United States continues bombing everyone, especially Iraq and Syria [CENTCOM - 30/11/16]



‏@teacherdude [30/11/16]: And Greek PM is currently in Cuba to attend Castro's funeral! That faint whirring sound you can hear is Castro spinning in his grave #SYRIZA



Authorities in Greece say they have picked up about 70 migrants, including children, found in a forested area on the outskirts of the northern city of Thessaloniki.

The group, who said they were from Syria, told police Wednesday that they had crossed the Greek-Turkish border and had been transported to the area hidden in a truck.

The truck driver left them in the forest late Tuesday, and they spent the night there in the snow. Temperatures have plunged below freezing in the past two days across the country.

Under a European Union-Turkey agreement reached in March, migrants and refugees arriving on Greek islands from Turkey face deportation back to Turkey.

The agreement, however, doesn't extend to those crossing the land border between the two countries. [Ekathimerini - 30/11/16]



Irish navy ship LÉ Samuel Beckett rescues over 500 migrants in the Mediterranean [Irish Times - 28/11/16]:


... The LÉ Samuel Beckett has now rescued a total of 2,818 migrants since it was deployed on September 23rd to the Mediterranean Sea to assist with humanitarian operations in the region. ...



Behrouz Boochani via These Machines Cut Razor Wire [28/11/16]:


This photo is of an Iranian refugee who is in Port Moresby hospital now. This man has such a hard story of cruelty and suffering.

He once tried to kill himself with a knife a few months ago because IHMS did not care about his sickness.

After a few months the immigration department allowed him to be transferred to Port Moresby.

This photo is after the surgery that the doctors conducted on his knee that has now become infected.

Port Moresby hospital does not have enough facilities and until now made a lot of mistakes.

He needs another surgery because the first one was wrong.

This photo shows how IHMS and immigration are playing with refugees health and using sickness as a tool to torture people.

There are a lot of people in Manus prison who have bone pain in their knees, legs and shoulders because of the humid climate and the limited ability to move.



Australian government continues covering up ethnic and religious profiling in its refugee concentration camps [Guardian - 30/11/16]



I think this is actually Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island ---> Asylum seekers mark Maaverar Naal [Tamil Guardian - 30/11/16]:


... The detained asylum seekers, who have been detained on the island after attempting to flee Sri Lanka for Australia, marked the event with the rest of the Tamil nation this week.

They constructed a memorial displaying the garlanded portraits of fallen cadre.

At 6.05 pm, in line with Tamils around the world, they lit the flame of remembrance to pay tribute to those killed by the Sri Lankan state in the struggle for liberation. 



Bangladesh continues to push Rohingya refugees back because the UN Bali Process and other sham US and Australia controlled diplomatic forums greenlighted it ---->  Border Guard Bangladesh in Cox's Bazar district have pushed back a total of 107 Rohingya Muslims who fled the country in the face of ongoing crackdown in Rakhine state by Myanmar troops.

Two BGB battalions prevented the trespassing at different points of the Naf river and Ghundhum area on Tuesday morning. ... [Dhaka Tribune - 29/11/16]



@nslwin [30/11/16]:  A helicopter flying over #SinThayPyin H of #LaungDon VT since morning. #Rohingya villagers are very much afraid of gunships.



‏@nslwin [30/11/16]:  46 #Myanmar military & 52 #NaTaLa villagers are plundering & looting at #Rohingya houses in #SinThayPyin H, LaungDon VT since morning.



@nslwin [30/11/16]:  Last night a group of 46 #Myanmar military entered into #KyunGaung H, #LaungDon VT. A #Rohingya woman was gang raped.



After remaining silent as Myanmar commited atrocities for over a month, UN and Kofi Annan do damage control [Al Jazeera - 30/11/16]



Umno Youth, Puteri on Rohingyas: Review Myanmar’s ASEAN membership [The Star - 30/11/16]:


... Puteri Umno urged international and regional bodies to make a stand on the violence against the Rohingyas.

Its chief, Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, said the United Nations, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Asean should play a role to end the violence orchestrated by the Myanmar regime in the Rakhine state.

