United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 17/7/16]



6,000 alleged coup plotters arrested across Turkey [Anadolu - 17/7/16]



@jangelgabaldon [17/7/16]:  Aunque ya no sea noticia un nuevo bote en #Lesbos.36 personas (6 niños)...Y @PROACTIVA_SERV sigue al pie del cañón. 



Proactiva Open Arms [17/7/16]:


Leave Turkey to not return. Today they have arrived in Lesbos. They take weeks, months, in a troubled country that captures power and refugees is used as currency. A failed coup fleeting, orchestrated or not, in the purest style of the cold war, has been the success of the machinery of repression. Erdogan is secured in the power ending with the unique power of State that was not completely controlled by the Government, the judiciary. Purges in the Constitutional Court, the equivalent of the Supreme Court and members of the Council of State. And of course muted all the media critics. He says to eradicate the virus in the institutions and what is burying is the seed of democracy. This is the partner that the European Union chose border to avoid their responsibilities and considered a safe country where they want to deport. And shame is what we feel everyone is that a bit of humanity, knowing where to flee. Much shame.



‏@LighthouseRR [17/7/16]:  First boat since coup attempt arrived in Skala. ...



 1000 Days.


I am lucky to be in contact with a refugee on Nauru. He suggested that I write a song about his situation. I ended up writing a song asking Australians, is this really who we are? Are we happy with our treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, especially offshore processing? I know I'm not.  Catherine Greenhill




Serco, G4S, Wilson, ALP, LNP, Greens, Human Rights organisations, NGOs, Borderforce and the media:  All keeping refugees out of Australia.  Here's another example of how they do it.  Day after day after day. ---> These photos are of an Afghani man in Manus Jail.   About 5 officers beat him last week when he was unhappy because the officers searched him. ... via  ‏@racvictoria [17/7/16]




Woman shot in the face with a speargun in Melbourne home [Nine MSN - 17/7/16]




A man has been arrested following the death of another man in Queensland.

The 54-year-old man was charged with unlawful striking causing death, after police discovered the dead body of a 27-year-old man in White Rock at about 2pm on Saturday.

The two men were known to each other. [Yahoo - 17/7/16]




A man has been charged over a stabbing near Townsville on Saturday which has left another man fighting for life.

About 9.55pm, police were called to a Patrick Street home in Aitkenvale where officers found a man lying on the ground with multiple stab wounds to his chest. ... [Brisbane Times - 17/7/16]




Mother, former partner repeatedly tortured young girl in Caboolture home [ABC - 15/7/16]




4WD hits cyclists, kills five-year-old, injures two more, Kununurra [WA Today - 17/7/16]:


A five-year-old boy is dead, and another boy and man seriously injured, after being hit by a car while riding their bicycles in Kununurra on Saturday. 

Police have confirmed the man, 37, is understood to be the father of the two boys, aged nine and five. ...




Elderly pedestrian dies after being hit by car on footpath in Brighton-Le-Sands [Nine MSN - 17/7/16]




A car has left a highway in southeast Queensland, crashed into a ditch and rolled, killing the driver.

Police say the white ute was travelling east on the Cunningham Highway, near Warwick, on Sunday morning when it went into the drainage ditch before rolling.

The sole occupant, a man in his 70s, died at the scene. [Yahoo - 17/7/16]




A truck driver has died and another man is in hospital in Far North Queensland, after the truck they were travelling in crashed down an embankment.

The 50-year-old died when his truck crashed off the road near Georgetown at midday on Friday.

The sole passenger, a 33-year-old man, was taken to hospital with serious injuries. [Yahoo - 16/7/16]




One person is dead and another two are in hospital following a crash on the Bruce Highway in central Queensland.

Two vehicles collided at The Leap, near Mackay, just after midday on Friday.

One person died at the scene of the crash, while two people with unknown injuries have been taken to the Mackay Base Hospital for treatment. [Yahoo - 15/7/16]




A toddler has been rushed to hospital in a critical condition after being run over in a driveway on the Gold Coast.

The young girl, believed to be only 17-months-old, was struck by a car in the driveway of a Burleigh Street home in Burleigh Waters just before 4pm.

She suffered serious, potentially life-threatening injuries.

Police and paramedics worked frantically to stabilise the toddler and keep her alive at the scene.

She has since been rushed to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical condition. ... [MYGC - 17/7/16]




Police are investigating a drive-by shooting near a strip club at the Sunshine Coast Sunday morning.

About 12:40am four shots were fired from a silver Mercedes in the vicinity of the Secret Door Strip Club on Avian Street in the industrial precinct of Kunda Park.

The car was later found burnt out on Mons Road, Buderim. ... [Brisbane Times - 17/7/16]




Man charged after shot fired outside Southport apartment [MYGC - 17/7/16]





Wanted man arrested after trying to flee scene of Southport crash [MYGC - 16/7/16]




A Rebels clubhouse has avoided major damage after being targeted in a firebomb attack.

Initial investigations suggest the fire broke out at the Albion site late on Saturday night after an accelerant was thrown at the building.

