202nd day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


# Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [20/2/18]



@sunosi3 [19/2/18]: 201st day of peaceful protest from East Lorengua refugees transit center. I know how long we have had been waiting and fought for our freedom inside of this cage but, believe me,brothers, someday the history will remain your struggles of liberty. 



@GraffitiExpert [20/2/18]: Gatekeepers of refugee voices present 'Chauka Please Tell Us The Time' for a small audience on the #GoldCoast and Northern NSW [2pm 4 March, Regent Cinema Murwillumbah]



@Aussie4Refugees [20/2/18]:  Chronology of events misrepresented by #SBSDateline "Swapped" #Manus #Nauru


[At 15 minutes 20 seconds in] “I'm going back to Kansas City to see Tirab. A lot has happened for him in the last few months. … But today, he says he has good news. Tirab, and nearly 1,700 other #Manus Island detainees have won an important battle. An Australian court approved a $70 million compensation payout. Part of a class action against the Australian government, alleging physical and psychological injury as a result of detention and false imprisonment. It is the largest human rights class action settlement in Australian history. For Tirab, it's a victory after so much suffering. And now he's got something to show me. [new car] A few month ago all he owned was an alarm clock and a box of tissues.”


Dean Cornish is suggesting that the approval of the compensation settlement occurred after Tirab was sent to the US.

However, the first refugees were sent to US on 25 September, and the Slater and Gordon compensation settlement was approved on 5 September.

Twisting details to suit a warped narrative is to be expected given the entire policy is a lie, but despicable nonetheless.



@MahdiAlizada18 [20/2/18]:  35 days of #Refugees protest in Balikpapan detention center for freedom .the only thing which we want is freedom ...



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [20/2/18]:  Indonesia 35 days of Refugees protest in Balikpapan detention center for freedom.today  was 35 days our protest & it going on until we get our right & freedom.we ask from IOM,UNHCR & DGI for helping to release us from here



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [20/2/18]: Today's situation of Refugees in Balikpapan detention center , 35 days we are yelling for our freedom and nothing advanced about our release .we need urgent help. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [20/2/18]:  Australia stopped accepting refugees with UNHCR approval - and a silently complicit human rights establishment - in July 2014, leaving 1,000s stranded and/or indefinitely imprisoned in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia 



More than 14,000 refugees are trapped in Indonesia because signatories to the UN convention refuse to accept them [Al Jazeera - 16/2/18]



"Libyan Coastguard" captures over 300 migrants [Reuters - 20/2/18]



@ErikGerhardsson [18/2/18]:  Today three refugee boats carrying 108 men, women & children has arrived to the Greek islands. A fourth boat heading towards Samos was stopped by the Turkish Coast Guard. ...



There are thousands of refugees stuck on the Greek islands – a consequence of the EU-Turkey deal @BorderlineEurop [16/2/18]



@ABC [19/2/18]:  The words “Welcome to prison” are spray-painted at entrance of Lesbos' Moria camp, which is home to thousands of trapped refugees. Barbed wire surrounds it. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [20/2/18]:  Welcome to prison: Chios authorities vote in favour of a refugee concentration camp following US Ambassador Geoffrey "fuck the EU" Pyatt's visit [May 2017] ...


... What do you mean, the UNHCR does not provide people with basic needs?

Eric: I have so many stories to tell: Last winter, we had people in FlipFlops and shorts. One guy had a pink pair of tights, trying to keep warm.

And then you speak to Red Cross or UNHCR and they say: "They don’t want clothes". And you think: How is it they don’t want clothes? It‘s minus 5 degrees, it is freezing cold.

And when I offer them clothes, they come snatch it out of my hands. What’s the reality?

Philippa: One women who arrived in July lost her shoes on the way. She got to Moria, where the paths are full of gravel stone.

So she goes to the 'Eurorelief' facility and says that she has no shoes.

And they give her a piece of paper saying her clothing appointment is on the 19th of August – and that she should bring her medical papers.

Why do you have to show your medical papers to get a pair of shoes? This is supposed to be an aid organisation.

Why do they want access to your personal data to provide clothes?

Eric: We got a pair of shoes for her. But this is not the point. In winter, people had to wait for one month to get a blanket.

The actions of UNHCR and Red Cross are deliberate actions.

They are abusing refugees deliberately to stop others coming by boat.

Philippa: These are criminals. And no one is investigating. No one uncovers their criminality.

