211th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


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Image: @sunosi3 [1/3/18]



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [1/3/18]:  Today's Refugees peaceful protest in Balikpapan detention center for freedom. ...



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [1/3/18]:  Fighting for Freedom Day 44 peaceful demonstration of Refugees and AsylumSeekers in Balikpapan detention center for freedom. ...



UN says Rwanda police killed 11 refugees during food riots [Daily Nation - 27/2/18]



@davidsheen [27/2/18]:  Ablel Tsegay was 1 of the 1st Eritrean refugees to enter Israel back in 2007. He struggled, but persevered. Then 1 day he went missing, & his friends say Israeli police refused to find him. I asked the authorities for comment, but so far have received none



Pushed out by Israel, asylum seekers find only limbo in Uganda [+972 - 27/2/18]



@anyaparampil [25/2/18]:  PM Netanyahu says African "infiltrators" threaten Israel's ethnic identity. He plans to deport over 35k of them to Rwanda & Uganda. I speak w those forced to choose between indefinite detention or a dangerous future in a country they’ve never visited:



@HRMIsrael [24/2/18]:  לא לגירוש!!!  



Israeli-US teenager indicted for bomb threats, hate crimes: US Justice Department [Reuters - 1/3/18]



A Palestinian youth was critically injured with two live bullets, one in the chest and another in the shoulder, during clashes that erupted with Israeli forces in the al-Amari refugee camp in the central West Bank district of Ramallah. ... [Maan - 28/2/18]



Church of the Holy Sepulchre reopens after 3-day protest of Israeli policies [Maan - 28/2/18]



Palestinian prisoner launches hunger strike against medical mistreatment [Samidoun - 26/2/18]



Israeli occupation forces raided the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh in the predawn hours of Monday in the latest episode of Israel’s premeditated revenge campaign against the Tamimi family.

They detained Muhammad Fadel Tamimi, the 15-year-old boy shot in the head with a rubber-coated metal bullet at close range and seriously injured by Israeli forces in December.

Bassem Tamimi, the father of detained teenager Ahed Tamimi, wrote on Facebook Monday morning that a large force of Israeli soldiers armed with weaponized bulldozers and skunk water raided homes in the village during the night and detained 10 people.

Six of those arrested were children, the youngest aged 14, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

They included Muhammad’s 17-year-old brother Tamim. ... [Electronic Intifada - 26/2/18]



Curtis Cheng murder gun supplier jailed for maximum 44 years [9 News - 1/3/18]



A Mount Druitt mother-of-three who was seven months pregnant was fatally stabbed 49 times by her de facto, it was alleged in the NSW Supreme Court today. ... [9 News - 28/2/18]



Kooma activist, Wayne Wharton has organised a series or protest marches to coincide with the Commonwealth Games, or as he terms it, the 'Stolenwealth Games'.

"We call this the Stolenwealth Games because we were invaded. We are a country controlled by force," he tells NITV News.

Throughout the event, which will be held at Queensland's Gold Coast, The Stolenwealth Games Protest Working Group will be holding demonstrations, public forums, discussions, as well as culture workshops and resistance concerts. ... [NITV - 28/2/18]



A 50-year-old woman has died while in police custody on the Gold Coast.

The woman is believed to have suffered from a medical condition while at the Southport Watchhouse early on Thursday, with resuscitation attempts by police proving unsuccessful. ... [Yahoo - 1/3/18]



... The Townsville death in custody comes three days after 31-year-old Patrick Fisher died in Sydney after falling from a balcony during a police altercation. ... [NITV - 12/2/18]



... It is the second shooting incident involving Queensland police in less than two weeks, after a 16-year-old boy was shot after allegedly lunging at officers with a knife at Springfield, southwest of Brisbane on February 14. ... [9 News - 25/2/18]



"One of Victoria Police's most senior officers and the head of the force's Professional Standards Command has resigned in disgrace over racist and obscene posts made under the pseudonym Vernon Demerest." ... [The Age - 26/2/18]



Man dies after being restrained by police in Sydney's south-west [Sydney Morning Herald - 24/2/18]



Coronial inquest investigates New Zealander Junior Fenika's suicide in Goulburn Supermax [Goulburn Post - 27/2/17]:


... "Junior Fenika was attempting to signal to anyone watching on the CCTV or in the sterile zone that he was in distress and in need of help," Mr Beckett told the court.