She also wants Aung San Suu Kyi, who is foreign minister, to be stripped of her Nobel Peace prize.

"Besides political action, we should also learn from these events.

"What is happening there can also happen here if we are negligent," she said at the wing's general assembly on Wednesday.

A large-scale gathering of Muslims in Malaysia is expected to take place here on Dec 4 to protest against the Myanmar government. ...



Dutch parliament asks for more political pressure on Myanmar [Rohingya Blogger - 30/11/16]



Singapore, Myanmar to begin talks on bilateral investment treaty [Channel News Asia - 30/11/16]:


... Mr Lee noted that the two countries' economic ties are strong and that they are increasing their trade and investments in each other, showing Singapore's confidence in the long-term success of Myanmar.

He also hailed the two countries' people-to-people ties, noting that Ms Suu Kyi's visit coincides with the mutual lifting of visa requirements for Singapore and Myanmar ordinary passport holders, which takes effect from Dec 1.

"We also hope to increase air connectivity between our countries so that our people can visit each other more easily," he said. ...



Woodside's "wildlife assessment" in Rakhine to conclude this month [Myanmar Times - 1/8/16]



Exxon denies claim about hiring PNG police [RNZI - 30/11/16]



A roadside bomb in the southern Philippines on Tuesday wounded seven members of the president's security team, a day ahead of his planned visit to an area gripped by intense fighting between Islamist militants and government troops.

Rodrigo Duterte said he would defy his advisers and still go to Butig town on Wednesday to visit wounded soldiers, despite the bombing that hit his security staff and also wounded two soldiers. ...  [Reuters - 29/11/16]



Militants storm army camp in Indian Kashmir, kill two [Reuters - 29/11/16]



Iwi and hapū members looked on today as three treaty settlement bills for Taranaki passed their third and final readings.

The passage of the bills was held up two months ago by New Zealand First, which, at the last minute, pulled its support.

However, there was no stopping the readings today as tribal members filled the public gallery of Parliament. ... [RNZI - 30/11/16]



Australian soldier injured during ridiculous training exercise for illegal imperial wars and domestic uprisings [Illawarra Mercury - 30/11/16]



A man has died after a car and truck crash that forced the closure of the Cunningham Highway southwest of Brisbane.

The driver of the car died at the scene of the accident, which happened at Warrill View about 11.30pm (AEST) on Tuesday. ... [Yahoo - 30/11/16]



Seventeen months after the deadly Ravenshoe cafe explosion, police have charged the 61-year-old driver at the centre of the tragedy. ... [Yahoo - 29/11/16]



Man run over and pinned under car, Southport [MYGC - 30/11/16]



A child has been taken to hospital with a leg injury following an incident at a house in Southport.

Paramedics said the child, believed to be over the age of 10, suffered a minor leg injury following an incident involving a vehicle at the private residence around 12:30pm.

The child was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to hospital by ambulance. ... [MYGC - 29/11/16]



Woman injured in two-car crash at Robina [MYGC - 29/11/16]



Man in hospital after crashing car through fence at Coomera [MYGC - 29/11/16]



A traffic controller has been rushed to hospital after being struck by lightning on the Gold Coast.

The woman, aged in her 50s, was performing traffic control duties in Helensvale when lightning struck a pole she was holding just before 3:30pm.

She was treated at the scene by paramedics before being rushed by ambulance to the Gold Coast University Hospital. ... [MYGC - 30/11/16]



... A teenager suffered hip and leg injuries when a tree fell on him at Forest Lake, in Brisbane's southwest, brought down by high winds on Wednesday afternoon.

Paramedics took the 13-year-old to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital for treatment.

A girl was also trapped under the fallen limb, however she suffered only very minor injuries and was treated at the scene. ... [Yahoo - 30/11/16]



Cedar Point Quarry challenge dismissed [Tweed Shire Echo – 30/11/16]



‏@EDONSW [28/11/16]:  Despite concerns, Court allows Cedar Pt Quarry near Kyogle to proceed without an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit



A former state agriculture minister’s plan to extract 24 megalitres of water a year from a licensed bore on his Uki property and transporting it to a global soft-drinks giant’s bottling plant has raised the ire of locals from around the Tweed Valley village.


