Day 216 refugee protests, Nauru



Image: @elahe_zivardar [21/10/16]


@SuchNigel [21/10/16]:  Thank you #Australia for torture #Nauru ...



Another petition calling on Turnbull and Dutton to end ALP policy [Asylum Seeker Resource Centre - ASRC]



Turnbull and Dutton will NOT #BringThemHere because Shorten and the ALP won't allow it.  Advocates who don't protest the LNP and ALP duopoly equally aren't serious.



Weasel words, token funding and NGO hotlines don't change the fact your party is the party of torture and pushing away refugees Daniel Andrews [Huffington Post - 31/8/16]:


... The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), which has been established in Victoria for over a decade, will provide assistance to asylum seekers and temporary protection visa holders enrolling in courses with integrated education plans. ...



‏@nslwin [21/10/16]:  Demonstration at #ManusIsland detention centre organized by #Rohingya refugees on Oct 19th. Called to end extrajudicial killing in #Maungdaw



MD Imran [19/10/16]:


We are stateless Rohingya from Manus Island Detention centre which is run by the Australian Government.

We are deeply sorry for the innocent Rohingya civilians who are being killed inhumanly.

More than 100 Rohingyan children, women and men have been killed and 700 houses are being torched by the Myanmar government in the last 5 days.

Our mothers and sisters are being raped to death in front of their families, our brothers are being buried alive, as well as our young boys being shot and stabbed in front of their parents so drastically. It is not just today's situation.

It has been happening for over 70 years for the Rohingyan people from Arakan.

If the international community continuously ignore the Rohingya genocide and persecution, we are afraid we are going to see another neverending battle and the Rohingyan people will be extinct very soon.

We are pleading to all responsible citizens of the world, to spread word of this desperate situation as far as you are capable and to take immediate necessary action to stop this genocide of Rohingyan people.



‏@nslwin [21/10/16]:  Demonstration in front of Town Hall in #Sydney organized by #Rohingya community in #Australia. Their joint statement ...



‏@nslwin [21/10/16]:  8 #Rohingya women, rape victims from #UShinGya #Maungdaw are: 2 is 15-yo, 1 is 18-yo, 1 is 20-yo, 1 is 25-yo and the remaining 3 is 30+ -yo.



‏@nslwin [21/10/16]:  8 #Rohingya women from #UShinGya village #Maungdaw were raped by #Myanmar army on Oct 19th. I received all names of the women.




The Burmese government and army should urgently ensure humanitarian aid can reach ethnic Rohingya and other vulnerable populations in northern Rakhine State, Human Rights Watch said today.

Government security operations have cut off assistance to tens of thousands of people and forced many to flee their homes.

The United Nations and donor governments should publicly call on the Burmese government to ensure aid organizations can reach those in need. ... [Human Rights Watch - 21/10/16]



Aung San Suu Kyi's continues her regional tour as Rakhine burns [Bangkok Post - 21/10/16]



‏@JamilaHanan [21/10/16]: I felt that same sadness in 2012 when I saw her touring the world saying nothing whilst #Rohingya homes were burning.



Two Tamil students from Jaffna University were reportedly shot dead by Sri Lankan police on Thursday evening.

The official cause of death is yet to be certified.

Students are currently gathering outside Jaffna Hospital to hear the results of the post-mortem. ... [Tamil Guardian - 21/10/16]



Trial underway in Canada for alleged smuggling of Tamil refugees [Tamil Guardian - 21/10/16]:


The trial of four men who are accused of human smuggling after the arrival of 492 Tamils on the coast of British Columbia in 2010, has commenced on Wednesday.

Lesly Emmanuel, Kunarobinson Christhurajah, Nadarajah Mahendran and Thampeernayagam Rajaratnam pled not guilty under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Crown counsel, prosecutors for the Ministry of Justice stated that "none of the 492 persons aboard the MV Sun Sea had the required travel documents” and were smuggled into the country illegally.

Crown’s statements also described the conditions endured by migrants.

“There were no beds. The men slept on the floor. Food was sent below decks and the men were only allowed on deck for certain periods of time. The women and children slept under tarps on the deck of the boat.”

One person died on board and was buried at sea. Emmanuel and Christhurajah were both on board the MV Sun Sea, with Emmanuel said to be the captain and Christhurajah as a “person of influence on the boat.”

Mahendran and Rajaratnam, both Canadian citizens, were not on board the MV Sun Sea but are accused of being agents.

The case comes after the highest court of Canada ruled that human smuggling laws were overbroad and as a result imposed a narrower definition, in November 2015.

This allowed the opportunity for many who were on board the MV Sun Sea to have their cases for refugee status reheard.

However, the four accused are being tried on the claim that they took money in exchange for bringing people to Canada.