Police say there's no major structural damage and investigations are continuing. [Yahoo - 17/7/16]




Another crash following dangerous, resource wasting class and race based police pursuit, Bourke [Nine MSN - 17/7/16]



Aurizon to cut 100 jobs in north Queensland, rail union says [ABC - 15/7/16]




Dear people, Left, Right or Center. Everywhere:  Muslim countries are not laboratories for violent experimentation. ...



 By @RamzyBaroud via ‏@Robert_Martin72 [16/7/16]



Nice attacker treated for psychological issues before leaving Tunisia: sister [Reuters – 16/7/16]:


The 31-year-old Tunisian who killed 84 people by driving a truck through a Bastille Day crowd in Nice on Thursday spent years seeing psychologists before leaving Tunisia for France in 2005, his sister said.

"My brother had psychological problems, and we have given the police documents showing that he had been seeing psychologists for several years," Rabeb Bouhlel, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel's sister, told Reuters.

Bouhlel's father told French television that the family had sought medical treatment after his son had a breakdown.

"He had psychological problems that caused a nervous breakdown; he would become angry, shout, break everything around him," Mohamed Mondher Lahouaiej Bouhlel told the TF1 and France 2 channels.

"We had to take him to the doctor."

Bouhlel, who was shot dead by police, was from Msaken, about 120 km (75 miles) south of Tunis, and had last visited the town four years ago.

Former neighbors and relatives there expressed shock at the Nice attack, describing Bouhlel as sporty, uninterested in religion and from a regular family.

Rebab, Bouhlel's sister, said her brother had not been in the habit of calling the family. "But recently, over the past month, he was calling us every day and he sent us money ... He called several times a day."

Ibrahim Bouhlel, a nephew, said his uncle had never had money problems, and had told relatives this week that he was planning a trip back to Tunisia for a family party.

Rebab and Ibrahim Bouhlel said there was no sign of unusual behavior or Islamist radicalization when he called.

French investigators have not disclosed any direct evidence linking Bouhlel with jihadism, although the militant group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on Saturday.

TF1 and other French media quoted people close to Bouhlel as saying he ate pork and drank alcohol, behavior that would be unlikely in a devout Muslim.




Police arrested a man and a woman in the French city of Nice on Sunday morning in connection with the truck attack that killed at least 84 people celebrating Bastille Day, a judiciary source said.


French authorities have yet to produce evidence that he had turned to radical Islam. [France 24 - 17/7/16]



Bangladesh police arrest three who rented property to cafe attackers [Reuters – 16/7/16]



Pakistani social media star allegedly strangled by brother in 'honour killing' [Reuters – 16/7/16]




Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen a longtime user of steroids, autopsy shows [New York Daily News - 15/7/16]




Minister no longer wants Thailand to be destination for world's sex tourists and pedophiles [Reuters - 16/7/16]




Evidently the war mongering, data stealing fascist didn't swing by the #BlackLivesMatter protest while he was in Melbourne:  US Vice-President Joe Biden says there's a need for a new "Manhattan Project" against cancer as he announced a deal to share data from Australian patients with researchers around the world.


Under three memorandums of understanding signed with Australian state and federal governments, 50,000 Australian and 8000 US cancer patients will have their genetic data sent to researchers. ...  [Nine MSN - 17/7/16]




... In Memories of Sarajevo: Radio Zid Karena has commemorated this extraordinary example of community radio , one that endured bombings , sniper fire, the death of many of its volunteer staff, to tell their story.

The story is told with a background soundtrack of historic music produced in Sarajevo cellars while under siege, and interviews with former Radio Zid staff and Bosnian refugees who now live in Australia. ... [AUDIO - Bay FM - October 2014]



US presses plans on Bosnia "defense" [New York Times -  31/7/1993]:


.... Senator Joseph Biden, the Delaware Democrat who is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee panel on European affairs, called for military action to lift the siege of Sarajevo and proposed a detailed plan. ...



Company in which Joe Biden's son is director prepares to drill shale gas in East Ukraine [Zero Hedge - 23/7/14]



Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Vladimir Putin has no soul, US Vice President Joe Biden says [Huffington Post - 22/7/14]



MH17 victims remembered [West Australian - 17/7/16]:


... Elsewhere, a suit by 33 next-of-kin from Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia was filed against Russia and President Vladimir Putin in the European Court of Human Rights in May.

The claimants are suing for 6.8 million euros ($7.6 million) for each lost relative, their lawyer Jerry Skinner said.

Thirty families are also getting ready for a US-based lawsuit against "several people and entities that support the separatists on Ukrainian soil", lawyer James Healy-Pratt told AFP.

Other relatives want a pro-Russian separatist leader to pay 779 million euros in damages, while the mother of a German victim is suing Kiev for allowing passenger planes to fly through its airspace -- even though it knew there was an ongoing war. ...



The PNG Supreme Court ruled Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus illegal in May.


Since then, not ONE Australian politician or human rights organisation has demanded the release and genuine resettlement of these men.


 At yesterday's #Manus protest, the men were asked for their Boat numbers. They refused. ...



