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Day 214 refugee protests, Nauru [Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar  - 19/10/16]



UN Special Rapporteur on situation of human rights defenders visits Australia amid rapid deterioration thereof [RNZI - 19/10/16]:


The United Nations has called on the Australian Government to dispel civil society's growing concerns about the chilling effect of its recent laws, policies and actions constraining the rights of human rights defenders.

The call was made by the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders Michael Forst at the end of his first fact-finding visit to Australia.

Mr Forst said he was astounded by the frequent public vilification of rights defenders by senior government officials, in a seeming attempt to discredit, intimidate and discourage them from their legitimate work.

He said the media and business actors have contributed to this stigmatisation.

Mr Forst said environmentalists, whistleblowers, trade unionists and individuals like doctors, teachers, and lawyers protecting the rights of refugees have borne the brunt of the verbal attacks. ...



IOM runs trafficking workshop for PNG law enforcement officers as refugees rot in their gulags throughout South East Asia [PNG Loop - 19/10/16]



US puppet government wants Australian troops and helicopter gunships back in Afghanistan to stop refugees [ABC - 19/10/16]:


... Three hundred Australian personnel remain in Afghanistan, but mainly in Kabul, in training roles.


Mr Nazir insists Australia still has a national interest in helping Afghan forces overcome the Taliban threat.

"These enemies are our shared enemies," he said.

He argues that getting involved again would stop the flow of asylum seekers from Afghanistan to Australia.

"I see these as common, shared goals."



Situation worsens in Maungdaw North, Arakan (Rakhine) [Arakan Times - 18/10/16]



Myanmar: Urgent humanitarian assistance needed for IDPs from Kyet Yoe Pyin village [Rohingya Blogger - 19/10/16]



Former aid worker tortured to death in Maungdaw while in police custody [Rohingya Blogger - 18/10/16]:


... Karim Ullah was a respected senior humanitarian.

He had served as an Area Supervisor in WFP Maungdaw Sub-office from 1995 to 2004 and was a Technician in FAO (Food Agriculture Organization) in their Maungdaw Office from 2007 to 2009.

He was a Community Development Facilitator in UNHCR Maungdaw Office from 2009 to end of 2012.

After the 2012-June violence, he was terminated as a Community Development Facilitator in UNHCR Maungdaw Office when their activity was suspended.

Since the termination, he chose to live peacefully at his home with his family as he became old aged. ...



‏@PDChina:  #Myanmar's FM #AungSanSuuKyi pays floral tribute at the memorial of #MahatmaGandhi at Rajghat in #NewDelhi, #India, Oct. 18, 2016.



A Sri Lankan army major who was convicted of shooting dead a handcuffed LTTE cadre in 1998, was ordered to pay Rs 2 million in compensation to the family after a High Court ruling, the Colombo Page reported. 

The now retired army major, Wimal Wickramage, who shot handcuffed Robert Velinthan who was under army custody at the time, as  was also given a suspended sentence of two years.  [Tamil Guardian - 19/10/16]



‏@TamilGuardian [19/10/16]:  Journalists and media workers protest for investigations into slain journalists, media freedom and RTI in Jaffna



‏@TamilGuardian [19/10/16]:  Protestors ask why there haven't been any investigations into the killings of Tamil journalists - ask for justice



The ratification of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) will greatly facilitate Fiji's long-term vision of becoming the trade, investment and manufacturing hub of the Pacific, says permanent secretary for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism Shaheen Ali.

Mr Ali's comment came at a presentation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence on the ratification of the WTO TFA, trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIPS) and the UN Convention on Electronic Communication at the Parliament complex in Suva yesterday. ... [Fiji Times - 19/10/16]



In occupied Kashmir, normal life remained crippled due to shutdown marked by restrictions on 103rd consecutive day, Wednesday, to prevent anti-India protest march in all district headquarters of the Kashmir Valley.

Forces were deployed in strength to prevent anti-India protest rallies in Kupwara, Baramulla, Bandipora, Budgam, Ganderbal, Srinagar, Pulwama, Shopian, Kulgam and Islamabad districts.

Call for the march was given by the joint resistance leadership. Main markets, public transport and other businesses remain closed in the valley today.

The unprecedented 103-day-long closure of educational institutions has hit hard the students who have not been able to attend classes in schools, colleges and universities in the past more than three months.

