United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 20/9/16]



Syria, Russia refute claims of targeting humanitarian aid convoy in Aleppo countryside [SANA - 20/9/16]



Despite recent complications, the United States is still seeking to coordinate with Russia on strikes in Syria in an effort to protect the civilian population, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said yesterday.

"What I'm trying to do is in my lane fully support the path to getting a verifiable cessation of hostilities that'll mitigate the loss of life of the Syrian people and put us on a path towards political transition," Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford told reporters traveling with him. ... [US Department of Defense - 20/9/16]



Hundreds of migrants left without shelter after Lesvos camp blaze [Ekathimerini - 20/9/16]



Fifty migrants rescued off western Greece [Ekathimerini - 19/9/16]:


Greek authorities say 50 refugees or other migrants have been rescued off western Greece after issuing a distress call from their crippled sailboat.

The Merchant Marine Ministry says the migrants were picked up by a Turkish-flagged cargo ship off the island of Zakynthos following a search and rescue operation involving four vessels.

The sailboat was abandoned at sea.

The migrants, who were reported to be in good health, appeared to have been heading for Italy.

Their nationalities were not immediately available.

They were being transferred late Monday to a port on Zakynthos.



“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.”


Thomas Pynchon



Pro-ALP advocates report on arrest of Nauru fathers - Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee policy remains unchallenged [20/9/16]:


... The daily protests in the family camp have continued since 20 March and escalated on Sunday night, 18 September.

Four men, fathers of asylum seekers and refugees, were arrested by Nauruan police last Sunday night following a protest by children who put rubbish on the road and threw stones at a bus going along the road between the family compound RPC 3 and the refugee camp, Anuiju.

Around 25 Nauruan police descended on the family compound to arrest the children but after determined resistance from pregnant wives and families in the RPC 3, and children chanting, “Stop Torture. Freedom Forever”, police left the children, but arrested four men.

Refugee and asylum seekers who attempted to take videos or photographs of the police were threatened with arrest.

It is understood that the men were released on the Sunday night after they signed an undertaking at the police station. ...



‏@SuchNigel [20/9/16]:  Approximately 1500 dollar per day for each person in offshore detention, and I swear sometimes we don't find something to eat



‏@SuchNigel [20/9/16]:  1500 dollar per day for each person in offshore detention, and they give me Panadol for any disease



"ENOUGH REVENGE.  ENOUGH SUFFERING.  WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS."  ‏@racvictoria [19/9/16]:  Day 130 of peaceful protests on #Manus ...



Australia and the US to trade their refugees - indefinite detention/turnback/exile policy continues unchallenged [Sydney Morning Herald - 21/9/16]



7 mins in ---> Teenagers at Berks detention centre protest their indefinite detention [Democracy Now - 20/9/16]



14,000 refugees are stranded in Indonesia - Vice-President tells UN Refugee Summit what a success the Bali Process has been [Jakarta Globe - 20/9/16]:


Vice President Jusuf Kalla called on world leaders to strengthen cooperation when tackling the global migration crisis during a United Nations speech in New York on Monday.

“International communities should cooperate further to resolve various humanity tragedies experienced by the migrants,” Kalla said during his address at the General Assembly meeting addressing the large movement of refugees and migrants.

The Indonesian delegation also highlighted the importance of international partnerships to share responsibility and address key causes of forced migrations, the ministry statement said.

“Burden-sharing and shared-responsibility does not mean to evenly distribute the responsibility, but having all parties contribute,” Kalla said. ...



How things change --->  Indonesia seeks funding from Australia to build more IOM concentration camps as refugee bottleneck intensifies [Jakarta Post - 10/8/16]



Typhoon Malakas slams into Kyushu [Japan Today - 20/9/16]



Tens of thousands of people gathered near the Diet building in Tokyo and other locations in Japan to protest against security legislation that greatly expands the role of the Self-Defense Forces overseas, as Monday marked one year since it was enacted.

