Australian political and media establishment keep lying so the detention, torture of and exile of refugees can continue.



The refugee men, children and women raped, sexually abused, tortured and murdered in Australian concentration camps over the last few years were put there by Julia Gillard (in the case of Nauru) and Kevin Rudd (Manus, Christmas Island and Nauru).

That is the reason why “we” are supposed to either ignore the issue altogether or simply concentrate on arguing about the machinery of its delivery (Triggs or Moss).

Partisans can go to hell as far as I care – there are people being tortured, raped and killed and all these people care about is perceived political advantage. Morrison, Burke, Dutton, Bowen, Howard, Gillard, Rudd or Ruddock – it doesn’t make any difference, if anyone supports one half of this equation they support the other half. And they can all go to hell.

The ALP is simply a tool of fascist enabling. At least the LNP doesn’t lie to their supporters about their cruel and inhumane policy agenda.

If you’re getting the feeling that I have a seething hatred for the ALP and every single one of its online cheerleaders – then you’re getting the picture.



Global Call to End Mandatory Detention #29March:


Each year thousands of people march in Australia on Palm Sunday calling for a more humane refugee policy.

This year, these protests are international.

This is a call for Australian and allies around the world to organise vigils, protests or events globally, where ever you are in the world, calling for an end to mandatory detention of asylum seekers.

So far demonstrations, vigils, film screenings, honk-a-thons, discussion panels are happening all around Australia including (but not limited to): Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart and Katherine (NT).

World wide (so far) actions are happening in London, Paris, New York, Geneva, Dublin, California, Quito (Ecuador), Berlad, Romania and Guernsey.

For details of actions and how to get involved:










No shit Sherlock: NGOs won't touch lying, torturing Australian govt deal to exile refugees to Cambodia. [Sydney Morning Herald - 22/3/15]:




International aid agencies based in Cambodia have rejected the Abbott government's resettlement deal, saying it is not appropriate for a country that has been accused of human rights abuses and has no refugee resettlement experience. ...






More lies and bullshit re plans to exile Australia's refugees. [PNG Loop - 22/3/15]:




Work is still being done on the National Refugee Resettlement Policy with experts in the area of social issues being consulted.

Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato says a report on this policy is expected soon and once the government is satisfied a decision will be made. ...






A high-level delegation of Cambodian officials will next week travel to the South Pacific island of Nauru to officially meet refugees that have the option of resettling in the Kingdom.  ... [Phnom Penh Post - 21/3/15]






THIS is refugee resettlement as defined by the UNHCR - anything else is EXILE.


Australia already resettles refugees. IN AUSTRALIA. Close the concentration camps and bring the refugees HERE.





Some refugees cannot go home or are unwilling to do so because they will face continued persecution. Many are also living in perilous situations or have specific needs that cannot be addressed in the country where they have sought protection. In such circumstances, UNHCR helps resettle refugees in a third country as the only safe and viable durable solution. Of the 10.5 million refugees of concern to UNHCR around the world, only about 1 per cent are submitted by the agency for resettlement.

Only a small number of states take part in UNHCR resettlement programmes. The United States is the world's top resettlement country, while Australia, Canada and the Nordic countries also provide a sizeable number of places annually. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of countries involved in resettlement in Europe and Latin America.

The resettlement country provides the refugee with legal and physical protection, including access to civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights similar to those enjoyed by nationals. It should allow for refugees to become naturalized citizens.

In 2011, UNHCR submitted the files of some 92,000 refugees for consideration by resettlement countries. By nationality, the main beneficiaries of UNHCR-facilitated resettlement programmes were refugees from Myanmar (21,300), Iraq (20,000), Somalia (15,700) and Bhutan (13,000). Ten per cent of all submissions were for women and girls at risk, the highest percentage of the last six years.

In the same year, almost 62,000 individuals departed to 22 resettlement countries with UNHCR's assistance. The largest number of resettled refugees left from Nepal (18,150), followed by Thailand (9,570) and Malaysia (8,370). Resettlement is a life-changing experience. It is both challenging and rewarding. Refugees are often resettled to a country where the society, language and culture are completely different and new to them.