I mean: Who is following the money Europe spends on the so-called refugee crisis? ...



@Aussie4Refugees [20/2/18]:  Nevermind refugee concentration camps, racist policing and children in adult prisons: Jobs, tech and culture as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews visits Israel and Greece [December 2017]



@GraffitiExpert [20/2/18]:  When they've finished exploring Barnaby Joyce's bedroom, could Australian media jackals please tell us what Tony Burke and his wife Skye Laris were doing in the Knesset during their December 2017 visit to Israel



‏@Refugees4Sale [20/2/18]: LIVE From Ben Gurion Airport, Israel. Five activists were arrested during a direct action protesting against deportation of refugees. ...



Refugees in Israel - International Solidarity [20/2/18]:


Activist Hana Raz updates from Holot.

Since Sunday, detainees at Holot that decided to go to prison, rather than be deported to Rwanda, have been held in isolation by Immigration Authority.

Earlier today, an unknown number of them (estimated between 6-11 people) were hastily transferred to Saharonim criminal prison, where they will now be imprisoned indefinitely. They were not allowed to take any personal belongings with them.

We will continue to update and ask everyone to step up the struggle. Free the prisoners and stop deportation!



... The practice of sending Eritreans to Uganda reflects thus a similar warped colonial ideology that underpinned the plan to resettle Jewish refugees in Eritrea. 

Eritrea is as culturally, religiously, and historically as distinct from Uganda as it is from Israel, if not more.

Yet, in this worldview, Africa is a dumping ground and Africans are interchangeable, possessing no agency over the determination of their lives.

Only under a neo-colonial framework could sending Eritreans to an arbitrary country in Africa with far fewer resources, education and employment opportunities, and capacities to accommodate long-term refugees than Israel, seem logical.

Whilst Israel’s immigration policies are not more condemnable than those of Western Europe and America, their foundations in blatant racial and religious supremacy are more transparent.

Western countries hide behind Malthusian claims about the limitations of their country to support new immigrants, protesting against refugees as drains on the economy and a burden to the population.

Israel, in contrast, egregiously encourages immigration from the white Jewish diaspora, with ‘Birthright’ trips targeted at youth and national calls for “mass immigration.” 

While locking up young Africans, Israel welcomes Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe with acculturation and integration programming.

Israel has spoken loud and clear: it’s not a refusal to accept immigrants that defines immigration policy, it’s about who those immigrants are and where they come from, a stance that is little surprising considering the millions of Palestinian refugees displaced and denied the right of return. ... [Media Diversified - 19/2/18]



Corruption and misleading media reports are making a huge refugee emergency in Africa worse [The Canary - 16/2/18]:


... A fresh outbreak of ethnic violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee into neighbouring Uganda.

But the East African nation’s ability to welcome Congolese refugees is being crippled by corruption and underfunding.

I have seen this with my own eyes.

The mainstream media, meanwhile, continues to peddle the myth that Uganda is “one of the best places to be a refugee”.

And this blinkered approach is making the emergency worse. ...



... For Israelis, Egypt’s neighbors to the north, the Sinai is either the birthplace of their religion or an other-worldly wonderland of weed – and sometimes both of these.

For sub-Saharan Africans from Sudan and Eritrea, Egypt’s neighbors to the south, however, the peninsula is neither holy land nor nirvana, but something far more frightening. ... The Unbearable Lightness of the Egyptian Sinai [Cannabis Culture - 19/2/18] 



From Darfur to Holot to Tel Aviv: Meet the rap group Dream Boys [Haaretz - 19/2/18]: 


... The idea to establish the rap group was born during their time together in Holot.

“There is nothing to do there, nothing at all. It’s a dark place,” says Juice.

“You don’t even know how to approach people, how to talk to them, how to tell them your story. It’s a crazy situation. One day we just sat and thought what is there to do here, since we can’t study or work. We started to sing to the beat of clapping hands, and the energy that was created around us attracted people. That was the reason we called ourselves ‘Dream Boys’ – you must always look ahead and concentrate on the future, on the dreams you want to fulfill.”

Cash-Mu cites another reason: “If we would have gone out now to the street and shouted, ‘My country’s in chaos,’ no one would have noticed us, no one would have cared. The minute you connect words to music and set it to a beat, suddenly they notice you. First they hear the music and after that they ask: ‘Wait a minute, what did he say?’ The music is not the main thing, the message we pass on through it is.” ...



19 February 2018