Lying politicians responsible for Australia's legalised war of attrition against refugees in lock step [SBS - 19/1/17]



... Victoria Police does not record ethnicity in its official LEAP database, but place of birth is recorded.

The figures show youth born in Australia commit the most crimes in all three categories. ... Statistics raise questions about calls to deport youth offenders [ABC - 6/12/16]



Australia's fictional "US Refugee Deal" drags on into infinity. ---> Immigration had a meeting with refugees today about the deal with America ... @BehrouzBoochani [19/1/17]



There is no "resettlement" - there never was.  Until Australia's anti-refugee policy ends, there is only indefinite detention ---> I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]



‏@BehrouzBoochani [17/1/17]:  I give my hair to the wild wind,to feel freedom. ...



@b8ch0 [19/1/17]:  Barbería campo refugiados Ritsona



@SantiPalacios [18/1/17]:  It could be 1944 but we took this picture today (with a drone) in Belgrade. #Refugees wait for food distribution under a heavy snowfall.  



EU envoy to discuss crowded migrant centers with mayors [Ekathimerini - 18/1/17]



Afghan police suffer casualties in Taliban attack in Kandahar [Khaama - 19/1/17]



The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan (MoD) confirmed 6 loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist were killed along with 28 other militants during the clearance operations. ... [Khaama - 18/1/17]



Afghan journalists face more threats as violence spreads [Reuters - 19/1/17



4 killed in foreign forces airstrike, Nangarhar province [Pajhwok - 19/1/17]



The Taliban movement has claimed responsibility for the downing of the US unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, local media reported Tuesday, citing an anonymous security official and a Taliban spokesperson. ... [Sputnik News - 17/1/17]



United States bombs Libya [US Department of Defense- 19/1/17]:


... “While we are still evaluating the results of the strikes, the initial assessment indicates they were successful,” the press secretary said.

“This action was authorized by the president as an extension of the successful operation the U.S. military conducted last year to support Libyan forces in freeing Sirte from ISIL control.” ...



US-Saudi airstrikes injure 4 citizens in Sana'a [SABA - 19/1/17]



‏@narrabyee [17/1/17]:  Re-opening Sanaa airport must happen before any further international efforts to bring peace to Yemen, said Foreign Minister Sharaf



We arm the world: D-Generation sketch from 1987



The U.S. Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin Corp are close to deal for a contract worth almost $9 billion as negotiations are poised to bring the price per F-35 below $100 million for the first time, people familiar with the talks said Wednesday.

The F-35, the Pentagon's costliest arms program, has drawn fire from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump who has made lowering prices for military equipment a pillar of his transition into office. ... [Reuters - 19/1/17]



Russia's Lavrov says US invited to Astana talks on Syria: RIA [Reuters - 19/1/17]



Long opposed to US attempts to impose regime change in Syria, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D – HI) has made a trip to Syria this week, an unannounced visit which saw Gabbard spending considerable time in the capital city of Damascus “to promote and work for peace.”

Gabbard’s office, citing security, says a lot of the details of the trip are not going to be revealed until she has returned to the United States, and they declined to say if she had met directly with President Bashar al-Assad, though they did confirm she’d met with several government leaders while in Damascus. ... [ - 18/1/17]



Eight persons, one of them a girl child, were injured due to rocket shells fired by terrorists at the residential neighborhoods of the terrorist-besieged al-Fouaa town in northern countryside of Idleb province. ... [SANA - 18/1/17]



US-led alliance destroys bridge in Raqqa countryside [SANA - 18/1/17]



Russia, Turkey conducting first joint air operation in Syria [TASS - 18/1/17]:


... Militants still continue to attack the positions of the Syrian troops near the city of Deir ez-Zor.

 "The situation remains difficult in the Deir ez-Zor area, the city has been besieged by the IS terrorists for around three years. Taking advantage of their numerical superiority, the militants continue to attack the positions of the Syrian troops. In case the city is taken by terrorists, the residents will face a true genocide. The population of Deir ez-Zor may be exterminated," Rudskoi said.

Militants of the Islamic State are moving weapons and manpower ‘almost unimpededly’ towards Syria’s Palmyra because of the US-led coalition’s actions in Iraq, Rudskoi said.