“We will never give up until it is scrapped,” one of the participants said in a gathering in front of the Diet, which was joined by around 23,000 people, according to the organizers.

Opposition party members also showed up and criticized that the legislation contravenes Japan’s pacifist postwar Constitution.


Protest activities were also seen in Nagoya, central Japan, and Sapporo on the northernmost main island of Hokkaido.

In Sapporo, some voiced opposition to the SDF’s ongoing deployment to South Sudan to take part in the U.N. peacekeeping mission there. ... [Japan Today - 20/9/16]




The daughter of a late British baron has been shot dead in the Philippines which is fighting a war on drugs.

Maria Aurora Moynihan's body was found on the street on 10 September next to a sign reading "drug pusher to the celebrities you're next!"

Baron Anthony Moynihan was linked to drug smuggling, fraud and prostitution.

More than 3,000 people with alleged links to drug use or dealing have been killed since President Rodrigo Duterte came to power in June. ... [BBC - 20/9/16] 



A suspected member of the East Indonesia Mujahidin (MIT) terrorist group was shot dead by Operation Tinombala Task Force personnel in Tombua plantation area in South Poso Pesisir district, Poso regency, Central Sulawesi, on Monday morning.

An intelligence report indicates that the man, suspected to be Sobron, a senior MIT figure, was killed instantly after he was shot in the head. ... [Jakarta Post - 19/9/16]


Indonesia to investigate Google over possible unpaid taxes [Reuters – 19/9/16]



Restrictions for foreign journalists in Papua questioned [Jakarta Post - 20/9/16]



BBC journalist wins £50,000 payout after failing to prioritise report on Prince George's birth [Telegraph – 18/9/16]:


A BBC journalist has won £50,000 in compensation after he was sacked for prioritising a report on Sri Lankan politics over the birth of Prince George.

Chandana Keerthi Bandara, 57, lost his job as a producer on a BBC Sri Lankan news service, and sued the BBC for unfair dismissal and race discrimination.

He had worked for the BBC for 18 years and had been a senior producer on the Sinhala service since 2000.

Mr Bandara was in charge of publishing stories on July 23, 2013, the day after Prince George was born.

But he decided not to prioritise the royal birth story, partly, he said, because it was the 30th anniversary of Black July, a brutal period which saw thousands of Tamil people killed in Sri Lanka. ...


“Illegal squatter settlements” must go, says Lae city’s top police officer [PNG Loop – 20/9/16]



Nauru and PNG call on international community to help legitimise Australia's anti-refugee policy at UN Summit while Fiji makes sensible suggestions [RNZI - 20/9/16]:


... Nauru's Justice Minister David Adeang called for help to resettle the hundreds of refugees living in limbo on the island.

He described Nauru's offshore regional processing system with Australia as an innovative model which had avoided thousands of deaths at sea.

The camps on Nauru and in Papua New Guinea have been widely criticised but Mr Adeang said Nauru is proud of the system which had been effective apart from a crucial missing element.

"Nauru invites other countries to assist in finding durable resettlement solutions for our refugees. This is the critical missing component. Remote processing is one part of what needs to be a comprehensive migration strategy." he said.

"I encourage states today to assist us find permanent homes for the 924 refugee men, women and children currently on Nauru."

Mr Adeang even appeared to put out a bid for more processing business saying it had the infrastructure and systems in place now and was well-placed to address migration flows.

Papua New Guinea's Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato took a forthright stand, suggesting countries be held accountable for the mass exodus of people fleeing strife.

He said PNG's experience of the global refugee crisis included seeing Carteret Islanders forced to migrate internally because of rising seas and an asylum seeker processing centre on Manus Island.

He said that was set up with Australia as a gesture of goodwill and is now being closed after being found unconstitutional, showing it's not a simple issue.

"Papua New Guinea's experience from hosting and providing migrants and refugee needs call for a shared global responsibility," said Mr Pato.

