United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 18/11/16]



‏@Theurgia_Goetia [18/11/16]:  People slept on the ground last night. They are afraid, after the last fascist attacks at Souda camp.



‏@LSpyropoulou [18/11/16]:  3 #refugees drowned, 9 missing near #Agathonisi isl but in Turkish waters. But I guess no front pages anymore, the media got used to it



‏@MSF_Sea [17/11/16]:  Hey #Europe, it's time to wake up! The anti-smuggling agenda being pushed by your governments is increasing the death toll on the #Med!   




... If you got a lady and you want her gone

But you ain't got the guts

She keeps naggin' at you night and day

Enough to drive you nuts


Pick up the phone, leave her alone

 It's time you made a stand

For a fee, I'm happy to be

 Your back door man  ...


'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap',  AC/DC [1976]




Manus politician says Australia's political prisoners have been told repatriation (i.e. refoulement) will happen soon [PNG Loop - 16/11/16]:


... The Manus MP is now calling on the relevant authorities working on the repatriation to make it happen as soon as possible.

“The community and the asylum seekers have now been advised that this is to happen soon and they should not be held anymore in suspense but allowed to get on with their lives after almost 4 years of incarceration,” Knight said. ...



Australia says dirty money for Cambodia exile and disappearance propaganda deal flowing through Cardno and the UN [Cambodia Daily - 17/11/16]



Sort of like pest control? ----> Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons (AAPTIP) [Cardno]:


... Currently, Cardno is implementing the next phase of the Australian Government’s anti-trafficking initiative in Asia, AAPTIP, from August 2013 to June 2018.

We are working with law and justice agencies in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and will be collaborating closely with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). ...



Chinese and Cambodian officials have signed a memorandum of understanding to increase exchanges of investment and training for tourism, the Ministry of Tourism said in a press release yesterday. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 17/11/16]



China-Ecuador on path to brotherhood ties, says Xi in Quito [China Daily - 18/11/16]



Japan's PM Abe meets Trump, says confident can build trust [Reuters - 18/11/16]



As Prime Minister Shinzo Abe readies to meet U.S. president-elect Donald Trump Thursday in New York, some in Okinawa hope Trump’s business experience means he will decide that relocating a U.S. base on the island is economically unfeasible and should be scrapped. ... [Japan Times - 17/11/16]



A 38-year-old Nigerian was executed on Friday at Changi Prison after his eleventh-hour appeal was rejected by the apex court.

Chijioke Stephen Obioha was convicted of trafficking in 2.6kg of cannabis - more than five times the capital limit of 500g - and sentenced to death in 2008. ... [Channel News Asia - 18/11/16]



The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah on Friday decided to donate his eyes after his death saying he is taking such step for those whose eyesight was snatched by the PDP’s ‘vision’.

In a statement issued to press, Shah, who is languishing in Raj Bagh police station since last four months, said, “It is my deep desire that my eyes be donated to any of those who lost their eyes during the ongoing ‘Intifada’. Let my eyes help anyone see the world again. As one eye donation can make two blind people see, let’s make the eye donation a tradition.” ... [Kashmir Monitor - 18/11/16]



Pakistan navy claims it ‘pushed’ Indian submarine clear of its waters [Hindustran Times - 18/11/16]



The Brussels based media organisation, International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the Free Media Movement on Friday condemned the attacking of a journalist in Trincomalee on November 15. 

“The IFJ condemns the attack and threat to journalist in Trincomalee and urges the Sri Lankan authorities to take every measure to ensure punishment to the responsible; and to establish a safe working environment for journalists in Sri Lanka," the IFJ said in a statement.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 18/11/16] 



"It is important that whatever you do succeeds quickly"


East Timor 1975:  Kissinger's green light to Suharto [The Nation - 18/2/2002]



‏After pushing the region to seal borders and criminalise the process of seeking asylum, then greenlighting Myanmar's latest pogrom by lifting sanctions (over a month ago), the US deflects concern for Rohingya with a pissweak tweet ---> @AmbassadorPower [17/11/16]:  #UNSC just met about new violence in #Burma's Rakhine state. Intn'l observers must be allowed to investigate & humanit aid must be restored.



