Australian media continue helping the government cover up the latest violent escalation of its "deterrence" policy with twisted "good" refugees propaganda [SBS - 19/4/17]



More on case of Loghman Sawari, who attempted an escape from Australia/PNG illegal "resettlement" regime [RNZI- 19/4/17]:


... The charge was dismissed yesterday for lack of evidence, but while awaiting judgement the 21-year-old from Iran was arrested again and charged with similar offences under the migration act.

His lawyer, Loani Henao, said Mr Sawari had to endure a week in police custody before being bailed on the second set of charges last Thursday.

Mr Henao said the similarity of the new charges to the one thrown out by the district court could be part of his defence in the new trial.

"If under the same set of facts another charge is brought up again then the issue of double jeopardy will be raised." ...



... His lawyer, Loani Henao said the police denied him his constitutional right to bail.

"I think police were very unreasonable in refusing him bail. He did not breach any of his earlier bail conditions." ... [RNZI - 20/4/17]



Loghman Sawari is now stateless thanks to the UNHCR [ABC- 23/2/17]



After sobering up from their shooting spree at Australia's illegal and unconstitutional refugee concentration camp, PNGDF help distribute ballot boxes in Manus Province [EMTV - 19/4/17]










Australians being denied THEIR RIGHT to render assistance to a refugee boat [Geraldton, April 2013]



Where is the HONEST advocacy and unified demand to END THE POLICY?


If a solitary Australian citizen can make the following simple proposal, why can't the human rights establishment?


1. Close all of the refugee the concentration camps - offshore AND onshore;

2. Release, compensate and give all necessary assistance to the refugees currently on Manus Island and Nauru - including full resettlement in Australia to any who would still be willing to give us a second chance;

3. Start taking refugees from the "queue" again - with a particular focus on those already in our region such as the thousands in Indonesia and surrounding countries (Australia takes about 200,000 migrants every year already - the refugees under this plan would be included in that number);

4. Put the "people smugglers" out of business by offering a free and safe alternative way of coming to Australia for refugees departing from countries in our region who cannot afford or attain the far more numerically significant mode of arrival in Australia for asylum seekers (i.e. by airplane with a "valid" visa);

5. Where necessary, ocean surveillance and rescue of all distressed vessels regardless of whether they are millionaire adventurers or asylum seekers;

6. Adherence to both the spirit and the letter of tthe 1951 UN Refugee Convention for ALL asylum seekers regardless of mode of arrival; and perhaps most importantly,

7. An end to ALL support (whether financial, military, political or diplomatic) for the wars, economic policies and resource exploitation that have created all of these refugees in the first place.



At this dire stage calling for anything less than an END to bipartisan refugee "deterrence" policy emboldens further atrocity --->  Many in Australia also calling on our govt to evacuate the camps and #bringthemhere @OzRefugeeCounc [16/4/17]



When the media, NGOs, human rights organisations and "advocates" play along with the government and opposition's decontextualised "good" refugees narrative, they torment the persecuted and help condemn 1,000s  --->  'Neighbours to newcomers' – portraits from Tamworth @OzRefugeeCounc [16/4/17]



SOS from Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus Island [EMTV - 18/4/17]



Men imprisoned at Australia's refugee concentration camp have been shot at with high powered weapons. 

If journalists won't ask politicians to defend the predictable consequences of their "deterrence" policy, what does it say about any of our rights? ---> An asylum seeker detained by Australia on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island says he thought he was going die during the Good Friday attack on the detention centre by officers in the PNG navy. ... [RNZI - 19/4/17]



There is no US "deal" and there is no "resettlement'".  There is only indefinite detention, exile, death and LIES.  When are journalists going to start holding politicians to account? [Buzzfeed - 19/4/17]



US Ambassador to PNG welcomes Marines as PNGDF goes on violent shooting rampage against imprisoned refugees [PNG Loop - 16/4/17]



Compartmentalising the predicaments of the world's displaced is used to undermine the urgent need to protect ALL refugees. --->  The people of Mbuke and Whal Island of Mbuke Group of Islands in Manus Province have started to relocate to higher ground due to sea level rise.

Sea level rise is an effect of climate change which is causing coastal impact on the islands.

Mbuke Group of Islands is located in Ward One of Pobuma Local Level Government.

