London remembers refugees who’ve died in Australia's offshore concentration camps [Huck - 22/4/16]




Day 34, Refugee protests Nauru



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‏@InsurrectNews [23/4/16]:  #Graffiti against the ABF (Australian Border Force) at the Australian govt's refugee detention center on #Nauru.





How much longer?




When Israel was in Egypt's land: Let my people go,

Oppress'd so hard they could not stand, Let my People go.  ...






... Although usually thought of as a spiritual, the earliest recorded use of the song was as a rallying anthem for the Contrabands at Fort Monroe sometime before July 1862.  ... Sarah Bradford's authorized biography of Harriet Tubman, 'Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman' (1869), quotes Tubman as saying she used "Go Down Moses" as one of two code songs fugitive slaves used to communicate when fleeing Maryland. ...  [Wikipedia]



Refugees on Nauru [November, 2014]




 ‏@AusAmbIsrael [22/4/16]:  PM @TurnbullMalcolm wishes everyone Chag Sameach for Pesach / Passover.:


Message from the Prime Minister

Passover 2016

Celebrated for millennia and in every corner of the world, the story of the Exodus is deeply embedded in Jewish tradition.

The enduring example of the Israelites' deliverance frm slavery resonates down through the ages, and with all who seek freedom from oppression.

Movingly evoked through the Seder, the most elemental of objects - lamb, bitter herbs, wine and unleavened bread - recall the the path to liberty often requires great sacrifice, endurance and suffering.

As Jewish families and friends gather for the festivities, I know each of you will express thanks for the blessings we share, and will pledge yourselves anew to building amore inclusive and compassionate society.

It is a commitment I proudly share with you.

Chag Sameach.


The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Prime Minister of Australia

12 April 2016



... After five days at sea, their boat reached Australian waters, but the engine failed as they struggled to make their way closer to Christmas island.

The Rohingya desperately waved to the crew of a passing Australian Navy vessel, which Mr Abdul said did not respond.  ... 



[The Straits Times - 1/2/16]



Statement and questions from the more then fifty refugees exiled on Nauru [4/8/14]:


... We want to tell you that we are here like animals. In a zoo there is different animals from different countries and people go to look at them. Nauru is a zoo.

We are just different animals from different countries. People come to visit here and then asks some questions then they note it down. But we know from experience that they are doing just paper work and nothing will happen.

They just come to look at us.

Recently one man called Paris Aristotle came to our accommodation and he said he was from a NGO in Victoria. He said he is here to help us and to listen to us.

On that first day we asked him to take our problems to the media and he said that he cannot because he has good relationship with the minister!

We are confused. Is this man here for us or immigration?

The second day when he came, he came with Mark who is the deputy chief secretary of immigration and, as he told us, he is in charge of all detention centres of Australia.

When we were talking Paris was supporting Mark, not us. When we tell them some things they laughed at us. We are confused, is this man, Paris, here for us or for the DIAC?  ...




.... PARIS ARISTOTLE: I- The government has stopped the boats and I for one am glad that we haven't seen anybody drown in the last 18 months ... [ABC - 29/5/15]




Richard "I'd be worse" Marles reasserts the ALP's support for refoulement, refugee concentration camps, disappearance and exile [House of Representatives Hansard - 2/12/15]:


... So, when history looks to lay the blame for what occurred in the past, it will not be nearly as simple as the minister's description just now.

Equally, when history looks to ascribe credit to how we have brought an end to the journey from Java to Christmas Island, it will remember that the regional resettlement arrangement, which was put in place by the then Labor government and resulted in 90 per cent of the vessels from Java to Christmas Island stopping before the current government was ever sworn into office.

Yes, there is no doubt that turning around the remaining 10 per cent of those vessels has been a critical step taken by this government, but this government has enjoyed an opposition which has supported it in its endeavours to bring an end to that journey between Java and Christmas Island—an enjoyment that was not shared by the former Labor government in respect of the former coalition opposition. ...




Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island:  A film by Lukas Schrank - WINNER: Best Short Documentary, Melbourne International Film Festival 2015 ...




Embassy of the United States, Port Moresby [27/2/14]:


U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz visited Port Moresby on Saturday, February 15 to see the progress of the new U.S. embassy construction in Harbour City, Port Moresby.

Congressman Chaffetz met and thanked Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for his support for American investments, such as the ExxonMobil LNG project.

Congressman Chaffetz also met with Papua New Guinean Ambassador to the United States Rupa Mulina and Acting Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lucy Bogari, to highlight the importance of the Asia-Pacific region to the United States. ...





Pro-detention, victim blaming Australian media hold refugees to account for inability to accept exile and disappearance as "freedom" and "resettlement" [Sydney Morning Herald - 22/4/16]:

One of the first refugees to be settled in PNG Loghman Sarwari has been arrested trying to return to the Manus Island transit centre.

An Iraqi refugee has been arrested for trying to break back into the guarded transit centre on Manus Island after deciding he could not cope with freedom in one of Papua New Guinea's biggest cities.

The Iraqi and an Iranian spent the night in custody in the Lorengau police lock-up after attempting to return to the centre, which was designed to accommodate those released from detention before they settle in PNG.

Three refugees who have left Manus Island to try and rebuild their lives in Lae after being granted refugee status have returned to the island, saying they feel safer in the transit centre. ...




Pope Francis has accepted as many Syrian refugees as Australia [America Magazine - 21/4/16]





Australia hasn't accepted refugees since July 2014.  Australia stops people from seeking asylum by pushing back and/or abandoning boats, exile, and torture - medical torture


Publishing stories about refugees and health care in Australia without this context is misleading. [SBS - 22/4/16]





ABC does umpteenth "good refugees" yarn about the 160 Myanmar refugees specially selected by Australia in 2010 for not being Rohingya [ABC - 22/4/16]





Rohingya refugee who complained to authorities of abuse and exploitation, carried out by local official at a camp in Cox's Bazaar, abducted after receiving death threats [Burma Times - 22/4/16]




A crucial meeting between Mr U Tha Aye, a leader of Rohingya community and UNHCR was held in India at the end of last week regarding the rights of Rohingya refugees living at makeshift camps in India. ... [Burma Times - 22/4/16]




Bangladesh deports hundreds of Rohingya refugees [Radio Free Asia - 21/4/16]:


... The latest batch of 20 Rohingyas was turned back Wednesday with no obstruction from the BGB’s counterpart on the Myanmar side of the border, after these members of the neighboring county’s Muslim minority were caught trying to cross into Bangladesh without proper papers, Sarker [Lt. Col. Imran Ullah Sarker, chief executive of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB)] said.

The process of catching and sending Rohingyas back to Myanmar has, in fact, been occurring over the past several months, leading to a slight reduction in the number entering Bangladesh, he added. ...





Despite massive profit writedowns across its global operations earlier this year, Australian oil and gas firm Woodside Energy is confidently predicting growth in the Myanmar market, its chairman told the company’s annual general meeting on Thursday.

The company’s Singapore-incorporated local subsidiary, Woodside Myanmar, opened its Yangon field office in 2014.

It is currently involved in partnerships to explore six oil and gas blocks off the coast of Rakhine State, where it has discovered two gas reserves since January.


Reuters reported on April 18 that US firm Chevron is planning to sell its Myanmar gas assets valued at $1.3 billion, based in the Yadana gasfields.

Woodside is expected to be one of the prospective buyers, according to the report. [Frontier Myanmar - 22/4/16]



... Woodside chief executive Peter Coleman's remuneration totalled $US7.55 million in 2015, down from $US8.46 million in 2014. ... Woodside hit with first strike against executive pay [ABC - 21/4/16]




‏@ajplus [21/4/16]:  The @ACLU lawsuit against the psychologists behind the CIA torture program goes to court for the first time.




