United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria
[US Central Command - 17/11/16]



Turkey's NATO officials seek asylum in Germany amid Erdogan crackdown [Deutsche Welle - 17/11/16]



‏@NiamhKTabbal [17/11/16]:  Golden Dawn destroyed refugee shelters last night by throwing rocks that smashed through the ceiling. (This was home to a pregnant woman )



‏@NiamhKTabbal [17/11/16]:  Live Updates from Souda Camp last night as Fascists attacked the camp. Containers set on fire, rocks thrown and reports of Police brutality.  



‏@northaura [17/11/16]:  This infant was sleeping together with the parents when this stone was thrown. *photo published after parental consent. #Chios #refugeesGr



‏@MSF_Sea [17/11/16]:  ... The #Argos is taking on a transfer of 27 shipwreck survivors and 7 dead bodies. Everyday there is a tragedy on the #Mediterranean.



‏@HumanityCrew [17/11/16]: 45 People safely landed this morning on the shoreline of south Lesvos, all Safe ...



Now is the time to restore hope, rekindle trust and see that justice is seen to be done.


Elected representatives ignore our pleas [Coast Community News – 17/11/16]:


Do any of our elected representatives listen to us?

Close Manus Island and Nauru detention centres, now.

Desperate men, women and children are fleeing conflicts we have been implicated in and seeking sanctuary in Australia.

How many times, here in Gosford and on the Central Coast, do we have to march, protest, call meetings, sign petitions, and plead with our local members of parliament to close the camps?

The same efforts are still being repeated in similar regions throughout Australia, plus in the capital cities.

Every relevant minister, shadow minster, backbencher, independent, senator, as well as the current and former prime ministers are being called upon to listen.

Letters continue to flow from people of diverse political and religious persuasions. Many indigenous people, and everyone else whose descendants or themselves have arrived by ship or more recently by plane, since 1788, only 228 years ago, are also calling for offshore processing to stop.

We may call Australia home, but the global conflict areas have had civilizations forever, and in partnership with our allies, we appear to be determined to destroy these people, their history and their land.

How many official negative reports does our government need to realise that our immoral treatment of our fellow human beings on Manus, Nauru, and some still on Christmas Island, is inhumane by any standards? We are all shamed by this behaviour.

These are our Gulags. We cannot say we did not know, for daily, we read in our newspapers, nightly we see and hear on our televisions and ABC and SBS provide us with relevant documentaries.

We are concerned, we have families, we do understand this basic human desire and human right to protect and care for our children.

The incredible, obscene costs to our budget, to support and staff this inhumane treatment in such secrecy, coupled with a separate border control Navy, plus questionable handouts of money to other involved countries to sustain these operations is a national disgrace.

Enough is enough. Listen to the people. We and the tragic individuals are bereft of all hope.

Bring them back to Australia.

They are our responsibility.

The money, ours, squandered, could have by now housed, fed, educated and employed these people, who do have names and feelings, not just a number, to be welcomed, to become participating fellow Australians.

Now is the time to restore hope, rekindle trust and see that justice is seen to be done.

Letter, Oct 21, 2016 Pamela Lemoine, East Gosford

... The idea for the installation came to Ryan in a dream.

"I woke up in the middle of the night after having this visceral image of a human heart being stabbed and ripped apart. I got up the next morning and thought 'I don't know where that came from but I need to go make a heart'," she says. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 17/11/16]


Kids in detention!

Shame on you!

Shame on you!


Day 37, Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru



Image:  ‏@InsurrectNews  [25/4/16]

UNHCR "welcomes" Australia's lies about releasing refugees on Nauru [5/10/15]

‏@AFPphoto [17/11/16]:  BRAZIL - State's public servants protest against austerity measures in front of the Rio de Janeiro state Assembly. By @YasuyoshiChiba #AFP



‏@AFP [16/11/16]:  Demonstrators are hit by rubber bullets, stun grenades and teargas as an anti-austerity protest turns violent in Rio   



Two US Republican senators have introduced new legislation that would punish Hong Kong or mainland Chinese officials who suppress basic freedoms in Hong Kong in the wake of Beijing’s increasing interference into the city’s promised high autonomy.

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was introduced by Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Marco Rubio of Florida on Nov. 16.

The legislation, which has yet been enacted into law, requires the US president to identify those “responsible for the surveillance, abduction, detention, or forced confessions of certain booksellers and journalists in Hong Kong.”

