Israeli jet reportedly strikes Syrian army near Golan, rebels say [Al Jazeera - 20/7/16]



As if to punctuate a recent report by Amnesty International detailing the human rights violations committed by several US backed rebel factions in Syria, the Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement, one of the US supported factions, has been caught on film beheading a young Palestinian boy.

The video shows fighters from the rebel group with a boy who is described as 13-years-old, presenting it as capturing “an Assad soldier.”

A second video was released showing them cutting the same boy’s head off in the back of a truck. ... [Antiwar - 19/7/16]



Russian, US experts will meet in Geneva to step up work on Syria settlement [SANA - 20/7/16]



Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long suffered from PTSD [The Advocate - 20/7/16]



United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 20/7/16]



@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [20/7/16]: 


Anbar: The government air force shelled Al-Habib Mohamad Masjid in Hussieniya Village in Heet killing the muzzin and two persons were praying noon prayer there ... The photo of masjid before and after shelling is shown below.....



Baghdad: A roadside bomb has exploded near a popular market in sabe' al-Bour area north of Baghdad resulted in two deaths and 9 injuries.......................



Baghdad: A roadside bomb has exploded in Suteih area in Mada'in district south of Baghdad resulted in two deaths and 8 injuries.................



Muqtada Al-Sadr asserted that the government forces and the sectarian militias commit abduction ,stealing , Ethnic cleansing ,blackmailing actions in Diyala ........................



Baghdad: News agencies: The dead body of sheikh Qais Hindi Halfa ,one of Duleim tribes sheikhs ,has been found shot in Ma'mil area east of Baghdad after he was kidnapped three days ago ..... [19/7/16]




Dozens of civilians executed; 69 killed across Iraq [Antiwar - 19/7/16]:


The Iraq War Families Campaign Group has crowdsourced £150,000 to sue Tony Blair over his role in the Iraq War.

The United States government is suing Dyncorp International for inflating costs during the Iraq War and essentially defrauding the American public. Yet, the company still holds contracts with the U.S. government. 

Officials are investigating a claim that Kurdish Asayesh agents tortured or beat Iraqi soldiers near the Makhmour front lines.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi accepted the resignation of six ministers on Tuesday.  ...




Hundreds of migrants have been arrested in special police operations over the last 24 hours on Bulgarian territory, inside the country and while trying to cross into Serbia "illegally", the Ministry of Interior announced on Tuesday.

In Sofia, police have arrested 162 migrants without documents, including men, women and children, while 45 others have been prevented from crossing into Serbia in two different groups near the border towns of Kula and Bregovo.


The refugees arrested on the Bulgarian-Serbian border were reportedly from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

Some have been registered as asylum seekers in Bulgaria and released while the others have been sent to the detention centre in Busmantsi, near Sofia, the police reported. ... [Balkan Insight - 20/7/16]




Investigators say that Würzburg attacker may not have been Afghan [Deutsche Welle - 20/7/16]:


... "It is perhaps a case that occupies a grey area between a crazed rampage and a terrorist act," de Maiziere [German Interior Minister] said.

Much of the interior minister's speech was focused on attempts to reassure the German public - he listed 12 counterterrorism measures authorities had taken in recent months, including improving the compatibility of European databases.

He also implored the many Germans who had volunteered to help refugees to keep doing so.

On the question of whether the attacker originated from Afghanistan or Pakistan, de Maiziere said that required further investigation. ...




... Investigators have also established that the teenager found out on Friday or Saturday that a friend of his died in Afghanistan, a fact which led to him contacting relations back home throughout the coming days. ... [The Local - 19/7/16]



‏@ItalianNavy [20/7/16]:  #SAR Nave Borsini #MarinaMilitare con oltre 1000 migranti a bordo arriverà a Palermo nel pomeriggio


@ItalianNavy [20/7/16]:  #UltimOra #SAR nave Bettica #MarinaMilitare soccorre un gommone in difficoltà con circa 100 #migranti a bordo



@PROACTIVA_SERV [20/7/16]: ... Rescued 2 boats 150 ppl each transferred @ItalianNavy ship.Our doctor assisting 2 unconcious women there.




‏@SantiPalacios [20/7/16]:  Sub-saharan refugees and migrants on an overcrowded dinghy wait to be rescued 24 miles north of Sabratha, Libya.



‏@SantiPalacios [20/7/16]:  150 #refugees and migrants wait on board a dinghy to be rescued, 27 kilometers north of Libya.



‏@MSF_Sea [20/7/16]:  Even with the gate open, Greek hotspots are no place for kids. We cannot allow images like this to become the norm.




