A Palestinian teenager was shot dead Saturday by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron after allegedly stabbing an Israeli border police officer in the third alleged attack of the day.

Palestinian locals said that Israeli forces opened fire at the woman close to the the Wadi al-Ghrus area near the illegal Kiryat Arba settlement.

She was identified as 17-year-old Bayan Ayman Abd al-Hadi al-Esseili.  ... [Maan - 17/10/15]







An Israeli settler shot and killed a Palestinian teenager Saturday morning on Hebron's Shuhada Street in the occupied West Bank, locals said. ... [Maan - 17/10/15]





Video appears to show Israeli soldier putting knife next to Palestinian shot dead by settler [Middle East Eye - 17/10/15]





5 Palestinians dead, 150 injured by Israeli forces [Maan - 16/10/15]





@PSCupdates [17/10/15]:  At least 2000 people in London standing in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters. #SolidarityWaveBDS





US trade union undeterred by legal assault over Israel boycott [Electronic Intifada - 16/10/15]





... Over the last couple of decades, Israel has become a leading exporter of security, surveillance and military equipment.

It’s one of the top ten arms exporters in a global market worth $2.5 trillion a year. Israel’s share of that in 2012 was $7 billion.

And Israel, according to Halper’s analysis, has an advantage over some of its commercial rivals – its own real time military laboratory, a testing ground with real life targets. ...  Israel gets away with it because it is a global arms supplier [Mondoweiss - 15/10/15]






The African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s ruling party, has reiterated its support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) measures against Israel at the conclusion of its National General Council held earlier this month.

Around the same time, the Scottish Green Party, one of the fastest growing parties in Scotland, endorsed BDS, calling for academic, cultural and economic boycotts against “the racist apartheid” state of Israel. ... [BDS Movement - 14/10/15]





Australia moves to legalise medical marijuana [Al Jazeera - 17/10/15]





Israel has potential to become global cannabis superpower [Cannabis Now – 29/9/15]





Hebrew University teams with Australian PhytoTech on medical cannabis patch [Jewish Business News - 27/1/15]



Israeli researchers are leading the world in highlighting the medical benefits of marijuana.

That was the message from journalist Helen Kapalos who spoke last Sunday night at an event on the topic hosted by Magen David Adom and the Zionist Council of Victoria.  ... [Australian Jewish News – 29/6/15]


Pro refugee German mayoral candidate stabbed in racist attack [i24 – 17/10/15]





Croatia diverts migrants to Slovenia after Hungary border closure [Reuters - 17/10/15]




Amnesty's call Saturday came a day before German Chancellor Angela Merkel is scheduled to hold talks with Turkish officials on an EU plan that would give concession to Turkey in exchange for stemming the flow of migrants into EU countries.

Officials say the concessions would include an aid package, easier access to EU visas for Turkish citizens and speed-up EU membership talks.

Amnesty said the EU should be looking for ways to "offer safe and legal routes to refugees to reach Europe."

The group said: "A deal premised on keeping refugees in Turkey fundamentally ignores both the challenges they face there and the obvious need for the EU to offer protection." [Todays Zaman - 17/10/15]





What did your country's navy do today?




@ItalianNavy [17/10/15]:   




#SAR nave Cigala Fulgosi #MarinaMilitare termina il soccorso sul terzo gommone recuperando 108 #migranti





#SAR tra i 117 #migranti recuperati da nave Cigala Fulgosi #MarinaMilitare 4 donne e 6 minori




#SAR nave Fasan #MarinaMilitare ha soccorso un gommone recuperando 121 #migranti tra cui 49 donne e 1 minore




 #SAR tra i 105 #migranti recuperati da nave Cigala Fulgosi #MarinaMilitare 16 donne e 3 minori







Australian Operation Sovereign Borders personnel told asylum seekers:  Fuck your mothers ... fuck your family ...  [AUDIO - ABC -  Law Report - 22/7/14]







@Australian_Navy [17/10/15]:   #AusNavy Bell 429 helicopters on show at the 2015 Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix #MotoGP #PhillipIsland




Disappeared refugees exiled by Australia from Nauru to Cambodia are "searching for jobs" says IOM



Cambodia Daily [17/10/15]:



The first group of refugees to arrive in Cambodia as part of a controversial deal the government signed with Australia last year are now renting their own apartments and searching for jobs, having left their temporary accommodations in Phnom Penh, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Friday.