Jack Hallam, who was agriculture minister under the Wran Labor government in the 1980s, retired to his ten-acre property a few kilometres from Uki over a decade ago.

In October his consultant lodged a plan to use the existing 25-megalitere a year licence from the NSW Office of Water on the property for ‘bulk loading and delivery of extracted water’. ... [Tweed Shire Echo - 29/11/16]



A heavily pregnant bottlenose dolphin which became caught on a drumline on the Gold Coast over the weekend has been released back into the ocean after undergoing surgery to remove the huge shark hook from her mouth.

The pregnant inshore bottlenose dolphin was found hooked on a drumline off Main Beach on Saturday morning. ... [MYGC - 29/11/16]



Dreamworld CEO confirms theme park will reopen six weeks after disaster [MYGC - 30/11/16]



Scientists record biggest ever coral die-off on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef [Reuters – 29/11/16]



A blaze has caused extensive damage to a sugar mill on the Gold Coast overnight.

All staff were evacuated from the Rocky Point Sugar Mill at Woongoolba after the fire started in the mill’s control room just before 1am.

There were no injuries but the damage was extensive and the mill’s operations will be affected. ... [MYGC - 29/11/16]



“People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”


Alan Moore



Will the only outcome of the Child Abuse Royal Commission be to use victims of Australia's debased, punishment culture to diminish the rules of evidence? [ABC - 30/11/16]



Tennis NSW 'abrogated responsibility' to teenage player: Royal Commission [Sydney Morning Herald - 30/11/16]:


... Football NSW, which was part of the same inquiry, was commended by the Commission for the efforts it had made to improve child protection.

 The inquiry, held last year, heard an eight-year-old player was repeatedly raped by her coach at a Sydney soccer club in the 1990s.

She told the inquiry she was later diagnosed with HIV.

The commission's report found Football NSW had implemented a range of child protection measures since the abuse was uncovered. ...


Child abuse unreported and 'enabled' at Yeshivah, Royal Commission finds [The Age - 30/11/16]:


... Abuse was often not reported to police due to a Jewish law, known as Mesirah, which some interpret as forbidding a Jew from handing over another Jew to a secular authority.

As a result, victims who reported their abuse to police were treated as "outcasts", the commission heard. ...



... Ms Sharp was critical of another high-profile clergy to front the hearings, Phillip Newell, who was Bishop of the Diocese of Tasmania from 1982 until his retirement in 2000.

In June 1987, Bishop Newell was made aware of abuse allegations from three boys against then-priest Louis Daniels, but did not encourage them to go to police.

He "verbally rebuked" Daniels and sought an assurance that the conduct had not been repeated. ... Royal Commission into child sex abuse asked to accept account of Brisbane Archbishop Phillip Aspinall [ABC - 29/11/16]



A Brisbane police officer is being investigated for an alleged an off-duty sexual offence. ... [Yahoo - 29/11/16]



A Brisbane high school graduate has escaped conviction for pressuring a 12-year-old girl to send him naked photos of herself on Facebook Messenger. ... [Yahoo - 29/11/16]



And once again - for whatever reason - we aren't supposed to care about the kids, where they are now, and if they are safe ---> A 61-year-old Broadbeach man has been charged with child exploitation offences following an investigation conducted by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

The CCC will alleged that the Gold Coast man was in possession of child exploitation material and was using peer-to-peer computer software to access child exploitation material, including photos and videos. ... [MYGC - 28/11/16]



Queensland government continues criminalising what remains of our public health system [MYGC - 28/11/16]



Queensland government passes strengthened anti-rights laws [ABC - 30/11/16]



"The problem is with these [VLAD] laws, we weren't getting any convictions."  Queensland Attorney-General, Yvette D'Ath  [Nine MSN - 5/4/16]



North Queensland Apartheid-style policing initiative wins silver at 2016 Australian Crime and Violence awards [North West Star - 29/11/16]



The man accused of killing Gold Coast mother Tara Brown has been sentenced to 18 months' jail after pleading guilty to an assault on a fellow prisoner.

