@Aussie4Refugees [21//3/18]:  It is well past time to demand the END of the policy, as well as for this refugee family to be returned to their home in Biloela. Anything less - including Palm Sunday rallies featuring speakers from pro "deterrence" unions/NGOs - just legitimises ongoing cruelty 




Bill "it is OUR policy" Shorten carefully choreographs a quiet moment on his trip to piss in Biloela's pocket. [Tamil Refugee Council - 20/3/18]



If Callide MP Colin Boyce truly wanted (5 minutes in) this Sri Lankan refugee family to stay in Biloela he wouldn't be in the LNP.  Border Force's ongoing brutalisation of refugees in the name of "deterrence" is his party's policy, as much as it is Labor Party policy. [SBS - 19/3/18]



Facebook and Sri Lankan government collaborate on social media censorship [WSWS - 20/3/18]:


... Sirisena’s claim that social media was the cause of the anti-Muslim violence is bogus.

This month’s communalist attacks were unleashed by organised fascistic formations with the tacit backing of sections of the Sri Lankan security apparatus.

These groups have been encouraged and nurtured by Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, as well as the opposition parliamentarians led by former President Mahinda Rajapakse. ...



The Sri Lankan President was met by protestors in Jaffna on Monday where he had travelled for the inauguration of a new school building.

President Sirisena was in Jaffna to open a new technology centre at St Patrick's College, where old students and families of the disappeared protested demanding to know the whereabouts of Father Francis Joseph, the school's former rector who was disappeared after surrendering to the Sri Lankan Army alongside hundreds of LTTE cadres and high-ranking LTTE officials in May 2009. ... [Tamil Guardian - 20/3/18]



Pro "deterrence" ABC and union movement continue their efforts to normalise Australia's paramilitary anti-refugee unit Border Force [20/3/18]



US Coast Guard intercepts migrants from Sri Lanka near Florida [Local 10 - 19/3/18]



US Supreme Court takes up new immigration detention dispute [Reuters - 20/3/18]:


... The plaintiffs in the new case included two legal U.S. residents involved in separate lawsuits filed in 2013, a Cambodian immigrant named Mony Preap convicted of marijuana possession and a Palestinian immigrant named Bassam Yusuf Khoury convicted of attempting to manufacture a controlled substance.

The law in question states that the government can detain convicted immigrants “when the alien is released” from criminal detention.

Civil rights lawyers for two groups of plaintiffs argued that the language of the law shows that it applies only immediately after immigrants are released.

Just as former President Barack Obama’s administration had argued, the Trump administration said the government had the power to detain such immigrants at any time. ...



'We need to dismantle ICE':  Maru Mora-Villalpando stands defiant at her own deportation hearing [Seattle Weekly - 16/3/18]



The High Court has today decided not to grant certification on a point raised by the CPS in relation to the last month’s ruling preventing extradition of British-Finnish computer scientist Lauri Love to the United States.

As a result, the appeal ruling of 5 February 2018 stands in full. Lauri Love, who has diagnoses of Asperger syndrome, severe antibiotic-resistant eczema and major depression, had been facing indictments from three separate US federal court districts on allegations of his participation in online protest.

If extradited, he faced a maximum sentence of 99 years imprisonment. ... [Courage Foundation - 20/3/18]



@JulianAssange [20/3/18]:  NSA: "Bitcoin #1 priority". Good work by @samfbiddle -- but #Bitcoin'ers have suffered 4.5 years of attacks they didn't need to because @theintercept, WaPo and Guardian did not follow the @WikiLeaks model & continue to conceal most of the @Snowden archive



Robert Tibbo is the lawyer who helped Edward Snowden escape Hong Kong [t-online.de - 18/3/18]:


... Why did Snowden contacted especially you? Because you were a local human rights advocate?

What I can say is that the asylum seeking community in Hong Kong knew very well who I was and the type and quality of human rights work I had been doing up to that point in time. The wider society including non-governmental organizations (NGO), some journalists, the legal academic community namely universities, social activists, and wider society people interested in social issues and human rights, were well aware who I was.

