Police discussed 'political pressure' as Lindt cafe siege progressed [Sydney Morning Herald - 18/7/16]:


... Just before the 11pm conversation with his forward commander, Mr Jenkins spoke with Commissioner of Police Andrew Scipione.

A police log recorded after the conversation: "DA plan to occur as last resort – COP".

Mr Scipione has indicated through a lawyer he did not provide any guidance, advice, directions or orders through the 17-hour siege.

He may yet be called before the inquest as a witness. ...



French official: Nice attacker's ISIS links not yet established [CNN – 18/7/16]:


... About 85 people are still hospitalized in the wake of Thursday's attack, with 29 patients in intensive care, said Marisol Touraine, French minister of social affairs and health.

Touraine said 18 patients remain "between life and death," including one child.

Around 500 people in Nice have sought psychological support in the aftermath of the attack, she said. ...



France’s premier Manuel Valls was booed by crowds that had gathered for a minute of silence in the city of Nice to honor the memory of the 84 killed in the deadly attack on Bastille Day.

“Resignation!” “Murderers” was shouted by the crowds before and after the ceremony.

These words were in contrast with those the crowds had for the firefighters responsible for French rescue services, who were applauded with shouts of “Thank you firefighters!” ... [RT - 18/7/16]



Baltimore police lieutenant acquitted in Freddie Gray death [Reuters - 18/7/16]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 18/7/16]



117 killed in Iraq; heavy strikes in Kirkuk region [Antiwar - 17/7/16]



A child and two women were killed and 15 others were injured in terrorist rocket attacks against the residential neighborhoods in Aleppo. ... [SANA - 17/7/16]



Only 3,000 people relocated from Greece and Italy in ten months [European Council on Refugees and Exiles - 15/7/16]



‏@MSF_Sea [18/7/16]:  The joint @SOSMedFrance @MSF team on the #Aquarius has just rescued 136 #people from this rubber boat



@MSF_Sea [18/7/16]:  ... The #Dignity1 has just rescued 102 #people from this tiny wooden boat.



‏@ItalianNavy [18/7/16]:  #SAR #MareSicuro nave Borsini #MarinaMilitare ha soccorso un gommone in difficoltà recuperando oltre 100 #Migranti  



‏@moas_eu [18/7/16]: ... 3 small wooden boats rescued by #Responder, majority of people hail from #Bangladesh ...




The pro-vice chancellor of Dhaka’s North South University has been suspended following his arrest over ‘sheltering’ militants before the terror attack on a Gulshan cafe.

Vice-chancellor of the private university, Atiqul Islam, announced the decision on Monday.  ... [bdnews24.com - 18/7/16]



Bangladesh set to build its first LNG terminal in partnership with US firm [bdnews24.com - 17/7/16]:


... As many as two agreements were signed between Excelerate Energy, the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, and state-owned oil company Petrobangla.

The agreements will clear the decks for the construction of a floating LNG terminal in Cox’s Bazaar and its use. ...




Mr Obama’s dubious detention centres [New York Times - 18/7/16]




Shut Down Offshore!:  Day 121 refugee protests, Nauru






Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [18/7/16]




"Turnbull"? 19 July is the third anniversary of Rudd's indefinite concentration camp/exile policy.  The deliberate abuse is bipartisan.  Stop putting words in people's mouths and playing partisan games with their lives. --->  ‏@racvictoria [18/7/16]:  Day 121 peaceful protests on #Nauru #Turnbull you stand accused! Kids are abused!



Labor will be supporting this legislation because it is our policy. "Opposition" Leader, Bill Shorten speaking on the Migration Amendment (Regional Processing Arrangements) Bill 2015  [House of Representatives Hansard - 24/6/15]



How do we know if this is true, and if it was today? Link?  Source?  ---> ‏@BarnsGreg [18/7/16]:   ... PNG Chief Justice orders State lawyers to actually shut Manus and to reveal Australian involvement. Clayton Utz there for Canberra




National broadcaster continues their relentless exploitation of "good" refugees to invisibilise the Australian government's ongoing human rights atrocities [ABC- 18/7/16]




Sonia Kruger, Adam Giles and sleazy media friends: Keeping regional human rights atrocities against refugees out of the public eye [Guardian - 18/7/16]




Opposition may gain control in PNG [RNZI - 18/7/16]



Eastern Highlands police are still trying to establish who fired the shot that killed a 30-year-old man in Kainantu during the student unrests last month.

