183rd day of peaceful protest # Manus ...



#Powerless inhuman , no mercy , pain , suffers to death . #Humanity disappeared on more # 5 yrs punishment no guilt @sunosi3 [1/2/18]



@mustafa_hzr [1/2/18]:  #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers #refugee we want #Freedom ,just #Freedom Where is #humanrights? ...



@NikValentini [31/1/18]:


Degrading and inhuman treatments in #Balikpapan detention center (funded by Australia):


1) Head of IDC tried to push refugees to sign this AVR (Assisted Voluntary Return) form. Are these the famous voluntary returns?


2) Sick people need medical assistance,many with severe depression


3) Head of detention center threatened refugees with solitary confinement & deportation


4) Food deprivation as punishment for their peaceful protest



Former EU Political Advisor in Afghanistan, Lucy Morgan Edwards on the catastrophic legacy of decades of war in Afghanistan [RT - 31/1/18]



@mdskar [1/2/18]:  Yes, thats Genocide. At least call the Genocide 'Genocide.Massacres of Rohingya took place at #GudaPyin between 26 & 28 Aug 2017.



Scores of Rohingya villagers in Myanmar have been massacred and buried in 5 mass graves, according to an exclusive investigation by the Associated Press news agency.

The report by the news agency on Thursday includes witness testimony from two dozen survivors and relatives of victims, as well as time-stamped mobile phone footage of the aftermath of the attack.

Estimates suggest 400 members of the persecuted minority were killed by Burmese troops.

In one massacre, a group of men were picking teams for a local football-like game called 'chinlone' in the village of Gu Dar Pyin, when soldiers began firing at them.

A survivor named Noor Kadir later found six of his friends buried in two separate mass graves.

He said the bodies of the victims were only recogniseable through the colour of their shorts.

The mass killing is believed to have taken place on August 27 and survivors told the Associated Press that soldiers had tried to cover up evidence of the atrocity.

Video obtained by the agency indicates attempts at using acid to remove the bodies.

The remains contained inside the shallow graves rose to the surface after heavy rainfall and survivors were able to film the evidence. ... [Al Jazeera - 1/2/18]



India's Border Security Force push back refugees, Rohingya tell Supreme Court [The Indian Exptress - 1/2/18]



@nslwin [31/1/18]:  These #Rohingya from #Buthidaung, #Rakhine State, #Myanmar just arrived #Bangladesh. Today more than 500 crossed the border. All of them said they were forced to leave homes. Military threatened that they will be killed if they don't leave homes. ...



Yangon police have arrested four suspects in the murder of a government official who had recently been transferred from his post in a Rakhine State township where police shot and killed seven protesters earlier this month, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced Wednesday.

Bo Bo Min Theik was found dead with multiple stab wounds to his chest near the highway running through Rakhine’s Ponnagyun Township on Tuesday evening.

He was a government official in Rakhine’s Mrauk-U Township when local authorities there ordered a violent crackdown on a protest on Jan. 16 that resulted in the fatal shooting of seven people. ... [The Irrawaddy - 1/2/18]



Reuters reporters arrested under Myanmar's Secrets Act denied bail [Reuters - 1/2/18]



... Woodside is still targeting growth in Myanmar, where it discovered gas last year and expects to drill three wells this year, starting around March or April, even amid a humanitarian crisis involving Rohingya refugees.

One of the wells will be off the troubled state of Rakhine, where it co-owns acreage with China’s CNPC International.

Woodside is in “well advanced” talks with the government on fiscal terms for developing its discoveries in its southern hub off Myanmar, including development concepts and pricing of gas needed to underpin the development. ... [Reuters - 18/1/18]



More Sri Lankan militarisation of temples in North-East [Tamil Guardian - 1/2/18]



Families protesting against the Sri Lankan military's occupation of land in Keppapilavu, Mullaitivu met with international representatives and human rights groups on Monday - day 333 of the protest. ... [Tamil Guardian - 31/1/18]



Tamil National Alliance (TNA) campaign events this month saw a heightened security presence, with searches for supporters and journalists attending. ... [Tamil Guardian - 31/1/18]



In a move that is unprecedented internationally, the Labor government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Friday announced an immediate suspension of all refugee applications from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. ... [WSWS - 12/4/10]



Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has launched legal action against the ABC after it published details from a secret cabinet document  related to his Labor government's home insulation scheme.