Five former New Orleans police officers pleaded guilty Wednesday and were sentenced in connection with the deadly shootings of six unarmed people on the Danziger Bridge days after Hurricane Katrina.

The defendants also pleaded guilty for their roles in an extensive cover-up of the shooting, a scarring episode in New Orleans that compounded the devastation of the flooding.

But their sentences -- from three to 12 years in prison -- are remarkably less severe than the six to 65 years in prison they were originally sentenced to back in 2012. ... [CNN - 21/4/16]




@AusAmbIsrael [21/4/16]:  Just spoke to group of visiting Victorian Labor MPs, in Israel to explore innovation opportunities.




Canadian student union will divest from firms aiding Israeli abuses [Electronic Intifada - 22/4/16]



In New York City, Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C., Jews have staged protests dubbed "Liberation Seder" to demand U.S. Jewish establishment groups end their support for Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The protests draw on rituals from Passover, which begins Friday night.

Seventeen people were arrested at a protest inside the New York City offices of the Anti-Defamation League Wednesday, while six people were arrested Tuesday at a protest at AIPAC’s offices in Boston.

More protests are planned for San Francisco later today. [Democracy Now - 21/4/16]



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) will continue to operate in Area A of the occupied West Bank, which is officially under full Palestinian Authority (PA) security and civilian control. ... [PNN - 21/4/16]



Palestinian teen run over by Israeli settler in Hebron [Maan - 21/4/16]



The Palestinian Authority's Committee of Prisoners' Affairs said on Thursday that hunger striking prisoner Sami Janazrah suffered from a head wound after fainting while being transferred from Israel's Ktziot prison Wednesday. ... [Maan - 21/4/16]



Israel rabbi to paramedics: 'Leave Palestinians to die' [Al Jazeera - 20/4/16]




This fascist destruction of human beings is bipartisan (and possibly tripartisan).


It must not be swept under the carpet by choreographed distractions such as 4 Corners' - free the children and keep the "transparent" death camps open.


It must be protested and stopped.



Not one Australian politician has condemned the arrests and jailing of Nauru refugees who attempted suicide. Even the doctors.


Image:  @GQAustralia [8/3/16]



Remember who imprisoned this boy, and would continue to imprison him if they are elected by default. --->  ... This is a kid who went without glasses for a year after they were deliberately smashed by security guards.

This is a kid who left his home country and paid to complete his education in a country where he wasn’t at risk of execution.

This is a kid who brightens my day, and makes me laugh like nobody else can.

And this is a kid who we’ve locked up, beaten, denied medical attention to- because he arrived by boat. ...   Manus: An emotional rant [Julian Burnside - 21/4/16]




Dutton is escalating the terrorising of refugees and asylum seekers because he is emboldened by a lack of opposition and a phony, partisan human rights establishment. Michele Feinberg [21/4/16]:




At 6am today, approximately 15 Border Force officers and dogs arrived at BITA, woke all the detainees and moved them all to the common room while they searched their rooms.

Most of the detainees were still in their pyjamas as they were not allowed to dress.

No explanation for the raid was given and the search lasted two hours.

No one has been transferred but many were understandably very frightened by this unexpected interruption to their sleep and the search of their rooms by uniformed officers and dogs.

The asylum seekers at BITA are there for treatment of their medical conditions, including mental illness, depression and serious heart conditions.

I fear that an event such as this could have serious impacts on the health of these vulnerable people.

They sought our protection and we punished them, they now need our care and we harm them.

Please share widely, please talk to whoever might listen, please don't turn away.



 The only way to end bipartisan fascism is with non partisan opposition. 

Plibersek: People coming to Australia by boat should not expect to be accepted into our refugee & humanitarian intake ...