Cue regional politicians and authorities asserting the importance of Rohingya staying where they are, and borders being secured  ----> This humanitarian crisis could lead to another exodus of the Rohingya to neighbouring countries through a perilous sea journey.

This would mean another round of abuse, victimisation, and horror at the hands of traffickers.

It would mean Rohingya children being forcefully married off to traffickers to settle money owed by their parents for the boat rides.

This is happening in our backyard. ASEAN must therefore demonstrate its commitment to the ASEAN Charter and respond effectively, in accordance with the principle of comprehensive security, to all forms of transnational crimes and transboundary challenges.

It's also time for ASEAN to reaffirm its commitment to the Declaration Against Trafficking in Persons Particularly Women and Children, adopted in 2004. ... [Bangkok Post - 18/11/16]



... Besides sealing the border off to keep the fleeing Rohingyas away, the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has also been working to keep the situations calm in the border areas.

“We have taken additional measures and increased patrolling in the border,” said Lt Col Abuzar Al Zahid, commander of 2 BGB Battalion stationed in Teknaf.

 “We have also taken steps so no one can illegally enter Bangladesh through the border. There is no reason to panic on our side.” ... [Dhaka Tribune - 18/11/16]



‏@anny_arifa [18/11/16]: 


1/2:Military started raiding Bolibazar (Kyein Chaung) and arrested some #Rohingyas after morning prayer. Detail are still unknown..


2/2: Moreover due to the seize of boats yesterday all most every possible way of surviving and transportation has stopped for #Rohingyas



‏@nslwin [18/11/16]:  Demonstration for the #Rohingya in #KualaLumpur #Malaysia. Happening now.



‏@RohingyaVision: 18/11/16 12 Noon: 20 people arrested while trying to extinguish the fire on the teachers' dormitory in MyintHlut yesterday were freed today  



Myanmar Army and Border Guards incinerate hostel in Maungdaw [Akakan Times - 17/11/16]



‏@nslwin [17/11/16]:  Destruction of the #Rohingya houses, Madarasa continued in #NgaSarKyu today. Looted some valuables and 5 goats by #Myanmar Army.



Australia's refugee concentration camps on Nauru and Manus Island were reopened by the ALP under the watchful guidance of the United States (i.e. Hillary Clinton's State Department) [Buzzfeed - 4/6/16]:


Star Labor candidate Peter Khalil has confirmed he acted as a protected source for the US government, feeding them information about Labor’s asylum seeker policy.

Khalil served as a foreign policy adviser to former prime minister Kevin Rudd back in 2007 and was also director of national security policy for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from 2003-04.  ...



... Jesse Roberts is creative director of Rise Up International.  He is making a film with Mosley Wotta about Nauru, called Nd009 - Voices from Nauru. [The Saturday Paper - 14/5/16]



Rise Up International is funded by the US State Department



The people want Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee torture, exile and turnback policy to END.


The political, media and human rights establishment are fighting tooth and nail to keep it in place.


... DIRTY POLICY!...   via @InsurrectNews [9/5/16]



Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru, 9 May 2016



No journalism, no opposition and complicit human rights organisations embolden Peter "protected and unaccountable" Dutton to spread more lies, fear and hate [ABC - 18/11/16]



From refugee emergency to protracted exile:  The role of 'time' in international protection [Kaldor Centre Annual Conference - UNSW - 18 November] <--- UNHCR representatives and others promoting the anti-refugee "compact" and "New York Declaration" should be held to account, not unquestioningly promoted  ---> Researchers scan brains as Australia continues torturing refugees in concentration camps [ABC - 18/11/16]



Another iteration of the UNHCR and US State Department's cringeworthy papering over of Turnbull's "resettlement" lie [ABC - 17/11/16]



UNHCR urges Indonesia to take responsibility for the flow-on impact of Australia's anti-refugee policies [Jakarta Post - 15/11/16]



UNHCR continues doing PR for itself as the biggest regional perpetrators of statelessness continue torturing refugees with impunity [14/11/16]







And who has silenced protest organiser and chronicler Hamid, and why?