The four refugees—three Iranians and a Rohingya man from Burma—arrived in Phnom Penh from the South Pacific island of Nauru onJune 4 and were sent to live in a gated villa in the city’s south.

On Thursday, following a meeting in Australia between Sok Phal, chief of the Interior Ministry’s immigration department, and Aus­tralian Immigra­tion Minister Pet­er Dutton, Mr. Dutton’s office announced that the refugees had moved out.

Contacted on Friday, Kristin Dadey, program manager of the IOM’s Refugee Settlement Program, said the refugees were now renting their own apartments and searching for employment.

And while the group has not yet re­ceived official residency cards, she said, they had been furnished with temporary identification cards.

“IOM can confirm that some of the refugees have moved out of the temporary accommodation and into the community,” Ms. Dadey said in an email, declining to say whether they were still in Phnom Penh.

“The refugees from Nauru have been issued with refugee I.D. cards, which aims to help them with access to services and employment. For example, they have also been able to open bank accounts,” she said.

“They are renting their own apartments. As the settlement services provider, IOM is in the process of helping them find job opportunities, and yes, there are several promising opportunities out there now,” she added.

On Tuesday, Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak said that the Rohingya refugee, who had asked to return to Burma, was scheduled to have departed the country on October 11.

General Sopheak said on Fri­day that he believed the man had left, but that he could not confirm his departure. Ms. Dadey declined to comment on his whereabouts.




 ...  They sought to portray the deportations as a "resettlement"  ...  


[Deportations to Killing Centres - US Holocaust Memorial Museum]



United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:


… Theresienstadt served an important propaganda function for the Germans. The publicly stated purpose for the deportation of the Jews from Germany was their "resettlement to the east," where they would be compelled to perform forced labor.

Since it seemed implausible that elderly Jews could be used for forced labor, the Nazis used the Theresienstadt ghetto to hide the nature of the deportations.

In Nazi propaganda, Theresienstadt was cynically described as a "spa town" where elderly German Jews could "retire" in safety. The deportations to Theresienstadt were, however, part of the Nazi strategy of deception. The ghetto was in reality a collection center for deportations to ghettos and killing centers in Nazi-occupied eastern Europe.

Succumbing to pressure following the deportation of Danish Jews to Theresienstadt, the Germans permitted the International Red Cross to visit in June 1944.

It was all an elaborate hoax.

The Germans intensified deportations from the ghetto shortly before the visit, and the ghetto itself was "beautified." Gardens were planted, houses painted, and barracks renovated. The Nazis staged social and cultural events for the visiting dignitaries.

Once the visit was over, the Germans resumed deportations from Theresienstadt, which did not end until October 1944.




I'd be doing everything I could to escape these so called "shelters" and their nasty overseers too --->  Aceh NGO accuses refugees who dared to escape constant dehumanisation, punishment, denial of liberty and hope for a decent life - of not being refugees [Anadolu Agency - 16/10/15]




New Zealand MP arrives on Christmas Island




RNZI [17/10/15]:



Labour MP Kelvin Davis has arrived in the remote Australian territory of Christmas Island in a bid to get into the detention centre where New Zealanders, among others, are being held pending deportation.

About 1000 New Zealanders could be deported under a new Australian law, where non-citizens jailed for more than a year can be held indefinitely while a decision is made on whether to deport them.

Kelvin Davis has not been granted permission to visit the centre but is hoping to get access.

Mr Davis said it took him about 20 hours to get from Sydney to Christmas Island.

 "The first thing that struck me with flying over here was the sheer isolation of the place and I don't believe there's really any justification to fly detainees say from Sydney over here to Christmas Island."

Mr Davis said it was a 24-hour administrative process to try and get into the facility, but he had already spoken to one detainee by phone a few hours after he arrived.

"They're just so happy that people are taking notice of their plight, it's lifted their morale. It would be really good just to see at least one of them so that they know that the outside world is taking note of what's going on and trying to do something about it on their behalf." Mr Davis said.

Labour leader Andrew Little has asked the Australian high commissioner to grant him access to the centre.