Lionel Patea, 25, was issued the punishment at Southport Magistrates Court on Wednesday for pouring hot water on the inmate at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in Wacol in May this year. ... [Yahoo - 29/11/16]



Gold Coast woman arrested after plotting to kill ex-husband [Yahoo - 29/11/16]



Forensic investigators are scouring a property in Brisbane's north where human remains were found in a disused plumbing pit.

The remains were uncovered at the Brighton property on Tuesday morning and police believe they make have been there for more than 10 years. ... [Yahoo - 30/11/16]



Trio on the run after stabbing and robbing man in Labrador [MYGC - 29/11/16]



A man has been charged with a string of offences after a number of businesses were robbed across Beenleigh on Sunday. ... [MYGC - 28/11/16]



Pair charged after multiple traffic incidents in Miami [MYGC - 28/11/16]



Anglo American has started sacking workers at the German Creek coal mine in Queensland after the Fair Work Commission endorsed a redundancy campaign that has been made possible by a strike by CFMEU members that began more than 100 days ago.

In effect, union action at German Creek has revealed operational efficiencies that save Anglo $40 million over three years and provided management with both financial incentive and legal justification for the 82 redundancies it is seeking to make.

The bitterest irony here is that a CFMEU strike aimed at increasing job security has resulted in members being made redundant. ... [Australian Financial Review  29/11/16]



Men without honour [Wings Over Scotland - 29/11/16]



Gillard faces visa cover-up accusations over spinner's job [Canberra Times – 25/6/13]:


... "The prime minister should immediately and without further delay authorise the release of all documents relating to the appointment of her chief spin doctor, Mr John McTernan," they wrote.

If Ms Gillard's office did not release these details, the senators wrote, "the prime minister is culpable in attempting to deliberately cover up ... 'a case of abuse' within her own office in relation to the 457 visa program". ...



Australia's parliament stormed in protest of bipartisan anti-refugee torture, exile and turnback policy


... I've said it all before

Too many words, but you just close the door

Did you notice the changes in me?

But now it's too late to see


I say, you say, weren't you listening?

Now it's too late, you're not listening ...


'Listening', Pseudo Echo [1983]



As soon as someone says something sensible during Question Time they shut it down!  Check out the footage of the smug, detached LNP and ALP fascists sitting in the House of Representatives believing they are untouchable, and their ongoing atrocities against refugees are beyond scrutiny [Nine MSN - 30/11/16]:


Question Time in the House of Representatives has resumed after it was thrown into chaos and suspended due to a protest in the public gallery.

About 30 protesters yelled anti-offshore processing chants this afternoon, as bewildered [smug, detached] MPs looked on and security scrambled to disrupt the demonstration.

Speaker Tony Smith was forced to suspend proceedings as security officers dragged some of the demonstrators from the building.


"We are here today because your policies are breaking our hearts, because every day on Manus and Christmas Island is another day in hell," one of the protesters said.

Some Coalition MPs, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, left the chamber after the protest, but the majority of Labor's representatives remained in their seats.

Question Time resumed after the last of the protesters was ejected from the chamber.

Labor leader Bill Shorten thanked security staff for their professionalism and defended why opposition MPs stayed in the chamber.

"We will never give in to those who wish to shut this parliament down, no matter what the protest, no matter who tries it or what the issue they think it is - this is the exact opposite of democracy," he said. ...



‏@pmattessi [30/11/16]:  ... Tim you brought a giant My Little Pony into the House ...



@rjstrikers [30/11/16]:  While you send kids to #Nauru! What about human rights convention? What about refugees convention #auspol so easily ignores? #qt --->   So much of our democracy relies on respect for basic conventions. Allowing the Parliament to meet in civil debate is surely fundamental. @TimWattsMP [30/11/16]



Mr Tim WATTS (Gellibrand) (19:40) [House of Representatives Hansard - 25/11/15]:


... We also committed to practical, compassionate measures that will work in the short term—continuing the combination of offshore processing and regional resettlement together with the policy of turning back boats that has stopped the flow of vessels arriving on our shores. ...