Day 123 refugee protests, Nauru:  WE CAME FOR FREEDOM! YOU PUT US IN PRISON!





via ‏@InsurrectNews [20/7/16]




ABC continues promoting Sonia Kruger while censoring the plight of refugees in South East Asia - especially those imprisoned in Australian concentration camps [20/7/16]



And what about all the other men illegally and unconstitutionally detained on Manus Island you ALP stooge arseholes? [Guardian - 20/7/16]



Participants in pro-ALP spectacle arrested in Melbourne [The Age - 20/7/16]


... It was the third blockade the Whistleblowers Activists and Citizens Alliance group protesters have created in the city this year, as part of their #boycottwilson campaign. ...




Sri Lanka:  UN tourism conference criticised for ignoring human rights [Tamil Guardian - 19/7/16]




Encouraged by US appeasement, Sri Lankan military strengthens genocidal grip on North [TamilNet - 15/7/16]




ASEAN intervention vital to halt oppressive treatment of Rohingya, say analysts [BERNAMA - 18/7/16]:


... Dean of Universiti Utara Malaysia's College of Law, Government and International Studies Asso Prof Dr Ahmad Martadha Mohamed said there had been no end to the persecution of Rohingyas in Myanmar, simply because there was no intervention by international bodies like the United Nations and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, as well as ASEAN.

He said the ongoing conflict has resulted in the loss of lives while their mosques and homes have been burned down. ...



Woodside expands in Africa [Share Cafe - 15/7/16]:


Woodside Petroleum (WPL) has made a second move into West African oil provinces with the news that it will pay up to $US430 million to buy ConocoPhillips’ stake in three deepwater oil blocks off the coast of Senegal.


Woodside has also bought some of the assets of US oil independent Apache for $4.6 billion.

These are located mostly in Australia and Canada.

It has also moved into Myanmar, but quit a stake in a huge gas field offshore Israel when government interference became too much. ...




PNG detains asylum seekers from Ivory Coast who were probably trying to make their way to Australia [The National - 20/7/16]:


Two West Africans aided by Indonesian human smugglers allegedly crossed illegally into PNG through a remote bush track in the North Fly district of Western province, police said.

North Fly police commander Supt Joseph Puri told The National this.

Both are 24 years old from Ivory Coast and crossed the PNG-Indonesian border last Friday from Bupul town in West Papua into the remote Bosset village, Puri said.

“They were on their way to Kiunga in a dinghy when we were tipped off about their movement. Police was stationed at Kiunga and as soon as they arrived they were taken straight to the station.

“We are now interviewing them to find out more about the intention of their travel. We don’t know if they want to cross into PNG and reside here or were trying to cross into Australia through Western.”

Puri said there were other cases of human smuggling into Indonesia to facilitate citizens from third-world nations (mainly African, Middle East and Asia) to pass through PNG to Australia.

“In May, we apprehended three Pakistanis in Daru who were attempting to crossover by dinghy to Saibai Island in the Torres Strait and in the far north Queensland.

“We had detained them with their local guide.”

Meanwhile, a senior government intelligence officer said the Government had to think seriously about addressing security along the PNG-Indonesian border given the preparation for the 2018 Asia Pacific Economical Corporation (APEC) meeting.




West Papuan university students in various Indonesian cities fear for their safety under close security forces' surveillance.

The Papuan Student Alliance says that last week hundreds of police burst into a West Papuan students' dormitory in Yogyakarta and began assaulting the students.

The students had been planning a demonstration in support of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua's bid to join the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Reports are coming through that Papuan dormitories in Yogyakarta as well as Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya and Manado are being tightly monitored by Indonesian police and civilian militia.

An Australia-based Papuan student, Yamin Kogoya, said fellow Papuan students in Indonesia who he's heard from have been afraid to leave their dorms. ... [RNZI - 20/7/16]



The leader of a civil society group in Papua New Guinea says he plans to challenge the legal basis on which a Taskforce to protect national security has been established. ... [RNZI - 20/7/16]



The former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Julius Chan, has joined the Opposition ahead of Friday's Parliamentary vote of no confidence in the Government. ... [RNZI - 20/7/16]



The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal filed by the Ombudsman Commission which relates to investigations against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on the K3 billion loan acquired from UBS.  ... [The National - 20/7/16]



Hela poll must go ahead: Polye [The National - 20/7/16]:


Leader Don Polye yesterday called on the Government to allow the Hela by-election to go ahead as required by the Constitution, with the July 24 deadline fast approaching.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato and Police Commissioner Gari Baki met last Thursday to discuss the security situation on the ground after which an announcement was to have been made. 

 However, there has no response from both men until yesterday.