The [US] Justice Department is broadening its overseas efforts against cybercrime, for the first time stationing a legal adviser in Malaysia to help ensure that Southeast Asian countries have the laws and tools to fight hackers.

The position is intended to shore up international partnerships against a type of crime that's without geographic borders and is often carried out by overseas hackers who elude American prosecution. ... [VOA - 16/10/15]





PNG:  It is now compulsory for all mobile phone users to register their SIM (subscriber identity module) cards with their telecommunication operators or lose their connection to the networks.

The Government has told the three mobile operators ― Digicel, bmobile-Vodafone and Telikom ― to start registering new subscribers in two weeks’ time.  ... [The National - 16/10/15]







Australia gives police dogs better health care than refugees [WA Today - 16/10/15]:



 A diagnosis for high-profile police dog Rumble remains a mystery, as he continues to be treated at Murdoch Veterinary Hospital.

Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Specialist Claire Sharp leads the team of doctors looking after Rumble in Murdoch.

Dr Sharp said Rumble was stable but still in a critical condition without an apparent reason for his neurologic abnormalities.

"Without a definitive diagnosis, it's hard to know that we're providing the treatment for exactly what's going on. What we're doing now is mostly supportive care," she said.

 "He has an upset stomach, so we're giving him anti-acids and anti-nausea medication.

"We're covering him with anti-microbial drugs for the possibility of a bacterial infection infecting his brain." ...




Flying a refugee to Nauru in secret: is this any different to extraordinary rendition? [Guardian - 17/10/15]




‘Guards brag openly about waterboarding at Nauru’ – Former immigration centre guard [RT - 21/8/15]




Nauru Senate Inquiry Public Hearing [20/8/15]:


... Senator HANSON-YOUNG: In relation to the issue of zipping, can you explain to the committee how you know about that? You have described it in quite a bit of detail. Did you see that occur yourself?

Mr Nichols: I did not actually see the action occur but I have had numerous conversations with people known to me with regard to it: that members of the ERT had secured asylum seekers to their beds with zip ties, cable ties, and thrown them into the air. This occurred after the riots. Personally, I believe it to be retribution.

Senator JOHNSTON: My last question, Mr Nichols—and I do thank you for your cooperation seriously; it is obviously not easy revisiting these things. What was the building where you saw the person wet and coughing up water?

Mr Nichols: This is a tent in Bravo compound.

Senator JOHNSTON: A tent—

Mr Nichols: Yes.

Senator JOHNSTON: in Bravo compound. Whereabouts in Bravo compound?

Mr Nichols: The actual compound is comprised solely of tents.

Senator JOHNSTON: Does this tent have an identification?

Mr Nichols: It would be tent 11.

Senator JOHNSTON: Tent 11. So you saw someone wet and coughing up water coming out of tent 11?

Mr Nichols: That is correct. …



Nauru Senate Inquiry - Supplementary Submission [Mr Jon Nicholls No. 95.1]:


... Despite what one may find on the internet, at no time has Mr Nichols suggested waterboarding etc was part of some organised intelligence gathering for whomever - he says it occurred in a modern day 'Lord of of the Flies' - 'Stanford Experiment' type situation - the guilty parties did it for mere enjoyment and human nature is what it is.

There is no protection on Nauru from this behaviour because there is no Rule of Law, just arbitrary, crude and evil behaviour.  ...




Torture by another name: CIA used 'water dousing' on at least 12 detainees [Guardian - 16/10/15]



... “He was strapped to a wooden board that could spin around 360 degrees,” the suit claims.

“His interrogators spun him around on this board with a hood over his head covering his nose and mouth. While strapped to the board with his head lower than his feet, his interrogators poured buckets of cold water him. While they did not pour water directly over his mouth and nose, they threatened to do so if he didn’t cooperate.” ...    CIA torture survivors sue psychologists who designed infamous program [Guardian – 13/10/15]




We have some asylum seekers, but that’s pretty much stopped. We have stopped the boats with our policies, which are regarded as cruel by many people. But I have to say again, our policy on border protection is harsh, but it has been absolutely demonstrated that it is better than any other alternative.




Israel and Australia: A conversation with Turnbull [Jewish Journal - 25/8/15]

Australian Women in Support of Women on Nauru [17/10/15]:


The Turnbull government just created history for the ugliest of reasons

Yesterday Abyan was smuggled out of Australia by Border Force without ever having had the counseling or termination she had requested. She is now back on Nauru, 15 weeks pregnant, on the same small island as her rapist without any chance of a termination.