This trial is to be decided by a 12-member jury and is expected to last 8 weeks.      



We've shut down so-called Adelaide #JusticeForFella #BlackLivesMatter



 ‏Image: @Spike_o_o [21/10/16]



‏@Spike_o_o [21/10/16]:  Ms Dhu's uncle speaks out about her death and calls to #ReleaseTheCCTV ... [Parliament House, SA]



@Spike_o_o [21/10/16]:  Dylan Voller's family speaks out against the abuses he has experienced in youth detention ...



National Call to Action Against Systemic Violence and Brutality by Australian Police and Corrections.



Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance - WAR [21/10/16]:


 A young Aboriginal boy was received by Parkville youth justice detention centre with 40 or so dog bites all over him from Victoria Police.

Formal complaints have been to VicPol professional standards and the boy is seeking legal advice.

Apparently there will be a story in the age newspaper on Sunday.

This happened in the last 1-2 weeks.  <--- Ask Senator Claire Moore why the use of dogs by police to harm and instil fear is permissible in Australia.



Last August, a Senate motion to expedite the ratification of OPCAT [Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment] didn't even get to a vote because protected and unaccountable  Queensland ALP Senator Claire Moore objected.  



Senate Hansard [11/8/15]:


... Senator MOORE: Yes, Senator Wright, we did deny formality to this important motion, because it is our longstanding practice.

Where we have an issue such as this which is complex and creates a number of complex situations and also determines significant discussions across all states and territories, we believe it is not appropriate to use the notice of motion process for that, and that is our standard practice.




A second parole application by a murderer who used an axe to kill a West Australian mother and her three children has been rejected, with the state's Attorney-General saying it is very unlikely he will ever be freed. ... [ABC - 21/10/16]



Kensington murder accused denies admissions, court told [The Age - 21/10/16]



A suspected double murder of two young children in Yanchep on Thursday night is believed to have been carried out by their 35-year-old father Jason Headland.

Mr Headland, who remains in a critical condition at Royal Perth Hospital, is under police guard after he apparently tried to commit suicide following the death of his two children aged three and five. ... [WA Today - 21/10/16]



Accused murderer says mother killed Mildura toddler Nikki Francis-Coslovich [The Age - 20/10/16]



Philippine National Police Director says investigation underway into violent attacks on protestors at US embassy [ - 20/10/16]



BHP says it will defend Brazil charges [Yahoo – 21/10/16]



Argentina: Hundreds protest British military exercises in UK-occupied 'Falklands' [VIDEO - Ruptly TV – 20/10/16]



Women take to the streets in Buenos Aires City to condemn femicides [Buenos Aires Hearld - 20/10/16]



How Fr Pat survived Argentina’s purge [Irish Examiner – 18/10/16]



Clinton emails reveal direct US sabotage of Venezuela [teleSUR – 26/7/16]



‏@wikileaks [21/10/16]:  Clintons have over ‘500 Different’ conflicts of interest -- Clinton Foundation Executive Doug Band #PodestaEmails ...



‏@wikileaks [21/10/16]:  There is no US election. There is power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged 'pied piper' candidate drive consolidation.



‏@wikileaks [21/10/16]:  WikiLeaks reveals first batch of US president Barack Obama emails sent via secret address ...



‏@wikileaks [21/10/16]:  RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 14 ... #HillaryClinton



@wikileaks [21/10/16]:  RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 13 ... #HillaryClinton ...



Clinton campaign makes wildly inconsistent claims about emails published by WikiLeaks [Shadowproof – 20/10/16]



In all disproportion to size and physical heft, WikiLeaks has managed to throw bombs of digital worth into various political processes with marked effect.

While its critics and detractors deny and attempt to dispel its influence, the authorities are still concerned.

So concerned, in fact, that they have attempted, over the years, to curb the reach and access to the website, and its chief publisher, Julian Assange. ... [Counterpunch - 20/10/16]




Newsweek’s Eichenwald doubles down on debunked conspiracy, loses it on Twitter [Sputnik News - 20/10/16]




'Grab a pussy ... cat' facebook post could hurt Humane Society, says marketers [CBC - 20/10/16]




Walk Together and keep Australia's anti-refugee torture, exile and boat turnback policy unopposed.



Image: ‏@prehumax  [29/6/15]



All aboard the bipartisan ship [Overland - 11/8/15]:


... Welcome to Australia director Brad Chilcott has publicly supported a policy of turn-backs in breach of the principle of non-refoulement.

In advance of the ALP conference, which he attended as a delegate for the increasingly inappropriately named left faction of the party, Chilcott called for the ALP to ‘neutralise’ a divisive debate by ‘closing the ocean route to Australia’.