Day 79 Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru - 6 June 2016 via @fawaz_ss088129 [6/6/16]



Following his tour of Nauru, UN Special Rapporteur Francois Crepeau issues a predictably pissweak response to Australia's ongoing atrocities against refugees;  also does PR for Turnbull's "resettlement" lies [SBS - 18/11/16]



UN Special Rapporteur Francois Crepeau meets with refugee concentration camp profiteers AMES Australia [6/11/16]



... Why do people set themselves on the fire front of UN? Because they remind us how human rights is a big business in this country and there is no real action. ...   Mina Taherkhani - political prisoner of the Australian government, Nauru [Guardian - 7/11/16]



During the UNHCR's April 2016 visit to Nauru, refugees were told to expect to remain on the island for "another ten years". [Arman has never been given a right of reply to the UNHCR's slurs.] 



US Supreme Court hears immigration case asserting discrimination against unmarried American fathers [American Immigration Council - 17/11/16]



A former inmate at the Milwaukee County Jail says a corrections officer laughed off her request for medical help as she went into labor, contributing to her newborn's death in a jail cell in July.


The company responsible for medical care at the jail said previously that Swayzer's child was stillborn. 

However, Swayzer says her child was "born alive, cried profusely and was breastfed." ... [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 16/11/16]



A motorcyclist has been killed in a horror crash with a B-double truck in northern NSW.

The crash occurred on the Bruxner Highway near Alstonville around 11.40am AEDT.

The male motorcyclist died at the scene. ... [MYGC - 18/11/16]



Man dies while diving off Port Douglas on Great Barrier Reef [ABC - 18/11/16]:


...  The 60-year-old English certified diver could not be revived after being found on the sea floor while on a diving trip with Quicksilver Cruises at Agincourt Reef off Port Douglas.


On Wednesday, two French tourists in their 70s suffered heart attacks and died while snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef at Michaelmas Cay, east of Cairns.

A cardiologist said it was likely they were stung by Irukandji jellyfish. ...



A police officer has been charged with assaulting a 16-year-old boy south of Brisbane.

The 40-year-old senior constable was charged following a Crime and Corruption Commission investigation into the alleged assault at Parkinson on June 6.

He's been stood down from official duty and is due to face the Brisbane Magistrates Court on December 1. [Yahoo - 18/11/16]



Queensland criminologist denies touching girl [Yahoo - 18/11/16]



Bmag [1/5/14]:

A lead investigator in the indecent dealing case against Queensland criminologist Paul Wilson has denied accusations he had a campaign against the academic.

Wilson, the former head of criminology at the Gold Coast's Bond University, returned to court in Brisbane on Thursday for the third day of a committal hearing.

The 73-year-old faces six charges of indecently dealing with two girls under 17 in 1973 and 1976.

The former lead investigator on the case was cross examined by Wilson's lawyer Bill Potts on Thursday.

Detective Sergeant Charles Heron confirmed the first complaint against Wilson was made in April 2011.

A second woman later made a complaint after she was contacted by Det Sgt Heron.

Both women had modified their statements several times since first making them, the Brisbane Magistrates Court heard.

One changed a statement saying Wilson had touched her shoulder to say he'd touched her breast.

Defence counsel Bill Potts suggested the women made the changes after encouragement from the detective, whom Mr Potts accused of becoming personally involved.

The lawyer read from emails Det Sgt Heron sent to one woman calling both women "most excellent" witnesses who'd told their stories "very well".