Police commander Supt Alex N’Drasal confirmed on Friday that the police investigation was still going on and they have yet to establish who fired the shot that killed Philip Olivi. ... [The National - 18/7/16]



Three university students who appeared at the Lae District Court last Friday over their alleged involvement in the killing of a fellow student at the University of Technology were refused bail.

Magistrate Jeremiah Singomat told the trio from Enga that their case was serious so they would have to make an application through a lawyer in the national court if they wanted bail. ... [The National - 18/7/16]



The Lae District Court has refused bail for three men allegedly involved in the killing of Angau Memorial Hospital paediatrician Dr Alphonse Rongap Sr.

Rongap, 59, from Angoram, East Sepik, a long-time children’s doctor in Lae, was shot by a group of criminals on June 25 as he drove to the Back Road area to drop off a friend.  ... [The National - 18/7/16]



Pacific International Hospital seizes on opportunity to privatise the profits and socialise the losses [The National - 18/7/16]



Doctors stop work across Papua New Guinea [Pasifik - 18/7/16]:


... The association has long been calling on Mr O’Neill to stand down to face questioning over allegations of corruption.

It’s also demanding the restoration of funds slashed from the public health system. ...



More weasel words and poor quality outsourced services coming your way Queensland! --->  Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the State Government would build a new treatment and rehabilitation centre.

An implementation plan will be prepared by the end of September, with the cost, size, location, and model of care yet to be determined. Health Minister Cameron Dick said prior to the release of Commissioner Wilson's report, Queensland Health had made improvements to mental health services for adolescents.

Ms Palaszczuk said the call to close the Barrett Centre was "a bad decision with far-reaching consequences".  ... [ABC - 18/7/16]



New documentary questions Japan's use of nuclear energy [Japan Today - 18/7/16]




Australians still unaware of Blackbirding history [RNZI - 17/7/16]


More than 150 years on, many descendants of so-called blackbirders still don't know about the dark history which brought around 60,000 Pacific islanders to Australia.

The short film "Blackbird" is helping to raise awareness about Australia's blackbirding history which saw mainly Melanesians kidnapped and sent to work on plantations in the 1800s.

Its director Amie Batalibasi is descended from Solomon Islanders who were blackbirded and she says she only found out about the harsh treatment the workers received when researching the film.

One of the film's actors, Jeremy Bobby, said he also had no knowledge about Australia's blackbirding history.

"To be quite honest, everyone that I speak to, and I say the term 'blackbird' - no one knows a clue and this is like, in Australia, this is in Brisbane. All my friends in Brisbane, my family that I speak to, they really don't know anything about it and it shows how much has been shoved under the rug, how much we actually haven't been told."

"Blackbird" is showing at the New Zealand International Film Festival




Koori Mail [25/9/13]:


Protesters want a statue of a man they consider a blackbirder and a slave trader removed from a park near Townsville’s city centre.

The protesters, many descended from ‘kanaka’ labourers brought to Queensland during the 19th century, object to the statue of Robert Towns adjacent to the city’s Victoria Bridge.

They say the statue honours the memory of a man who was heavily involved in the brutal system of indentured labour that established Queensland’s sugar, maritime and pastoral industries.

Towns, who died in 1873, gave his name to Townsville, but visited the city only once after it was founded in 1866. At the bottom of his statue is inscribed ‘visionary or villain’.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the introduction of the indentured labour system, under which some 55,000 South Sea Islanders (95 per cent male) were bought to Australia on 62,000 indentured contracts.

Many of these people did not return to their island homes, and 15,000 lost their lives to common diseases to which they lacked immunity.

James Cook University academic Professor Gracelyn Smallwood received warm applause when she described Towns as a criminal who benefitted from being a slaver.

“We are all offspring of these people who were brought here and these kanaka people as they were called were treated poorly,” she said.

“Towns was not an entrepreneur but a slave trader. Queensland was built on the work of these South Sea Islanders.”

Ayr man Ian Zaro, of South Sea Islander and Murray Island descent, said Towns was a slaver who should not have a statue.

“After being brought here 150 years ago, our South Sea Islander people did so much after being forced to work on cane farms and other industries,” Mr Zaro said.