"This is why my country is serious and committed to be part of the global solution."

Mr Pato recounted the low numbers wanting to resettle in PNG from the centre and he recommended innovative methods like his country's waiver of a US$3000 fee for citizenship for refugees.

Fiji's Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said the world needed to approach the "grave crisis" in a way that put human rights and dignity above all else.

He said countries must make a more concerted effort to work together to deal with it.

"And we hear the cries of those that are unfairly treated in detention centres including in our own region with no hope and no way out," said Mr Bainimarama.

"Excellencies, our common humanity demands that we must heed these cries and work together more wholistically and more effectively to address this crisis."

 Mr Bainimarama said Fiji had offered refuge to climate change migrants from Kiribati and Tuvalu but he said that would need international help. ...




Nauru Airlines tells Murdoch Press that imprisoning and torturing refugees for Australia is good for business [RNZI - 20/9/16]




The banality of evil: UNHCR High Commissioner gets another selfie with Dutton - doesn't demand the release and resettlement of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru [SBS 19/9/16]



This is the last time Turnbull was pressed on the cruelty of implementing ALP anti-refugee policy ---->  We have some asylum seekers, but that’s pretty much stopped.

We have stopped the boats with our policies, which are regarded as cruel by many people.

But I have to say again, our policy on border protection is harsh, but it has been absolutely demonstrated that it is better than any other alternative Israel and Australia: A conversation with Turnbull [Jewish Journal - 25/8/15]



Round of applause for William Lacy Swing as refugees rot in government funded IOM gulags [Opening of the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants]



Sri Lankan soldiers released on bail over case of disappeared journalist [Tamil Guardian - 20/9/16]:


Four members of the Sri Lankan military’s intelligence unit have been released on bail, after being arrested over the disappearance of cartoonist Prageeth Eknaligoda.

The suspects were released on a cash bail by the Avissawella Provincial High Court and will have to report weekly to Sri Lanka’s Criminal Investigation Department.



Tamil man dies in Sri Lankan prison [Tamil Guardian - 19/9/16]



Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister has proposed the hiring of a US-based management consultancy firm to set up a “Central Programme Management Unit,” on a US$2.3 million contract, reports the Sunday Times.

The aim of the unit will be to create “integrated and accelerated economic development across the country and restructuring and transformation of the economy to a vibrant and sustainable social market economy,” said Ranil Wickremesinghe.

To that end, US firm McKinsey and Company would be awarded to contract to work for a period of just 3 months. ... [Tamil Guardian - 18/9/16]



US State Department official keeps Tamil diaspora in their rightful place [Tamil Guardian - 17/9/16]



A victim's appeal to UN Human Rights Council [Tamil Guardian - 17/9/16]:


... A recent visit to the Tamil North-East by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon left victims such as Ms Sunthararaj disappointed.

“The UN Secretary-General didn’t meet us during his visit,” she said.

“I appeal to you not to abandon us. We need your help.” ...



Beyond Durable Solutions: UNHCR continues running cover for genocide with another weaselly seminar [The Star - 20/9/16]:


The International Movement for a Just World (JUST) is organising a seminar focusing on the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar.

Titled World Beyond War: The Rohingya Refugee Crisis and its Implications on Security in the ASEAN region, the seminar will provide an opportunity to assess the issue.

The speakers will be United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees representative to Malaysia Richard Towle and former Suhakam chairman Tan Sri Hasmy Agam. ...



Stay where you are and accept your fate: Rakhine authorities focus on "unregistered" Rohingya boats [The Nation - 19/9/16]



Shadow Summit The US Response to Central American Refugees, 20 September 2016:


... The event will look at the U.S. record in its own backyard, specifically the policy response to unaccompanied children and families fleeing violence in the Northern Triangle of Central America.

Speakers will grade U.S. policies from a humanitarian perspective, examining push factors, protection needs, and the impact of enforcement and deterrence strategies. ...