This, from the leader of an organisation that takes its motto from the national anthem: ‘For those who’ve come across the seas.’



ABC [4/2/16]:


The Coalition and Labor have joined forces to vote down a motion to grant amnesty to almost 270 asylum seekers currently in Australia.

The 267 people, including 37 babies, are facing the prospect of being sent to Nauru in the wake of yesterday's High Court judgement which upheld offshore immigration detention.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young today moved a motion in the Senate, asking for the Federal Government to allow the asylum seekers to remain onshore.

In full, the motion read: "the Senate calls on the Turnbull Government to grant amnesty to the 267 men, women and children in Australia as part of the M68 High Court challenge, and allow them to stay."

It was defeated 10-40, with independent senator John Madigan siding with the Greens. ...




A gentle reminder: Unions are part of the detention industry [xBorderops - 22/7/15]




The dishonesty is palpable.  Australia is NOT celebrating. Australians are waking up to the fact we've been hoodwinked. [Refugee Council of Australia - 30/6/16]:


The principle sponsor of this year’s Refugee Week was the Victorian Multicultural Commission. Major sponsors include AMES Australia, Core Community Services, Life Without Barriers, Settlement Services International (SSI) and the St Vincent de Paul Society. Other sponsors included Navitas English, Jesuit Social Services, NSW Teachers Federation, City of Melbourne, City of Sydney, Inner West Council, Multicultural NSW, Foundation House. Refugee Week partners are Australian Refugee Association, Baptcare, Wyndham CEC, Amnesty International Australia, Caritas Australia and the Australian Council of Trade Unions.



April 2016: UNHCR told refugees to abandon hope, then fled to Australia and called for their "immediate movement".




‏Day 38 of refugee protests on Nauru [Image:  ‏@InsurrectNews - 26/4/16]



“If you don’t know about the camps and what you are signing up for with the job, where have you been living for the past 23 years? Doctors and nurses and teachers are not high school students. They know about the abuses.

"Doctors, nurses, teachers — just say no. Boycott the jobs.”

Save The Children not saving anyone [Green Left Weekly – 10/9/16]



Tweeted by @SandiHLogan - National Communications Manager, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Canberra [19/7/13]




Journalist and political prisoner on Manus Island, Behrouz Boochani, calls on Doctors 4 ALP to actually challenge Australia's refugee torture and exile policy [20/10/16]:


I took these photos from one of the sick refugees today.I share these photos with you when we just heard a good news of the doctors who can speak out about the systematic torture in Australian Guantanamos.

I ask all those doctors that worked on Manus and Nauru or those who are still working here to speak out loudly about here and tell the truth to the world.




Teachers 4 ALP and "advocates" join Doctors 4 ALP in reinforcing Australia's anti-refugee torture and exile policy [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 21/10/16]:


... “Teachers for Refugees will be there in numbers to support the Sydney doctors’ march on Saturday 5 November, which will demand the closure of Manus and Nauru, and the bringing of all refugees and asylum seekers there to Australia,” he said. ...






Refugee torture, exile and boat turnbacks: Shorten's unchallenged, personal ALP policy. 100%  "Opposition" Leader speaking on the Migration Amendment (Regional Processing Arrangements) Bill 2015  [House of Representatives Hansard - 24/6/15]



@riserefugee [4/10/16]:  doctors & nurses: STOP using our Bodies & Corpses to pay $$Your Bills$$. ...



Open Letter from RISE: Refugees, Survivors and ex-detainees to Save the Children-Australia and overseas Board of Directors [28/8/16]:


... Our members have been, and continue to be outspoken for more than a decade at great personal cost, about the abusive nature of Australia’s mandatory detention system, hence we continue to regard with disbelief that people callously continue to apply for jobs in this abusive system.

To witness this apparent ignorance, disregard and erasure of voices of refugee and asylum seeker detainees and ex-detainees in the struggle for justice and freedom is an ongoing trauma our community faces to this day.

We demand that Save the Children and all other organisations and individuals to please, in the name of humanity, desist from working in, being complicit in and endorsing asylum seeker/refugee concentration camps and other anti-refugee policies.



Former Nauru worker interviewed on NPR explains how child abuse is a deliberate component of Australia's anti-refugee torture policy [24/8/16]:


... What was the first case that came to your attention that made you think something is seriously wrong here?

"Three days into my first rotation on Nauru there was an adolescent boy who had been sexually assaulted. The child was living in fear of this sexual assault being repeated not just to him but to his mother who was living without a partner in the detention facility."

Who was the alleged abuser, according to the victims?