Providing for their effective reception and integration is beneficial for both the resettled refugee and the receiving country. Governments and non-governmental organization partners provide services to facilitate integration, such as cultural orientation, language and vocational training as well as programmes to promote access to education and employment.







... How long can the majority wait for the story to unfold? ...




'Cannot Buy My Soul', Kev Carmody





Aboriginal Tent Embassy [22/3/15]






@TMowarin to @russellcrowe [22/3/15]: We fight for connection to country & our younger generations, u understand our ways? #sosblakaustralia





‏@russellcrowe to @TMowarin  [22/3/15]:  yes, young fella . I understand. #sosblakaustralia . glad to see your guitar got fixed. Send my best wishes to all your mob.







It is very appropriate that from this cradle of the Confederacy, this very heart of the great Anglo-Saxon Southland, that today we sound the drum for freedom as have our generations of forebears before us time and again down through history. Let us rise to the call for freedom-loving blood that is in us and send our answer to the tyranny that clanks its chains upon the South. In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever.




George Wallace [First Inaugural Speech as Governor of Alabama, January 1963]


The Federal Government will trial a cashless welfare card, with payments not allowed to be spent on alcohol or gambling.

The idea was raised in an Indigenous employment review, provided by Andrew Forrest to the Government last year. ... [ABC - 22/3/15]


Outback town of Wilcannia in far west NSW faces doubt over water supply [ABC – 22/3/15]




Nearly 200 children locked in WA police station cells awaiting transfer to Perth after sentencing [ABC – 22/3/15]





Attempted murder charge, Jandowae

QPS Media [22/3/15]:

Police have charged an 18-year-old man with attempted murder after a vehicle was allegedly driven at an officer at Jandowae on Friday night.

It will be alleged around 10.45pm an officer intercepted a sedan on High Street and was speaking with the driver when he made threats towards the officer, turned the vehicle sharply and reversed into the male officer.

The officer was forced to jump out of the way and the vehicle crashed into the nearby police vehicle.

It will further be alleged the man accelerated again towards the officer, forcing him to move out of the way to avoid being struck.

The vehicle then drove away.

The 45-year-old senior constable sustained minor injuries.

An 18-year-old Jinghi man has been charged with one count each of attempted murder, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, threatening violence and obstructing police.

He is due to appear in the Dalby Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.



Drug charges, Bilinga

QPS Media [22/3/15]:

Detectives from the Robina Criminal Investigation Branch have charged a man and a woman after a vehicle, allegedly containing more than $300,000 of dangerous drugs, was intercepted at Bilinga last night.

Around 11.55pm police intercepted the vehicle on Terminal Drive and conducted a search of the vehicle where they allegedly located approximately 10,000 ecstasy tablets, a quantity of methylamphetamine (ice) and a pipe.

Police estimate the drugs seized would have an approximate street value of more than $300,000.

A 23-year-old Logan Reserve woman has been charged with three counts of possessing dangerous drugs and one count of possessing a pipe.

A 50-year-old Logan Reserve man has been charged with one count each of possessing a dangerous drug and driving whilst disqualified.

The pair is due to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court tomorrow.





Torture and assault charges, Port Curtis

QPS Media [22/3/15]:

Police have charged a 45-year-old man with numerous offences following investigations into an incident at a residence in Port Curtis yesterday.

It will be alleged a man assaulted and tortured a 54-year-old woman on a number of occasions between Friday night and Saturday afternoon at residence on Bowlin Road.

Police attended the address just before 4pm and will allege the offender fled the scene into bushland. The man was later apprehended by police and taken into custody.

A 45-year-old Yeppoon man was charged with four counts of common assault, one count each of torture, attempt to injure by noxious substance, assault occasioning bodily harm, willful damage and assault or obstruct police.

He was also charged with five counts of contravention of a domestic violence order.

The man is due to appear in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on March 23.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.



