... So it’s our 172nd day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center .



Struggling to survive #Manus Hell. @sunosi3 [21/1/18]



Are you really a refugee trafficked, indefinitely imprisoned and exiled by Labor Party politicians on Manus Island, or is this a parody account?



Day 172 peaceful protest. Congratulations Prime Minister of New Zealand. @Shamindan1 [West Haus, Manus Island - 21/1/18]



@AliKhan17003722 [21/1/18]: peaceful protest in detention centre of Balikpapan I.D.C.  



Indonesia Immigration Detention Profile [Global Detention Project]:


... According to academic research findings, from 2011 to 2013 Australia channeled more than $90 million through the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for programmes in the region, “including the upgrade and refurbishment of existing detention facilities” in Indonesia. ...



@GraffitiExpert [21/1/18]: Indonesian Ambassador allocates 500 scholarships for Kandahar province as Afghan refugees protest their detention at Australian funded IOM concentration camp in Indonesia ...



Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government in Pakistan seeks explanation from UNHCR after syllabus changes for school children at refugee camps [Tribune - 20/1/18]



Several dead as gunmen attack Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul [Reuters - 21/1/18]



A civilian was killed and another one was wounded in an explosion in Gardez city, the provincial capital of Paktia province.

The incident took place earlier today after a magnetic improvised explosive device planted in a civilian vehicle went off. ... [Khaama - 20/1/18]



Peace should be integral to the Women’s March [Global Research - 19/1/18]



On 6 February 1976, in his syndicated column in the New York Post, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Jack Anderson revealed to his readers that “the CIA once tried to bribe the Communist World’s most famous newsman, Wilfred Burchett, into defecting to the U.S. for $100,000.”

The attempted bribe happened in Korea in September 1953, during the talks to end the Korean war. In today’s money, the CIA’s $100,000 would be equivalent to $904,239.70 according to dollartimes.org. 

Why did the CIA try to buy my father, Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett in Korea in 1953?

I don’t know. But I can guess…  [Counterpunch - 19/1/18]



FBI whistleblower on Pierre Omidyar and his campaign to neuter WikiLeaks [Mint Press News - 19/1/18]



'Granting Ecuadorian citizenship to Assange won't sway UK': Former President Rafael Correa [Yahoo - 19/1/18]:


... "I granted asylum to Julian Assange not because I agree with what he did,... but because it was clear that he wouldn't be guaranteed a fair trial, and there were even voices in the US that wanted to (prosecute him under a law) that would have implied the death penalty," Correa said.

"The Ecuadorian government must protect him," the former President said, stressing the importance of "acting in accordance with principles and values". ...



@GuillaumeLong [19/1/18]:  Discrepar con asilo a Assange no implica mentir tan descaradamente. Ortiz debería saber que Fiscalía sueca optó por no formular cargos contra Assange y que no hay ningún tema pendiente en Suecia. Y obviamente medio no debería publicar semejantes falsedades ...



... John Lloyd-Jones QC, prosecuting, said that Gamble founded Crackas With Attitude (CWA) in 2015, telling a journalist: “It all started by me getting more and more annoyed about how corrupt and cold blooded the US Government are so I decided to do something about it.” ... British 15-year-old gained access to intelligence operations in Afghanistan and Iran by pretending to be head of CIA, court hears [Telegraph - 19/1/18]



@SOAWatch [21/1/18]:  #HonduranElections2017 Telmo Villareal, a 60 year old men from Colón, was killed by the Honduran army during the repression against the people who joined the #ParoNacional 



@HeatherGies [18/1/18]: Joint Task Force Bravo (based at Honduras Soto Cono aka Pamerola air base and made up of 600 US military personnel + over 650 US and Honduran civilians, according to Southern Command website) provided drone training to Honduras. Surveillance tactics as protests set to heat up?



Indigenous activist Maria Magdalena Cuc Choc, accused of criminal involvement in a land dispute, has been released on bail after being detained last week by the Guatemalan National Police.

Choc is known for her work protecting Indigenous lands, especially against invasive mining companies.

She also serves as translator for several Mayan Q'eqchi communities, being well-versed in both Q'eqchi and Spanish. ... [teleSUR - 20/1/18]



US Cardinal condemns Pope's comments on sexual abuse in Chile [teleSUR - 20/1/18]



A journalist was killed on Saturday in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, adding to a wave of violence in one of the world’s most dangerous countries for media workers.

Carlos Dominguez was murdered Saturday afternoon in the city of Nuevo Laredo, state officials said in a statement.

The attorney general’s office has launched an investigation to determine the circumstances of the killing, including whether it was related to Dominguez’s work as a journalist, the state said.

Dominguez was an independent journalist who wrote a political column.

In one of his last publications, he lamented the growing political violence that has struck Mexico ahead of the Presidential election in July. ... [Reuters - 14/1/18]



A woman seeking asylum from El Salvador said she miscarried her two-month pregnancy after being physically and mentally abused by immigration officials.

Rubia Mabel Morales Alfaro, 28, said she was shoved to the ground and kicked in the back by a Border Patrol agent who arrested her for crossing the border illegally near Friendship Park.

She said she told the agent of her pregnancy before the alleged assault.

“I kept telling her that I was pregnant, and she kept replying, ‘That is your problem, not mine,’” Morales Alfaro said in a statement provided by her legal representative, Luis Guerra. ... [The San Diego Union-Tribune - 19/1/18]



El Salvador seeks to traffick migrants deported from the US to Qatar [Al Jazeera - 17/1/18]



@DetentionWatch [19/1/18]:  “The only day I will stop is when every detention center is shut down and when ICE is dismantled,” said Maru Mora Villalpando. ... [Washington DC] 



@DetentionWatch [19/1/18]:  #EndDetention



... Since the mid-1990s, the US Border Patrol’s policy of Prevention Through Deterrence has intentionally pushed migration into increasingly remote corridors in the Southwest borderlands.

This policy has turned the natural landscape into a lethal weapon that injures, kills, and disappears border crossers. ...  [Popular Resistance - 19/1/18]



After living in the U.S. for more than 30 years, Jean Montrevil, Haitian immigrant rights activist and co-founder of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City, was deported back to his country less than two weeks after he was arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, agents. ... [teleSUR - 19/1/18]



Father deported to Mexico after 30 years in US tells his story [ABC News - 18/1/18]



In a sharp departure from the practice of immigration courts around the country, immigration judges in North Carolina are refusing to conduct bond hearings for detained immigrants who come before the Charlotte Immigration Court.

This unlawful, alarming, and unconscionable practice deprives noncitizens of their basic due process rights.

A newly-filed class action lawsuit challenges this ongoing practice.

The plaintiffs in the new case, represented by the American Immigration Council, the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, and Cauley Forsythe Law Group, want the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina to stop these IJs from refusing to perform their legal and constitutional duty to hold bond hearings. ... [American Immigration Council - 18/1/18]



Shell Oil Products Company is investigating accusations that one of its San Ysidro franchise locations told border patrol agents they would not be served and shut off the gas pump while they were filling up their tanks, accusations first brought to light in an online blog that supports law enforcement. ... [NBC - 12/1/18]




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