The government would then freeze their assets in the country and deny them entry into the US, according to a statement. ... [QUARTZ - 17/11/16]



Former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad on Wednesday threw his weight behind a massive rally planned for this weekend to demand that scandal-tainted Prime Minister Najib Razak resign, with clashes feared between protesters and pro-government groups. ... [Reuters - 16/11/16]



Philippines' Duterte says may follow Russia's withdrawal from International Criminal Court [Reuters - 17/11/16]



Russia declines to ratify International Criminal Court Statute [TASS - 16/11/16]



Vietnam PM backs off from US-led TPP, emphasises independent foreign policy [Reuters - 17/11/16]



A Senate Inquiry to be introduced to federal parliament next week will consider whether a national interest test should apply to applications to patent livestock genetics.

As reported by Beef Central yesterday, MLA will appeal in the Federal Court a decision by the Australian Patent Office to Cargill USA/Branhaven LLC. ...  [Beef Central - 17/11/16]



Aboriginal Tent Embassy [17/11/16]:


 Distress call from Gommeroi Country yesterday for more supporters

To protect our lands and water!

Custodian to Gommeroi Lands Paul Spearim was arrested for protecting his own country that he did not sell or authorise destruction on.

Gommeroi Custodians needing supporters!

The Australian Government Laws are borrowed from the Queen of Englands Sovereignty eventhough she is a "Foreigner".

The Australian Government have no Treaty and also No Jurisdiction to apply a foreign law on our lands!

Please help! More Supporters needed! ...



Premier Daniel Andrews makes "no apology" for sending up to 40 juvenile offenders to adult prison despite a damning Ombudsman's report condemning the practice as indefensible.  ... [The Age - 15/11/16]



Free Dylan Voller [Petition]



In response to illegal settlement expansion: Activists set up “Al-Yasser village” in Jordan valley [PNN - 17/11/16]



The Israeli Supreme Court rejected an appeal filed by residents of the occupied West Bank village of al-Nabi Elyas over Israel’s confiscation of 100 dunams of Palestinian land, Israeli radio reported on Thursday. ... [Maan - 17/11/16]



A Palestinian woman was killed and three Palestinian security officers were injured during armed clashes with suspected Palestinian gunmen in the northern occupied West Bank city of Nablus early Wednesday. ... [Maan - 16/11/16]



Sri Lankan official evades questions on torture at UN committee hearing [Tamil Guardian - 17/11/16] 



Myanmar has blacklisted a prominent US photographer, preventing him from attending his own exhibition about stateless people, which would have featured pictures of the persecuted Muslim Rohingya minority. 

Award-winning documentary photographer Greg Constantine, who asked to keep where he lives private, said he was stopped at Yangon airport on Friday and told he was on a "blacklist." ... [InterAksyon.com - 17/11/16]



‏@grconstantine [5/11/16]:  States r guilty 4 creating statelessness as r those w/citizenship 4 being indifferent 2 this injustice. #iBelong



By unquestioningly accepting and propagating Turnbull's latest provocation and "resettlement" lie, UNICEF are complicit in the ongoing atrocities being perpetrated on men, women and children imprisoned on Manus Island and Nauru [17/11/16]



... The hand that signed the treaty bred a fever,

And famine grew, and locusts came;

Great is the hand that holds dominion over

Man by a scribbled name. ...


Dylan Thomas



Signing the Strategic Partnership Framework with @IOM_news Director General William Lacy Swing  [Image:  ‏@PeterDutton_MP - 28/4/15]



Australian media and IOM proudly report mission accomplished as refugees rot in Indonesia [ABC - 17/11/16]



Nevermind Adam Harvey's omission that there is no "queue", and the IOM are profitting from Australia's anti-refugee torture, turnback and exile policy. ---> ...  By 2015 there were 33 sites of immigration detention throughout Indonesia.

Australian funding through the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has expanded the capacity of this detention network since 2011. ...  The impact of Australian policies:  What "stopping the boats" means for people seeking asylum in our region [Academy of Social Sciences in Australia - 2016]



Indonesia seeks funding from Australia to build more IOM concentration camps as refugee bottleneck intensifies [Jakarta Post - 10/8/16]



Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.



‏@mdskar:  17/11/16: 20 #Rohingya homes & a mosque were burnt down by the #Burmese troops at Thu Oo Hla (Kulaar Bil) village yesterday morning.



@nslwin [16/11/16]:  #Rohingya's paddy were burnt down by #Myanmar Army in #ThuOoLar village today afternoon.



Hundreds of Rohingya trapped at Bangladesh border after fleeing latest Myanmar army pogrom [Reuters - 16/11/16]:


... Four Rohingya from northern Rakhine contacted by Reuters by telephone on Wednesday confirmed that hundreds were trying to escape and cross the river to Bangladesh.

They said some were gunned down.

"The residents told me nearly 72 people were killed near the riverbank, that the military shot into the crowd on the river bank," said a Rohingya community leader who declined to be identified.

Another man from Maungdaw said women and children from around 10 villages were trying to flee to Bangladesh and some were killed as they were trying to get into the boats. 