Gamato said he was awaiting funds.

Polye, however, said:  “I’m urging them to go ahead because I do not want my brothers – Francis Potape, Philip Undialu and James Marape – to fight over this,” Polye said.

“They should just go through a normal, fair election and let a governor be elected.”

Polye accused Prime Minister Peter O’Neill of “using the three leaders of Hela” to ensure the PNG LNG Project landowners did not have a say in money going out of the country.

“What is happening is a carefully thought-out strategy by Peter O’Neill to confuse the house and the robbers can easily steal while the house is in confusion,” he said.

“The people’s monies, revenues that should have been directed to the people and to the Government, are sent off to pay some loan in Singapore.

“That’s exactly what we have seen happen under his regime. ...



Total SA is unlikely to take on ExxonMobil in a bidding war for explorer InterOil Corp , the French giant's partner in a rich gas field in Papua New Guinea, analysts said on Wednesday.

ExxonMobil this week trumped an offer from Oil Search, which was backed by Total.

Oil Search is due to declare on Thursday whether or not it will match ExxonMobil's US$2.2 billion bid.

ExxonMobil and Total both want to simplify the ownership of the Elk-Antelope gas field by taking out InterOil's 36.5 percent stake.

This would clear the way for the majors to tie together their rival gas export projects, PNG LNG and Papua LNG. ... [Channel News Asia - 20/7/16]




Auckland Council has lost its fight to force oil giant Mobil to pay $10 million to clean up the waterfront site known as the tank farm.

The Supreme Court has ruled the company did not need to pay Auckland Council-owned agency Development Auckland for decontaminating the sites it used from 1925 until 2005.

Mobil used two sites in the area to bulk-store petroleum products, and the land is now heavily contaminated.

Development Auckland took Mobil to court, saying it was obliged it to leave the land in a good, clean order under tenancy agreements signed in 1985.

But Mobil argued underground contamination was outside the scope of the agreement which used the words "clean and tidy". ... [RNZI - 20/7/16]



Indonesian government reaffirms stance of no apology to victims and survivors of 1965 US-backed purge [Jakarta Post - 20/7/16]



US State Department's Tom Malinowski tries to rewrite history in Cambodia [Phnom Penh Post - 20/7/16]:


... Ending a two-day visit to the country, Tom Malinowski, assistant secretary of state for human rights, democracy and labor, said recent comments by Cambodia’s commander-in-chief for the armed forces, General Pol Saroeun, calling for the elimination of “people who have the wrong kind of mentality” were of high concern. ...



Defense Ministry spokesman Chhum Sucheat said on Tuesday the military was investigating a video in which a man announces plans for a coup d’etat against Prime Minister Hun Sen, and had separately ordered a convoy of tanks to be moved from the Thai border to near Phnom Penh for “repairs.”



The announcement came as tens of thousands of people are expected to converge on Phnom Penh on Sunday to join a procession to escort the body of slain political analyst Kem Ley back to his home village in Takeo province, about 70 km southwest of the capital. ... [Cambodia Daily - 20/7/16]



Mother files complaint over police shooting [Cambodia Daily - 20/7/16]



An unofficial waterway crossing between Cambodia and Vietnam in Takeo province has been temporarily closed after a violent clash between Vietnamese fishermen and Cambodian Fishery Administration officials last Friday left two Vietnamese dead and a Cambodian injured. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 20/7/16]



So the ABC's Peter Lloyd is cheerleading for Rudd and the UN!  Has he forgotten his own report? ---> UNHCR reps told Nauru refugees to expect to remain on the island for "another ten years" [2/5/16]



One of the candidates for UN Secretary-General who the Australian media censor and ignore - beginning pretty much after this interview -->  ... ANTONIO GUTERRES: Well, as I said, we gave our opinion about the conditions that should be met.

The agreement did not move forward. If any agreement of this nature will in the future be conceded we will issuing again be issuing our opinions.

But I repeat: we consider that the preferred solution is always for countries to process the asylum requests of those that reach their territory. ... [ABC - 13/2/12]




Did Helen Clark ever condemn innocent men, women and children to indefinite detention and exile? [Newstalk ZB - 18/7/16]



What's worse? Neocons and the lying media cheering on their hero Rudd, or the silence of Australia's human rights establishment, the Greens, and refugee "advocates"?   On the third anniversary of Rudd's monstrous policy not ONE of them has issued a statement - or will speak for the rights of the men, women and children who are still being punished on Nauru and Manus Island? ---> @OzRefugeeCounc [20/7/16]:  Rural and Regional areas have a proud history of resettling refugees - here are some good tips ...