Elected representatives ignore our pleas [Coast Community News – 17/11/16]



Hamid Kehazaei inquest continues exposing the deadly and deliberate medical neglect aspect of Australia's refugee "deterrence" policy [Nine MSN - 30/11/16]:


... Brisbane Coroner's Court heard on Wednesday that Mr Kehazaei's doctors had requested an urgent transfer to a Port Moresby hospital but it was denied because of visa issues.

Dr Marten Muis said he thought Mr Kehazaei had a seat on a flight but was told hours before take-off that it wasn't going to happen.

The assistance centre in Sydney told him "no, he's not going because we haven't obtained a visa," the inquest heard.

Mr Kehazaei was left on Manus Island for another day, during which he rapidly deteriorated and was close to death.

"He had become combative, had ripped out his IV lines, wouldn't take a face mask," Dr Muis told the inquest on Wednesday.

"He was the most awful colour I've ever seen in a human being, grey-purple colour, breathing very rapidly, he seemed confused.

"I've been a GP around 40 years and never seen anybody deteriorate that fast ... he looked awful."

Dr Muis rang the Sydney assistance centre again on August 26 and told them the patient had gone from urgent to critical.

Mr Kehazaei was flown off the island that day, by which time he was delirious, thrashing around and had to be sedated, the inquest heard.

He was initially taken to Port Moresby, despite recommendations he was critical and needed treatment in Australia.

He was finally airlifted to Brisbane's Mater Hospital, where he was declared brain-dead and died from septicaemia in September 2014.

Dr Muis described the medical facilities on Manus Island at the time as "extremely basic".

The medical clinic was housed in a number of shipping containers with no X-ray facilities and only testing for malaria, the inquest heard.



Australian doctors should boycott working in refugee concentration camps, Dr John-Paul Sanggaran [The Age – 19/2/16]:


... We doctors have ample, consistent and ongoing evidence that the treatment of asylum seekers within Australian immigration detention centres is reprehensible. We have the stories of asylum seekers themselves. We have our colleagues risking imprisonment to inform us.

We have international condemnation.

We cannot hide behind the excuse of ignorance. We know what is happening. We know it constitutes a form of systematic child abuse. We know it constitutes a form of torture.


The Australian Medical Association's code of ethics states: "Regardless of society's attitudes, ensure that you do not countenance, condone or participate in the practice of torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman, or degrading procedures, whatever the offence of which the victim of such procedures is suspected, accused or convicted."

The code could not speak more clearly or directly.

By continuing to work within immigration detention we merely provide legitimacy to those that would lie and mislead the public into believing healthcare of a respectable standard is being delivered.

By continuing we maintain and perpetuate suffering and injustice. ...



... It is important to consider that health care staff are not functioning in a humanitarian role at present, they are well remunerated – a recent position for a doctor working on Nauru was offering $13,000 a week. ... The “patients first” argument [The Guardian - 5/3/16]



... Dr Dudley said health professionals working in the detention regime were "lending credibility to abuses", whether deliberately or inadvertently.


He later told Fairfax Media that the Nazi regime relied on an underlying ideological commitment in which "the end is seen as justifying the means". ... Australia has a very sick - and very dangerous - political, media and human rights establishment [Brisbane Times - 18/2/16]



... Labor's immigration spokesman Richard Marles has called offshore processing "the single most important policy that any Australian government has made". ... Australia's refugee detention centres are concentration camps and must be closed, Stephen Charles, QC, former judge of the Victorian Court of Appeal [The Age - 4/5/16]



Hunger strikes and suicide attempts by asylum seekers on Nauru will not get them ''anywhere'', Prime Minister Julia Gillard said on Monday. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 26/2/13]



There is no protection on Nauru from this behaviour [waterboarding] because there is no Rule of Law, just arbitrary, crude and evil behaviour.  ...



This photograph of the Nauru Police Force was taken by Clint Deidenang when he was told to leave the area outside the Court House during the 2013 riot trial. Not a single Australian journalist covered the trials.