Women across Australia can only imagine how they would handle being in such a heart-breaking and horrifying situation.

When she was finally bought to Australia last week she was full of gratitude and thanks for the Australian government and everyone who had worked to ensure she got to Australia to terminate the pregnancy conceived through her rape.

Today she will wake to life as a very sick and lonely young woman, knowing she is the mercy of a government who is hell-bent on making an example of any woman who complains, or reports the abuse they suffering.

She is at the mercy of the man who raped her and somehow she has to get through the next five months.

To add to this chaotic and cruel outcome, Border Force is now saying that Abyan had told them she didn’t want a termination, that she had changed her mind.

Last night Abyan was finally able to speak by phone someone in Australia and her response was simple.

Abyan said she never refused the termination. She said she had been interviewed by a nurse - without an interpreter - and when the nurse asked her about booking the termination, Abyan said, “I am sick today I will tell you tomorrow or the next day.”

The Australian government did not allow her lawyer to engage any of the doctors, obstetricians or psychiatrist that had offered their services pro bono. In fact Abyan said she had not been allowed to see her lawyer. The government did not allow the Australian courts to decide on this matter because by the time the Court was aware of the issue Border Force had Abyan in the air and beyond the reach of the Court.

But perhaps the cruelest depravation was not allowing this traumatised young woman a moment of safety and peace. A moment she desperately needed to deal with what she had before her.

Abyan did not refuse to have a termination. She asked for a counselor and time – just one day – because she was not well enough to have the procedure straight away and she wanted a moment to gather herself to deal with what lay ahead.

Abyan is a young Somali woman who has fled persecution in her own country only to find undreamt of cruelty and abuse at the hands of at least one man on Nauru and an entire government in Australia.

Where to next for her is not yet clear. What we the Australian people will do to support her will be discussed over kitchen tables, sports fields and cafes across the country this weekend.

Whatever we do, and we will certainly let the Prime Minister know what we think of this barbarism and we will do it together.

They will not continue to abuse the most vulnerable people on earth in our name.





... GEORGE NEWHOUSE: ...  Why didn't she get any attention from a single health care professional from 3rd of September until she was found unconscious? Maybe the Minister could explain that. ... [ABC - 16/10/15]




Melissa Parke, Sue Lines, Anna Burke etc want you to vote ALP.



ABC, AM [16/9/14]:


... CHRIS UHLMANN: Now some of the same people in the left are concerned about your border protection policies. Is there any likelihood you'll abandon your commitment to offshore processing?


CHRIS UHLMANN: That's a firm rolled gold commitment; you're not going to abandon it?


CHRIS UHLMANN: Will it be changed in any way?

BILL SHORTEN: No, we support regional resettlement. And we support the offshore processing.




The Saturday Paper [27/9/14]:


... [Melissa] Parke plays a different role, as Labor navigates an awkward environment in which its options for criticising the government are circumscribed by its desire to be part of Team Australia.

She provides an alibi for Labor to avoid a loss of votes to the Greens as it joins the government in backing tougher terror laws and military action in the Middle East and continues to offer bipartisan support for offshore processing of asylum seekers. Some Coalition MPs argue Bernardi plays a similar role in placating those Liberal supporters who were disappointed that Abbott abandoned the 18C changes.

As Labor leader Bill Shorten stresses that he is “working very well together” with Abbott on national security, it doesn’t hurt to have at least one opposition MP putting an alternative view. It’s a fine line, though, as left-wing Labor senator Sue Lines discovered late last month when Shorten rebuked her for accusing the government of using the threat of terrorism to deflect attention from the budget.

Back in May when Parke and Burke first raised their intention to pursue a caucus motion on ending offshore detention, there was frustration among Labor MPs at the timing, distracting as it did from the backlash to the budget. The motion was destined to fail.

Some also feared that, by reopening the debate, Parke was risking exposing Labor to attack over whether it was strong enough to manage the electorally sensitive issue.

But Parke is not a loose cannon and her recent statements have been carefully worded. Even dissent in modern Labor is often tightly scripted.