"tweeted" by ‏@racvictoria [17/7/16]




‏"WHAT SORT OF MESSAGE ARE YOU PORTRAYING TO YOUR CHILDREN BY KEEPING US HERE WITH NO FUTURE?" @racvictoria [16/7/16]:  Day 65 of peaceful protests on #Manus. ...




@elahe_zivardar:  Saturday 16July- day 119 - peaceful protest in Nauru.




Myanmar Vice President visits Rakhine State and genocidal ghettos [AAS - 16/7/16]:


... A Rohingya stood up and appealed to the Vice President that “Prior to 2012, there was a peaceful coexistence between the two communities and we were citizens who had right to vote.  In 2012, mobs killed our people, burnt our houses, keep us under genocidal blockage, and accuse us illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. We want peaceful coexistence and dedicate for the development our country.”

Mr. Henry was fully attentive and nodding his head while listening the inhabitant of Aung Mingalar Ghetto without saying a single word.

Later, at around 5 PM, Vice President U Henry and U Nyi Pu visited to ThakkayPyin ghetto where a young Rohingya asked some questions regarding citizenship and blockage but Mr. Henry gave no comment as in Aung Mingalar.

If new government really want to solve Rakhine and Rohingya problems, it must firstly lift the genocidal blockage against Rohingya, implement effective rule of law, resettle Rohingya to their own places where they had lived before 2012, and take action against Rakhine extremists without delaying.




... According to WFP staffs, UN agencies want new government to take responsibilies of own people; rather than proving rice, they want victims put pressure on government. But Rohingya under genocidal ghettos have no right to see responsible person of authority and no government officer cares about them. Rohingya in Parein ghetto plead local authority as well as international community to lift blockage and let them work to survive, attend school, and get medical assistance as they had before 2012. ... via @Aungaungsittwe [16/7/16]




Although she is already 10 years old, Mr Li Fulin's daughter has never attended a day of school.

She spends her time playing with other children in Laowachang village, located in a hilly terrain along the China-Vietnam border in south-western Yunnan province, while her father frets about her future.

"I badly want her to get an education, but it's not possible," Mr Li, 29, told The Straits Times on a muggy June afternoon.

"Schools will not accept her."

This is partly because, like her father, the little girl is stateless. Mr Li and many other Laowachang residents are the offspring of China's biggest group of refugees, who lived across the border in northern Vietnam and fled to China when the Sino-Vietnam war broke out in the late 1970s.

To date, this is the only major influx of refugees China has ever taken in, in large part because many of the 300,000 people displaced had Chinese roots, and were trying to escape anti-Chinese discrimination.

China had been praised by the United Nations' refugee agency UNHCR for resettling these refugees, building them homes and giving them jobs on state farms and fisheries in six southern provinces.

Many of them wish to become Chinese citizens.

But more than 30 years on, the government has yet to grant them this wish.

For refugees living in poorer provinces and remote areas, this adds to the hardship of their daily lives.


In recent years, thousands fleeing persecution and conflict in Myanmar and North Korea have also sought asylum in China.

But Beijing has sent many of them back, saying that it does not recognise them as refugees. ... [The Straits Times - 16/7/16]




Científicos del Palo - YANKIS GOJÓM (yankee go home)




Queensland government continues wasting millions on outsourced choppers for police state PR [Media Release - 16/7/16]



I don't believe you. ---> Police, ambulance officers bitten on hand, Gold Coast [Brisbane Times - 17/7/16]



Pauline Hanson is a soft target for those who refuse to confront the racist phonies in Australia's major parties - Greens included. ---->  The death of pregnant Indigenous woman Naomi Williams, who was told to take some paracetamol and sent home by emergency department staff at a regional hospital, was preventable, her distraught mother says.

Sharon Williams has demanded answers from the New South Wales health department about why her 27 year-old daughter was not kept for observation at Tumut hospital or given medical tests after attending the emergency department on New Years Day, six months pregnant and suffering from a severe headache. ...  [Guardian - 14/7/16]



‏@wikileaks  ... Turkey's Patriotic Party says that CIA is behind #Gulen (who lives in Pennsylvania) coup



"Darbeyi 14 Gün Önce Milletimize Duyurduk!" [VATAN PARTiSi - 16/7/16]



The United Nations Security Council failed on Saturday to condemn the violence and unrest in Turkey after Egypt objected to a statement that called on all parties to "respect the democratically elected government of Turkey," diplomats said.

The U.S.-drafted statement, seen by Reuters, also expressed grave concern over the situation in Turkey, urged the parties to show restraint, avoid any violence or bloodshed, and called for an urgent end to the crisis and return to rule of law  ... [Reuters - 16/7/16]



Muslim cleric Gulen: Coup bid in Turkey could have been staged [Reuters - 16/7/16]:


... "There is a slight chance, there is a possibility that it could be a staged coup," Gulen told reporters through a translator in Pennsylvania, where he resides.

"It could be meant for court accusations and associations." ...



Turkey's foreign minister said on Saturday he had made clear in a call with U.S. counterpart John Kerry that followers of U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen were behind a coup attempt, but had not directly discussed the cleric's possible extradition. ... [Reuters - 16/7/16]




17 July 2016