In another email Det Sgt Heron said all police involved in the case had "not the slightest doubt" the women were abused by Wilson and there was a "good likelihood" he'd be found guilty.

"This had become some kind of campaign for you hadn't it?" Mr Potts asked the witness during heated cross examination.

Det Sgt Heron, who was removed from the investigation after 10 months, said he didn't see anything wrong with the emails and part of his job was to support witnesses.

Magistrate John Costello adjourned the court until May 16, when he's due to rule on whether there's enough evidence to commit Wilson to trial.



A leading criminologist has warned of a major escalation in gang-related violence if state governments push ahead with anti-bikie laws.

Professor Paul Wilson, a forensic psychologist and chair of criminology at Bond University, says similar moves in Canada gave rise to greater violence and sparked a bikie war. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 5/8/2009]



1,000s condemned by Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee torture, turnback and exile policy as campaign to free ONE asylum seeker morphs into a PR opportunity for Queensland ALP politician Mark Bailey [Brisbane Times - 17/11/16]



Torture of children in our prisons must continue:  Queensland ALP fobs off criticism of its bogus "Youth Detention Review" [Brisbane Times - 17/11/16]



Lawlessness in the era of mass surveillance, over policing, incarceration and draconian anti-rights legislation --->  Chinchilla shooting one of three in Queensland overnight [ABC - 18/11/16]:


... Meanwhile, a man has been shot dead by police after an officer was threatened with a rifle near Warwick in Queensland's Southern Downs.

Darling Downs District Police Superintendent Mark Kelly said officers were called to a Freestone address just after 4:00pm on Thursday after a report a firearm had been discharged.

"Police were searching the property and at about 5:20pm a man emerged from the bushland.

That man was armed with a rifle and he confronted two officers," he said.

"The two police attempted to speak and negotiate with the man.

"The man then threatened the two officers with a rifle, and then police discharged their firearms."

He said the officers performed CPR on the man until Queensland Ambulance officers arrived, however he died a short time later.

Ethical Standards Command is investigating the incident, which will be overseen by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Superintendent Kelly said of the shooting: "It is very confronting for our police, a very dangerous situation."

The officers involved have not been stood down, he said.  ‏ ‏



A woman has been charged after a dramatic arrest unfolded on the Gold Coast overnight.

At about 12.05am police spotted a ute on Pimpama Jacobs Well Rd, with police alleging the vehicle reversed into a police car when officers attempted to intercept it.

The ute then travelled to a nearby boat ramp with the driver completing several laps of the car park.

Tyre deflation devices were eventually deployed at the exits to the car park before the ute drove over one of them and into the broadwater. P

olice ran into the water to rescue the driver, however the woman swam out into deeper water. Officers followed her, managing to retrieve her from the water with the assistance of a private boat.

The woman’s dog was also rescued from the vehicle.

A 44-year-old Morton Vale woman has since been charged with one count each of dangerous operation of a vehicle, fail to stop motor vehicle, obstruct police, and wilful damage of police property.

She is expected to appear at the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on December 1. ... [MYGC - 18/11/16]



A police officer who made assault allegations against a man in custody at the Ballina police station was later overheard saying the assault may have been “friendly fire” from another policeman. ... [Tweed Shire Echo - 18/11/16]



Man charged with murder after shooting in Brisbane backyard [Nine MSN - 18/11/16]



Teenage cyclist critical after West Melbourne hit-and-run [The Age - 18/11/16] 



Police investigating fatal crash at Jimboomba [MYGC - 17/11/16]



A bus driver is fighting to stay alive in hospital following a horror head-on crash with a truck in the Gold Coast hinterland.

The accident happened along Waterford-Tamborine Road at Tamborine around 9.15am on Thursday.

Police said the school bus was travelling inbound, returning to its depot after the morning drop-off, when it collided head-on with a large truck on a winding bend. ... [MYGC - 17/11/16]



A woman has been charged with arson after a home was destroyed by fire at Woodridge overnight. ... [MYGC - 18/11/16] ‏ ‏



Man injured after car bursts into flames in unit complex carpark, Southport [MYGC - 18/11/16]



A north Queensland property is being excavated over the disappearance of missing Innisfail woman Leeann Lapham.