Students have been protesting against holding of exams in November and want them to be postponed till March next year.

All roads leading to the district headquarters were closed by the forces to prevent the pro-freedom march.

All the entry points were sealed with army manning the barricades.

However; women in large number held anti-India and pro-freedom protest rallies in different parts of Kashmir Valley. ... [Dunya News - 19/10/16]



Anti-China propaganda about India-Australia military exercises [ABC - 19/10/16]



Dozens of pro-Beijing lawmakers walked out of the Hong Kong legislature on Wednesday to prevent the swearing-in of two pro-independence activists, setting the scene for a new constitutional crisis in the Chinese-controlled city. ... [Reuters - 19/10/16]



Starbucks names China CEO, sees 5,000 stores there by 2021 [Reuters - 19/10/16]



China will consider giving Filipino fishermen conditional access to disputed waters in the South China Sea after the presidents of the two countries meet in Beijing this week, two Chinese sources with ties to the leadership said ... [Reuters - 19/10/16]



Honda to build new factory in China [Japan Today - 19/10/16]:


Honda said Tuesday it will build a new factory in China, as the Japanese automaker expands its reach into the world’s biggest vehicle market.

The firm, which already has several factories in China, would build its new plant in the city of Wuhan, a Tokyo-based company spokeswoman said, without supplying further details.

The factory will start operating in 2019, the leading Nikkei business daily said. ...



Police in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, said Wednesday they have arrested an unemployed 32-year-old woman on suspicion of injuring three people in an apparent random stabbing spree on Tuesday afternoon. ... [Japan Today - 19/10/16]



A 16-year-old student stabbed two classmates and injured a teacher at the prestigious all-boy private Gyosei High School in Tokyo on Monday. ... [Japan Today - 19/10/16]



Malaysia:  Man shot dead by Perak police [Malaysiakini - 19/10/16]



In perhaps the biggest attack on Leonardo DiCaprio's environmental credibility, a rainforest charity on Friday called on the actor to give up his title as UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change.

At a press conference in London, the Bruno Manser Funds offered DiCaprio an ultimatum: either renounce his connections to the "politically exposed persons" at the center of the multibillion-dollar 1MDB Malaysian corruption scandal now being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department and return corrupt money he allegedly received or resign from the position he was given by UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon in 2014.


DiCaprio is alleged to have received millions of dollars diverted from the 1MDB sovereign wealth fund for his role as star and producer of The Wolf of Wall Street, alleged by the DOJ to have been funded by stolen Malaysian money and produced by Red Granite, co-founded by Riza Aziz, the stepson of the Malaysian prime minister and a major figure in a DOJ filing. ... [Hollywood Reporter - 14/10/16]



Unseasonal high tide damages structures in Marshalls [RNZI - 19/10/16]



Cook Islands police search for prison escapee after double shooting [RNZI - 19/10/16]



Anti-refugee propagandists bicker as Australia's war of attrition policy continues unchallenged [Sydney Morning Herald - 19/10/16]



Same Same [19/10/16]:


... I’m writing about Mahmud again because of the horrifically dismissive comments made today by the secretary of the Immigration Department, Mike Pezzullo.

It emerged this morning that Pezzullo said the Australian government had “acquitted its non-refoulement obligations over two-and-a-half years ago” when agreements with the PNG government were drawn up by the Rudd/Gillard governments.

“In other words, the Australian government has no responsibility to those gay men who are currently detained on Manus, in terms of whether their human rights in relation to their sexuality will be upheld in Papua New Guinea or not?” asked Labor senator Louise Pratt.

“The Australian government – a number of governments, actually, that straddle several parliamentary terms – discharged all of its legal undertakings at the time of the transfer, yes,” he said.

Translation: dump them wherever, we’ve washed our hands of them. ...




UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights visits Queensland [Australian Lawyers for Human Rights - 13/10/16]:


... Mr Forst is scheduled for a number of meetings with various human rights defenders, including those who defend Refugee Rights, Environmental rights, and Indigenous Rights in Queensland at a number of prominent Australian law firms over the next two days.

Mr Coyne stated: “ALHR will identify for the Special Rapporteur the major challenges human rights defenders face in Australia including a lack of goodwill by the Australian and QLD governments to properly legislate to protect universally recognised and basic human rights. The simplest solution is to urgently implement a federal bill of rights, as every other western liberal democracy in the world has done. Why Australia is so staunchly opposed to implementing such basic rights is perplexing!” ...