"The actions of the US-led coalition grouping near the Iraqi city of Mosul have largely boiled down to edging out considerable forces of the ISIL [the former name of the IS] towards the eastern part of Syria where militants are moving weapons, explosives and manpower almost unimpededly towards Palmyra, Deir ez-Zor and also the town of al-Bab bordering on Turkey," the Russian general said. ...



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 18/1/17]



@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [18/1/17]:


Ta'meem: News agencies: Deaths and injuries were resulted as US-led coalition targeted a medical center ,power plant and Zab Town market southwest o Kirkuk.


A person was killed and 4 were wounded as an IED exploded in Mada'in district southeast of Baghdad.



Iraqi Prime Minister wants full disclosure about 2003 US invasion [Daily Star - 19/1/17]



US must release Abu Ghraib photos, judge says [Raw Story - 18/1/17]



A Guantánamo prisoner from Algeria on Wednesday lost a last-minute legal maneuver to go home before President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

A U.S. government review board approved the repatriation of 43-year-old Sufyian Barhoumi on Aug. 9.

The Periodic Review Board said although Barhoumi “presents some level of threat in light of his past activities, skills, and associations” he had been a well-behaved prisoner, lacked “extremist views” and offered the board a detailed plan for the future — to run a pizza shop near his mother in Algiers.

But Defense Secretary Ash Carter did not give final approval to his release earlier this month as required by law. ... [Miami Herald - 18/1/17]



‏@aamer_rahman [19/1/17]:  Here's what I think about this Muslim Australia Day billboard campaign ...



Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath instructs DPP to lodge appeal on behalf of Queensland Police against racism ruling [NITV - 19/1/17]:


 The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has lodged an appeal after the Federal Court found officers had been racist in the aftermath of a death in custody on Palm Island in 2004.

Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath confirmed on Thursday she had instructed the Director of Public Prosecutions to lodge an appeal on behalf of the QPS.

"We believe it's an important case," she said.

Upon hearing the news, Mr Wotton told NITV he was surprised the police didn’t want to put “this whole saga” behind them.

“They’re not taking any responsibility on their part,” he told NITV News.

“According to them it’d be a normal practice for the Queensland police to go into any community, whether it’s black or white, and do what they did to Palm.


While the grounds for the appeal are yet to be revealed, Mr Wotton says he’s confident the initial ruling will stand.

“I’m not going to worry too much about it,” he says.

“I was pretty confident that we were going to be successful the last time, so just keep that same positive mood I suppose and just wait for the outcome. “

Despite his confidence, Mr Wotton criticised the QPS for prolonging community anguish around the case.



...  Islanders who were children during the raids have described having guns pointed at them. ... [Nine MSN - 24/9/15]



Ms Ronalds said Islanders had been victims of systemic racism that was "so entrenched that it is apparently invisible to those who did it and those who manage and supervise it". Palm Island raids were overreaction to riots, lawyer [SBS - 21/9/15]



‏@ATEmbassy [17/1/17]:  Opera House Sydney last night black fellas stood up to the lies of Referendum ...



Trump's UN pick Nikki Haley tells Senate: Israeli settlements 'can hinder peace' [Haaretz - 19/1/17]



Palestinians living in Israel and the 1948 lands on Thursday announced strike over the Israeli crimes that took place in Umm Al-Hiran Bedouin community on Wednesday.

These include killing of two Palestinians and demolishing homes of the community which has been rebuilt several times by the residents following ongoing Israeli demolition. ... [PNN - 19/1/17]



Palestinian shot dead 'in cold blood' by Israeli police during Negev demolition raid [Maan -  18/1/17]



2 Palestinians injured near Hebron after police chase [Maan - 18/1/17]



An Israeli settler on Tuesday evening ran over a four-year-old Palestinian child in the southern part of Hebron city in the occupied West Bank. ... [Maan - 17/1/17]



‏@JSCCounterPunch [18/1/17]:  Obama the Weakling denied clemency to Leonard Peltier...



North Dakota National Guard pulls missile launchers away from Standing Rock protesters [Daily Beast - 19/1/17]



We were very saddened to learn that Rosa Moreno, legendary nurse and activist fighting Chevron's oil disaster in the Amazon, has passed away from pollution-related illness.