Australia has not accepted refugees since July 2014. Why are Australian human organisations and "advocates" still pretending that we are?




Guardian [11/12/15]:

Secret federal government documents cast doubt over whether Australia told Indonesia and the United Nations about a retrospective ban on taking refugees from official channels.

In November last year Australia announced it would no longer accept refugees who applied for resettlement through the UN’S refugee agency in Indonesia.

The ban applied to anyone who registered with the UNHCR from 1 July 2014. ...



Before they raise one more cent, the UNHCR should be held to account for their role in the suicides on Nauru, and their lack of advocacy for the rights of refugees in our region.



... Why we are treated so inhumanely??? Why the humanitarian organizations around the world (UNHCR, Amnesty International, US Committee for Refugees) are the silent spectators on the inhumane treatment and harsh policy of Australian Government. To UNHCR from refugees on Nauru [13/5/16]




Details of private prison corporation immigration contracts not exempt from Freedom of Information Act, judge rules [Center for Constitutional Rights - 15/7/16]:


... Detention Watch Network and CCR filed the FOIA litigation to obtain information about the workings of the detention bed quota, which requires the funding of 34,000 immigration beds at any given time.

The information ICE sought to keep secret is crucial for illuminating the financial incentives behind prison contracting as well as the social and medical resources available to immigrants detained within the system. ...



‏@CouncilofCDNs – Council of Canadians [19/7/16]:  Action in solidarity w/50 immigration detainees on hunger strike. No more indefinite detention! #MigrantStrike



Keep playing Pokémon and furiously debating Sonia Kruger Australia.  The empire is planning World War Three, and YOU SITTING DUCKS are most definitely invited! ---> A United States Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion aircraft lands on the flight deck of HMAS Canberra off the coast of Hawaii during Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016. [RANMedia - 19/7/16]



The Director General of the Forum Fisheries Agency says the offer by Australia to fund aerial surveillance in member states' fishing zones will allow the agency to charter a mission specific aircraft.

James Movick said Australia would be responsible for the crewing and maintenance of the aircraft, with the FFA regional fisheries surveillance centre managing its deployment.


The scheme starts in July next year and has an annual budget of $US11 million for each of the next 30 years.  [RNZI - 18/7/16]



Minority fascist "leadership" stage event in sad attempt to convey Australian solidarity with US colonialism and wars of aggression --->  ‏@tanya_plibersek [20/7/16]:  At Paddington town hall waiting for VP Biden speech with3 former Oz PMs.



‏@GrillTeam [20/7/16]:  With the Vice President Joe Biden in Sydney - Snipers have been spotted in Paddington




Dumping Wallace, blocking Bernie: How the Democrats broke with the working class [TRNN - 10/6/16]:



PROFESSOR PETER KUZNICK: ... And he [Wallace] had as a result a lot of enemies. The segregation in the South hated him. He was the leading spokesman for black civil rights. The misogynists hated him. He was the leading spokesperson for women's inequality.

The British and the French hated him. They implored Roosevelt to get him off the ticket as vice president because he was writing pamphlets and speaking openly about the need to end British and French colonialism.

And the Wall Street people--he said that America's fascists are those people who think that Wall Street comes first and the American people second. Now we call them Democrats or Republicans, but Wallace labeled them America's fascists. And so, clearly he had a lot of enemies, and those enemies came to play in that 1944 convention.


There was a Gallup poll. In 1943, March of '43, Wallace went to Latin America. Roosevelt asked him to go there. It was an extraordinary trip. He first goes to Costa Rica. At his first formal presentation, 15 percent of the population of Costa Rica turns out for him.

He then goes to Chile.

And in Chile, he and the president walked down the streets of Santiago arm in arm and a million people greet him.

He spoke at a stadium in Santiago that could fit 80,000. A hundred thousand people squeeze in. ...




Kansas police captain Robert David Melton killed in shooting [ - 19/7/16]




‘We don't believe he will go postal,' FBI says in 2013 investigation of Omar Mateen [WFTV - 18/7/16]:


... The FBI had investigated Mateen in 2013 after reports that Mateen had said he had ties to the Boston bombers and other terrorists.

At first, Mateen lied about saying those things, but later admitted it after he was confronted with information that he had been recorded saying those things, according to documents.

Mateen gave many details of instances where he said he was berated and ridiculed because of his ethnicity and his religion.

He said he was called names, was insulted and was the target of all kinds of accusations.

He told the FBI that he lied about ties to terrorism to stop the sheriff's deputies and G4S Secure Solutions, a private security company, coworkers from ridiculing him. ...





Three people have died in a shooting near a swimming pool in Lincolnshire, police have said.