"tweeted" by @ABCNews24 [29/9/15]



 Shorten: Offshore regional processing is an important part of defeating the crime gangs. #auspol #asylumseekers


Image:   ‏@ABCNews24 [4/2/16]



Mr Tim WATTS (Gellibrand) (19:40) [House of Representatives Hansard - 25/11/15]:


... We also committed to practical, compassionate measures that will work in the short term—continuing the combination of offshore processing and regional resettlement together with the policy of turning back boats that has stopped the flow of vessels arriving on our shores. ...




ALP helps Coalition lock in offshore detention [ABC - 24/6/15]




‏@ashahshahani [21/4/16]:  At our workshop @DetentionWatch convening, we strategized about shutting down corporate-run #shadowprisons! #EndDetention ...







@DetentionWatch  [21/4/16]:  Photos from the first day of DWN's #EndDetention conference by Steve Pavey. #not1more  




Two undocumented immigrants locked in Stewart Detention Center in rural Georgia are refusing food, authorities said Thursday.

The protest, described as a hunger strike by an immigration attorney, comes a few months after a major disturbance at the for-profit detention center, which contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ...

Parsonage said she represents one of the detainees refusing food. Her client, a stateless Palestinian who she wouldn’t name for fear of jeopardizing his case, originally was placed in deportation proceedings for working without authorization on his student visa. But in his six months of detention, ICE has been unable to secure travel documents to his birth country or an alternative third country. 

“It’s a mess,” Parsonage said.

“All he wants is to either be let out or sent home. He’s in his 20s and misses his mother. He wants to go home. If you’re going to deport him, do it. If you can’t deport him, which I think is the case, then let him go on an ankle bracelet.” ...  [Huffington Post - 21/4/16]




Kenya's government wants three Kenyans wanted by The Hague-based International Criminal Court to be prosecuted locally, the attorney general said Thursday.

The ICC wants Kenya to extradite three citizens to the Hague-based court to answer to charges of witness tampering.

A Kenyan court ruled that one of the Kenyans, former journalist Walter Barasa, should be extradited, but he has appealed the decision.

The other two are lawyer Paul Gicheru, and Philip Kipkoech Bett. ... [ABC News - 21/4/16]




How a simple request got me blacklisted by the Pentagon [The Intercept - 21/4/16]




More than 13 years after an Egyptian cleric was kidnapped off the streets of Milan by CIA operatives, one former agency officer now living in Portugal faces extradition to Italy, where she was sentenced to four years in prison for the abduction.

Sabrina De Sousa, 60, was one of 26 Americans convicted in absentia by Italian courts for her alleged role in the February 2003 rendition of Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, also known as Abu Omar.

Like the other convicted Americans, De Sousa never really faced the threat of Italian imprisonment, because she had moved back to the United States long before the Italian trials began. But last spring, De Sousa moved to Portugal to be near relatives.

In the fall, she was detained by local authorities at the Lisbon airport on a European arrest warrant.

This week, Portugal’s highest court upheld the country’s lower courts’ rulings, declared that they did not violate the constitution, and said De Sousa should be sent to Italy as soon as May 4. ... [Washington Post - 21/4/16]




NHS spends millions picking up bill after patients suffer botched treatment in private hospitals [Mirror -17/4/16]




Greens were busy attacking Clive Palmer  --->  Incitec Pivot signs deal with QGC to deliver gas to Phosphate Hill [North West Star - 4/4/16]




Another huge sulphuric acid spill in North Queensland, Greens silent [Brisbane Times - 22/3/16]:


A highway in northwest Queensland remains closed where a truck rolled and spilled sulphuric acid.

The Flinders Highway at Maxwelton, near Richmond, is expected to be shut for most of Tuesday as authorities clean up the hazardous material.

The truck was carrying three tanks of sulphuric acid when it rolled on the highway on Monday afternoon.

One of the tanks leaked, prompting authorities to establish a 10km exclusion zone. ...




Agricultural  lime is being used to raise the pH levels in a dam exposed to sulphuric acid that leaked after a train derailment. 

