205th day of peaceful protest [East Lorengau, Manus Island]



Australia govt sent many pple to POM for medical treatments about months ago and brought 15 guys back to Manus today even though some of guys they wouldn’t have chance to meet the specialists of their being there ,,, @sunosi3 [23/2/18]



@BehrouzBoochani [23/2/18]: More refugees sent back from Port Moresby hospital to Manus. The new prison camps Hillside and West Haus are too crowded and there is not room for everyone. We don’t know what is behind this transferring of refugees between Port Moresby and Manus.



@EzatullahKakar [23/2/18]:  #Manus update: The five Bangladeshi men who were locked up at Lorengau gaol yesterday are now in Bomana Prison, Port Moresby, under threat of deportation. ...



Peter Dutton keeps housing refugees in the Labor Party's mouldy tents on Nauru as media, lawyers and former concentration camp workers tie themselves in knots devising ways of exploiting misery, but not challenging the "deterrence" policy. [Guardian - 23/2/18]



Former Tamil Tiger deported to Sri Lanka [Tamil Refugee Council - 23/2/18]:


The Tamil Refugee Council condemns the Australian government for deporting to Sri Lanka a former member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, or Tamil Tigers). Santharuban, who fled the country in 2012, last night was taken into custody for questioning in Colombo, the capital, on arrival just after 10pm local time.

He had been handcuffed and removed from the Broadmeadows detention centre (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation) on Tuesday evening and was driven to Sydney - escorted by four guards, one Border Force agent and one doctor - where he was detained.

Early Thursday morning, he was asked to sign a deportation document.

He claims that when he refused, Border Force agents grabbed him by the shirt and threatened to handcuff him, tape his mouth shut and drag him onto the plane.

Santharuban signed the document out of fear for his safety and subsequently was put on a flight to Sri Lanka, accompanied by two guards.

The Tamil Refugee Council arranged for prominent human rights lawyer K.S. Ratnavale to be present at Colombo airport, and also made arrangements for Santharuban’s family to travel from the north of the country to meet him. After four hours of questioning, Santharuban was released to his family.

Others returning to Sri Lanka have been detained for weeks or months and endured intensive interrogation.

Ratnavale, who is director of the Centre for Human Rights and Development, told the Tamil Refugee Council he is extremely concerned about the situation and, while he is relieved that Santharuban has been released, believes that he will likely be targeted or arrested in the future.

With the 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council beginning next week in Geneva, the Sri Lankan government will be hesitant to harm him. But the culture of reprisal in the security forces runs deep.

“We did not stop the government’s reckless and shameful act,” said Aran Mylvaganam, Tamil Refugee Council spokesperson.

“But, thankfully, and due in part to the intensive campaigning of activists and advocates in Australia, and the noise that we made to highlight this case, Santharuban, for the time being, has a reprieve. Under the circumstances, it is the best we could have hoped for. But he is still in a perilous situation.”

The Tamil Refugee Council will continue to monitor the situation and stay in contact with people close to Santharuban and his family. ...



Mullaitivu residents whose lands have been earmarked for landgrab by the Sri Lankan Navy protested on Thursday, blocking access to state land surveyors who had to turn back from the area. ... [Tamil Guardian - 23/2/18]



Sri Lanka's Foreign Ministry denies High Commissioner to UK resigned [Tamil Guardian - 22/2/18]



@AzimiFaraidon [23/2/18]: 38th day our peaceful protest in Balikpapan IDC Indonesian detention center for freedom @IOM_Indonesia @UNHCRIndo ...



@Miladkhan01 [23/2/18]:  #balikpapan #AsylumSeekers We have passed the 38 day of our peaceful protest for freedom .. Today each single of us sent many emails to D.G.I in order to draw their attention more seriously about our current situation.... #We_want_our_right #Being_refugee_is_not_crime 




38days of #Refugees protest in Balikpapan Camp 4 our #freedom.We want the media, civil society activists & human rights to reflect our voice @MahdiAlizada18 [23/2/18]



Where is Human Rights Watch's condemnation of Aung San Suu Kyi's genocide, that also calls on the region to PROTECT Rohingya, and particularly for Australia to END its anti-refugee policy, military co-operation, and reign in companies doing business in Rakhine? ---> What a pathetic statement from governments including Australia that should know better. While UN says this is “textbook case of ethnic cleansing” - instead this statement reads like something issued after a humanitarian disaster - not a government-inflicted one. #Burma #Rohingya @PearsonElaine [21/2/18]



@nslwin [22/2/18]: #Myanmar military set fire at least two #Rohingya abandoned houses in #TaungPyoLetYar today (Feb. 22) at 10:55PM. This filmed by a #MyanmarGenocide survivor from No Man's Land. ...