Missing duck hunting protester found safe and well by off-duty officer

Nine MSN [22/3/15]:




A woman believed to have been protesting the opening of duck hunting season in eastern Geelong who was reported missing has been found safe and well.

Search and Rescue Squad police were today searching for the 37-year-old Derrimut woman who had not been since around 10pm last night when she was spotted standing in the shallows of Lake Connewarre by a group of hunters and protesters.

The police Air Wing, local police and SES volunteers were involved in the search.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the woman was today found walking along Moolap Station Road by an off-duty police officer.

It is understood she had become lost but was assessed by paramedics at the scene as being fit and well.




Ballarat Telstra job cuts to be finalised by April 14

The Courier [21/3/15]:

D-DAY is looming for almost 80 local Telstra employees who will be axed early next month.

Telstra, which announced in February that 78 "back room" jobs at their Gillies Street office would go, have revealed the date as April 14.

But the organisation couldn't provide the exact job loss figure, with a spokesman saying factors such as voluntary redundancy and redeployment within Telstra meant the figure could be significantly less.

There are 128 Telstra employees in Ballarat.

Telstra area general manager Bill Mundy said in February that the cuts would affect 64 local employees before he revised the figure to include 28 full-time Telstra staff and 50 agency or consultancy staff, a total of 78.

Mr Mundy said the reason for the cuts was productivity-related and aimed at reducing duplication in the organisation.

"We will work as hard as possible to find other roles within the business - and for those who wish to exit the business, we will work with them as they depart as well," he said in February.

Mr Mundy this week said those efforts had been positive,

"Some people in Ballarat have already been successful in securing roles in other areas of Telstra. The team has also been given the opportunity to apply for an additional 52 roles in other areas of Telstra," he said.

"The recruitment process for the 18 new roles as part of the restructure is still underway. These roles are only open to people within the affected team.

"Paperwork for the redundancy process was handed out last Wednesday, March 4. People who are either unsuccessful, or are not interested, in securing another role will exit the business on April 14."

Mr Mundy said a number of the consultancy staff had already secured further work in the business and had been redeployed to other areas.






Boat people



… On Wednesday 18th August [1846] whilst Captain Steel was ashore, a heavy south easterly gale blew up. Steele's boat was damaged in the surf and he was unable to return to the ship.

As the gale worsened the prisoners were freed and all aboard swam for their lives through heavy seas. Soon the ship parted with both anchors and was driven onto a beach near the small creek at North Kirra which was later called Coolangatta Creek.

Fed by friendly aborigines, Steele and his party walked seventy miles along the beaches to Amity Point where they were taken aboard the “Tamar” to Brisbane. ...




Coolangatta Plaque [Monument Australia]















Children are being raped in Australia's refugee camps.

If the media and  "opposition" continue protecting Morrision (and the Murdoch Press), when it has been clearly demonstrated that they cooked up a lie, they don't really care much about the future of this country and its people.





Minister for Social Services Media Release [21/3/15]:



Australians of all backgrounds are encouraged to celebrate our cultural diversity today, with Harmony Day (21 March) marking 15 years of sharing the message that everyone belongs.

Minister for Social Services Scott Morrison said today is a day of respect for everyone who calls Australia home.

“We are one of the most tolerant nations on earth – a country built on many backgrounds, many journeys and many stories,” Minister Morrison said.

“Our cultural diversity has increased our connection to the world and given us many economic and social benefits. We want to continue to harness these benefits.

“In particular, the topics we need to keep looking at are improving access to labour market opportunities for culturally diverse Australians through employment participation, skills recognition and entrepreneurship.”



A Conservative election candidate was suspended tonight after being accused of trying to choreograph a fake demonstration outside a mosque with the help of former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson. … [Independent – 21/3/15]







Lives of women. Lives of first nations people. Lives of refugees. Lives of those killed in our wars.


These lives don't matter in Australia.







... But if Fraser’s position did not change much since 1975, Australia’s position certainly has: Australian politics has shifted so far to the right that Fraser ultimately became a hero of the self-styled left and a pariah among the self-styled Liberals. ...



