229th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


#Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [19/3/18]



Self appointed gatekeepers of refugee voices enthusiastically promote Behrouz Boochani's latest award - but who is actually advocating for his FREEDOM and RIGHT TO CLAIM ASYLUM?




@GraffitiExpert [13/1/18]:  Ben Wamoi: A voice that has been excluded by so called refugee "advocates", who are more interested in protecting the Labor Party than ending Rudd's July 2013 policy.  




#globalyouthday. It's privilege to joined local communities to clean the Lorengau town. Thanks for all and especially thanks for Manus community leaders. I hope all the youth around the world to do the same and keep their own towns clean and fresh. ‏@Omarjack003 [19/3/18]



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN : A video from today's peaceful demonstration in Balikpapan detention center for freedom. Monday 19-3-2018 ...



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [19/3/18]:  62th day of our peaceful demonstration in Balikpapan detention center for freedom .62 day passed since we have been starting our demonstration but there is no any hope or action from side of IOM and UNHCR about our freedom. We need help



@MahdiAlizada18 : Today's report on the bad situation of Refugees in Balikpapan detention center  Monday 19 -3 -2018



@Subhanamir23 [19/3/18]: #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers #SaveMe #refugees Day 62 of Afghan migrants peaceful protest for freedom. its been more than two that we are crying for our freedom, though nobody hear our voices. Human right is really died here. Pleas advocate from us ...   



Three dead in Kabul suicide bomb intended to strike security firm G4S [Telegraph - 17/3/18]



Today Aung San Suu Kyi was officially welcomed to Australia with a 19 gun salute.

ICC referrals, Lowy Institute cancellations, quietly raising human rights issues and promising more humanitarian aid are distractions.

Our country is complicit in her ongoing genocide of the Rohingya. @Aussies4Refugees [19/3/18]



Image:  @OoKoLinn2 [19/3/18]



'No man's land' refugees reject return on Myanmar terms, camp chief says [Frontier Myanmar - 19/3/18]



India: Supreme Court asks central and regional governments to conduct “proper site visits” and file a comprehensive report on the conditions of Rohingya refugees living in camps throughout the country [Scroll.in - 19/3/18]:


... The Supreme Court will also continue hearing on Monday another plea by two Rohingya Muslim immigrants against the Centre’s decision to deport refugees of the community to Myanmar.

In the last hearing on March 7, the court had given the Centre until March 19 to respond to the plea.



@mir_sidiquee : 17•03•2018 Demonstration in Rohingya refugee camp, women, girls and children, in Refugee camp of southern Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh for their rights.  



The silence of peacemakers [Daily Times - 18/3/18]



The complete defeat of Yemen's Houthi rebels, “politically or militarily”, is the only road to peace in the country, Prime Minister Ahmed bin Dagher said.

The Yemeni government will not accept a peace plan proposed by the rebels that would leave them in control of the capital, Mr Bin Dagher told China’s Ambassador to Yemen. ... [The National - 18/3/18]



@GraffitiExpert [19/3/18]:  Be careful what you wish for isn't exploited by the usual suspects in their push for internet censorship 



‘US empowers Yemen genocide’: Samantha Power’s speech at John Hopkins University stalled by student protesters [Popular Resistance - 17/3/18]



... Why did the STF attack innocent Muslim civilians?

Why were the Police so impotent?

Why hasn’t the government addressed racial hatred over three years?

Why is a Buddhist monk, a central figure in the promotion of hate, openly seen with and beside the President in official tours abroad, even as he is wanted by the courts in Sri Lanka? ...  The real evil, Sanjana Hattotuwa [18/3/18]



Sri Lankan President revokes state of emergency [Tamil Guardian - 18/3/18]



A Tamil man was killed and another seriously injured when a military vehicle crashed into their motorcycle in Palai, Kilinochchi on Sunday morning. ... [Tamil Guardian - 18/3/18]



Where is this Sri Lankan family? ---> Four Sri Lankans were detained when trying to enter Iran illegally through the border with the Republic of Azerbaijan, Iran Daily reported today.

The Sri Lankan nationals, one of them a toddler, were arrested on Wednesday, according to the Iran police. ... [Daily Mirror - 11/3/18]



Being Julian Assange [Contraspin - 8/3/18]:


... What we are collectively playing out is the personification of Bob Marley’s “how long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?”

Except even more perversely, we aren’t just looking.

We are, as a community and a society, already dissecting Assange like a cadaver.

We are picking over his bones like vultures, while he is still clinging to life.

It is despicable and disgusting to witness. ...



18 March 2018