The inquest also heard this was despite a Corrective Services policy that officers should respond to every call.

Another correctional officers on duty that night said he did not notice the water on the floor, and that flooding was known to occur if the drains were blocked, the ABC reported.

The inquest is also examining Fenika’s “deteriorating” mental health and whether treatment was adequate.

AAP reported that at the time of his death, Fenika was receiving antipsychotic treatments following violent behaviour and threats of self harm, as well as reporting he believed the guards were trying to kill him, and that he heard voices.

Fenika’s sentence had expired in August 2015, but he remained in the Supermax because the Immigration Department had cancelled his visa and was deporting him.

He was born in New Zealand and came from a large Samoan family which moved to Sydney in 1996, although he never took out Australian citizenship, AAP reported.  ...



@TVsLeaking [27/2/18]:  I interviewed investigative journalist Nicky Hager about his claims that the NZDF knew they had committed civilian deaths in Afghanistan, but did nothing in response in what can only be described as a blatant cover-up ...



Plight of New Zealand bound refugees now detained in Indonesia - thanks to Australia - exposes Ardern-Turnbull-ALP "deterrence" game, and the URGENT NEED FOR HONEST ADVOCACY ---> Open letter: Bring New Zealand-bound asylum-seekers stopped by Australian authorities to New Zealand for processing [Scoop.co.nz - 24/11/17]:


We are calling for the New Zealand Government to bring approximately two dozen people currently held at an immigration detention centre in Kupang, Indonesia, to New Zealand to assess their asylum claims in New Zealand itself.

This is the first case in which the publicly available evidence indicates a group of people both intended to and had the capability to reach New Zealand territory by boat to seek asylum from persecution under the Refugee Convention.

Their journey [in May 2015], however, was forcibly and illegally stopped by Australian authorities in international waters.

This was done with the knowledge of the New Zealand Government, and possibly with their agreement or even instruction.

The New Zealand Government has refused to release details about the incident under the Official Information Act.

We believe processing this group’s asylum claims in New Zealand is the only course of action that could meaningfully demonstrate the New Zealand Government is committed to uphold the spirit of the Refugee Convention, and is not complicit in Australia’s much condemned Operation Sovereign Borders. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [30/11/17]: These are the brave refugees who exposed how Australia pays boats to turn back ---> We cannot "pick and choose": New Zealand refers Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar refugees to UNHCR Australia - who ignored them ...


Refugees detained in Indonesia: "No one cares, NZ is not listening, and Australia too, even after the Amnesty report came out. Please help us"



South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa relaunches neoliberalism [Counterpunch - 27/2/18]:


... As for local security, major upsurges of protest against injustice in each BRICS country have been met with crackdowns and extreme surveillance.

The worst moment in South Africa was August 16, 2012, when three dozen mineworkers were massacred by police.

They were “acting pointedly” at the explicit request (by email the day before) of the main local shareholder of the Lonmin platinum mining company, who demanded “concomitant action” against the “dastardly criminals” – i.e., 4000 mineworkers on a wildcat strike over miserable pay and living conditions.

That shareholder was Cyril Ramaphosa. ...



Video of Boston police officer questioning black pedestrian draws criticism from civil rights activists [ABC News - 27/2/18]



Immigrants can be held by U.S. immigration officials indefinitely without receiving bond hearings, even if they have permanent legal status or are seeking asylum, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

In a 5-3 ruling Tuesday, with Justice Elena Kagan recusing, the court ruled that immigrants do not have the right to periodic bond hearings.

The ruling is a defeat for immigration advocates, who argued that immigrants should not be held for more than six months at a time without such a hearing. ... [The Hill - 27/2/18]



A mother and child fled the Congo, only to be cruelly separated by the US government [ACLU - 26/2/18]



UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention condemns US treatment of Ammar Al-Baluchi at Guantánamo, says all prisoners arbitrarily detained [Andy Worthington - 27/2/18]



@JulianAssange [27/2/18]:  Nice words here from Harry Browne in Dublin 



28 February 2018