Although Dastyari’s remarks on refugee policy earlier this year were reported as pitting him against Shorten, his speech had in fact been vetted by the party’s leadership.





Psychopathy, cruelty and cost aside, the Australian government is thwarting the legal process



Nine MSN [17/10/15]:



Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is wrong in claiming a pregnant asylum seeker changed her mind about an abortion after allegedly being raped in Nauru, a refugee advocate says.

Mr Turnbull says the 23-year-old Somali woman Abyan, who was brought to Australia and moved to Sydney's Villawood detention centre this week for the procedure, was returned to the island because she decided against it.

"The information I have is that woman in question changed her mind about seeking a termination and was deemed fit to fly," he told reporters in Auckland on Saturday.

But Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul insisted Abyan was flown out of Australia because lawyers were preparing for an injunction to prevent her return to Nauru.

"The prime minister's statement is just not true," Mr Rintoul told AAP.

"At no point did Abyan refuse or decline to have a termination."

Mr Rintoul said he had spoken to Abyan on Friday night and she indicated she wanted to postpone her decision - not change it - because she wanted to discuss the decision with doctors, but had been denied counselling and an interpreter.

"All she did say with that, (was) she would tell them tomorrow or the day after and on that basis it seems they've removed her," he said.

"It's very clear that she was urgently removed from Australia quite deliberately and consciously to avoid there being any possible review of the decision to remove her."

Comment has also been sought from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Abyan is one of two Somali asylum seekers who say they were raped on Nauru.

Nauru police last week closed their investigation into claims a 26-year-old Somali asylum seeker was sexually assaulted, after the Nauru government said there was "insufficient evidence" to support the woman's claim.

The Nauru police said the case would be reopened if new evidence came to light.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale told reporters in Melbourne he understood the woman had been denied pre-termination counselling when she asked for it and was sent home.

"If that's the case, what we're witnessing here is a government that is just so cruel and callous to deny a woman, who is already experiencing such incredible trauma ... now being denied a basic request that we would offer to anybody in those circumstances."





Labour MP Kelvin Davis is on a plane to Christmas Island to try to talk to New Zealanders detained there.

About 1,000 New Zealanders could be deported under a new Australian law, where non-citizens jailed for more than a year can be held indefinitely while a decision is made on whether to deport them.

Mr Davis spoke to some New Zealanders currently being detained in Perth yesterday, and is now en route to Christmas Island off the coast of Western Australia.

He told TV3 it was unclear whether he would get access to the facility where New Zealanders are being held. [RNZI - 17/10/15]



Brisbane man shot in hand and leg




Yahoo [17/10/15]:




A man has been shot in the hand and leg during an argument in Brisbane's north.

A man is recovering in hospital after being shot in the hand and leg during a argument in Brisbane's north.

The gun was fired after four men arrived at his house in Nudgee on Friday afternoon and an argument broke out.

The wounded man, who is aged 31, was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.





Golf ball bomb: Glenn Charles Dell found guilty of maiming teenager in Ipswich explosion [ABC - 16/10/15]





Two police officers allegedly assaulted, Mapleton [QPS Media - 16/10/15]







Woman, children held hostage at knifepoint during Gold Coast siege




MYGC [16/10/15]:



A dramatic, two-hour siege has taken place on the Gold Coast this morning.

A mother and her two children were hold hostage inside a Paradise Point home for more than two hours while police were in a stand-off with the man responsible.

It’s believed the woman and children were threatened with a knife.

A 23-year-old man has been taken into custody.

There are no further details available at this time.








A search is underway for a man thought to have been swept away by currents in a Gold Coast river.

Police say the fisherman was reported missing from the Albert River at Yatala around noon on Friday.

Fire and police crews are searching the area, and swift water specialists are also on the scene. [Yahoo - 16/10/15]








Fire destroys Rockhampton home [Yahoo - 16/10/15]




Young boy hit by car outside school in Balmoral


Brisbane Times [16/10/15]:



An 8-year-old boy has been rushed to hospital after he was hit by a car outside his inner-city school.

Police believe a Toyota Land Cruiser hit the boy as he crossed at a traffic light on Thynne Road outside Balmoral state school about 3.15pm.

He was taken to the Lady Cilento Hospital with serious injuries, including suspected fractures and possible internal injuries.