What originally sparked the asylum and refugee seeking community becoming aware of who I was, were events in 2012. I had become aware of hundreds of asylum seekers being locked up in an immigration prison or detention center.

That place was called the "Castle Peak Bay Immigration Center" (CIC). Many, if not most people locked up inside CIC were being held there unlawfully by the Immigration Department.

Some of the Snowden Refugees had been locked up there. A that time Kellapatha Supun Thilina, one of the Snowden Refugees was locked up inside there unlawfully. Immigration illegally grabbed him and detained him there even before he had filed his asylum claim appeal.

So I was approached and decided to assist him on a pro bono basis to secure his freedom from the CIC detention facility.  Within 4 weeks I secured his liberty and he was able to hold his daughter again and be with his partner Nadeeka.

When I was inside CIC I met with other refugees and realized hundreds of asylum seekers were arbitrarily and unlawfully locked up there. It was a type of gulag or black hole that asylum seekers could not escape from once locked up inside. 

I was instructed to visit dozens of asylum seekers detained at CIC and I started communicating with the Director of Immigration demanding the immediate release of these new clients from CIC.  In about a month period immigration released dozens of my clients.

My law office phone never stopped ringing as hundreds of asylum seekers were calling seeking my legal assistance to secure their release from CIC.  There was a knock-on effect with Immigration releasing over a hundred or a few hundred asylum seekers due to our pro bono efforts.  

I subsequently became a Director of Vision First, a humanitarian NGO assisting asylum seekers and refugees. I was a director of "Vision First" from February 2013 to 2016. Through this wider social advocacy the asylum seeking community and media also came to know my name and type of work I was doing. 

So this is how my name initially made its way into the community and wider society. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [20/3/18]: How Snowden escaped Hong Kong. ...



Eye candy and being Julian Assange [steemit - 20/3/18]



The High Court has decided not to grant certification on a point raised by the CPS in relation to the last month’s ruling preventing extradition of British-Finnish computer scientist Lauri Love to the United States.

As a result, the appeal ruling of 5 February 2018 stands in full. ... [Courage Foundation - 20/3/18]



The United States is advancing toward the first transfer of a prisoner from the Guantanamo Bay detention center under U.S. President Donald Trump, the U.S. military told Reuters on Monday, a move that would repatriate the detainee to Saudi Arabia. ... [Reuters - 20/3/18]



@GitmoWatch [19/3/18]:  It turns out that @BaluchiGitmo’s painting #VertigoAtGuantanamo accurately represents the rabbit hole at GTMO as well as his head trauma



The Jan. 24 findings of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention conclude that the continued detention of Ammar al Baluchi at Guantanamo Bay is arbitrary, discriminatory, and in breach of the international norms relating to the right to a fair trial established by international human rights law. ... [Just Security - 16/3/18]



'We are refugees, we have nowhere to go, and we are going to go on fighting until the Israeli government recognizes this,' says an Eritrean asylum seeker ... [Haaretz - 19/3/18]



In the last month, the Interior Ministry’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority has jailed 280 asylum seekers at the Saharonim prison in the south immediately after they refused to be sent by Israeli authorities to a third country.

The immediate detention is in violation of a 2015 Be’er Sheva District Court ruling that requires the state to grant the asylum seekers 14 days between the date on which they are notified of their impending incarceration for refusing to be sent to a third country and their actual imprisonment.

The district court ordered the two-week period to enable them to find a lawyer who would file a petition on their behalf and for the scheduling of a preliminary hearing in their cases. ... [Haaretz - 19/3/18]



In lead-up to mass deportation, Israel closes Holot concentration camp [+972 - 15/3/18]



@aptly_engineerd [15/3/18]: Anti-blackness in Jewish community institutions is weighing the mass deportation of vulnerable African refugees to their deaths/enslavement as a potential PR loss for Israel, and not a humanitarian disaster ...



@Aussie4Refugees [19/3/18]: After 5 years of illegal imprisonment on #Manus, 3 Bangladeshi men challenge sudden deportation proceedings and sham refugee assessment process in PNG National Court ...



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