Kowanyama funeral crash victims still in hospital [NITV - 18/10/16]:


... Relative and Kowanyama-born Indigenous advocate Tania Major said the community was banding together as it grieved.

"It’s great you've got services there ... but people are still in shock".

However, Ms Major said the incident highlighted the need for federal and state governments to review health services in the community.



Aboriginal Tent Embassy [17/10/16]:


Bora Grounds Destroyed on Wakka Wakka and neighbouring Yuggera Country!

Native Title Applicants have overridden Section 32 of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 and destroyed Bora Grounds to make way for the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing by the Construction Company Nexus. ...

The 2 Bora grounds near Holmes Rd in Charlton were destroyed at 5 am this morning after an injunction was denied by the courts yesterday afternoon.

Legal representatives for the State Government said that Native Title applicant Mr Beattie who opposed the bypass had no legal case because the other applicants Margaret McLeod and Sandra Bauwens had authorized Nexus to complete the destruction on the Bora Grounds.

It was reported by witnesses that Margaret McLeod and Sandra Bauwens mentioned at a Native Title meeting that the Bora grounds were of no significance to Aboriginal People today.

Many Cultural Leaders opposed the destruction of the Bora Grounds: “Mr Conlon explained: "The big bora ring is a ceremonial one and then you have the smaller ones where we get circumcised as kids.

"We need the connection between each bora ring that leads you to manhood.

"You need to be able to walk between them, with two tribal elders on each side."

Mr Conlon said elevating the road was not a solution as digging through the area would break the connection between the bora rings.”

"The Heritage Advisors under the directorship of Madonna Thomson are the Peak Body authorizing the Destruction of Cultural Heritage on Yuggera Ugarapul Countri."

How can Native Title applicants say they have a continuing tie to country when they hold no value for a sacred site!

Authorising the destruction of a cultural site should disqualify them for claiming cultural ties!



Australia's youth detention centres 'not places of rehabilitation', Royal Commission hears [ABC - 19/10/16]:


... Lexi, 17, was among a small group of former juvenile inmates who attended a royal commission closed youth forum in Alice Springs this week.

"It feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, because telling this mob here so they can make a change to it, it makes me feel better," Lexi said.

"How I got treated was pretty unfair; the youth justice officers used to say that we were stupid and we weren't going to amount to anything, it's pretty draining when you hear it every day."

Lexi said that while she was in detention, she was most concerned about being sent to the high-security section and being deprived of making phone calls.

"You weren't allowed to have contact with anyone," she said. ...



Two boys at the centre of separate police misconduct allegations in WA's Pilbara region have spoken publicly for the first time, with one alleging he was assaulted and the other claiming he had a gun held to his head.

Frank Pickett is one of two 14-year-olds claiming they were arrested, abused, assaulted and then dumped by police on the outskirts of South Hedland in June this year.

"Some boy was throwing rocks at taxis and that's when the cops come and that's when everybody started running," he said.

"They was calling me a little black c*** and the lady assaulted me, she hit me with a torch hard in the shoulder." ... [ABC - 19/10/16]



Committee: Overwhelming majority of Palestinian minors in Israeli custody are tortured [Maan - 18/10/16]:


The “overwhelming majority” of Palestinian minors held in Israel’s Megiddo and Ofer prisons have been tortured during their detention and interrogation, the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs said Tuesday, amid a marked increase in the incarceration and mistreatment of Palestinian children by Israel.

Lawyer for the committee Luay Ukka said in a statement that, after a visit to Ofer prison, he had noticed that the number of juvenile prisoners there had noticeably increased over the past month. 

As of mid-October, he said, the number of Palestinian prisoners in Ofer under 18 years old reached 28, 14 of whom were under 14 years old. 

According to rights group Defense for Children International - Palestine (DCIP), Israel has also dramatically increased the use of administrative detention  -- internment without charge or trial -- against minors. ...



UNESCO officially adopts resolution denouncing Israeli policies at Al-Aqsa [Maan - 18/10/16]



Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday broke into and closed down a local market in Hebron to allow Israeli settlers’ “safe” passage to the Ibrahimi Mosque.

