United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 18/10/16]



‏@Ruptly [18/10/16]:  The first group of civilians fleeing #Mosul following the start of the Iraqi offensive began arriving in Al-Qayyarah ...



Sarah "smugglers paradise" Ferguson would be delighted with this development in the war against refugees ----> Egypt’s parliament passed on Monday a bill aimed to curb illegal immigration from the country’s coasts, with 402 votes in favor of the legislation.

According to the new law, anyone found guilty of smuggling, attempting to smuggle, or otherwise aiding in the process of smuggling migrants will be penalized with a fine ranging between EGP 50,000 and EGP 200,000.

The bill also stipulates that these criminals will be imprisoned for their actions but does not specify a range for the imprisonment period.

Meanwhile, those who cause the death of a migrant while smuggling them, smuggle women and children, or smuggle migrants with the aim of carrying out a terrorist attack will be sentenced to death. ... [Egyptian Streets - 18/10/16]



‏@SRodrigoruiz [18/10/16]:  #REFUGIADOS Vídeo del rescate de los 52 migrantes hacinados hoy en una balsas con la que trataban de migrar hacia el sur de #España



‏@MSF_Sea [18/10/16]:  The #Dignity1 rescued everyone on board two boats this afternoon and is now headed to #Italy with 480 #people on board.



‏@guardiacostiera [18/10/16]:  #MediterraneoCentrale: #CentraleOperativa #GuardiaCostiera coordina 2 operazioni #SAR: unità @MSF_ITALIA salva 230 #migranti su 2 gommoni



NOT ONE human rights organisation has demanded that the Australian government AND opposition start respecting international law.  



Day 213 refugee protests, Nauru [18/10/16]



‏@SuchNigel [17/10/16]:  We became such as animal circus #Nauru #4corners



Amnesty tells New Zealand media that other countries should take refugees from Australia's concentration camps [RNZI - 18/10/16]



Did Amnesty ask the UNHCR why they think refugees on Nauru despair?



After Four Corners and Amnesty circus reinforces Australia's anti-refugee policy, Eric eases ABC audiences into the final solution [ABC - 18/10/16]



Bomana Prison is where PNG plans to carry out its recently revived death penalty.



Lawyer for illegally imprisoned men on Manus Island files contempt charge against PNG Prime Minister and ministers [RNZI - 14/10/16]:


Papua New Guinea's prime minister Peter O'Neill, the foreign and immigration Minister Rimbink Pato and the Chief Immigrations Officer Mataio Rabura have been slapped with a contempt charge.

This is in relation to the government's plan to close one asylum facility on Manus Island and keep another open for processing Canberra's asylum seekers.

The one that is to be kept open is the East Lorengau transit centre and the one to be closed is the Lombrum Naval Base regional processing centre, both funded by the Australian government.

Mr Lomai, who represents the asylum seekers, said the trio were in serious breach of a Supreme Court ruling handed down in April.

The ruling declared the detaining of asylum seekers on Manus unconstitutional because it breached their rights under the Constitution.

Mr Lomai said the ruling in effect deems the detaining of the asylum seekers anywhere in the country illegal.

A date for hearing on the contempt charges is yet to be set.



Matters regarding sham refugee processing, illegal imprisonment and compensation back in PNG Supreme Court [PNG Loop - 11/10/16]:


Parties involved in the asylum seekers case before the Supreme Court will have till Oct 20 to file their arguments.

This is in response to another application that was filed by the detainees’ lawyer, Ben Lomai.

Lomai filed another application on Sept 30, after the hearing date of two applications filed earlier was set for Oct 27.

Parties in the case appeared before the Supreme Court on Monday afternoon where directions were issued.

The Deputy Court Registrar will confirm the application books before the hearing on the morning of Oct 27.

A three-judge Supreme Court bench will hear the three applications.

The first application will be moved by PNG Immigration and State lawyers in relation to a jurisdictional issue.

They claim that Lomai, as a lawyer for the asylum seekers, has no right to sign the Enforcement of Constitutional Rights' Applications on their behalf.

The second application was filed by Lomai on behalf of the asylum seekers, asking for Summary Judgment from the Supreme Court that also covers compensation for the illegal detainment of his clients following the five-man Supreme Court bench ruling on April 26.