Julian Burnside QC [Guardian - 20/3/15]






US must release photos of Abu Ghraib detainees, federal judge rules [Guardian – 22/3/15]





United States, “allies” continue bombing Iraq and Syria

Centcom [21/3/15]:

On March 20, U.S. military forces continued to attack ISIL terrorists in Syria, using bomber aircraft to conduct three airstrikes.

Separately, U.S. and Coalition military forces conducted seven airstrikes in Iraq, using attack, fighter, and remotely piloted aircraft against ISIL terrorists.

All strikes took place between 8 a.m., March 20, and 8 a.m., March 21, local time.

The following is a summary of the strikes conducted since the last press release:


•Near Kobani, three airstrikes destroyed nine ISIL fighting positions, one ISIL vehicle, one large ISIL machine gun, and one ISIL machine gun.


•Near Mosul, two airstrikes destroyed one ISIL storage facility and neutralized one ISIL rocket site, one ISIL RPG position, one ISIL large machine gun, and one ISIL mortar.

•Near Kirkuk, one airstrike destroyed one ISIL fighting position, one ISIL tank and one ISIL excavator.

•Near Hit in Al Anbar Province, one airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit.

•Near Ramadi, one airstrike destroyed an ISIL building.

•Near Taji, one airstrike destroyed two ISIL armored vehicles.

•Near Bayji, one airstrike destroyed two tactical units.

Airstrike assessments are based on initial reports. All aircraft returned to base safely.






All your militaries are belong to us:  Eagle Resolve exercise draws worldwide participation, improves interoperability [Centcom – 20/3/15]


US evacuates 100 special forces from Yemen airbase [Al Jazeera – 21/3/15]





Fierce fighting has broken out near Tripoli as forces linked to General Khalifa Haftar launched a campaign to "liberate" the Libyan capital from a rival administration.

The UN-recognised government of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni said on Saturday that Haftar's troops had been deployed south of Tripoli as it attempted to seize control of the city from the General National Congress (GNC) who govern it. ... [Al Jazeera - 21/3/15]




Afghanistan: District police chief critically injured as blast kills 3 in Kunduz

Khaama [21/3/15]:

At least three people were killed following an explosion in northern Kunduz province as Afghanistan celebrates Nowruz – the start of the Persian new year.

According to local government officials, the incident took place in Imam Sahib district due to an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) explosion.

Provincial governor spokesman Abdul Wase Basil said at least two others including the district police chief of Imam Sahib were critically injured following the blast.

Basil further added that the IED targeted the vehicle of Imam Sahib police chief, leaving one of his sons dead along with his brother and driver.

He said the district police chief was critically injured along with his other son following the explosion.

No group including the Taliban militants has so far claimed responsibility behind the incident.

Kunduz is among the relatively volatile provinces in northern Afghanistan where anti-government armed militant groups are actively operating in a number of its districts.

Taliban militants and insurgents from the other militant groups frequently use Improvised Explosive Device (IED) as the weapon of their choice to target Afghan security forces and officials. IEDS are also one of the major contributors of civilian casualties in Afghanistan.





7 killed in Khyber air strike

Dawn [21/3/15]:

Approximately seven militants were killed and five injured in an air strike on Saturday in Khyber tribal region's Tirrah Valley.

According to security forces, military jets targeted hideouts of banned outfits in Tirrah valley and militants were killed in aerial attacks.

Local sources said that for the last couple of days, hideouts of banned organisations have been continuously targeted in air strikes.

Khyber is one of Pakistan’s seven semi-autonomous regions governed by tribal laws and lies near the Afghan border.

Tirah valley is home to militants from the proscribed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and an allied group called Lashkar-i-Islam.

The airstrikes come amid the ongoing Khyber- One operation launched by the military in Khyber tribal region and are part of the military's stepped-up efforts since a militant attack in December killed 150 people, mostly children, at an army-run school in northwestern Peshawar city.

Militants have fled to various other tribal regions, including the Tirah Valley that borders Afghanistan, where they operate on both sides of the border.