"A lot of dead bodies were floating in the sea," said the man. He added that these people were not traveling together, but that they had separated into groups of 20 or 50 to get on to the boats. ...



A year after being rescued by Acehnese fishermen, hundreds of Rohingyas remain imprisoned [BenarNews - 2/5/16]:


... The residents at Bayeun were so-called “Green Boat” passengers rescued by Acehnese fishermen in the Strait of Malacca on May 20, 2015, after the governments of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia refused to allow their vessel to land.

As many as 434 passengers were rescued in that incident, including dozens of Bangladeshi migrants.

Now some100 Rohingya refugees are left at the camp in Bayeun.

Since May 2015, more than 800 Bangladeshis and Rohingyas have been repatriated in three batches, according to local officials.

The camp is housed in an abandoned paper mill.

The refugees live there and are supported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) through aid from Japan, the United States and European Union.

Many of the Rohingyas are children who have learned to speak Indonesian fluently.

Some of the grown-up residents have married other inmates and dozens of babies have been born at the camps across Aceh.

 “I wish to stay in Aceh forever. But if I was not allowed, I would move to Australia or the United States, according to the IOM. So my wife, five of our children and I can live in peace,” Jamal, a 37-year-old Rohinyga resident of the camp, told BenarNews. ...



Indo-Asia-Pacific region remains ‘most consequential’ to America, commander of US Pacific Command says [US Department of Defense - 15/11/16]:


... The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, is not a military alliance and is not an Asian version of NATO, but it can be a springboard for better military cooperation among the nations of the region, Harris said.

One example, the admiral said, was the alliance of Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines that took on the problem of piracy in the region.

Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia took on pirates in the Strait of Malacca and virtually cleaned up that area, Harris said. ...



Pacific Command deploys guided missile destroyer USS Sampson to New Zealand to "aid in earthquake recovery" [US Department of Defense - 15/11/16]



Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Wednesday that Tokyo will give Malaysia two patrol boats, a move that visiting Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak welcomed as an aid to promoting stability in the South China Sea.

Najib arrived in Japan on Tuesday on a visit that comes just weeks after he was in China on a six-day visit in which he agreed to buy four Chinese patrol boats in his nation's first significant defense deal with China. ... [Reuters - 16/11/16]



One day before U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s first meeting with a foreign leader, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japanese officials said they had not finalized when or where in New York it would take place, who would be invited, or in some cases whom to call for answers.


Australian media reported that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was the second leader Trump spoke to, after the Australian ambassador to the United States got Trump's personal phone number from Australian golfer and Trump friend Greg Norman. ... [Reuters - 16/11/16] 



U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have spoken with nearly 30 foreign leaders since winning the Nov. 8 election,

Trump's transition team said in a statement on Wednesday.

Discussions with many of the leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, were already public knowledge.

Leaders from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan were missing from the list, as were any African heads of state or leaders from Southeast Asia. [Reuters - 16/11/16]



UK denies exiled Chagos Islanders the right to return [Reuters - 16/11/16]:


... Britain, which has overseen the islands since 1814, allowed the United States to build an air and naval base on Diego Garcia, the archipelago's largest island, 50 years ago.

The existing population of around 1,500 was moved to nearby Mauritius and the Seychelles and effectively barred from returning.

Many eventually settled in southern England.

A Foreign Office statement said that the existing arrangement for housing the U.S. base would continue until 2036. ...



The worst is yet to come [Counterpunch - 16/11/16]:


... America, you’ve been played.

This is what happens when you play politics with matters of life, death and liberty.

You lose every time.

Unfortunately, in this instance, we all lose because of the deluded hypocrisy of the Left and the Right, both of which sanctioned the expansion of the police state as long as it was their party at the helm.

For the past eight years, the Left—stridently outspoken and adversarial while George W. Bush was president—has been unusually quiet about things like torture, endless wars, drone strikes, executive orders, government overreach and fascism. ...



America, the election, and the dismal tide [TomDispatch.com - 15/11/16]:


... That dark, sultry night in South Sudan, I thought a great deal about rights and oppression, about what happens when the worst impulses of men are stoked and sharpened, about what it means when a government turns on its own people. 

There, in that ruined town, young girls and women had been kidnapped and gang-raped with regularity; men and boys had been locked in a shipping container to wither and die; homes had been razed; corpses abandoned to snarling, scavenging hyenas; and skeletal remains left unburied. 

It was a horrorscape, a place of suffering almost beyond imagining, one that puts the problems of America’s “forgotten men and women” and their “economic disenfranchisement,” as well as the “rage many white working-class people feel” into perspective. ...



A federal judge said Tuesday that he will soon issue a preliminary injunction, ordering a halt to Border Patrol practices that see detainees kept sleepless in "hold rooms" at the agency's eight Southern Arizona stations, where they are exposed to constant noise, 24-hour bright lights and too-cold temperatures.


