200 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


SOS # Manus



Image: @sunosi3 [18/2/18]



@Miladkhan01 [19/2/18]:  #Balikpapan #Asylumseekers #refugees Day 34 of Afghan migrants peaceful protest for freedom is held under the rain.Our men are really exhausted in this limbo made by @IOM_Indonesia & @UNHCRIndo& immigration. please help us to be free.. ...



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [19/2/18]:  34 days of #Refugees protest in Balikpapan detentin center for freedom. 34 days we are yelling for our freedom and right but no one take an action about our releaseing and freedom and nothing is going well.we need urgent help.



@nslwin [19/2/18]:  #MyanmarGenocide survivors at #Bangladesh's #Balukhali camp protest against repatriation. ...



Rohingya refugees living in the no man’s land between Myanmar’s Tambru and Bangladesh’s Konapara border areas continue protesting repatriation process [Dhaka Tribune - 18/2/18]



The Sri Lankan government released 109 Indian fishermen on Sunday.

They are expected to be repatriated over the next few days. ... [Tamil Guardian - 18/2/18]



Ten Tamil fishermen massacred by the Sri Lankan Navy in 1984 were remembered in Vadamarachchi, Jaffna on Sunday. ... [Tamil Guardian - 18/2/18]



Will Chesco man’s arrest at green card interview scare off undocumented immigrants trying to legalise status? [WHYY.org - 16/2/18]:


Paul Frame describes his marriage to Jose “Ivan” Nuñez Martinez, 37, as yin and yang, opposites attracting.

Frame is 15 years older and talks eagerly, while he says Nuñez is soft-spoken and laid back.

And while Frame grew up in rural Chester County, helping with his parents’ cattle auction business, Nuñez fled his home in Michoacán, Mexico, and at least twice crossed the border into the United States illegally.

After their marriage made Nuñez eligible for a green card, Frame pushed his husband to start the application process. Nuñez was nervous.

“He works 12 hours a day, he gets up at 3, leaves here at 3:30 in the morning for 12 hours,” Frame said.

“I said, ‘If you get legal, you don’t have to do that sh– anymore.’ ”

On Jan. 31, when the couple showed up for a mandatory interview to adjust his status, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested him. ...



... In October, the Washington Lawyers Committee, a civil rights group, filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all immigrant youth who have been detained at the facility.

The committee alleges that the center violated the constitutional rights of these minors, including their rights to be “kept physically safe and secure” and “free from excessive use of force.”

The group says that young immigrants who are detained at Shenandoah are subject to physical and verbal abuse by staff members.

Children are routinely locked in solitary rooms for up to 14 hours a day, according to the lawsuit.

One child was allegedly called a “Mexican monkey” by a staff member.

Others were allegedly called “criminal” and told that the only way to leave the detention center was to be deported.

Several detainees reported being completely stripped of their clothing, including their underwear, as a form of punishment.

The lawsuit also claims that immigrant youth are regularly subjected to substandard medical and mental health care. ... In crackdown on MS-13, a new detention policy raises alarms [Frontline - 18/2/18]



@NWDCResistance [16/2/18]: Keep sharing your support! Hunger strike for the Hunger strikers. [North West Detention Center, Tacoma]



Border fortunes: Promises of ‘free money’ at the 2018 Border Security Expo [The Revelator - 16/2/18]:


Maurice Gill practically jumps up and down on stage in his green uniform.

“It’s free money!” Gill, law-enforcement liaison with the U.S. Border Patrol, shouts at the crowd.

“For us! For you! We need to operationalize right now.”

Gill is addressing a room of around 150 border-security industry executives at the 2018 Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Texas, describing the tidal wave of funding Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have received from the Trump administration.



Any idea if Australians know (or care) that the professional associations and unions representing their doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists support refugee "deterrence" and its associated medical sadism Lexi Metherell?



SS doctors...  @oldpicsarchive 



As they chronicle the destruction of human beings, media and health professionals present another example of "deterrence" policy medical torture as intractable and the victim's fault.  Australia's war of attrition against refugees continues unchallenged. [ABC - 19/2/18]



... Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal how in detention, refugees and asylum seekers are forensically monitored by staff, who report back to central databases on issues such as their appearance (“Well-groomed/dishevelled”); their manner (“Engaged with a warm manner”, “Unstable and incoherent”); and associations (“Seen talking to X and Y”).

All refugees and asylum seekers are given “risk ratings” based on their past behaviour, risk of suicide or self-harm, behaviour towards others, and history of refusing to eat or drink.

Any change in demeanour, even in something as simple as failing to say hello to a caseworker or guard, is noted and categorised. ... [Guardian - 19/5/17]



... Sometimes I wake suddenly, because of too much pain.

I feel scared of IHMS because they are using my pain to put me under pressure.

I am sure that they will leave me with my pain. ... [The Saturday Paper - 16/4/16]



... It is important to consider that health care staff are not functioning in a humanitarian role at present, they are well remunerated – a recent position for a doctor working on Nauru was offering $13,000 a week. ... The “patients first” argument [The Guardian - 5/3/16]



18 February 2018