... The Rohingyas who recently arrived in Bangladesh said the Myanmar army stopped crackdown but those still living in Rakhine are almost held hostage.

Having been famished for days, many of them are fleeing to Bangladesh.

Marium Khatun, a Rohingya woman who fled to Bangladesh crossing over Teknaf waters and took shelter at a transit camp in Ukhiya’s Kutupalong area, said: “Those who are still in Rakhine do not get food. The army has stopped torture on us but imposed restrictions on our movement. The men are not allowed to move out of home, let alone go to markets. That’s why we have fled to Bangladesh.” ... [Dhaka Tribune - 22/2/18]



As region continues denying protection to the Rohingya, and signalling approval for Aung San Suu Kyi's genocide, floating "home" emerges in Bay of Bengal [Reuters - 22/2/18]



Myanmar, Bangladesh to verify 'zero line' refugees, says MOFA official [Frontier Myanmar - 22/2/18]



Australia’s “Barnaby Joyce crisis”: What is not being discussed [WSWS - 21/2/18]:


... The “Joyce affair” erupted on the eve of Turnbull’s trip to Washington this week for an official state visit, where US President Donald Trump will reportedly press him to agree to a formal “Quadrilateral” security and economic alliance between the US, Japan, India and Australia, directed against China.

Trump and US intelligence agencies will also demand a heightened offensive against alleged “Chinese interference” in Australia and Asia, a witch hunt that has already seen the Turnbull government introduce a barrage of “foreign interference” bills.

Moreover, earlier this month, the Trump administration announced the appointment of Admiral Harry Harris as the next US ambassador to Australia. Harris is one of the most outspoken advocates for confronting Beijing and preparing war against China.

His role will be to silence any and all critics of this agenda within the ruling elite, and to ensure that popular opposition to war, which will invariably erupt among workers and youth, be forcefully suppressed.

While Joyce and the Nationals fully subscribe to the US alliance, they are regarded as somewhat unreliable because of the heavy dependence of some of their key constituencies, particularly the mining industry, on Chinese markets.

Just last month, Joyce distanced himself from the government’s attack on Chinese aid projects in the Pacific, declaring that it was “really important we understand that we are intricately linked to the commerce of the People’s Republic of China.” ...



... Prime Minister Turnbull will deliver the opening keynote address to governors at the meeting on Saturday, Feb. 24. Turnbull, who took office in September 2015 and is in his second term, is the 29th Prime Minister of Australia.

He has made trade one of his priorities as Prime Minister, creating new export opportunities for Australian businesses, farmers, services and manufacturers that support economic growth and create new jobs.  

He will be joined by an Australian delegation that includes Australian Ambassador to the United States Joe Hockey, New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, West Australian Premier Mark McGowan, Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister Andrew Barr and Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner, as well as senior Australian business leaders. ...  Turnbull and his conga line of suckholes go to Washington [National Governors Association - 8/2/18]



Bert, Ernie and Oscar the Grouch will be on their way to Queensland, if Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's attempts to lure the children's show prove successful.

On a trip to the US, Ms Palaszczuk met with senior members of the team behind the TV series Sesame Street to encourage the show to film in Queensland for its milestone 50th season in 2019. ... [Brisbane Times - 22/2/18]



Queensland child safety workers pledge to 'work differently' after accusations of racism and abuse of power [NITV - 22/2/18]



Palestinian man dies in Israeli custody, family blames severe beating during arrest [Maan - 22/2/18]



The Palestinian Journalist Syndicate (PJS) released a statement on Thursday condemning Israel’s detention of Palestinian journalist Muhammad Alwan, who was detained on Wednesday while covering a protest outside the Ofer military prison in the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. ... [Maan - 22/2/18]



@aptly_engineerd [22/2/18]: Thread on Today’s demonstration of detained African asylum seekers on hunger strike in protest of Israel’s policy of forcing refugees to choose between indefinite imprisonment and deportation ...


Hunger striking African refugees are demanding return of those sent to Saharonim prison indefinitely for refusing deportation to Rwanda chanting “Bring Back Our Brothers” and “We are Refugees not criminals” ...



@wrkclasshistory :  #OtD 22 Feb 1943 3 German White Rose activists, students Christoph Probst, Hans and Sophie Scholl, were executed by guillotine for urging the overthrow of the #Nazi government. As the blade fell, Hans called out “Let freedom live!” ...



22 February 2018