233rd day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


 #Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [23/3/18]



It is well past time to demand the END of the policy, as well as for this refugee family to be returned to their home in Biloela.




Sri Lanka’s opposition legislator Namal Rajapaksa, the eldest son of Sri Lanka’s former leader Mahinda Rajapaksa, on Thursday said he was not allowed to enter the United States despite having a valid visa. ... [Reuters - 23/3/18]



Border Guard Bangladesh detains 5 Rohingya refugees, including 2 toddlers, who entered the country through the border with India in an attempt to reach their relatives in Cox's Bazar [The Daily Star - 23/3/18]



Reuters reporters in court 100 days after their arrest in Myanmar [Reuters - 21/3/18]



@MSharifKarimi1 [23/3/18]: why UNHCR & IOM are silent? it's 66 days of our peaceful protest for our freedom #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers #SaveMe



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [23/3/18]:  where is UNHCR & IOM for how long they keep us behind the barbed wire? we reached in 66 days of peaceful protest #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers #SaveMe



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN ]23/3/18]:  our motto is humanity justice equality freedom and fraternity why we have been detained in jail without crime #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers #SaveMe @UNHumanRights



21 March 2018