“We have to be strong.” …


1,100 Kanakas in Queensland - a South Sea legacy by Clem Lack [Sunday Mail - 13/2/1938]:

... It was not until Federation, however, and the adoption of the White Australia policy, that definite legislative action was taken to put an end to indentured kanaka labour.

The first Act passed by the Commonwealth Government in relation to the sugar industry sphere were thirteen Acts from 1904 to 1912 was an act to provide for the regulation, restriction, and prohibition of labour from the Pacific Island.

It was enacted that no Pacific Islander should enter Australia after March 31, 1904 and that none should enter before that year without a licence.

No agreement for island labour was to be made or to remain, in force after the end of 1906.

If any Pacific Islander were found after the end of 1906 they were to be deported.

An amendment of this Act was later passed, which provided that certain Pacific Islanders, such as those who had entered Australia prior to September 1859 or were of extreme age, were married, or who were in possession of freehold land, or those whose lives might be imperilled on landing on the islands, could be granted certificates exempting them from deportation.

Thus the great exodus of kanakas back to the islands began, and by 1906 the fleets of schooners which crowded the Mary, Burnett, and other Northern Rivers had transported more than 6000 of them back to their Pacific "homes". ...




US and Chinese labour groups collaborated before China Wal-Mart strikes [Reuters - 18/7/16]




The Health Affairs Ministry in cooperation with the provincial Health Affairs Offices of Jakarta and West Java will repeat immunization activities for the victims of fake vaccines in three hospitals, a minister has said.


No state hospitals have been found to be involved in the fake vaccine case.

However, 14 private hospitals in Java and Sumatra could be involved. [ANTARA - 18/7/16]




In this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges discusses the protests planned for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with two local organizers.

Cheri Honkala, director of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, and Galen Tyler, leader of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union, are leading the March for Lives, which will aim to raise awareness of poverty and homelessness.

RT Correspondent Anya Parampil looks at the cost of security at the upcoming national conventions. [VIDEO - RT - 17/7/16]




World’s largest ‘fart-in’ planned for Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech in Philadelphia [Truthdig - 17/6/16]:


... “We will be holding a massive bean supper for Bernie Sanders delegates on American Street in my Kensington neighborhood on the afternoon of July 28,” she said.

“We are setting up a Clintonville there, modeled on the Hoovervilles of the 1930s where the poor and unemployed built shanty towns. The Sanders delegates, their bellies full of beans, will be able to return to the Wells Fargo Center and greet the rhetorical flatulence of Hillary Clinton with the real thing.”


“We get political mutations like Trump because the system does not work on our behalf,” she said.

“Putting the Clintons back in power may remove Trump from the scene, but it guarantees that a political figure even more frightening will rise to take his place. Until we wrest back control from corporate power things will only get worse.”



Queensland, Australia: Women seeking abortions are being turned away from hospitals [Buzzfeed – 15/7/16]




Children by Choice Association Inc [18/7/16]:

And another woman, we will call her J. This time after taking out a DVO against her partner, he returned only to threaten her life.

The police took this incredibly seriously and J was placed in a refuge in another town.

So she is now protected from him, but like many women in this situation is disconnected from her networks and support systems and is feeling isolated and alone.

The pregnancy which was the result of a sexual assault by this man, has also brought on serious health issues, and for her, the decision to end the pregnancy is clear.

And you guessed it... the hospital catchment she is in doesn't do "social" abortions. ...



Most Istanbul hospitals are violating the law by refusing to carry out abortions, women’s rights groups in Turkey have established.

Activists from the Purple Roof women’s shelter in Istanbul found that only three out of 37 state hospitals agreed to provide non-emergency terminations, of which only one offered abortions between the eighth and 10th week of gestation, when surgery becomes necessary.

Under Turkish law, hospitals are authorised to terminate pregnancies up until the 10th week.

At 17 of the hospitals an abortion was only offered for cases of a medical emergency, while the 12 remaining hospitals refused to provide a termination altogether.


Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has repeatedly compared abortion to murder and for years urged Turkish couples to have at least three children.

Speaking at a wedding in December of last year, he said that birth control was treason that threatened the Turkish bloodline. ... [Guardian - 5/2/15]



Greece begins extradition of Turkish coup soldiers [Anadolu - 18/7/16]



... “You will fill up the squares. ...This is not just a 12-hour operation,” Erdoğan said at Istanbul’s Fatih Mosque during a funeral for people killed during the attempted coup, according to The Hürriyet Daily News. 