We were able to interview her just months prior for our documentary Chevron vs. the Amazon, please take heed of her words and join the fight for justice. ... [The Empire Files - 15/1/17]



Myanmar agrees to allow Malaysian food flotilla to enter country with conditions (i.e. cannot go direct to Rohingya in Sittwe) [New Straits Times - 19/1/17]



Sittwe. Where every effort is expended to deny the Rohingya access to livelihood, sustenance, and freedom of movement. ---> ... This accident serves as a tragic reminder of the vulnerability that many communities and families face in this area of Rakhine where their only option is to use this mode of travel in order to access markets, livelihoods, and other basic services that are essential for a dignified life. ... [ReliefWeb - 29/4/16]



Rohingya kids in the rain during the rainy season in Sittwe's Muslim Quarter, now effectively a sealed ghetto. [Image:  ‏@andreapitzer - 16/7/15]



‏@johnharleybreen [18/1/17:  .@HugoSwire questions UK training of Tatmadaw [Myanmar military], urges @BorisJohnson to visit Sittwe in Rakhine on upcoming trip #Burma #Myanmar #Rohingya



Britain to offer military training to Burma to help end ethnic conflicts [Telegraph - 14/7/13]



Your backyard Australia: 50,000 Rohingya flee to Bangladesh from Myanmar ... ‏@Aussie4Refugees [29/12/16]



Woodside CEO Peter Coleman said the fourth quarter results highlighted excellent performance by the company.


“We are about to start significant appraisal work in Senegal and Myanmar complemented by exploration in Australia, Senegal and Myanmar. In parallel, the Greater Enfield project is progressing to plan, including the manufacture of subsea equipment,” he said. ... [Woodside ASX Announcement - 19/1/17]



Woodside Energy has appointed former Federal Minister for Resources and Energy Ian Macfarlane as a non-executive director. ... [Pipeliner - 14/11/16]



Abbott's sister Christine Forster becomes Woodside spinner [Australian Financial Review - 5/10/16]:


... Forster's appointment comes as the streets of Woodside's hometown of Perth hum with talk that former Saturday Paper  journo (and one-time scribe for this esteemed organ) Sophie Morris has also joined the mining company. ...



Find out more about the Australian media's censorship of Myanmar's genocide and Woodside's exploration activities here.



Lands in the Nanthikadal area of Mullaitivu will not be released, reports Uthayan.

Military officials told Mullaitivu villagers that land around the Nanthikadal lagoon is needed by the Sri Lankan military and any appropriated land will not be returned.

The lagoon and its banks, close to Mullivaikkaal, are known for being the location of mass atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan army during the final stages of the war.

In 2012, the Sri Lankan army completed construction of a luxury hotel on its shores to cater to 'war tourists'.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by soldiers at a Kepapilavu village meeting, while announcing the return of lands in Kepapilavu.

Reportedly, those with occupied lands in Nanthikadal will be compensated with land elsewhere. [Tamil Guardian - 18/1/17]



@wikileaks [18/1/17]:  Assange is still happy to come to the US provided all his rights are guaranteed despite White House now saying Manning was not quid-quo-pro.



“It is time to recognise the contribution of whistleblowers” – UN expert welcomes commutation of Manning’s sentence [Media Release - 18/1/17]:


... I urge the UK and Swedish Governments to strengthen the human rights system by giving effect to the recommendation of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

I am concerned that despite the opinion of the Working Group neither Government has taken steps toward implementation and Mr. Assange finds himself a refugee under the diplomatic protection of Ecuador.

It is time for this abnormal and inhuman situation to end.”



UN decision in Assange arbitrary detention case:  Big implications for refugees and whistleblowers - but Australia's establishment international law and refugee rights experts ignored the majority decision, and inexplicably focussed on the minority dissenting opinion [Center for Constitutional Rights - 5/2/16]:


... In our briefs to the WGAD, we argued that someone is effectively detained when they are forced to choose between confinement and running the risk of persecution.

That is the precise dilemma faced by Mr. Assange, who would lose the protection of his asylum if he stepped out of the embassy.

The risk of extradition is the 'fourth wall' for the now repudiated claim that he is free to leave the embassy.

As a result, it has been years since Mr. Assange has had access to proper medical care, sunlight, or the ability to see his family.

The WGAD's decision in Mr. Assange's case sets an important precedent for refugees.

In our submissions we analogized the situation faced by Mr. Assange to that of asylum-seekers in detention facilities.

States may claim that asylum-seekers held in subhuman conditions are not 'detained' because they are technically free to leave for their home country, but this is a non-choice, since the home country would persecute the asylum seeker.