According to PIC reporter, Israeli soldiers stormed in large numbers the local market and forced the residents to leave the area before closing all the commercial stores. ... [PNN - 18/10/16]



The Palestinian government and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) have condemned a proposed visit by South African MP Kenneth Meshoe to Israel.

The Middle East sovereign state lambasted the proposed visit after it came to light that Meshoe planned to visit illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied State of Palestine as part of an upcoming conference organised by the ‘Israel Allies Foundation’ in co-ordination with the Israeli government. ... [PNN - 18/10/16]



Bob Dylan’s embrace of Israel’s war crimes [Electronic Intifada - 18/10/16]




... You've got the body

Now you want my soul

Don't even think about it

Say, no go ...


'I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)', Hall & Oates [1981]



‏@wikileaks [18/10/16]:  Qatar gifts Bill Clinton $1,000,000 for his birthday. Arms flow increases 1,482% ...



‏@wikileaks [18/10/16]:  RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 11 ...  #HillaryClinton ...



‏@wikileaks  [18/10/16]: ... Ecuador admits to 'restricting' Assange communications over US election.



‏@wikileaks [18/10/16]: ... Multiple US sources tell us John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs during FARC peace negotiations.



‏@wikileaks [18/10/16]:  Facebook CEO Zuckerberg wanted to meet with Clinton campaign to "help his understanding" of "political operations" ...



Hillary Clinton was ‘ambivalent’ about net neutrality, Podesta emails show [Inside Sources - 18/10/16]



Crawly bumlick ---> Clinton challenger attacked in hacked email sees no ‘public good’ in WikiLeaks dump [Washington Post - 18/10/16]



Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta called Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders a “doofus” in an email of his that wound up on WikiLeaks as a result of a hack of his online communications.

According to an email with the subject header “Congratulations on Paris” started by Clinton 2008 campaign adviser and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden on December 13, 2015, Podesta took a shot at Sanders.

“I know it wouldn’t have happened w o the china deal. My children and their future children thank you,” Tanden wrote to Podesta in reference to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris where a climate change agreement among 195 nations had just taken place a day earlier.

Podesta replied, “Thanks Neera. Can you believe that doofus Bernie attacked it? Ben happy  ... [Daily Caller - 18/10/16]



... The obvious question that should arise even to the most rabid supporter of Western military interventions is this: If they’ve deceived you before, what would stop them trying to do it again now with similar fake videos and fake stories, all created to support and sustain a narrative that evokes enormous outrage and keeps public opposition at bay. ...  The death rattle of the corporate media [OffGuardian - 3/10/16]



Newsweek journalist claims US intelligence fed him false Putin-Trump conspiracy [Sputnik News - 19/10/16]



UK spying agencies illegally stored data about the country’s citizens for more than a decade, according to a new judgement.

The collection of data on everyone’s communications was illegal between 1998 and 2015, according to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, the watchdog for intelligence agencies.

But spying agencies will be able to continue collecting data on citizens because of small tweaks to the law that allow them to get around the ruling. ... [Independent - 18/10/16]



Philippine police van rams protesters in front of US Embassy [Townhall - 19/10/16]:


A police van has rammed into protesters, leaving several bloodied, as an anti-U.S. rally turned violent at the American embassy in Manila.

Protest leader Renato Reyes says at least three student activists had to be taken to a hospital after they were ran over by the van driven by a police officer.

Television footage showed the van repeatedly ramming the protesters as it drove wildly back and forth after protesters surrounded it.

Police later arrested several protesters who broke into a line of riot police and hurled red paint at the embassy.

The violence happened as hundreds of protesters gathered to demand an end to the presence of U.S. troops in the country and to back a call for an independent foreign policy by President Rodrigo Duterte.  



‏@MKule [19/10/16]:  Kasalukuyang nagpoprotesta ang ilang grupo sa harap ng US Embassy upang ipanawagan ang pagaaalis ng EDCA at iba pang polisiya. #Lakbayan2016



Venezuela opposition official caught with grenades, army vests [teleSUR – 18/10/16]



UNAMA Human Rights Special Report on July attack on Hazaras demonstration in Kabul [Khaama - 18/10/16]



The First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum did not suffer any injuries during the ambush by the Taliban militants, the Office of the Chief Executive Office said.