“We will continue determinedly.”

The government said nearly 300 were killed during the failed takeover that began late Friday night.  

In response to the president's speech, many in the crowd chanted, “We want the death penalty” to execute coup leaders, the newspaper reported.

That would require the government to restore capital punishment, which was repealed in 2004 as part of Turkey’s ongoing efforts to join the European Union, where the death penalty is prohibited.

Not everyone who came out Sunday supports Erdoğan, a controversial figure who is trying to turn Turkey into a more religious state and enhance the powers of his largely ceremonial office.

In the process, he has suppressed press freedoms, silenced critics and threatened to end the Western lifestyle many Turks enjoy.

"I am afraid of the mobs on the streets,” said Mustafa Goksul, 21, a student, who expressed horror at the treatment of rank-and-file soldiers who participated in the coup.

“I saw the videos of soldiers being lynched by Islamist crowds," he said.  ... [ABC 13/USA Today - 17/7/16]



Suspected Turkey coup leader served as Military Attaché to Israel [Middle East Monitor - 17/7/16]



Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Sunday afternoon broke into Aida refugee camp north of Bethlehem, raided a cultural center and arrested youths, causing clashes to erupt. ... [PNN - 17/7/16]



Israeli siege continues in Hebron, 6 Palestinians detained in overnight raids [Maan - 17/7/16]



A Palestinian man in his 20s was arrested on Sunday morning at a light rail station in central Jerusalem carrying explosive devices.

Police said that at approximately 9 A.M, a resident of the West Bank town of Beit Ula, north west of Hebron, had been questioned by guards who said he raised suspicions as he tried to board the light rail in Jerusalem.

During the questioning, the man told the guards that he was carrying explosives.


"Our message to the public is to continue as normal, be alert and never give in to terror. We must hunt down terrorists everywhere without compromise and without restraint." [Haaretz - 17/7/16]



Hunger striking Palestinian prisoner rushed to hospital amid mounting solidarity movement [Maan - 17/7/16]



An Israeli military court on Sunday sentenced 14-year-old Muawiya Alqam to six-and-a-half years in prison, after being accused of carrying out a stab attack with his 12-year-old cousin in Jerusalem in November.


Israeli forces shot and wounded Muawiya’s 12-year-old cousin Ali Alqam after the two allegedly stabbed and injured an Israeli security guard on the light rail near the illegal Israeli settlement of Pisgat Zeev in northern Jerusalem.

Ali, who was shot at least three times on the scene and had to undergo surgery to remove a bullet from his stomach, is currently being held at a juvenile rehabilitation center since Israeli authorities decided to uphold his one-year detention in April. ... [Maan - 17/7/16]



More clashes in Kashmir, 2,000 paramilitary troops sent in [NDTV - 17/7/16]


Kashmir gagged: Newspaper presses raided, editors say staff held [Indian Express – 17/7/16]:


For the first time in the Valley, printing presses were raided, printing machines stopped and their staff reportedly detained as the J&K government sought to enforce a complete information blockade.

Apart from the extraordinary curbs on publication of newspapers, Internet and cellular communication has been almost completely snapped outside Srinagar.

By late evening, cable TV network was restored in some parts of Srinagar.

It is for the first time since 1990 that such a crackdown on the media is being seen in Kashmir.

Asked about the “ban” on newspapers, J&K government spokesperson and Education Minister Nayeem Akhtar said it was a “reluctant decision”.

“It is a temporary measure to address an extraordinary situation… In our opinion, there is an emotional lot, very young, out in the field, who get surcharged due to certain projections in the media, which results in multiplication of tragedies,” Akhtar told The Sunday Express.

On Friday night, police teams raided several newspaper printing presses in Srinagar and on its outskirts, stopped the printing, seized any published newspapers and, reportedly, detained press employees overnight.

Arshad Kaloo, Senior Editor of Greater Kashmir, the Valley’s leading English daily, said, “They (policemen) arrived at our printing press at around 1 am, when our men were printing newspapers. They stopped the (printing) machines and seized the papers that we had already published. They also arrested our four men and released them in the morning.”

Apart from Greater Kashmir, Urdu daily Kashmir Uzma, the Kashmir edition of Chandigarh-based Tribune, is printed at the press.