Head of the local NGO Marine Environment Awareness and Response Team, former WWF Marine Officer Selarn Kaluwin, said they’ve started to relocate due to sea level rise and population growth.

Kaluwin said, “Our community people and leaders have agreed and selected Pokali Island for resettlement development due to land shortages and climate changes impact.”

Kaluwin confirmed that eight houses have been relocated so far with more expected in months and years to come. ... [PNG Loop - 19/4/17]



The trial of former Nauru MPs, charged nearly two years ago over an anti-government protest is set to start today.

But first the former MPs are asking the court to enforce subpoenas for the Justice Minister, David Adeang, the secretary of justice and three people in the Nauru media.

One of the accused former politicians, a former president of Nauru, Sprent Dabwido, said the group they were trying to subpoena was claiming immunity on the grounds of national security.

He said President Baron Waqa had supposedly granted them this immunity. ... [RNZI - 19/4/17]




Keeping a lid on all the fake news?  US Ambassador Cefkin with the Republic of Nauru media team [US Embassy Suva - 17/8/15]



US Supreme Court rejects asylum seekers’ petition for Federal Court review [American Immigration Council - 18/4/17]:


... The issue before the Supreme Court was whether asylum seekers with expedited removal orders have the right to seek federal court review of their cases.

In Castro, the petitioning families submitted habeas petitions to the lower court, each claiming that the asylum officer and immigration judge conducting their credible fear interview and review violated their rights under the U.S. Constitution and the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), among other laws.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the lower court that the INA does not give federal courts authority to review the families’ claims, and that this limitation on judicial review is constitutional.

Yet, the women had presented credible evidence of the harms that await them upon their return to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, currently some of the most dangerous countries in the world. The implications of Monday’s decision are far-reaching, and the consequences a matter of life and death.

Significantly, the decision could have an immediate impact on the plaintiffs, whose fates now hang in the balance.

Before the Supreme Court denied review, the families were protected by stays of removal granted by the Third Circuit. Now, because the Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, 28 mothers and their children may be deported at any moment. ...



 Supporters of the hunger strikers detained in US DHS ICE Northwest Detention Center operated by GEO Group in Tacoma, Washington, issued an update today calling those in solidarity with the held immigrants to action.

The release states the demands of the strikers, which include “Change the food menu to meet basic nutritional needs; Lower commissary prices; Improve hygiene, including providing clean clothing and the ability to wash clothes in soap and water; Increase recreation time; Make educational and other programs available to allow long-term detainees to continue learning; Improve medical attention; Increase wages for working detainees from the current rate of $1 per day; Help speed up the legal process for detainees -many are held for weeks before they even have an initial hearing to review their charges; and Provide contact visits, so parents can hug their children.”  ... [Patheos - 18/4/17]



South Sudan refugees release UN Congo mission staff [Reuters - 18/4/17]:


A hundred unarmed South Sudanese refugees in east Congo took 13 United Nations mission staff hostage on Tuesday, demanding to be moved to a third country before later releasing them unharmed.

They were among 530 people who have been living in the Munigi base, outside Goma, since fleeing South Sudan last August, U.N. Goma bureau head Daniel Ruiz told Reuters.

Most are former fighters loyal to former vice president Riek Machar, who have clashed with President Salva Kiir's forces since July 2016.

"The camp is quiet and under full control of MONUSCO (the peacekeeping mission)," U.N. peacekeeping spokeswoman Ismini Palla said at the United Nations.

"All staff have returned safely to their homes. No casualties have been reported. The mission is investigating the incident."

The United Nations estimates about 3 million South Sudanese have been uprooted by the violence in their country, the biggest cross-border exodus in Africa since the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Ruiz said the camp occupants had been demanding for months to be moved to a third country, but no one would take them.

Congo's government, mindful of threats to its stability from past refugee influxes, and from the armed groups that frequently roam its lawless east, is also keen to move them.

On Friday, eight of them agreed to be repatriated to South Sudan's capital Juba. Others fear going back and are frustrated at being confined in the tiny camp in eastern Congo.

"They're saying if the eight were transferred to South Sudan, why shouldn't we be able to go to a third country?" Ruiz said.

Civil war broke out in oil-producing South Sudan in 2013, after Kiir sacked Machar from the vice presidency.

That conflict ended in a peace pact in 2015 and Machar was reinstated early last year, but tensions between the two men lingered and finally erupted into new fighting in July.



19 April 2017