‏@MarilynShephe15 [18/10/16]:  “People smugglers continue to try to convince uninformed and vulnerable people to get on boats.” Bottrell [Operational Commander Operation Sovereign Borders] says this, NO MEDIA REFUTES



We pay to shed a sombre tear in the darkness together here
One among the hundreds, crying for the millions
And when the house lights break the trance
Only then unclasp our hands
Compose ourselves and fix our hair
"We would have all been Schindler there"
Drive in silence slowly home
Now horror's more than skin and bone

And can you see in twenty years
We'll pay to shed the same cheap tears
In a film about an island, watch our hero take a stand
Pay our money gladly to wash our hands ...


'400 Miles From Darwin', The Whitlams [2002]



‏@JamilaHanan [18/10/16]:  As #Myanmar gov were launching the next wave of elimination of the #Rohingya community, US was dropping sanctions and scrubbing black list.



"No choice but to shoot them", official says of Rakhine massacre masquerading as "manhunt for militants" [Myanmar Times - 18/10/16]:


... Yesterday senior cabinet official U Kyaw Tint Swe said he had spoken to the Indonesian ambassador about the unfolding crackdown in northern Rakhine State and had received his support and a pledge that Jakarta would respect Myanmar’s sovereignty and would not seek to interfere in a domestic matter.

ASEAN’s other majority-Muslim member states also supported the security operation now under way, he added. ...



Joining other NGOs in their feeble response to the latest atrocity occurring in the Rakhine, Amnesty International uses UNHCR's vile "durable solutions" terminology to describe possibilities for trapped Rohingyas ---> ... “Denying the existence of long-standing restrictions on the Rohingya population, and the serious difficulties they create for people’s daily lives, not only ignores the reality on the ground, it will hinder any efforts towards finding durable solutions to the situation in Rakhine State,” said Laura Haigh, Amnesty International’s Myanmar researcher. ...  [Myanmar Times - 18/10/16]



Border Guard Police shoot Rohingya fishermen, 1 missing, 2 injured in Ngakuya [Arakan Times - 18/10/16]



Rohingya shops looted by Myanmar’s Border Guard Police and NaTaLa villagers [Rohingya Blogger - 17/10/16]



Letter to the UN Secretary General on Rohingya persecution in Myanmar [Huffington Post - 17/10/16]



Woodside 20.10.2016 Third Quarter 2016 Report  



‏@OilFinity [25/8/16]:  Woodside to Appraise Offshore Myanmar Gas Discoveries  ...



Cambodia changes mind about imminent forced return of Montagnard asylum seekers [Cambodia Daily - 17/10/16]:


The Interior Ministry has interviewed about two-thirds of the 159 Montagnard asylum-seekers living in Phnom Penh after fleeing from Vietnam over the past two years, but has yet to approve any of their applications, an official said on Sunday.

The clarification from Tan Sovichea, head of the ministry’s refugee department, came after The Cambodia Daily incorrectly reported last week that all of the remaining Montagnards had been ordered to return to Vietnam within two weeks.

That article was based on an interview with Kem Sarin, a spokesman for the ministry’s general department of immigration, who said that all of the asylum-seekers had been interviewed and that those who failed to meet the necessary criteria had two weeks to leave. ...



Six ethnic Kuoy families were violently evicted from their homes in Preah Vihear over the weekend, according to eyewitnesses, with further evictions threatened for another 13 families this morning.

Boeng Choen, 44, was ploughing her rice field in Tbeng Meanchey district’s Brame commune on Saturday when a neighbour called to say uniformed men were tearing down her house.

Attempting to return home in a truck with 15 other villagers, she found the way blocked by 25 police, military police and provincial Forestry Administration (FA) officials, she said yesterday. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 18/10/16]



Three Chinese naval vessels and a United States warship docked at Sihanoukville on Sunday, with Defence Minister Tea Banh yesterday meeting officials from the People’s Liberation Army’s Navy to discuss military cooperation.

Banh, also a deputy prime minister, did not meet with representatives of the USS Germantown, but insisted there was “no problem”, saying Cambodia was open “not only for China, but for the United States and other friends”. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 18/10/16]



Opposition Leader Sam Rainsy’s Facebook ‘like’ slander case postponed [Phnom Penh Post - 18/10/16]



Coup plans prompted  purges, witness tells Khmer Rouge Tribunal [Cambodia Daily - 18/10/16]



Vietnam supports U.S. "intervention" in the Asia-Pacific if it helps keep peace and stability, the defense ministry said, in a timely endorsement of a continued U.S. presence amid uncertainty over Washington's faltering "pivot".

