204th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. [Manus Island]



Depression,anxiety and stress made us mentally sick and many guys have committed ... suicidical attempts . Yesterday one refugee cut himself because of mental illness ... @sunosi3 [22/2/18]



@Shamindan1 [22/2/18]:  Seven none refugees were take to the police station and locked up. They were told that come to open up a bank account but eventually ended up in jail. We still do not know what is the reason they are locked up. Many says they are under risk of deportation..



Australia to deport Tamil refugee despite torture warnings [WSWS - 22/2/18]:


... On February 19, just four days before Thangalingam was due for deportation, the UN withdrew its interim request, effectively approving the deportation of a man who faces brutalisation at the hands of the Sri Lankan authorities.

Thangalingam initially did not report his connection to the LTTE because he feared deportation and punishment.

This was not an unfounded fear.

In August 2012, Australia’s Greens-backed Gillard Labor government, in a move to strengthen geo-strategic relations with Sri Lanka’s authoritarian President Mahinda Rajapakse, began mass deportations of refugees to Colombo, initially sending back 700.

In December 2012, Labor’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr conducted a four-day visit to Sri Lanka, during which he announced direct military cooperation with the Rajapakse government, including “intelligence sharing,” under the fraudulent banner of combatting “people smuggling” of refugees.

Since then Labor and Liberal-National governments alike have continued the mass deportations, including 29 Sri Lankan asylum seekers who were deported last December, three months after the Australian High Court sanctioned the policy of forcible removal. ...



The Sri Lankan military confirmed that the government’s UK Defence Attache who was sent back to Colombo after he threatened Tamil protestors in London would not be facing any disciplinary action. ... [Tamil Guardian - 22/2/18]



Mannar fishing village protests Sri Lanka Navy's ongoing harassment and intrusion [Tamil Guardian - 21/2/18]



@Ali53585039 [22/2/18]:  Day 37th our peaceful protest in #Balikpapan of Indonesia we have been detained here over 4 years without any crime cuz of being refugees we are keeping in jail it's not fair please help us  



@Miladkhan01 [22/2/18]: #balikpapan #AsylumSeekers Today was our 37 day of peaceful protest for freedom. We were impatiently waiting for DGI response, but they disappointed us once again by saying building a community house for this IDC is impossible.+ told us to be wait. For how long? #4years_in_jail.



@AliNatiqi [22/2/18]: 37th days of peaceful protest in Balikpapan i.d.c. Our demands from these three organizations. UNHCR IOM DGI are freedom...!!!



Indonesian Ambassador takes selfie with displaced people in Kabul as Hazaras cry freedom from indefinite imprisonment in Indonesia's Australian-funded IOM refugee concentration camps [Pajhwok - 21/2/18]  



In latest listing of terrorist groups Foreign Minister Julie Bishop cites "frequent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan", and yet Australia pushes away refugees from these places, or imprisons them in our gulag archipelago [Media Release - 21/2/18]



Amidst protest, 14 Afghans deported from Germany [Pajhwok - 21/2/18]



US, NATO try to deny IS terrorist group’s presence in Afghanistan — Lavrov [TASS - 20/2/18]



Norman Finkelstein on war crimes, international law and Gaza [RT - 21/2/18]



After brandishing a piece of an Iranian drone at the Munich Security Conference, Bibi the meat grinder says Israel helped Australia stop Abu Dhabi Kibbeh plot [Reuters - 21/2/18]



@davidsheen [21/2/18]:  This is the country Israel claims is safe for the refugees it deports: “Congolese refugees in Rwanda said soldiers shot at them and wounded at least two people on Tuesday as the refugees tried to march out of their camp in protest at a cut in food rations”  



Israeli authorities sent seven Eritrean asylum seekers to prison on Tuesday, after they refused to be sent to Rwanda as part of a “voluntary” deportation program.

Israel is giving Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers an impossible choice: leave for a third country where they are not guaranteed any legal status, or be imprisoned in Israel — indefinitely. 

Some 700 asylum seekers currently detained in Holot have begun a hunger strike in protest. ... [+972 - 21/2/18]



Eritrean migrant deported by Israel to Uganda recounts ordeal [Times of Israel - 21/2/18]:


 ... “They told me, ‘If you don’t leave you are going to jail,'” Tesfagabr recalled.

“It’s forced. They tell you to say you are going voluntarily, but it is not voluntary. They force you to deport yourself.” ...



June 2012 ---> Out of Israel, back to Africa [Reuters - 12/6/12]:


... Detentions began on Sunday in the Red Sea resort of Eilat, where Israeli television filmed weeping African women and men in handcuffs.

Those detained were sent to the Saharonim detention facility in the Negev Desert, close to where they first entered Israel over the porous Sinai Desert border with Egypt.


“I hear those who say these infiltrators cannot be sent back, but this is an important mission ...saying ”No“ is tantamount to shelving the declaration of independence, the end of the Zionist dream,” said Yishai, who heads a religious party. ...



September 2012:  Shorten puppet Gillard re-opens Nauru refugee concentration camp ---> ... "Her preferred plan, to set up a refugee swap with Malaysia, was knocked down by Australia’s High Court in August 2011." ... [Reuters - 14/9/12]



Australia and Papua New Guinea have signed a deal to reopen the asylum seeker processing centre on Manus Island. ... [ABC - 9/2/12]



@Aussie4Refugees [22/2/18]:  July 2013: Shorten puppet Rudd announces refugee trafficking, exile and refoulement deal ...


... She says she was moved to a hall where all those on her boat were told they would not be allowed to remain in Australia.

And then the cameras rolled.


Immigration Minister Tony Burke said he made "no apologies" for the photographs ... he was "determined to get the message out as quickly and as forcefully as possible that anyone who comes by boat now without a visa will not be settled in Australia. ...



May 2017: Gillard and Abbott receive honorary doctorates in Israel (Rudd didn't get one because he temporarily expelled a cleaner from the embassy after the passport scandal) [Australian Jewish News - 18/5/17]



Australia's relations with Israel have hit a new low, with the Rudd Government expelling an Israeli diplomat over the fake passports affair. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 24/5/10]



"Psycho-social support", "psychological" and/or other so called "trauma counselling" in a concentration camp = TORTURE.


No more talk of "durable solutions" and trafficking/exile to "safe third countries"


Manus and Nauru refugees need FREEDOM AND PROTECTION.














@Aussies4Refugees [22/2/18]: Indefinite detention IS torture. In March 2015, the UN Special Rapporteur found Australia's treatment of refugees [i.e. indefinite detention] violates the convention against torture. ...



21 February 2018