Nauru Senate Inquiry - Supplementary Submission [Mr Jon Nicholls No. 95.1]:


... Despite what one may find on the internet, at no time has Mr Nichols suggested waterboarding etc was part of some organised intelligence gathering for whomever - he says it occurred in a modern day 'Lord of of the Flies' - 'Stanford Experiment' type situation - the guilty parties did it for mere enjoyment and human nature is what it is.  ...



Nauru Senate Inquiry - Public Hearing, 20 August 2015:


... Mr Nichols: There is a strong culture of what has often be referred to as RAR, Royal Australian Regiment. A lot of the staff over there are ex-military—whether it be the New Zealand Defence Force or the Australian Defence Force—and a lot of them still harbour the hatred towards whom they perceive to be the enemy, which are the people that they are supposed to be providing care for.


... Senator HANSON-YOUNG: In relation to the issue of zipping, can you explain to the committee how you know about that? You have described it in quite a bit of detail. Did you see that occur yourself?

Mr Nichols: I did not actually see the action occur but I have had numerous conversations with people known to me with regard to it: that members of the ERT had secured asylum seekers to their beds with zip ties, cable ties, and thrown them into the air. This occurred after the riots. Personally, I believe it to be retribution. 



Guards brag openly about waterboarding on Nauru [RT - 21/8/15]



Asylum seekers' convictions for July 2013 riots overturned by Nauru court [ABC - 24/8/15]



Nauru Senate Inquiry, Submission 98:


... I soon noticed that the most vague witness statements were written by security personnel within a few days of the riot.

The more incriminating statements were dated up to four months after the event.

I asked myself “How can anyone remember in such detail and with such clarity months after the event when the statements written only days after the evidence were so vague?”.

As a seasoned investigator I suspected fabrication and collaboration of evidence.

After making a few unofficial enquiries I learned that officers present at the riot were told to implicate more suspects as someone was to be made responsible for the riot.

It was then that the Bravo Camp detainees were randomly pointed out by officers.

Most claim they had had previous run-ins with the witnesses and believed thats why they were singled out. ...



... [Adam] Bandt asked, then added: “Can’t we do better than this Labor-Liberal policy of not drowning, but burning?”

It was Manager of Opposition Business Tony Burke who jumped up to declare this was deeply offensive to all MPs.

Bandt had to withdraw his “burning” line. ...


 [The Conversation - 4/5/16]



Australian Immigration Minister Tony Burke torments his political prisoners at Nauru concentration camp [Dexter S Brechtefeld - 27/7/13]



Tony Burke said he could cancel or refuse a visa for refugees involved in the Nauru riots on the grounds of character [ABC - 20/7/13]



The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday over whether immigrants facing deportation can be detained indefinitely for months or even years without a hearing, a case that could have broad implications for President-elect Donald Trump's proposals to crack down on those entering the country illegally and to ramp up deportations.

The justices will consider the federal government's appeal of a case brought by lawyers with the American Civil Liberties Union, representing some 1,000 immigrants in and around Los Angeles caught while crossing the border illegally or for committing crimes considered deportable.

The ACLU successfully argued in lower courts that after six months of detention their clients were entitled to bail hearings in which a judge would decide if they were eligible for release pending resolution of their immigration status. ... [US News & World Report - 29/11/16]



‏@Not1_More [29/11/16]:  The latest where @Cecilia44 blames #Not1More for not getting CIR instead of Obama's enforcement-first approach ...  



Lawsuit advances against CIA torture contractors [Antiwar.com - 28/11/16]:


The International Criminal Court’s investigation into myriad US torture programs the world over has rested on the fact that the US government is not doing anything to punish any of those involved in the crimes.

One civil lawsuit is continuing to slowly advance, however.

Dr. James E. Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, a pair of contracted psychologists, were hired by the Bush Administration to design and run the entire torture program.

Mitchell has even written a book bragging of his involvement, and the fact that they both got medals from the CIA for their “services.” ...