The suspected gunman was among the dead in the shooting near the Castle Swimming Pool in Spalding.

Lincolnshire Police, who were called to Pinchbeck Road at about 09:00 BST, said no shots were fired by their officers.

Those killed are believed to be two women and a man. Police said they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

Members of the public were urged to stay away from the area.

A force spokesman said there was no indication it was a "terror-related" incident.

Speaking on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, the leader of South Holland District Council said he had been told it was believed to be a "domestic incident". ... [BBC - 19/7/16]




Authorities in southern France have detained a Moroccan man they said stabbed a woman and her three daughters Tuesday at an Alps resort, briefly sparking some panic in a nation reeling from its third major attack in 18 months.

Jean-Marc Duprat, a deputy mayor for the town of Laragne-Monteglin in the Hautes-Alpes region, says the mother and her girls, aged 8, 12 and 14, were vacationing at a nearby resort when a man from a neighboring apartment attacked them Tuesday morning as they ate their breakfast.

All four were expected to recover, the deputy mayor said.


Hours after the knife attack, gendarmes evacuated a hotel north of Avignon after a man armed with a knife barricaded himself in his room and refused to pay his bill. ... [US News - 19/7/16]



France’s National Assembly votes to extend state of emergency in wake of Nice attack [France 24 - 19/7/16]



Militants seize army base in central Mali: deputy mayor [Reuters - 19/7/16]



Armenia hostage crisis enters third day [Naharnet - 19/7/16]:


Pro-opposition gunmen are holding four police hostage in the Armenian capital Yerevan, officials said Tuesday, two days after they seized a police building, killing one officer and taking several hostages.

"Talks are underway with the hostage-takers. We are doing our best to resolve the situation without bloodshed," Armenia's first deputy police chief Hunan Pogosyan told Agence France Presse.


The hostages include Armenia's deputy police chief General Major Vardan Egiazaryan and Yerevan deputy police chief Colonel Valeri Osipyan.

The attackers have demanded the resignation of President Serzh Sarkisian and the release of detained opposition leader Zhirair Sefilyan.

More than 1,500 anti-government protesters rallied in Yerevan on Monday, calling for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. ...




Would Turkey be justified in kidnapping or drone-killing the Turkish cleric in Pennsylvania? [The Intercept - 18/7/16]




Unknown assailants opened fire on police officers on July 19 in the Maçka district of the Black Sea province of Trabzon, killing three of them.

Five officers and a civilian were also injured, according to local authorities. ... [Hurriyet Daily News - 19/7/16]



Two civilians killed in bomb explosion in southeastern Turkey [Hurriyet Daily News - 19/7/16]



Turkish Education Ministry suspends 15,200 personnel, TV stations lose licence [Times of Malta - 19/7/16]




Turkey has removed 492 staff from duty at the Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB) for suspected involvement in the failed July 15 military coup and for alleged "terrorism" links, a statement from the Diyanet said on Tuesday.


Later in the same day, the religious authority announced that no funeral services would be held for pro-coup figures involved in the July 15 failed coup attempt. [Daily Sabah - 19/7/16]




Today, 11pm Ankara Time, WikiLeaks releases part one of the AKP Emails.

AKP, or the Justice & Development Party, is the ruling party of Turkey and is the political force behind the country's president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Part one of the series covers 762 mail boxes beginning with 'A' through to 'I' containing 294,548 email bodies together with many thousands of attached files.

The emails come from "", the AKP's primary domain. The most recent was sent on July 6, 2016. The oldest dates back to 2010. It should be noted that emails associated with the domain are mostly used for dealing with the world, as opposed to the most sensitive internal matters.

The material was obtained a week before the attempted coup. However, WikiLeaks has moved forward its publication schedule in response to the government's post-coup purges. We have verified the material and the source, who is not connected, in any way, to the elements behind the attempted coup, or to a rival political party or state. [WikiLeaks - 19/7/16]




Israeli soldiers shoot and kill Palestinian boy [Al Jazeera - 19/7/16]




Israeli navy shoots and injures Gaza fisherman, bulldozers level land near border [Maan - 19/7/16]



... For some, the experience has sent them from one personal and political pole to another.

Alexandre, a doctor, was extremely religious before he went to Israel but returned “completely atheist.”

He told Le Monde he was turned off by the “politicization of religion” and the “development of an absurd mystical and messianic discourse.”

After spending a year in Haifa in 2007, he went home to France angered by the “right-wing Israeli propaganda,” by the “distrust towards the Arabs” and by a feeling that the country was overrun with a conspiratorial mindset. ... Disappointed, French Jews leave Israel [Electronic Intifada - 19/7/16]




20 July 2016