Two priests found dead in Mexican state of Veracruz [Reuters - 19/9/16]



Authorities in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero say the head of the state police has been stabbed to death. ... [ABC News - 19/9/16]



Mexico builds a "wall" (and guess who paid for it) [Zero Hedge - 15/9/16]:


Mexico is building a 'wall'... on its southern border (to keep illegal immigrants out).

Perhaps even more ironic, The FT notes that the Obama administration is coy about its role in Mexico’s crackdown but is sending $75m in equipment and training to help stop Central Americans from crossing illegally into Mexico... in other words, US Taxpayers funded a Mexican wall to keep immigrants out. ...



‏@CancilleriaEc [19/9/16]:  "A pesar de fuertes presiones seguiremos defendiendo la vida, la integridad y el derecho al asilo concedido al Sr. Assange" @GuillaumeLong



‏@CancilleriaEc [19/9/16]:  "Hace 4 años, el Ecuador concedió asilo político al ciudadano australiano Julian Assange" @GuillaumeLong #EcuadorEnLaONU



‏@MSF_Sea [19/9/16]: Many of the leaders who'll sign the #UN4RefugeesMigrants declaration are contravening it with cruel policies at home



‏@MSF_Sea [19/9/16]:  Are UN Member States really determined to save lives? From where we stand it doesn't seem so. ...



Thousands flee blaze at Greek migrant camp on Lesbos [Reuters – 19/9/16]



Congolese police on Monday clashed with protesters marching against what they claim is a bid by President Joseph Kabila to extend his mandate, killing at least 17 people and prompting a threat of further sanctions from the United States.

The protest, attended by thousands, came at a time of growing local and international pressure on Kabila to step down when his term of office legally ends in December. ... [Reuters - 19/9/16]



Yemen: Evidence indicates US-made bomb was used in attack on MSF hospital [Amnesty - 19/9/16]



... With no party yet found responsible for the alleged airstrike on the humanitarian aid convoy west of Aleppo, which killed several Syrian Red Crescent volunteers, the US State Department was quick to vent its outrage, blaming Damascus and Moscow for the attack.

A joint UN and Syrian Red Crescent (SARC) 31-truck humanitarian convoy delivering aid was bombed in five alleged airstrikes while offloading supplies in the Syrian town of Urm al-Kubra.

At least 18 vehicles were hit, according to the UN. As result of the attack, the mission’s chief and several other workers suffered severe injuries, a witness told Reuters.

The convoy was carrying humanitarian cargo to some 78,000 civilians stranded in the war-stricken town. ... [RT - 20/9/16]



Syrian Ambassador to UN: US aggression on Syrian military site in Deir Ezzor deliberate and preplanned [SANA - 19/9/16]:


... The Ambassador noted that that aggression is the latest in of a series of US attacks against service facilities and infrastructures resulted in billions of dollars’ worth of damages and losses such as power plants in the Radwaniyah area and al-Khafseh water pumping stations, east to Aleppo, not to mention hundreds of civilians deaths, calling into mind the massacre perpetrated by the US and French aircrafts in the countryside of Manbij on July 19th and has led to  the death of 120 civilians and the injury of hundreds of others. ...



A military source said on Sunday night that the armed groups breached the truce regime 32 times during the past 24 hours through targeting residential areas and a number of the military posts in Damascus, Damascus Countryside, Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Lattakia and Daraa. ... [SANA - 19/9/16]



The UK took part in a recent coalition air strike in Syria that killed dozens of government troops fighting the so-called Islamic State, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed. ... [BBC - 19/9/16]



CIA-armed ‘moderates’ in Syria included al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front [Antiwar.com - 19/9/16]



Memorial to Armenian genocide unveiled in LA's Grand Park [LA Times - 17/9/16]



Police fatally shot an unarmed black man in Oklahoma after his SUV stalled on the way home from class [Quartz - 19/9/16]





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