The Garomna property stock watering dam owned by grazier Nigel Simmons was exposed to some of the 31,500 litres of sulphuric acid that leaked from the train that derailed 20 kilometres east of Julia Creek on December 27.

It caused the dam’s pH levels to fall to 2. 

The sulphuric acid belonged to fertiliser company Incitec Pivot, which owns an acid plant in Mount Isa and the Phosphate Hill site in the Cloncurry shire. 

A company spokeperson said the neutralisation should be completed by Friday.  ... [North West Star - 25/1/16]




Freight train derailment: Mount Isa rail line reopens after sulphuric acid spill - Queensland Greens M.I.A. [ABC - 13/1/16]




Queensland government renews contract for monopoly, outsourced rail freight provider, immediately following Julia Creek derailment, Greens say nothing [Media Release - 31/12/15]



Last night Queensland lost a key remnant of its democracy and as at 10.00 am this morning apparently the Greens have nothing to say.


Are they a third party, or a bunch of frauds?




Never seen a kakapo? A fine moment from one of these wonderful birds on 'Last Chance to See' <3 #EarthDay2016



‏"tweeted" by @QldGreens [23/4/16]




Even as it has been pointed out they have been wedged by the major parties? [Brisbane Times - 23/4/16]:


... Last month, Labor lost all but six Brisbane City Council wards, including one to the Greens.  Despite the LNP dropping its primary vote by just over 7 per cent, Labor picked up less than 2 per cent of that vote, with the majority going to the Greens. That worried Labor at more than just a local government level. 

Key electorates, including Deputy Premier Jackie Trad's seat of South Brisbane and rising star Steven Miles' electorate of Mount Coot-tha, were at risk of falling to the Greens at the next election, which could be held any time from August onwards. ...



At the last election, why did the Greens - and certain activist groups - urge voters to number every box and put the LNP last?:




We have prepared a statewide how-to-vote (HTV) card to help you in allocating your preferences. You can download this guide here.

Our how-to-vote card is only a guide – as a voter you should know that you control your vote and can decide the order of your preferences.

To maximise your vote, we recommend numbering every box, and putting the LNP last.




All 7 and we'll watch them fall

They stand in the way of love and we will smoke them all

With an intellect and a savoir-faire

No one in the whole universe will ever compare …

'7', Prince [1992]




SuperPACs and billionaires are bankrolling our elections, and as a result, most Americans have virtually no influence in our political system—a damning state of affairs for the world’s oldest surviving democracy.

Yet, far from giving up, the American people are ready to take back their democracy. In fact, the electorate is united in its support for the needed reform: 85% of Americans want fundamental changes in the way we fund our elections; 72% of Americans support public financing of elections, the most necessary and urgent reform; and 78% want to overturn Citizens United.

Evidence of this new excitement can be seen in the recently concluded actions and events of Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening—two movements centered on money in politics and voting rights. ... [Common Dreams - 21/4/16]




... WILLIAM HARTUNG [Senior Adviser to the Security Assistance Monitor]: Well, the thing that amazes me is that since he met with the GCC leaders in May at Camp David last year, he’s approved $33 billion in weapons sales to the Gulf states, mostly to Saudi Arabia, at a time when the Saudis have been engaged in a brutal bombing campaign in Yemen, accused of possible war crimes, using cluster bombs, at least 3,200 civilians killed.

And it’s not clear to what degree he brought this up, to what degree he’s threatened to cut off arms supplies.

So, to me, that colors the whole event, because, basically, in the name of reassuring the Saudis about Iran, they’re allowing this to go on and actually facilitating the Saudi killing in Yemen. ... As Saudis continue deadly bombing of Yemen, is Obama trading cluster munitions for Riyadh's loyalty?  [Democracy Now - 21/4/16]




UN-sponsored Yemen peace talks begin in Kuwait [Reuters - 21/4/16]




UN Syria envoy to pursue peace talks next week [Reuters - 21/4/16]





22 April 2016