

Her decision follows last month’s ruling by a Jerusalem court that desertion from the Eritrean army may serve as a basis for refugee status.

Zilber ordered the immediate release of anyone whose case is found to resemble that of the appellant in the ruling.

Zilber’s decision has the approval of Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit. The authority began the reexamination process on Thursday and will conclude it by March 29.

Two hundred eighty asylum seekers are currently in detention in Saharonim, and those who qualify may be released immediately. ... [Haaretz - 23/3/18]



Refugees over 67 also face expulsion from Israel [Haaretz - 22/3/18]



Aid Organization for Refugees - ASSAF [22/3/18]:


Salam, a brave Eritrean woman living in Israel since 2010, has agreed to share her story with us.

Running away from religious persecution in Eritrea, she was kidnapped to Sinai, where thousands of Eritreans faced torture.

All she is asking is the safety to recover and build her life.

This Saturday we will rally for the survivors of the Sinai torture camps, for all asylum seekers who face deportation, and for the residents of South Tel Aviv.

Join us on Saturday March 24th, 8pm, Rabin Square Tel Aviv.



Refugees in Israel - International Solidarity [21/3/18]:


Two days ago a group of Israeli that were soldiers stationed next to the border with Egypt where tens of thousands of African asylum seekers made their way into the country, fleeing the horrors on their path through Africa and the Sahara and the madness in Sinai; came out to say loud and clear that the people entering Israel were in no doubt in horrible human conditions. ...



Refugees in Israel - International Solidarity [21/3/18]:  ... Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman travelled to Rwanda during a four-day visit to Africa. Amid critics of the secretive deal to deport African asylum seekers, now questioned by Israel's High Court, many members of the press, politicians from the opposition and public opinion alike, claim the real reason for this trip is to get a deal signed on paper to present upon the Justice System - that had so far just decided to trust the government on the issue of its existence. ...



Minister of Foreign Affairs Louise Mushikiwabo cites proven record of Kafkaesque cruelty and denial of asylum rights to refugees from Congo and Burundi as she asserts Rwanda's willingness to ensnare forcibly deported migrants from Libya and Israel [All Africa - 15/3/18]:


... Congolese refugees in Kiziba camp in western Rwanda were shot dead by police during a food protest.

More than 17,000 refugees have been protesting against a 25 per cent cut in food rations since January by the UN World Food Programme as a result of underfunding.

Following the protests, questions have been raised on whether Rwanda is able to provide basic needs for even more migrants.

Ms Mushikiwabo, addressing these concerns, said the Congolese refugees, who have been in Rwanda for more than 22 years, have "complex demands and have resorted to using violence, even against security forces, to resolve existing challenges." ...



Israel is racist. Its deportations of Africans should surprise no one [Forward - 16/3/18]:


... Netanyahu’s immigration officials will soon be hunting black men down in the streets of Tel Aviv and forcing them onto planes that will ferry them to a renewed stateless existence, one that will imperil them as reports have shown to rape, torture, slavery and death.

The bulk of our efforts to stop these deportations must focus not on the symptom — anti-refugee sentiment — but rather on its root cause: widespread racism in Israeli society. ...



Victorian Police are now recruiting community members to help Premier Daniel Andrews spy on, harass and criminalise as many African-Australians as possible for Peter Dutton to exile [ABC - 10/1/18]



@Aussies4Refugees [10/3/18]: Asylum Seeker Resource Centre launch deliberately futile #ChangeThePolicy campaign re #Manus #Nauru as they continue praising and receiving "support" from the Victorian Labor govt. This is wrong. [pic Vic Premier Andrews with Netanyahu - Dec 2017] ...



22 March 2018