Vice defense minister, Senior Lieutenant-General Nguyen Chi Vinh, met on Monday with Cara Abercrombie, the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asia, and told her Vietnam backed a positive U.S. role. ... [Reuters - 18/10/16]



US navy destroyer cleared to visit New Zealand [RNZI - 18/10/16]



Singapore tank firing at Shoalwater Bay [ABC - 19/9/16]



Oil from mystery ship washes up on Fraser Island [ABC - 18/10/16]



A car has crashed into a bottle shop on the Gold Coast this afternoon.

The accident occurred at the Mudgeeraba Market shopping centre on Swan Lane and Railway Street just after 1.30pm.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesperson confirmed a crew were called to the scene, however no patients required transport to hospital. ... [MYGC - 18/10/16]



Woman injured in three-car crash at Helensvale [MYGC - 18/10/16]



A man is in a critical condition after falling off his bicycle on the Gold Coast overnight.

The 46-year-old is believed to have been riding his bike along Scott Street at Coolangatta when he fell around 7.45pm.

The man suffered serious head injuries and was rushed to the Gold Coast University Hospital, where he remains fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit. ... [MYGC - 17/10/16]



Police are investigating a fatal crash south of Wollongong today.

Just after 7am, police and emergency services were called to a crash on Wattle Road at Shellharbour.

On arrival, officers located a crash between a bicycle and a 4WD.

A man in his 50s riding the bicycle died at the scene. ... [NSW Police - 18/10/16]



Boy, 5, airlifted to hospital after run over by family car, Sunshine Coast [Brisbane Times - 18/10/16]



A man accused of stabbing his partner to death in Cairns has had his case mentioned in court as he recovers from stab wounds in hospital.

Ricky Cowan, 47, is facing one charge of murder after police found the body of his partner Crystal Ratcliffe at a Woree house last Thursday. ... [Brisbane Times - 18/10/16]



Financial planner Carl Richardson, who viciously stabbed his bosses, was a loving dad with no animosity towards his colleagues, a close friend says.

Mr Richardson turned up to work at RGM Financial Group in Moe as usual on Monday.

Two days earlier he had celebrated his 48th birthday.

The friend, who did not wish to be named, said Mr Richardson had not spoken badly of his colleagues at RGM.

Within half an hour of arriving at work he'd stabbed two of his bosses - RGM partner and Racing Victoria board member Pearse Morgan and accounting director Joe Auciello.

The friend had known Mr Richardson for 40 years and said he was an "exemplary" father, who doted on his two secondary school aged children and was a "down-to-earth lovely bloke". ... [The Age - 18/10/16] 



'An exceptional family': community mourns after family of four found dead in Sydney [Sydney Morning Herald - 18/10/16]




When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won.

There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.

Think of it - always.


Mahatma Gandhi




Main Beach, 18 October 2016



New book explores borders and the refugee crisis [University of Hawaii at Mānoa -11/10/16]:


Drawing on field research in border regions around the world, Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move offers a provocative look at the high cost of border security projects and the dire consequences of these projects for countless migrants.

Written by Reece Jones, associate professor from the Geography Department in UH Mānoa’s College of Social Sciences, the book crosses the migrant trails of the world and provides a timely analysis of the changing roles and impacts of borders.

According to Jones, the growth of borders and resource enclosures, and the deaths of migrants in search of a better life, are intimately connected to climate change, environmental degradation and the growth of global wealth inequality.

“While the poor are restricted by the lottery of birth to slum dwellings in the aftershocks of decolonization, the wealthy travel without constraint, exploiting pools of cheap labor and lax environmental regulations,” said Jones.

“Forty thousand people died trying to cross international borders in the past decade, with the high-profile deaths along the shores of Europe only accounting for half of the grisly total. These deaths are not exceptional, but rather the result of state attempts to contain populations and control access to resources and opportunities. We may live in an era of globalization, but much of the world is increasingly focused on limiting the free movement of people.” ...



