Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love.  @JulianAssange [21/1/18]



Its 173 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengaa refugees transit center. There are so challenges in the life but in this Hell I meant #Manus Hell has a unique hardship . Liberty is our path and goal @sunosi3 [22/1/18]



@Shamindan1 [22/1/18]:  Day 173 peaceful protest. [West Haus, Manus]



@Aussie4Refugees [22/1/18]:  Durable Solutions: UNHCR goes #Manus sightseeing, produces another weaselly "Fact Sheet" that doesn't call for FREEDOM and an end to anti-refugee "deterrence", thus continuing to provide cover for Australia's illegal trafficking, indefinite imprisonment, torture and exile policy.



@Aussie4Refugees [22/1/18]: November 2016:  UNHCR's so called commissioner for protection Volker Turk endorses the Australian Labor Party's failed proposal to traffick and exile refugees to Malaysia for slavery



... “In addition, the rights violating practices surrounding Guantanamo are now a model for the detention and incarceration polices of the US and other states. Plans to expand immigration detention for undocumented migrants and the deplorable conditions in such facilities are connected to Guantánamo’s origins and existence, as Trump’s initial travel ban included only Iran in addition to the states in which the resettlement of Guantánamo prisoners was already prohibited.

“Elsewhere, the fact that none of the remaining prisoners were captured on the battlefield by the US military and that eighty-six percent were sold into US custody by Afghan militias and the Pakistani military for cash bounties finds its contemporary resonance in the current brutal slave trade in migrants in Libya. It is the failure of the international community, and not just of the US, to act to close Guantánamo that has helped to legitimise this status quo. ... London Guantánamo Campaign marks Guantánamo 16th anniversary with US Embassy candlelight vigil



@Reprieve [21/1/18]:  Oldest prisoner turns 70, a Marine General becomes the first new prisoner & more from a year of Trump's #Guantanamo ...



The 9/11 trial judge has ruled that he and the prosecution did nothing wrong in authorizing the destruction of a former CIA “Black Site” prison without advance notice to defense attorneys.

Separately, Army Col. James L. Pohl, the judge, also postponed plans to hold a pretrial, mini-hearing meant to tackle two key questions hanging over the case: When did the war on terror begin, and for how long does torture taint confessions? ... [Miami Herald - 20/1/18]



 "...  Guantanamo Bay was built just for this purpose of depriving people of dignity and working outside the rule of law. ..."  @NCTorture [18/1/18]:  Former Guantanamo detainee and Aero Contractors rendition victim, @MohamedouOuld speaks out ...



The truth about rendition and torture An inquiry in North Carolina - January 23rd, 2018 12:30 PM



@CourtsinNT [18/1/18]:  The findings of Coroner Greg Cavanagh relating to the death of Ronnie Pangata Nelson have now been published online ...



The Northern Territory Government has announced an independent audit into complex offenders in supervised care, after revelations the public was not told about the escape of two detainees in separate incidents last year. ... [ABC - 22/1/18]



NT Government silent over claims of secret arrangement with NT News [ABC - 19/1/18]



9 News Darwin [2/12/17]: Chief Minister Michael Gunner has married his fiancé of 6 years [ABC journalist] Kristy O’Brien at the weekend. Congrats to the happy couple!



Aboriginal artist fined after questioning authenticity of fake art at newsagent [NITV - 22/1/18]:


A Queensland police spokesperson confirmed a 60-year-old man was issued with an infringement notice for public nuisance following an incident in Redcliffe on January 15. 

The man in question, Aboriginal artist Michael Connolly, said he'd received the fine after questioning the owner of a local newsagent, Jetty News, about the so-called 'bent sticks' on sale out the front of the shop. 

"I said, 'where are they made, and are they made by Aboriginal people and painted by Aboriginal people?'” he told NITV News. 

Mr Connolly, who runs Indigenous art business Dreamtime Kulilla Art, said the owner claimed the product was Australian-made but refused to name the artists or show an Australian-made sticker.

The owner then allegedly asked Mr Connolly to leave the store, and threatened to have him "removed".

Mr Connolly, whose ancestors were forcibly removed from their desert homelands, admits he lost his temper at that point and swore at the owner, prompting him to call the police.

Five days later, on January 20, Mr Connolly says police arrived at his home to issue the public nuisance infringement notice after receiving witness statements claiming he'd used bad language.  ...



Bob Katter says there is an unpleasant odour to Adani-linked airport [Guardian - 23/1/18]



We know less about Aurizon’s Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility application than we knew about Adani’s [We Suspect Silence - 16/1/18]:


... When I say “we know less” I’m not referring to “we” as in the general public, because the general public have been misinformed by silence and lies and cut n paste journalism.

When I say “we know less” I’m referring to those who know some actual true information, and who, for the most part, don’t share that information.

I’m referring to the messaging masters of the Stop Adani coalition NGOs and their think tank allies, the political parties (including the Greens), Fairfax, The Guardian, the ABC, and the NewsCorp press.



Palestinian prisoner dies of cancer in Israeli prison [Maan - 20/1/18]



Dozens of Palestinians on Sunday evening burned photos of US Vice President, Mike Pence, ahead of his arrival to meet with Netanyahu and the Israeli president on Tuesday.

The protesters, who gathered in Manger Square in Bethlehem, burned the photos and stepped on them before dumping them in the trash containers, as a form of rejection of the US policies against the Palestinians, and Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. ... [PNN - 22/1/18]



A Palestinian family in the Gaza Strip said on Friday it had killed a relative they said had helped Israel track down and kill three senior Hamas militants, including one of the man’s own kinsmen.

In a statement, the family of Ahmed Barhoum said it had shot him in the city of Rafah after they were told by a militant group that he had provided information to Israel.

This, the statement said, guided an Israeli air strike during the 2014 Gaza war that targeted the Hamas militants. ...  [Reuters - 20/1/18]



Thousands of asylum seekers protest deportation outside Rwandan Embassy in Israel [Haaretz - 22/1/18] 



@Refugees4Sale [22/1/18]:  According to Israel and Rwanda’s ‘deal’ - forced deportation, trafficking and torture become the new standard replacing refugee rights. Stop #Refugees4Sale! NOW Refugees demonstrate against @Netanyahu and @Kagame #Refugees4Sale ‘Deal’. Message to you UNHCR @RefugeesChief  



'Information sheet for infiltrators leaving for a safe third country' issued to asylum seekers at the Holot detention center [Haaretz - 22/1/18]



... “The history of our nation requires Israel to serve as a model for the treatment of children and adults who seek refuge from ethnic cleansing, persecution and political violence, from human trafficking, from rape and from torture. Israel is large and strong enough to provide temporary shelter and refuge to tens of thousands of asylum seekers from eastern Africa until such a time as they can return to their homes, freely and in security,” the letter added. ... Hundreds of Israeli academics urge Netanyahu not to deport African asylum seekers [Haaretz - 20/1/18]



Ahead of forced deportations, an Eritrean activist pleads for understanding [Times of Israel - 16/1/18]:


... Iyassu Zeru pointed out that because Eritreans living at home have no ability to protest or organize politically, the only ones who will be able to create real change are expatriates. But in Israel, fear over their situation overwhelms their ability to effect change.

“People feel they don’t have any safety, so they feel they need to keep silent,” said Zeru.


Iyassu Zeru is certain that his work organizing Eritreans in the Holot detention center and speaking to international media has put him on a list of government opposition figures, and his life is in danger — even if he is deported to a third-party country in Africa.

For that reason, if he is required to choose between deportation or imprisonment at Saharonim, Iyassu Zeru plans to choose prison. ...



22 January 2018