Investigatory Powers Bill officially passes into law, giving Britain the 'most extreme spying powers ever seen' [Independent - 29/11/16]



The HBGary emails [WikiLeaks - 29/11/16]:


Today, Tuesday 29 November 2016, WikiLeaks publishes in searchable format more than 60 thousand emails from private intelligence firm HBGary.

The publication today marks the early release of US political prisoner Barrett Brown, who was detained in 2012 and sentenced to 63 months in prison in connection with his journalism on Stratfor and HBGary.

Coinciding with Mr Brown's release from prison WikiLeaks is publishing a searchable index of the HBGary emails. WikiLeaks published the Stratfor emails in 2012.


... The HBGary revelations that came out through the work of Barret Brown and others showed that HBGary and related companies were involved in plans to spread disinformation and to attack watchdog organisations, including WikiLeaks and US Chamber Watch.

For example, the emails revealed a plan to form a group called Team Themis with a number of companies from the industry to "ruin" WikiLeaks by submitting false documents in the hope they would be published, as well as discrediting WikiLeaks staff and supporters (including the journalist Glenn Greenwald).

HBGary was also bidding to fulfil a tender from the US Air Force to assist it in manipulating social media to spread propaganda about the Air Force. ...



Special Prosecutor Randi McGinn on Monday dismissed the second-degree murder charge against former Albuquerque police officer Dominique Perez, who was accused of fatally shooting homeless camper James Boyd in March 2014. ... [The NM Political Report - 28/11/16]



A US employee at Misawa base in Aomori prefecture, Japan, is being accused of slashing a local woman with a knife and reportedly injuring her face, Japanese media report.

She has been taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to Japanese media, the incident took place on base premises at 2 a.m. local time.

The victim is 50 years old and an employee at the base’s accommodation facility.  ... [RT - 29/11/16]



Four arrested in Okinawa for obstructing US base transfer work [Japan Times - 29/11/16]



Japan and the United States will hold on Dec. 8 the first joint ceremony to remember those killed in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Consulate General in Honolulu said Monday. ... [Japan Times - 29/11/16]



... Military families remind Americans of what matters, Obama told the audience in the East Room.

“Even as you serve this country in uniform, or you hold everything together here at home as a military spouse, or you prepare to attend another new school as a military kid … you all still find time to contribute even more to your communities and to this country.” ... First Lady welcomes service members, families to White House holiday décor preview [US Department of Defense - 29/11/166]



US Air Forces Central Command completes investigation into massacre of Syrian army personnel at Dayr Az Zawr [Deir ez-Zor] on September 17 [US Department of Defense - 29/11/16]



Iran has announced that the military presence of US forces in the Persian Gulf is the main source of problems in the region.

That came after the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy ruled out Washington’s claim that an Iranian vessel had pointed its weapon at a US helicopter in the Strait of Hormuz.

The IRGC has said that the US officials occasionally level such false accusations against the Islamic Republic to pursue their goals in the region. ... [Press TV - 29/11/16]



Israeli jet carries out airstrike near Damascus [AMN News - 30/11/16]



Large numbers of locals who were besieged by terrorists managed to exit the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city on Tuesday.

SANA’s correspondent quoted a source at Aleppo Governorate as saying that thousands of families managed to exit the eastern neighborhoods, and Syrian Arab Army personnel are receiving them and transporting them to safety, while the authorities at the Governorate are securing the needs for providing temporary residence to those families. ... [SANA - 29/11/16]



Woman and her child killed in a terrorist attack in Hama [SANA - 29/11/16]



ISIS drone bombs kill 6 people in Deir Ezzor [AMN News – 29/11/16]



Erdogan: Turkish forces are in Syria to end Assad's rule [RT - 29/11/16]



An airstrike targeting a medical unit supposedly occupied by Islamic State militants in the Mosul district of Hammam al-Alil last October killed eight civilians, according to Human Rights Watch, which urged air forces engaged in battles against the group to ensure civilians’ safety. ... [IraqiNews.com - 29/11/16]



Water cut off to 650,000 Mosul residents after pipeline hit: official [Reuters - 29/11/16]




30 November 2016