The Office of the CEO released a statement following remarks by Abdullah Abdullah suggesting that the Vice President sustained a minor wound in the attack. ... [Khaama - 18/10/16]



An advisor to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was among three people injured in a magnetic bomb blast in the Proja-i-Taimani neighbourhood of Kabul on Tuesday, an official said. ... [Pajhwok - 18/10/16]



At least 70 Taliban militants were killed in airstrikes carried out by U.S forces in Farah province on Monday night, said Hassan Shah Frogh, commander of 606 Ansar Police Zone in Farah.

He said that over 30 insurgents were wounded in the airstrikes. ... [TOLO News - 18/10/16]



Former President Hamid Karzai criticises US anti-terror mission in Afghanistan, again [TOLO News - 18/10/16]



Taliban, Afghan government resume secret talks amid deadly battles [TOLO News - 18/10/16]



US drone strike kills 8 in Yemen [Daily Star - 18/10/16]



Yemen's Houthi-run administration welcomed a 72-hour ceasefire starting on Wednesday intended to allow aid to reach areas cut off by months of fighting and in dire humanitarian need. ... [Reuters - 18/10/16]



So many lies for Bishop and her media mates to keep a lid on ---> Australian "kidnapped" in Yemen [Nine MSN - 19/10/16]



US air strikes pound Libya's Sirte [Reuters - 17/10/16]



Tripoli has been descending into military anarchy over the last 48 hours although, extraordinarily, some parts of the city still appeared calm and normal this evening.

The two-day old Rixos coup by Khalifa Ghwell has triggered disparate outbreaks of fighting between rival militias in which one person is known to have been killed and several wounded. ... [Libya Herald - 16/10/16]



Al-Shabab militants kill at least 10 people in key Somali town [Press TV - 18/10/16]



In Somalia, US escalates a shadow war [New York Times - 16/10/16]



A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA that a woman was killed and three other civilians got injured by terrorists’ rocket shells on the neighborhoods of al-Hamadaniyeh and al-Midan in Aleppo city.

Later, two more people were reported killed and 22 others were injured in a similar terrorist rocket attack that hit al-Jamiliyeh neighborhood in the city. ... [SANA - 18/10/16]



Russia circulated in the UN Security Council a draft statement on the necessity to separate moderate opposition from terrorists in Syria, in the light of the halting the airstrikes by the Russian and Syrian forces in Aleppo area, Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said. ... [Sputnik News - 19/10/16]



Putin, Erdogan discuss Syrian crisis, operation in Iraq’s Mosul - Kremlin [TASS - 19/10/16]



The Greek Foreign Ministry on Monday urged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to respect international agreements, expressing concern that his statement on Saturday, that Ankara “cannot ignore” its kinsmen in Western Thrace, Cyprus and Crimea, could undermine regional stability. ... [Ekathimerini - 17/10/16]



After Mosul falls, ISIS will flee to Syria. then what? [Counterpunch - 18/10/16]



Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi flees to Raqqa, wife arrested [Alalam - 17/10/16]



“No boots on the ground” has evolved into over 6,000 US troops in Iraq, and pledges that they would play no combat role in the war against ISIS has now given way to US ground troops being deployed on the front lines in Iraq’s largest invasion to date, the ongoing attack on the massive city of Mosul.

The troops are special forces who are being used as “forward air controllers,” and are meant primarily to do targeting for US warplanes that are constantly pounding the city from above.

Officially, these troops are still being classified as “non-combat.” ... [Antiwar.com - 18/10/16]



Fascist duopoly announce Australian troops' official involvement in latest invasion of Iraq, and you have no say in it [Nine MSN - 18/10/16]:


... Australian defence force personnel, including the RAAF Air Task Group, Special Operations Task Group and Australian and New Zealand training team would be helping, he [Turnbull] said.

"All of them are putting their lives on the line. All of them are putting their heart and soul into keeping us safe," he said.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said retaking Mosul was critical and Australians could be proud of the defence contribution.

"Retaking Mosul may not be achieved quickly and victory will not come easy to the Iraqi military or the Iraqi people but for the sake of all the people suffering and dying at the hands after this hateful extremism, it must be done," he said. 



Australia is involved in a massacre.  Our politicians and media are lying fuckwits ---->  ... "It has been our concern that the foreign terrorist fighters who came to both Iraq and Syria to take part in the fighting, the conflict on the part of (ISIS), will then seek to return home at some point," Ms Bishop said. ... [Nine MSN - 19/10/16]





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