A police spokesman said it wasn't yet clear whether the car ran a red light or the boy walked onto the road at the wrong time.

The Forensic Crash Unit is investigating.





Fatal traffic crash, Glamorgan Vale [QPS Media - 16/10/15]






A Queensland woman who allegedly ploughed into three men during a fight on an Ipswich street has been charged.

It's alleged the fracas broke out in Leichardt on Friday morning and the woman drove a car into the trio. ... [Yahoo - 16/10/15]


Who needs regulation?  The "free market" will fix it!

Water tank collapses at Sunshine Coast University Hospital site [Brisbane Times - 16/10/15]:


A water tank has collapsed at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital site, washing a car off the road and causing traffic nightmares.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said the incident occurred about 4pm on Friday, when a "very large" tank on a construction site disintegrated near the intersection of Kawana Way and Barney Moy Road.

He said another tank was bent and at risk of collapse.

The QPS spokesman said a car was washed off the road, but the occupants walked away without injury.

Traffic diversions were in place along Doherty Street and motorists were urged to avoid the area.

Developer Lend Lease spokeswoman Nadeena Whitby said: "We are aware of an incident where a water tank has ruptured.

"Safety is our number one priority. We are currently working closely with emergency services."





Authorities are unlikely to ban camping near Inskip Point after last month's massive landslip that swallowed a caravan and a four-wheel drive. ... [ABC - 17/10/15]





Disability work checks inadequate: Senate Inquiry [Yahoo - 16/10/15]:



Disabled Queenslanders are being let down by a system that doesn't adequately follow up abuse complaints or ensure carers are properly screened, a Senate inquiry has heard.

 Queensland Disability Network project manager Michelle Moss says the yellow card staff require to work in the industry only picks up criminal convictions, meaning employees who have allegations substantiated against them that aren't forwarded on to police are free to work at other organisations or interstate.

"From my experience, the majority of situations are that internal investigations are undertaken by staff in that organisation, which raises significant issues of independence and conflicts of interest," Ms Moss told a Senate inquiry into the abuse of people with disabilities in Brisbane on Friday.

Queensland magistrate quits after two weeks



Brisbane Times [16/10/15]:

One of three new Queensland magistrates, who has been in the role for about two weeks, has resigned citing personal reasons.

Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath says Magistrate Peter Delibaltas, who was sworn in earlier this month, will return to a senior role with Legal Aid Queensland.

"For personal reasons, Mr Delibaltas is unable to continue with his recent appointment," Ms D'Ath said on Friday, confirming she had accepted his resignation.


Gold Coast City Council invites Broadbeach residents to have their say on a foregone conclusion [MYGC - 16/10/15]:



... Key features of the plan include a major upgrade of Surf Parade, potential removal of the pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Surf Parade and Victoria Avenue, and further investigation of a pedestrian crossing point on the Gold Coast Highway in front of the Convention Centre. ... <---- WHY?






Bernard Tomic lost to Novak Djokovic, and thus failed to reach his first ATP Masters 1000 semi-final, but did achieve what no other man has managed since last month's US Open decider.

By stretching the world No.1 to a tie-break, Tomic was the first player to pinch more than three games in a set against Djokovic in his past eight matches. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 16/10/15]






Scotland:  SNP members vote unanimously against UK military intervention in Syria [The National - 17/10/15]




... The artists said they were motivated by stereotypes and inaccuracies in the scripts used by the show's producers.

"Based on previous episodes, they had made many mistakes and it was clear that they didn't have a strong research team, and so I figured this was the opportunity to incorporate subversive graffiti," Amin told Reuters during the interview at her home in the Cairo district of Maadi.

"What we are trying to raise is that regardless whether or not the show is fiction, it still has very dangerous implications because they're basically stereotyping an enormous region of people." ...  Artists who made "racist" graffiti on "Homeland" seek changes [Reuters - 16/10/15]





@wikileaks [16/10/15]:  Assange calls on UN for "absolute protection" of sources for tweeters, bloggers and other online media ...





At least 34 people were killed in a wave of suicide bomb attacks in northeast Nigeria, as the military on Friday warned Boko Haram militants threaten the country's sovereignty.

Thirty died in a double bombing on a mosque in Molai on Thursday night, Mohammed Kanar, from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said. ... [Ahram - 16/10/15]





17 October 2015