Following testimony by George Allen, chief assistant patrol agent in the Tucson Sector, the judge asked if facilities for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office were better than the facilities for Border Patrol. 

"If the Cochise County Sheriff arrests a man for armed robbery and takes him to Santa Cruz, does he have better facilities available to him than the 20,000 to 30,000 detainees you have? Does he have clothing? Food? Warmth?" 

Allen responded yes each time, and then Bury asked: "Don’t you think it’s time that your facilities are modified or changed to accommodate the human need at least for sleep, if you’re going to keep somebody for 2 to 3 days?" ...  [Tucson Sentinel - 15/11/16]



Korean mother awaits a son’s deportation to confess her ‘unforgivable sin’ [New York Times - 16/11/16]



..."A lot of us are concerned about Trump's presidency," said Vazquez, "but we can also see how Obama's presidency has left scars on our community. Javier is an example of that."  Mexican immigrant seeks sanctuary in Center City church [Philly.com - 14/11/16]:


... In 2015, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested him in a raid at his home and sent him to Pike County Correctional Facility, a detention center under contract to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Agents "took him in front of his daughter and oldest son," said Olivia Vazquez, an organizer with Juntos, a South Philadelphia immigrant-support group, which is advocating for Flores.

"It affected his kids on an emotional level, and they're still struggling to get through it."

After spending 15 months in Pike, Flores was released 90 days ago, under ICE supervision, and allowed to return to his family to get his affairs in order in preparation for deportation.

He was due to surrender Monday, but took refuge in the church. ...



The Clinton solution for refugees: Guantanamo [Washington Post - 23/11/15]



... In hindsight, we can see that we were wrong to allow our trust in Clinton and his election promise to dictate legal strategy.

Clinton sorely disappointed us, and our belief in him caused our clients to spend more time in the inhuman camp conditions.

But for our belief in Clinton, we could have tried the case four of five months earlier and ended the horror of the camp that much sooner.

If there ever is a next time and I am faced with a similar situation and must choose a legal strategy, I will disregard the promises of politicians.

Clinton's promises and our reliance on them seriously jeopardized our relationships with our clients.

We wrongly believed and persuaded our clients to believe that Clinton would change their circumstances.

Regaining the trust of our clients was not easy.  ... How We Closed the Guantanamo HIV Camp: The Intersection of Politics and Litigation, Michael Ratner



Jesse Jackson: Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton [Detroit Free Press - 16/11/16]



A Minnesota police officer was charged with second-degree manslaughter on Wednesday for the fatal shooting of a black motorist that sparked outrage when the moments that followed were broadcast on social media.

St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez broke the law when he shot and killed Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, a St. Paul suburb, during a traffic stop, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said. ... [Reuters - 16/11/16]



‏@Cryptomeorg [12/11/16]:  NSFW: FBI Covertly Hosts 23 Tor-based Child Porn Sites



Militants from Jebhat al-Nusra have sustained serious losses as a a result of a massive fire strike last Tuesday, Russian Defense Ministry's official spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday.

"As a result of strikes delivered by Su-33 carrier-based fighter jets and air group of the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, a large gang of the Jebhat al-Nusra group was destroyed in the province of Idlib," Konashenkov said.

Different intelligence sources confirmed that at least 30 terrorists were killed, including well-known field commanders Muhammad Helala, Abu Jaber Harmuja and Abul Baha Al-Asfari.

Abul Baha al-Asfari was responsible for uniting the remaining groups of Jebhat al-Nusra in the provinces of Aleppo and Hama, as well as for planning and leading another offensive at Aleppo by militants, Konashenkov said. [TASS - 17/11/16]



RT has asked the US State Department for specific information concerning allegations that Russia is targeting hospitals in Syria.

The response was a reiteration of those allegations and a refusal to treat RT in the same way as other media outlets. ... [RT - 16/11/16]



Toxic pollutants choke Iraqi children caught in Islamic State retreat [Reuters - 17/11/16]



Canadian special forces soldiers have engaged in a “substantial” number of engagements with Daesh fighters in recent weeks as part of the intense fighting to retake Mosul, a top general says. ... [The Star - 16/11/16]



Iraqi forces capture airbase near Mosul [Antiwar.com - 16/11/16]



‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [16/11/16]:


Nineveh: News agencies: Civilians were either killed or wounded when an aerial and artillery shelling targeted neighborhoods at the eastern coast of Mosul.


Baghdad: A person was killed and 5 were wounded when an IED exploded in Nahrawan area southeast of Baghdad.


Baghdad: Two persons were killed and 5 wounded when an IED exploded in Tobchi area northwest of Baghdad.




17 November 2016