"So it was an employee who was a cleaner. And he actually admitted to the sexual assault, and while the security guards were making note of the sexual assault and taking the boy's report, the person who sexually assaulted the young boy continued to mock him. And see there was a complete lack of privacy in this detention facility, so here is a boy having to report a sexual assault and he is doing it in the open air, in front of guards, while the abuser is standing there mocking him. And see what was really amazing to me is here was a Save the Children manager there and she told me at the time that this person was going to be moved to a different detention facility within Nauru but that he wasn't going to be fired. And she said this just as a matter of, this was just normal, you have to accept it, this is just the way it is." ...



The Legacy of Guantánamo, Lizzy Ratner [The Nation - 14/7/2003]:


... But the INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service] ignored these warnings and refused to close the camp or to airlift the sickest refugees, like Joel Saintil, to hospitals in the United States.

When asked by reporters why it ignored the refugees’ medical plight, an INS spokesman, Duane “Duke” Austin, responded with unrepentant candor:

“They’re going to die anyway, aren’t they?” ...



... In hindsight, we can see that we were wrong to allow our trust in Clinton and his election promise to dictate legal strategy.

Clinton sorely disappointed us, and our belief in him caused our clients to spend more time in the inhuman camp conditions.

But for our belief in Clinton, we could have tried the case four of five months earlier and ended the horror of the camp that much sooner.

If there ever is a next time and I am faced with a similar situation and must choose a legal strategy, I will disregard the promises of politicians.

Clinton's promises and our reliance on them seriously jeopardized our relationships with our clients.

We wrongly believed and persuaded our clients to believe that Clinton would change their circumstances.

Regaining the trust of our clients was not easy.  ... How We Closed the Guantanamo HIV Camp: The Intersection of Politics and Litigation, Michael Ratner




Mexico stops truck with 121 Central American migrants bound for the US [Reuters - 20/10/16]:


... Migration officials stopped the truck during a routine operation in the southern state of Tabasco, and were alerted to the migrants inside when they heard screams for help.

Of the 121 Central Americans they discovered, 55 were minors, with 23 girls and 32 boys.

The migrants had paid between $3,000 and $5,000 to be driven through Mexico to the U.S. border, and had been told not to eat or drink during the journey in order to avoid being detected by authorities, the INM said. ...



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 20/10/16]


‏@SavvasKarma [20/10/16]:  Anti-war, #antifa demonstration in #Athens #Greece



‏@SavvasKarma [20/10/16]:  US Embassy guarded by riot police due to anti-war protest in #Athens #Greece



Petra Laszlo is Hungary’s most notorious camerawoman.

Ms Laszlo lost her job with a far-right television station last September when she was recorded tripping up and kicking Syrian refugees as they fled across the border into Hungary.

She kept her handheld camera rolling throughout.

Although she has been indicted on charges of breaching the peace, Ms Laszlo had largely avoided the public spotlight until last Friday, when a local newspaper pictured her accepting an award for a publicly funded film about Hungary’s 1956 revolt against Russian domination — a conflict that forced 200,000 Hungarian refugees to flee the country.


Since last year’s incident Ms Laszlo and Osama Abdul Mohsen, the 52-year-old Syrian man she targeted, have attempted to move on with their lives.

In a letter published in Magyar Nemzet, a rightwing newspaper, Ms Laszlo wrote: “I’m not a heartless, racist child-kicking camerawoman. I do not deserve this, nor the political witch hunts against me, nor the smear, the many death threats.”

Mr Mohsen, a professional football coach, told CNN he did not accept her apology.

He moved to Madrid where he has started a job with Cenafe, the Spanish national coaching body.

But he has not shared Ms Laszlo’s recent success. On the same weekend Ms Laszlo and her husband celebrated their Ft500,000 cash prize, Spanish news organisation El Confidencial reported Cenafe had not renewed Mr Mohsen’s contract, because of his difficulties learning Spanish.

His family remains in Turkey. [Financial Times - 18/10/16]



EU steps up weasel words; calls for deals with Africa to stop people from seeking asylum [Yahoo - 21/10/16]:


... The EU wants so-called "compacts" with those African countries -- Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria, Mali and Senegal -- ready for the spring, when the weather improves and migrants are likely to head en masse again to Europe on rickety boats. ...



@MSF_Sea  [20/10/16]: ... Concerning reports from #Leros where at least 10 Syrians have been deported to #Turkey before their asylum claims were processed 1/2



‏@MSF_Sea [20/10/16]:  These #people were reportedly not given access to legal assistance and include families with young children 2/2



UNHCR discusses co-operation with Egypt days after anti-refugee "smuggling" laws pass [Ahram - 19/10/16]



‏@guardiacostiera [20/10/16]:  #SAR #CentraleOperativa coordina soccorsi #MediterraneoCentrale: unità #Guardiacostiera, @EUNAVFORMED_OHQ e ONG salvano circa 1400 migranti




21 October 2016