Refugee crisis to migration as a revolutionary political act:  Interview with Professor Reece Jones [VIDEO - RT - 17/10/16]



McKim and Neumann are FULL OF SHIT.  Unless the media start asking Turnbull and Dutton the hard questions, and holding ALL perpetrators to account, the Amnesty Report and Four Corners will only serve to reinforce Australia's anti-refugee torture/exile/death policy.  ---> "Opposition" Leader, Bill Shorten speaking on the Migration Amendment (Regional Processing Arrangements) Bill 2015  [House of Representatives Hansard - 24/6/15]:


Labor will be supporting this legislation because it is our policy.



Our bodies have been directly exploited by a cruel and violent political strategy; a new form of fascism born at the beginning of the 21st century.




Australia's cruel and violent anti-refugee policy [Huffington Post - 18/10/16]:


... During this extended period in detention, government policy has targeted our bodies and minds.

We resist so that we do not lose our sense of self and individuality -- maintaining our identities has been our primary motivation and goal over the past three years.

Writing, working and continuing the struggle has been the only way to sustain my sense of self and character.

In my view, resistance must never be passive in the face of fascism, but it must always be a rational form of resistance.


Unfortunately, the personal identities of asylum seekers are invisible to the oppressive system of the island prisons.

However, blindness to the agency of asylum seekers is not limited to the detention centres; this form of blindness has migrated from the prisons to Australian civil society.

This particular disregard of our agency has also penetrated the community of human rights advocates and activists; a consequence of the logic of government propaganda.

Similar to the government's creation of its own concepts and propaganda, Border Protection and Border Force consistently represent asylum seekers as dangerous criminals invading Australian society.

During television broadcasts, the Australian Immigration Minister deliberately uses terminology such as 'illiterate' and 'innumerate' to demonise asylum seekers.

These factors have helped shape a particular representation of asylum seekers; a representation constructed by the government for the public. In this context, two different perceptions have emerged.

First, that asylum seekers are dangerous aliens, enemies, brutish, liars, potential terrorists and people who do not share the same social values as Australians. They argue that it is normal to eliminate people described with these attributes.

The second perspective is one that appears to be humane and pertains to the community of activists and human rights advocates.

According to this view, asylum seekers are portrayed, at best, as victims, the downtrodden, or the 'Other' (in the philosophical sense). In other words, the subject of sympathy and people simply in need of care.

Both cases represent oppressive power relationships. In reality, both ignore the agency of asylum seekers -- they fail to recognise the full humanity of asylum seekers in comparison with other humans.

I believe both are false and unacceptable because they are both the political consequences of a government ideology that tries to strip asylum seekers of personhood.

Asylum seekers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and engaged with as unique individuals.

Asylum seekers must not be exiled from society and stripped of dignity; they must not be deprived of exercising agency and treated differently to others.


Behrouz Boochani, Kurdish journalist imprisoned by the Australian government on Manus Island




... Over the past few years I have had limited opportunities to communicate with the asylum seekers on Nauru, but I have come to realise that the women imprisoned there are also pioneers in a new form of resistance. ...


 [Behrouz Boochani - 14/10/16]



SHUT DOWN! OFFSHORE!   Day 150 refugee protests, Nauru via ‏@InsurrectNews [16/8/16]







... DIRTY POLICY!...  



via @InsurrectNews [9/5/16]



Day 51 refugee protests, Nauru [Image:  ‏@Mums4Refugees - 9/5/16]




 This is a jail cell where female refugees were imprisoned for 30 hours and given only one bottle of water to share. ... [Refugees on Nauru - 5/3/15]



Nauru refugee women celebrate International Women’s Day with protest [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney – 10/3/15]



Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney [5/3/15]:


Almost 200 refugees including up to 80 women have been held in detention overnight after mass arrests on Nauru, throughout Wednesday, 4 March.

The underage children being held by police, including one 7 year old who had been arrested early Wednesday morning, were removed from police cells by case workers, yesterday.

However, many then spent the night without their parents who remained in custody.

More information emerged about Wednesday’s draconian police action, including that the police had arrested refugees inside the family compound as early as 4.00am.

The police action continued throughout the day with a further 50 refugees being arrested outside the police station at Yaren, in the afternoon, as they waited for news of those arrested and demanded their release. ...