Ms Lapham was last seen in the evening in April 2010, pushing her one-month-old son in a pram along the Fitzgerald Esplanade in Innisfail. ... [ABC - 17/11/16]



Western Australia batsman Ashton Turner says he felt sick after watching Adam Voges get felled by a bouncer during the Sheffield Shield match with Tasmania at the WACA ground in Perth on Thursday.

Voges, playing only two days after the conclusion of the second Test against South Africa, was concussed and forced to retire hurt on 16 after being struck while trying to evade a bouncer from Tigers paceman Cameron Stevenson. ... [ABC - 18/11/16]



The Queensland Land Court has ruled against an environmental group's challenge to a proposed coal mine on the Fraser Coast. ... [ABC - 17/11/16]



Woman endures months of unnecessary chemo treatment after being wrongly diagnosed with cancer [ABC - 18/11/16]:


A woman was wrongly diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer and given six months of unnecessary chemotherapy at a NSW hospital.

The case was revealed in the latest annual report from the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

The report did not name the hospital in which it occurred, but the ABC understands the woman received treatment in the private sector in 2014-15.

The report said the woman was told she had stage four liver cancer by a surgeon who looked at her CT results, but did not order any other tests.

The surgeon referred the patient to an oncologist who recommended six months of chemotherapy without doing further tests. ...



Lismore’s Trinity Catholic school scores $1.6 million Federal government grant [Tweed Shire Echo - 17/11/16]



The federal government will loan NBN Co the remaining $19.5 billion it needs to finish the national rollout under a commercial arrangement. ... [IT News - 18/11/16]



@KristyMayr7 [18/11/16]:  Police presser in minutes on #Springvale attack - witness has told @7NewsMelbourne disgruntled customer set off bomb



‏@KristyMayr7 [18/11/16]:  Up to 20 people hurt after a man set fire to Springvale Commonwealth Bank.. Heavy police presence. ...



‏@patty_mitchell [18/11/16]:  21 people injured 5 have serious burns after reports a man set fire to himself at CBA branch Springvale. ...



... "They have destroyed the neighborhood," said a young boy collecting unused machine gun rounds from the road amid clashes, though it was unclear which side he was blaming. ... Iraqi forces struggle to tell friend from foe in Mosul street battle [Reuters - 17/11/16]



The Russian aviation in Syria is currently engaged only in missions in the provinces of Idlib and Homs to prevent militants of the Islamic State group from crossing into Syria from Iraq, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"Our aviation and the aviation of Syria work only in the provinces of Idlib and Homs in order to prevent the IS from crossing into Syria from Mosul," he said.

Earlier this week, Western media and officials have repeatedly accused Russia of striking civilian targets in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has called the reports a "common lie."

On Wednesday, ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said Russian aviation have not been delivering any strikes on Aleppo for 29 days already.  [TASS - 18/11/16]



Obama: Trump mustn’t make deals with Russia [Antiwar.com - 17/11/16]


 ‏ ‏

Syria is prepared to open lines of communication with the US, according to President Bashar Assad’s political and media adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban.

She added that the “signs are good” for the step.

Speaking at the First Media Forum at Damascus University on Wednesday, Shabaan said there had been no secret talks with the US, but expressed “Syria’s readiness to open channels of communication” with Washington, the SANA news agency reported.

The adviser also expressed hope that the incoming administration of US President-elect Donald Trump would be “balanced and sensible.” ... [RT - 17/11/16]



'No way': US military bar RT’s video agency from media event in letter likely revealing too much [RT - 17/11/16]



@wikileaks [17/11/16]:  AP: James Clapper has resigned stating: intelligence agencies don't have good insight on when or how Wikileaks obtained the hacked emails.





18 November 2016