The machete-wielding man who was shot by police when he attacked security agents at a New Orleans airport on Friday has died in hospital, police said on Saturday.

Richard White, 63, was carrying six homemade explosives when he attacked agents at the airport with wasp killer spray and a machete. He had a history of mental illness, officials said. ... [Reuters - 21/3/15]






Woman murdered at Pacific Haven [Howard], man arrested after chase


Fraser Coast Chronicle [22/3/15]:

A woman, 32, has been found murdered at a home in Pacific Haven on Sunday morning while a 34-year-old man has been taken into custody after a police chase that ended near Chatsworth.

The police used stingers to flatten the man's tyres in order to stop him after he allegedly fled the scene at Pacific Haven.

The man had a young girl in the car with him at the time. The age of the child is not known.

Police will hold a press conference about 12.30pm on Sunday at Pacific Haven and will release more details at that time.


Nine MSN [22/3/15]:



Police have released CCTV footage of the last time a Melbourne mother was seen in public before she was found dead in her Frankston North home.

In the video, Traci O'Sullivan is seen casually shopping at an IGA store about 700m from her home, before leaving the shop at around 4.20pm.

Her ex-partner and five-year-old son found her body in the Timbercourt Court residence two days later, on February 7, at midday.

The new CCTV has been released in the hope someone would recognise having seen Ms O'Sullivan in the days leading up to her murder. ...







A young mother who, in the midst of a psychotic state fell to her death from an Ipswich crane, could still be alive if the warning signs had been recognised and treated, a coroner has found.

Mother-of-two Melina Maree Cuttler died in February 2013 after she fell from a crane she had climbed near Ipswich Hospital. ... [Brisbane Times - 22/3/15]



Hit-and-run driver kills young woman in inner Brisbane

ABC [22/3/15]:

A young woman has been killed in a hit-and-run accident at Toowong in inner Brisbane.

Inspector Steve Flori said police believed the woman was in her 20s and was walking near the Western Freeway roundabout opposite Toowong Cemetery when she was hit.

He said the vehicle that struck her was heading towards the city and police want to talk to anyone who was in the area about 3:50am who saw a car being driven erratically or a car that had significant damage.


Body found near Clarence River

Northern Star [21/3/15]:

Police say there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a man whose body was found near the Clarence River in Grafton on Saturday.

The body of a male has been found on the north bank of the Clarence River at Grafton.

Police have cordoned off an area between Victoria Street and the river near St Mary's Church where a body has been covered by a white sheet..

Although there are few details at this stage, officers have confirmed it is a deceased male and has no relation to the disappearance of Grafton School teacher Sharon Edwards, who has been missing since last Saturday and is the subject of an extensive police investigation.



Why is the Academy Award winning 'Selma' not being screened on the Gold Coast?


Why was it only screened in one location in Brisbane for a limited season?




Viola Liuzzo:


Viola Fauver Gregg Liuzzo (April 11, 1925 – March 25, 1965) was a Unitarian Universalist civil rights activist from Michigan. In March 1965 Liuzzo, then a housewife and mother of 5 with a history of local activism, heeded the call of Martin Luther King Jr and traveled from Detroit, Michigan to Selma, Alabama in the wake of the Bloody Sunday attempt at marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Liuzzo participated in the successful Selma to Montgomery marches and helped with coordination and logistics. Driving back from a trip shuttling fellow activists to the Montgomery airport, she was shot by members of the Ku Klux Klan. She was 39 years old.







Selma to Montgomery: Martin Luther King and the march for freedom [Guardian - 21/3/15]






Regent Cinema, Murwillumbah





Fatal traffic crash, Moranbah [QPS Media – 20/3/15]

Fatal traffic crash, Arana Hills [QPS Media – 20/3/15]

Landscaping truck rollover causes delays on Caloundra Rd [Sunshine Coast Daily – 20/3/15]

Toowoomba roads nearly clear after traffic chaos from six-car pile up [Chronicle – 20/3/15]



One person has been killed, a toddler is in a critical condition and several others have been injured in a serious crash in Bedfordale. … [WA Today – 20/3/15]

Driving restrictions and free public transport as smog-choked Paris bans half of city’s traffic

France 24 [21/3/15]:

French authorities will on Monday put in place emergency traffic-limiting measures in Paris, as the City of Light and much of northern France suffers from a choking smog.