... But it is obvious that regarding to UNHCR, absence of visiting Guantanamo, government of Australia have used the opportunity to cover some of the problems and disasters therefore it is fair for us to doubt on your visitation of Nauru after all these years for another political games. ... Open letter to UNHCR from Nauru refugees questions motive of their April visit, calls for GENUINE resettlement after three years of punishment and torture [OP Voice - 2/5/16]


Amnesty International demands that Peter Dutton end the ALP's anti-refugee policy [Petition]



Did Amnesty researchers ask UNHCR representative Thomas "send in the military" Albrecht why they told refugees they'd be on Nauru for 10 years?



Did the UNHCR endorse Australia and PNG's sham offshore refugee assessment/exile process during their April 2016 visit to Manus Island?... Representatives from the UNHCR visited the Manus Island detention centre last week and met the men detained there.


The UNHCR in Australia has been approached for comment. ... [Guardian - 18/4/16] 



... Prior to taking up this assignment in early 2014, Mr. Albrecht served as Head of the UNHCR Regional Support Hub in Nairobi ... [UNSW Kaldor Centre]



Joint media release with Kevin Rudd - Prime Minister, Mark Dreyfus - Attorney General and The Hon Tony Burke MP - Australian Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship [19 July, 2013]



I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]:


... Ms Thompson is the first staff member to publicly resign from Manus Island following a recent outbreak of violence [attack on the refugees] which left one dead.

She was originally bought in to conduct refugee-assessment interviews and claims she was told to tell inmates their only option was resettlement in Papua New Guinea.

Ms Thompson said she knew their only option was indefinite detention, and so did they.

"I would not go back because there is no process, nothing for me to do, no process to assist people with - it's fake," she said.

"It's not designed as a processing facility, it's designed as an experiment in the active creation of horror to deter people from trying in the first place."

Ms Thompson told Dateline she was given a script to follow while conducting refugee assessments.

"We were informed that we were not to discuss resettlement, we were not to discuss third country options," she said.

"It was made very clear to us every day, sometimes even twice a day, under the threat of being removed from the island, we were not to talk about a third country, we were not to suggest there were any resettlement options, we were not to suggest they would be able to get off PNG," she said.

“We knew that this was ridiculous, but we were lying to people and we were told to keep that message going to keep it clear."

"What's not happening is any clarification on where they are going to end up."

“There is no process, the process doesn’t lead anywhere except indefinite detention." ...



"I ASK YOU TO STAND UP FOR THE RIGHTS OF REFUGEES AND STOP PEOPLE BEING KILLED JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE BECOME REFUGEES.  HUMANITY IS NOT A SLOGAN;  EVERY HUMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE." ‏@riserefugee [18 October, 2015]:  Note written by Afghan #asylum seeker in #Dandenong (Melbourne) in serious condition after self-immolating  ...




… Now we climbed out of the mud and the slime

We thought about it we and wondered why

Later on, we made a real round wheel

Composed a song with a real good feel


Buddha and Jesus, they laid it on the line

We took a wrong turn with a bigot mind

Your god is dead, better try mine

I'm telling you for the last time ...


'Guantanamo', Ry Cooder [2012]




'I'm in Guantanamo Bay. This isn't Ballarat.' Policewoman was charged after ordeal [The Age - 18/10/16]:


... If it could happen to Ms Berry, what about the teenager at the back of the commission flats?

The two police officers alleged to have assaulted Ms Berry have been cleared to return to work. ...



‏@fosterbr2013 [17/10/16]:  Congrats to Mohamedou Slahi & his counsel! Released from #GTMO today. 60 men still held - 20 of them cleared to go, 30 awaiting clearance.



Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who documented his torture and imprisonment in the 2015 Guantánamo Diary, on Monday was finally returned home to his native Mauritania.

Upon his release, Slahi said, "I feel grateful and indebted to the people who have stood by me. I have come to learn that goodness is transnational, transcultural, and trans-ethnic. I'm thrilled to reunite with my family."

One of Guantánamo's longest-held detainees, Slahi's transfer comes 14 years after he was first brought to the offshore U.S. military prison, where he was held without charge or trial. ... [Common Dreams - 17/10/16]



‏@wikileaks [17/10/16]:  RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 10 ...  #HillaryClinton ...



‏@wikileaks [17/10/16]:  We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange's internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton's Goldman Sachs speechs.


... This series of events are all aimed at those who seek to counter the neo-con narrative pumped out by the state and corporate media.

It could be coincidence, but it looks like co-ordinated clampdown to me. [Craig Murray - 17/10/16]






18 October 2016