In a statement, Mr Rudd said the document referred to by the public broadcaster was about financial and administrative risks to the program for the Commonwealth, not safety risks, and rejected suggestions he ignored safety warnings as a "lie". ... [SBS - 1/2/18]



@GraffitiExpert [1/2/18]:  Queensland Premier [May 2017]: I am pleased to announce David Barbagallo AM has accepted my offer to serve as my Chief of Staff.



Conley, David and Turner, Geoff (1995) Cape Melville affair coverage: what is news? Australian Studies in Journalism, 4: 131-159.



Why should we give Dr Death the keys to our hospitals? [2007]



@GraffitiExpert [13/1/18]:  Ben Wamoi: A voice that has been excluded by so called refugee "advocates", who are more interested in protecting the Labor Party than ending Rudd's July 2013 policy.   




"They played a lovely game of chess between two groups of innocent people ... Australia's it's your fault, mate"  [Lucielle Paru - 9/11/17]



Day 182 peaceful protest. [West Haus, Manus Island]



Image: @Shamindan1 [31/1/18]



@sunosi3 [31/1/18] 182nd day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. SOS # Manus



@MiladAm21 [31/1/18]:  #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers #Indonesia After 15th day of Afghan migrants peaceful protest finally the immigration showed up and threated us to deportation. ...



Hazara International Network [30/1/18]:  UNHCR release these Hazara refugees From Indonesian prisons. ...



Video of Jokowi’s visit to Afghanistan goes viral [Jakarta Post - 31/1/18]



A man with mental health issues who recently sewed his lips together and “smashed” his head against a wall is being held in immigration detention in breach of the law, lawyers have said.

Zayed Khan, 26, arrived in the UK in 2016 after fleeing Afghanistan following the murder of his mother in a bomb blast carried out by the Taliban, who later attempted to recruit him.

Medical notes seen by The Independent express concerns he may have been a victim of torture.

Earlier this month, Mr Khan, who has been at Colnbrook immigration removal centre (IRC) for five months, reportedly smashed his head against a wall outside a courtroom after his bail application was refused.

He later proceeded to sew his lips together with a needle in protest against his continued detention.


In a statement to The Independent, Mr Khan said he had left Afghanistan because of the war between his government and the Taliban, adding: “I lost my mother in a bomb blast and I have little hope that I will ever see the rest of my family again.

I thought I would be treated better here, but being locked up for five months has driven me mad.

“I would rather die than go back to Afghanistan or stay in this centre anymore. Until I had a solicitor, no one told me what was happening. I was moved from one detention centre to another and never really knew what was happening to me. 

“I feel like unless I do something like harm myself, no one will listen.” ... [Independent - 30/1/18]



Theresa May faces Tory revolt over the indefinite detention of immigrants [Independent - 28/1/18]



@DLPublicLaw [30/1/18]:  .@BBCPanorama filmed our client being strangled by #G4S officer in #Brookhouse #Immigration #detention centre We're taking #homeoffice to #HighCourt for failing to instigate an Art 3 inquiry into systemic #abuse 



@AHampay [29/1/18]:  Facebook deleted my account!!! 



Refugees trying to enter Greece through its northern land border with Turkey have told Al Jazeera they have been threatened and forced to go back, in breach of international humanitarian law.

They claim it happened near the Evros river, which flows for more than 150km from Bulgaria to the Mediterranean Sea. ... [Al Jazeera - 28/1/18]



@ecre [29/1/18]:  Amid recent disclosure of torture of migrants / refugees in Libya, #SAR conducting NGO witnessed interception of refugees / migrants by Libyan Coast Guards in international waters, via @SOSMediterranee ...



@ecre [30/1/18]:  Governor of Melilla (PP) announced to put forward a proposal effectively abolishing ‘documentation’ for 17-yr'-old foreign minors. According to media, + 700 minors are living in overcrowded shelters, 100 on the streets of Melilla. ... 



@CoEinBrussels [30/1/18]:  #Melilla: N.D. and N.T. v. Spain case referred to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights following Spanish government request ...  #ECHR initially found in favour of the applicants



@JulianAssange [31/1/18]:  Trump's State of The Union (#SOTU) address speaks about #MS13. Here's the documentary I produced about them and their rival, #18Street.  



