United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 19/12/16]



Dozens of migrants are receiving treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning in Croatia, after being found in a packed van.

Forty-two people have been hospitalised, among them two boys aged 10 and 12, after police pulled over a van carrying 67 migrants over the weekend.

The health minister said, “They were in a serious condition, dehydrated and apparently had not eaten for five days.”

Others were unconscious or vomiting.

“We are talking about people who have illegally entered Croatia, and after they have been humanely taken care of, they will be returned to the country from where they had come,” said Vlaho Orepic, Minister of the Interior.

Police arrested two Bulgarian citizens suspected of human trafficking after the van, with British number plates, was stopped on the motorway between the Serbian and Slovenian borders on Saturday.

After the Balkan route was shut down in March, some migrants have turned to smugglers in order to cross borders. [EURO News - 19/12/16]



164 new refugees and migrants, mostly from Africa, arrived on the island of Lesvos in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, no refugees or migrants arrivals were recorded on Chios or Samos.

According to police, 11,156 persons who have sought asylum in Greece were still trapped on Chios, Lesvos and Samos on Monday. [ANA-MPA - 19/12/16]



Region continues pushing back Rohingya refugees to Aung San Suu Kyi's genocide [Dhaka Tribune - 19/12/16]



Myanmar Border Guard Police shoot man, conduct raids in Maungdaw south [Arakan Times - 19/12/16]



 Malaysia may mumble things but today's ASEAN meeting - and gesture of solidarity - signals to the world that all nations are on board with Aung San Suu Kyi's US-backed, gas-fuelled genocide ---> Team photo from ASEAN Rakhine meeting. ... ‏@JonahFisherBBC [19/12/16]



Four Rohingya refugees in Malaysia tell how they beat the odds to survive [New Straits Times - 18/12/16]:


... “The first thing I saw when we got out of our boat was a huge bird with large outstretched wings by the water,” recalled Senuar, who made the journey from Myanmar to Malaysia in 2012 with her parents and four siblings.

Senuar was only 8 then.

Although she is unable to name Langkawi, she has not forgotten the northern hospitality that she and other refugees were given there.

“Everybody was kind. They brought us food and water. They also brought enough water for us to bathe,” she said in halting Malay interspersed with some words in English. ...



Myanmar’s Rohingya genocide is aided by friends in high places [Mint Press News - 28/1/16]



Sri Lankan army begins construction of a new military base on top of an LTTE cemetery in Amparai [Tamil Guardian - 19/12/16]



Separatist leaders continue to remain in custody [Greater Kashmir - 19/12/16]



In yet another attack on Srinagar-Jammu highway, three soldiers were killed and two others injured when militants ambushed an army convoy at Kadlabal Pampore on Srinagar outskirts Saturday afternoon. ... [Kashmir Today - 18/12/16]



Indonesian police have arrested at least 300 people in cities across the republic for a Papua demonstration, according to reports from West Papua. ... [RNZI - 19/12/16]



...  Please stand up for someone’s rights today. ... [Message from West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda - 18/12/16]

The Zion Zeal Christian School in Port Moresby held its first Grade eight graduation ceremony at the Sir John Guise Stadium indoor complex on Monday. ... [The National - 16/12/16]



Papua New Guinea troops to protect huge Exxon-Mobil gas project [WSWS – 19/12/16]



Manus Island tackles climate impacts [PNG Loop - 19/12/16]:


... The people of Mbuke Island in Manus Province are looking at food security to help adapt to the effects of drought, El Nino and climate change. ...



One of Australia's pathetic refugee concentration camp managers touts cruise ship industry [EMTV - 19/12/16]:


... “Alotau is a spectacular location and it is understandable why tourism has been such a growth industry here. Australia is pleased to partner with Papua New Guinea to support this growing sector,” Ms Fierravanti-Wells said.

The Australian Government through private sector engagement has a Memorandum of Understanding with Carnival Australia to leverage development associated with cruise tourism while providing employment and skills development for Papua New Guineans.


Ms Fierravanti-Wells met Australian obstetrician, Dr Barry Kirby whose Safe Motherhood Intervention Project and flying doctor service provides maternal health training and support for pregnant women in remote areas. The Australian High Commission provided approximately K378, 000 (AUD$160, 000) to support the project. ...



... “The machine that you are actually purchasing now is going to be used to save a lot of lives. And I’ve lost patients because I can’t do their scans.

“I really thank you for this very good Christmas donation that is going to save the loves of a lot of our people who cannot afford very expensive medical care in other private institutions,” said Kawa. [Dr Leslie Kawa, a consulting physicist and cardiologist]  ... PNG Ports present cheque to Port Moresby General Hospital for purchase of ultrasound scanner [PNG - 19/12/16]



The PNG National Doctors Association is fully supporting the National Government MOU agreement with Cuba to bring Cuban doctors to work in rural electorates of the country. ... [PNG Loop - 16/12/16]



Latest edition [January 2017] of Australian Marie Claire: Jennifer Aniston, hot holiday hair and deliberate denial of medical care to Nauru refugees.





New Zealand media report on Nauru fascists terrorising refugees during Australian media and human rights establishment blackout [RNZI - 19/12/16]



This report documents a campaign of violence by the Myanmar security forces against Rohingya since 9 October 2016.

Soldiers and police have randomly fired on and killed civilians, raped women and girls, torched whole villages and arbitrarily arrested Rohingya men without any information about their whereabouts or charges.

These actions have been a form of collective punishment targeting Rohingya in northern Rakhine state, and may amount to crimes against humanity.



Use all diplomatic and political tools at your disposal, to put pressure on the Myanmar military to immediately cease violations of international law in northern Rakhine State ...

Provide international co-operation and assistance to the government of Bangladesh to help meet the humanitarian needs of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. ... [Amnesty International - 19/12/16]



The Board of Woodside has appointed Mr Larry Archibald as a non-executive director effective 1 February 2017 ... [Woodside Media Release - 16/12/16]



Three boats of Cuban migrants make it to Florida Keys [Local 10 - 18/12/16]



US Secretary of State marks International Migrants Day with the usual hypocrisy [The Hill - 18/12/16]



How El Salvador’s call-centre industry profits off US deportees [Jacobin - 16/12/16]



'Liberated' Mosul civilians not safe from violence, casualties rise [Reuters - 18/12/16]



More than five months after the city of Fallujah was liberated from ISIS, not one of its 350,000 residents has returned home.

People are still living in the thousands of tents built in the dusty deserts surrounding the city. 

Fallujah was the first Iraqi city to fall to ISIS.

The Iraqi army and the Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi regained control of the city in June, but life has not started to normalize in the city. ... [RUDAW - 18/12/16]



‏@IraqiSMCEn [Iraqi Spring Media Center [18/12/16]:


Salah-il-deen: News agencies: A policeman was killed and three were wounded as an IED exploded in Jallam area south of Samarra.


Baghdad: Deaths and injuries were resulted as a car bomb exploded in Habibiya area east of Baghdad.



Putin, Erdogan discuss situation in Aleppo, intra-Syrian talks in Astana [TASS - 18/12/16]



Russia’s foreign ministry confirms that foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey will meet in Moscow on December 20, Russian president’s envoy for the Middle East and African countries and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told TASS on Sunday. ... [TASS - 18/12/16]



The UN Security Council came up on Sunday with a "good text" of the draft resolution on the deployment of UN observers to Syrian Aleppo and the vote will take place on Monday, Russian envoy to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said. ... [Sputnik News - 18/12/16]



Evacuation of remaining militants from Aleppo halted - Red Crescent [Sputnik News - 19/12/16]




19 December 2016