City mayor Anne Hidalgo had asked authorities to prevent one in every two cars from taking to the capital's streets and make all public transport temporarily free in a bid to drive down pollution.

"I am delighted the state has agreed to put in place a partial driving ban on Monday, which I have been requesting for several days," Hidalgo wrote Saturday on Twitter.

Only vehicles with number plates ending in an odd number will be allowed to drive, though exceptions exist for vehicles like taxis, electric cars and ambulances.

Public transportation is to be free until at least Monday in Paris and its surrounding towns in an effort to force pollution down by coaxing drivers to give up their cars for a few days.

Similar emergency measures were last implemented almost exactly a year ago - on March 17 - during a particularly bad spike in the pollution levels.

On Saturday, air quality monitors predicted that concentrations of potentially dangerous particulates in the air could again go over the recommended maximum.

In Paris, authorities measure the concentration of particulates with a diameter of less than 10 microns - so-called PM10 - in the air to determine pollution levels.

These particulates are created by vehicles, heating and heavy industry, and include the most dangerous particles that measure less than 2.5 microns in diameter, which can penetrate deep into the lungs and the blood system and can cause cancer.

The safe limit for PM10 is set at 80 microgrammes per cubic metre (mcg/m3).

According to a 2011 World Health Organisation report, the planet's most polluted city was Ahvaz in Iran with an average of 372 mcg/m3.

Beijing had an average of 121 mcg/m3, while Paris was measured at 38 mcg/m3.






The 80-kilometre wide core of Cyclone Nathan is spinning over the far eastern coast of the Northern Territory, with wind gusts of 155kph and torrential rain lashing communities in its path.

The destructive core of the category two storm made landfall around 8:00am (CST) between Nhulunbuy and Cape Shield, about 650 kilometres east of Darwin. ... [ABC - 22/3/15]




Man found dead near Brisbane River after dangerous storm hits Gold Coast, Brisbane [ABC - 22/3/15]




Chronicle [21/3/15]:



A major afternoon thunderstorm brought cricket ball size hail stones, lightning and heavy rain to Chinchilla on Saturday.

Play had to be abandoned at the annual Terry Charles Cup rugby league competition, being held at Bulldog Park, because of safety concerns.

The storm has caused damage, and residents whose homes have been affected can contact the SES on 1300 369 003.




Toowoomba Show gates swing open to welcome 20,000



Chronicle [20/3/15]:

More than 20,000 people took advantage of perfect weather conditions yesterday to enjoy the 2015 Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show.

The clear skies broke the tradition of a soggy People's Day as gates opened early to accommodate the crowds.

Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland Toowoomba CEO Damon Phillips said better weather couldn't have been asked for.

Wednesday's freak storm was enough to lay the dust, paving the way for families to take in the colours, sights and sounds.

"It has been a cracker," he said.

"This has got to be the best start of a show Thursday that I can remember.

"We've had really good crowds and we opened the gates fractionally earlier and, keeping an eye on the new entertainment, it has been popular." The giant inflatable water slide ran non-stop with throngs of people lining up in the heat for a slip down.

He said the focus on entertainment had been part of the show society's planning.

"It has been a strategy of ours and we're trying to mix it up and target different demographics," he said. "Getting into the show is relatively cheap; it's the rides that come after that cost.

"So this was the show society's way and, with the support of our sponsors, to make it good value for families."

This year's 700 entries in the cooking exhibits smashed previous records.

Mr Phillips said there were more than 10,000 entries across 34 competition categories spread around the showgrounds.

The show continues today at the Toowoomba Showgrounds.

Gates open at 9am and close at 9pm following fireworks and performances in the main arena.







22 March 2015