The WGAD decision could mean that so-called 'open' facilities like the Israeli Holot, deep in an Israeli desert, and the Australian-run center in Nauru are legally equivalent to closed prisons. ...



Blah blah blah.  OR AS ACADEMICS YOU COULD CALL ON THE GOVERNMENT AND OPPOSITION TO END AUSTRALIA'S ANTI-REFUGEE POLICY.  PEOPLE ARE BEING TORTURED AND ARE DYING. ---> This Academic Symposium is an attempt to rethink how to analyse the spaces and socialites of our lives with a focus on research with refugees and asylum seekers. It certainly requires greater ethical courage as well as deeper theoretical efforts to imagine the affective shifts of perspective that may help us challenge the complexities of contemporary times, especially the peculiar configuration of the relationship between the state and the bodies of refugees played out in punitive policies and damaging political rhetoric. ... [UNSW Forced Migration Research Network]



He says of his painting "this is about my situation on Nauru"


[Sister Jane - 8/6/16]




Senate Inquiry into the serious allegations of abuse, self-harm and neglect of asylum seekers in relation to the Nauru Regional Processing Centre, and any like allegations in relation to the Manus Regional Processing Centre [Submission 14]:


... They see little point in reporting abuse as they believe that the purpose of the regime they are living under is to expose them to such abuse in order to force them to leave.

They constantly weigh up their suffering on Manus with the fear of what could happen to them if they had to return to their home countries.

That in itself is a terrible burden for any human being.

A good number of them are stateless.

Many have never felt safe in their lives, and they do not feel safe, nor are they safe on Manus, or being placed in PNG society. ...



During the UNHCR visit to Nauru in April 2016, refugees were told to expect to remain on the island for "another ten years".

Immediately after they conveyed this message to the refugees, Omid Masoumali covered himself in flammable liquid and set himself alight shouting at the delegation "We're sick and exhausted! You've destroyed our lives! Did you come just to gape at our misery? We lead miserable lives! You've been torturing us for three years!"

The UN needs to explain why they don't want Manus and Nauru refugees immediately released and GENUINELY resettled - and why they aren't pushing the Australian government to resume meeting its obligations under the refugee convention.



 "UN UN! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!"  [Protests on Nauru - May 2016]




Hunger striking refugees -  Manus Island, January 2015



Guardian [VIDEO - 23/1/15]:


... Video footage obtained by Guardian Australia shows dozens of asylum seekers and refugees held in a single, windowless prison cell.

There is no furniture in the cell. Almost all the men lie close together and motionless in tight lines on the floor.

A man speaking on the video – whose voice has been altered to avoid identification – alleged the men were beaten by security guards employed by Wilson and by police while in custody.

“They have beaten everyone in this camp. We are totalling 58 people, they beat the shit out of all of us,” he said.

The video shows marks on some of the men’s bodies.

It ends abruptly when a noise is heard, apparently outside the cell. ...



... UNHCR Representative Thomas Albrecht told Ref Coord he had had to deliver a stern warning to the refugees: either shape up or he will ask the GOG [Government of Ghana] to post several military officers inside the camp.

 To emphasize the seriousness of his message, he suspended all UNHCR services to Budumburam during the week of May 1-7. ... [WikiLeaks]



  Today the Australia - United Nations Parliamentary Group, co-chaired by Melissa and Senator Chris Back, along with the United Nations Association of Australia hosted a morning tea to celebrate Refugee Day (20 June). Mr. Thomas Albrecht, UNHCR regional representative spoke about the plight of refugees around the world and reminded the audience that it was important to also “celebrate” refugees on Refugee Day as these are courageous people who have come through so much, are resilient and contribute enormously. [Melissa Parke - 25/6/14]



... Prior to taking up this assignment in early 2014, Mr. Albrecht served as Head of the UNHCR Regional Support Hub in Nairobi ... [UNSW Kaldor Centre]



Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.




Protest on Nauru defies police ban [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 11/3/15]



... We are living in a camp in the jungle. This is where they ‘re-settled’ us. This is no place to live. If we are refugees why are we not living in community? We have no neighbours here. Our ‘neighbours’, our ‘relatives’ are mosquitoes and flies and dogs. Please listen to our issues. We want to tell you that we are here like animals. ...


Statement and questions from exiled refugees on Nauru [4/8/14]



Refugees protest on Nauru, September 2014 




19 January 2017