Raja Mohidin, the owner of K T Press, that publishes eight Srinagar-based newspapers, said a police team had raided their printing press at 2 am, seized all the newspapers there, taken away the printing plates and arrested eight press employees. The employees, Mohidin said, were released in the morning.

“We are not seeing this for the first time, but it is for the first time that they (the government) have officially banned newspapers from publishing. It is an attack on the freedom of the press,” said Rising Kashmir Editor-in-Chief Shujaat Bukhari.

“We spoke to someone in the government and we were told that it will help (calm the situation)”.

Newspaper editors met in Srinagar on Saturday afternoon and termed the crackdown an “attack on the press”, “vowing to fight back at all costs”. ...



Sri Lankan navy escalating abduction of Tamil Nadu fishermen - Jaya [Tamil Guardian - 17/7/16]




Sri Lankan asylum seekers tortured after being forcibly returned from Australia [Amnesty - 3/9/10]



Rudd's key role stopping Sri Lankan asylum seekers [Project SafeCom Inc. - April 2010]



Sinhalese and Tamil students clash at Jaffna University [Tamil Guardian - 17/7/16]:


... A science faculty student speaking on condition on anonymity due to safety concerns, said, "They started shouting... "This is a Sinhala state we will do whatever want!""

"They were holding sticks, iron rods broken pieces of furniture,” he added, as they proceeded to attack the Tamil students.

At least 10 students have been admitted to hospital in the clashes, as Sri Lankan police descended onto the scene.

Troops from the Special Task Force closed off the area, with military intelligence operatives also reportedly deployed in the area.

Sinhalese students were swiftly escorted by Sri Lankan police back to their homes or to Jaffna Hospital to receive treatment.

Tamil students meanwhile have been more cautious to seek treatment.

"If a Tamil student was to go to the hospital with injuries, staff will know it was because they were attacked," one eyewitness told the Tamil Guardian.

"Then it's only a matter of time before police harassment begins."  ...



Myanmar: US Ambassador reassures Buddhist extremists during visit to Rakhine [The Irrawaddy - 7/7/16]



How Aung San Suu Kyi and her US allies deny anti-Muslim atrocities [AlterNet – 31/3/16]



... In another sign of its growing influence, foreign diplomats regularly visit the group's monastery headquarters.

One was U.S. ambassador Derek Mitchell, who went there twice in May to discuss "the need for increased interfaith dialogue" and "the importance of keeping religion out of politics", according to a statement from the U.S. embassy in Yangon. ... Anti-Muslim Buddhist group moves toward Myanmar's mainstream [Yahoo - 1/9/15]



Neocons who worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and are now working to keep refugees out of Australia ---> Offshore refugee concentration camps were reopened by the ALP under the watchful guidance of the United States [Buzzfeed - 4/6/16]:


Star Labor candidate Peter Khalil has confirmed he acted as a protected source for the US government, feeding them information about Labor’s asylum seeker policy.

Khalil served as a foreign policy adviser to former prime minister Kevin Rudd back in 2007 and was also director of national security policy for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from 2003-04.  ...



Sydney Morning Herald [13/8/12]:


... An expert panel led by former Defence chief Angus Houston has recommended that Australia process asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru, and that the Malaysia people swap should be "built on further" before anyone was sent to Malaysia.

Ms Gillard and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen [protect] told a special Labor caucus meeting this afternoon that the government should adopt all 22 recommendations in the report. …



Guardian [3/6/15]:


... Goledzinowski [Australia’s ambassador for people smuggling issues, Andrew Goledzinowski] said resettlement was raised during the Bangkok meeting on 29 May.

“All who spoke on resettlement said that this was not a durable solution for the Rohingya problem and that it would constitute a pull factor,” he told a Senate estimates committee on Wednesday.

“The UNHCR was the most articulate on this point.”

He engaged in bilateral meetings with representatives from some of the other 16 countries in attendance, and is adamant that at least one will seek further briefings on adopting Australia’s key asylum seeker measures.

“We also were able to talk a little bit about our own experiences during operation sovereign borders where we’ve been very successful in disrupting people trafficking and smuggling networks,” Goledzinowski said.