A U.S. Army veteran and convicted felon is being deported to Mexico, a country where he was born but hasn’t lived in over 30 years.

Miguel Perez, a former soldier and green card holder who’d served two tours in Afghanistan, was dealt the news of his impending deportation on Monday.

The 39-year old man had recently been released from prison, where he was serving a sentence for drug charges. ... [Legal Reader - 30/1/18]



The forgotten Asian refugees fed into the US prison system [Huffington Post - 30/1/18]:


... Meanwhile, it’s projected that 200 Cambodians will be deported in 2018, which would be the greatest number of deportations the Cambodian-American community has ever seen.

Anoop Prasad, staff attorney for Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus, explained that deportations generally do far more harm than good.

“Deportations make us less safe as a community. Most of the people facing deportation in these raids made mistakes when younger, but have peacefully lived in their communities for years or even decades,” Prasad said.

“Deporting them does nothing to make us safer. By contrast, the enormous impact of losing a parent to deportation or incarceration on children is well documented. The impact of deportations lasts for generations, making families and communities less healthy and less safe.”

Amid the looming threat of more deportations, activists say serious change is needed.

The immigration debate often neglects the particular issues of the Southeast Asian community. And rhetoric from both the Obama and Trump administrations has suggested the deportations are somehow justified. ...



Paperwork tangle nets visiting Korean student a 2-week stay at Northwest Detention Center [The News Tribune - 29/1/18]:


... On Jan. 16, Rachel Kim drove to Vancouver, B.C., with a couple of other international students.

They had dinner and headed back.

At the border, Rachel Kim recalled, she asked an official for another form the school told her she needed, which documented her re-entry.

She was directed to an office.

“We were sure we had to turn right, but it was just the way back to Seattle,” she said.

So they turned around and drove back toward Canada, whose border officials took them to the office they were looking for on the American side.

“I gave them everything,” Rachel Kim said: the new I-20 from the school, a receipt of a fee that went along with it, and a separate letter from the college. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) officers said nothing and told her to wait. Four hours went by. “I didn’t know what’s going on,” she said.

Her bewilderment deepened as she was arrested, taken to the detention facility in Tacoma and put in deportation proceedings. ...



‏@JulianAssange [31/1/18]:  As Congress applauds Trump lifting up the heart-wrenching story of a North Korean refugee, recall that the administration's indiscriminate ban on refugees included those from North Korea. #SOTU



Standing ovation for President Bill Clinton on stopping "illegal aliens" - 1995 State of the Union address



... A smidgen of history: Our first Guantanamo detention camp was established in the late stages of the George H.W. Bush presidency.

The detainees there weren't terror suspects, but 300 innocent Haitian refugees seeking safe haven from the military regime that ousted Haiti's democratically elected leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in September 1991.

These refugees—brought to Guantanamo after the U.S. Coast Guard intercepted their vessels on the high seas between Haiti and Cuba—faced a terrible predicament.

In interviews with U.S. immigration officials, they'd all proved a legitimate fear of political persecution were they to be returned to Haiti.

Under U.S. policy, they should have been promptly flown to the American mainland (as were a number of other Haitians).

But then this small group of men, women, and children also tested positive for HIV. Fear of AIDS was still extreme at that time, and the Bush administration refused to let these hapless refugees into the country.

So, instead they were detained in a remote corner of Guantanamo with no prospect of release. ... Clinton's Guantanamo [Slate - December 2005]



Australia's refugee concentration camps on Nauru and Manus Island were reopened by the ALP under the watchful guidance of the United States (i.e. Hillary Clinton's State Department) [Buzzfeed - 4/6/16]:


Star Labor candidate Peter Khalil has confirmed he acted as a protected source for the US government, feeding them information about Labor’s asylum seeker policy.

Khalil served as a foreign policy adviser to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd back in 2007 and was also Director of National Security Policy for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from 2003-04.  ...



Would Shorten's National Integrity Commissioner look into Australian political parties interfering in US elections? ---> It was the “fuck you” to Donald Trump that cost the Australian Labor party $14,500.

The United States Federal Election Commission fined the ALP the amount following an investigation into the behaviour of Labor party delegates volunteering with Bernie Sanders’s unsuccessful 2016 Democratic primaries campaign.

In 2017 the US electoral watchdog found “probable” cause to believe the ALP had breached US election rules, by paying for the flights and associated costs for ALP delegates to volunteer with the Sanders campaign. ... [Guardian - 31/1/18]



@GraffitiExpert [31/1/18]: Australian Labor Party to host former Clinton aide Neera Tanden at faux lefty lovein



Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta called Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders a “doofus” in an email of his that wound up on WikiLeaks as a result of a hack of his online communications. ... [The Daily Caller - 18/10/16]



... But who you dying for? ...


'Some Unholy War', Amy Winehouse [2006]



President Donald Trump on Tuesday revoked his predecessor’s order to close the detention center here and declared the prison of 41 captives open to new detainees.

At the same time, his Executive Order on the topic didn’t rule out the possibility of detainee releases. ... [Miami Herald - 30/1/18]



@humanrights1st [29/1/19]:  Guantanamo is a disaster for justice, integrity, and America. It is long past time that we admit our failure and shut it down.... 



The Day the Music Died: The exhibition pairing Don McLean with Guantánamo Bay [Guardian - 29/1/18]



Chinese human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng has been charged with "inciting subversion of state power" and will be held in isolation far from his home [The Standard - 30/1/18]



Australian filmmaker James Ricketson denied bail by Cambodia's Supreme Court [Phnom Penh Post - 30/1/18]



Tamil political prisoner families urge Chief Minister to push for release [Tamil Guardian - 30/1/18]



Another retired Sri Lankan navy officer was arrested this month in relation to the enforced disappearance of 11 Tamil youths during 2008 - 2009. 

Luthuwahandige Thushara Mendis was arrested January 23 and remanded by Colombo Fort Magistrate's Court the following day. ...  [Tamil Guardian - 29/1/18]



Durable final solution: UNHCR to share its Australian funded biometric database of Rohingya refugees with Bangladesh to facilitate their imminent refoulement to Myanmar [Dhaka Tribune - 30/1/18]



2014-15 Budget for the Immigration and Border Protection portfolio: $4,817,000 - offshore biometric program expansions



... Using BIMS meant that for the first time in UNHCR’s history, each refugee’s fingerprints and iris scan were collected and securely stored in UNHCR’s online database, retrievable from anywhere in the world.

“Biometrics will help refugees in the future as it ensures that once they’ve been through the system and enrolled with their fingerprints and irises, we’ll always know who they are,” said Sam Jefferies, UNHCR’s Associate Biometrics Deployment Officer in Geneva. ... UNHCR's new biometrics system helps "verify" 110,000 Myanmar refugees in Thailand [Media Release - 30/6/15]



ExpressLane [WikiLeaks - 24/8/17]:


... ExpressLane is installed and run with the cover of upgrading the biometric software by OTS agents that visit the liaison sites.

Liaison officers overseeing this procedure will remain unsuspicious, as the data exfiltration disguises behind a Windows installation splash screen. ...



Whitewashing the genocide in Myanmar [Arab News - 29/1/18]



Consul General of India speaks glowingly on India-Myanmar relations [Mizzima - 29/1/18]



@CoensCo [19/10/17]: Woodside on track for Myanmar development plan by end-2018 ...



What genocide? Woodside and Francis Greenslade present: Terry La Rue’s Homegrown Heroes Masterclass [Fringe World Festival 2018]



Myanmar’s panel of international advisers on Rohingya issues will not get involved in the case of two Reuters journalists charged with violating the Official Secrets Act, its chairman told a state newspaper in an interview published on Monday. ... [Reuters - 29/1/18]



@MiladAm21 [30/1/18]:  #Balikpapan_IDC #asylumseekers The 14th day of Afghan migrant's peaceful protest had another opposite action from immigration. Yesterday, they reduce the medical services today they cut off our bread. #Refugees_are_not_criminal #We_want_our_right #Afghanistan_is_not_safe 



Asif Rahimi [30/1/18]: Day 14 Protest against dreadful situation in #Balikpapan detention center [Indonesia]. #AsylumSeekers have been detained for the past 4 years. Immigration restricting medical services and IOM has cut off bread packages which was distributed 2 times a week.



Exporting detention: Australia-funded immigration detention in Indonesia [Journal of Refugee Studies - December 2012]



31 January 2018