... "They focused on an information campaign, that's all. Not about helping people at sea and not about humanitarian assistance," a U.N. official, who declined to be named, told Reuters. ... Thai migrant crisis meeting ends without any solution on offer  [Reuters - 4/12/15]



This documentary outlines the Coalition Provisional Authority's achievements in Iraq --> No End in Sight [2007]



1,000s of men women and children who were seeking asylum are now stateless and imprisoned in concentration camps thanks to Kevin Rudd's announcement on 19 July 2013.


He's not qualified for the role of UN Secretary-General. He's a fascist.




Australian media create an obscene farce for domestic consumption because they're not allowed to do journalism - Greens, so called human rights organisations and refugee "advocates" mute.



Joint media release with Kevin Rudd - Prime Minister, Mark Dreyfus - Attorney General and The Hon Tony Burke MP - Australian Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship [19/7/13]:


As of today asylum seekers who come here by boat without a visa will never be settled in Australia.

Under the new arrangement signed with Papua New Guinea today – the Regional Settlement Arrangement – unauthorised arrivals will be sent to Papua New Guinea for assessment and if found to be a refugee will be settled there.

Arriving in Australia by boat will no longer mean settlement in Australia.

Australians have had enough of seeing people drowning in the waters to our north.

Our country has had enough of people smugglers exploiting asylum seekers and seeing them drown on the high seas.

We are sick of watching our servicemen and women risking their lives in rescues in dangerous conditions on the high seas.

Regional processing arrangements in Papua New Guinea will be significantly expanded and people will be sent to Manus Island as soon as health checks are complete and appropriate accommodation is identified.

PNG officials will assess their claims on Manus Island.

Our governments will expand existing facilities on Manus Island, as well as establishing further facilities in Papua New Guinea.

There is no cap on the number of people who can be transferred to Papua New Guinea.

The Australian Government, in partnership with the PNG Government, will support settlement services for those with refugee status, as safe and appropriate accommodation and services are identified.

We are a compassionate nation and we will continue to deliver a strong humanitarian program.

If the measure announced today and the international meeting on the Convention that has been flagged lead to a significant change in the number of people arriving by boat, then the government stands ready to consider progressively increasing our humanitarian intake towards 27 000 as recommended by the Houston Panel.

There is nothing compassionate about criminal operations which see children and families drowning at sea.

Access to our humanitarian program must be through the international organisations which resettle people around the world, not through criminal operators who have pushed people onto unseaworthy vessels with tragic consequences.

The new arrangements will allow Australia to help more people who are genuinely in need and help prevent people smugglers from abusing our system.

The people smugglers themselves are constantly changing the way they operate and we need to be flexible enough to anticipate and match their actions to avoid the terrible consequences of this trade.

No doubt there will be some people smugglers who now encourage asylum seekers to test our resolve.

Be in no doubt. If people are paying thousands and thousands of dollars to a people smuggler they are buying a ticket to a country other than Australia.



Day 120 refugee protests, Nauru



Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [17/7/16]




"WE ARE POLITICAL PRISONERS." "WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS.  DON'T FORGET THAT." @racvictoria [17/7/16]:  Day 66 of protests on #Manus ...




Focussing on Turnbull - when Australia's anti-refugee policy is bipartisan (and supported by the Greens) - ensures the ongoing imprisonment of innocent men, women and children, along with associated human rights atrocities at sea - and in our region.



Where is the honesty?



Another deny and delay, wishy washy "durable solutions" response to Australia's refugee concentration camps and refoulement --->  What's next for asylum seekers under a re-elected Turnbull government? ]The Conversation - 18/7/16]



"We're sick and exhausted! You've destroyed our lives! Did you come just to gape at our misery?

We lead miserable lives!

You've been torturing us for three years!"



 Omid to the UNHCR Australia team as they left the camp. [France 24 - 29/4/16]



Image: ‏@cathywilcox1 [30/4/16]




The UNHCR's no hope or resettlement in Australia "durable solutions" = Indefinite detention, deportation, exile and death.




Human rights abusers keeping truth and refugees out of Australia:  Bishop, Rudd, and their media cronies play partisan games [ABC - 18/7/16]




Marine Corps veteran identified as suspect in fatal shooting of three police officers in Baton Rouge [LA Times - 18/7/16]:


... His duty assignments included service at the Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot San Diego; the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton, Calif.; the Marine Corps Communications Electric School at Twentynine Palms, Calif.; Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Okinawa, Japan; and the Marine Aircraft Group 38, 3rd Marine Air Wing, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. ...




18 July 2016