Day 168 peaceful protest. [East Haus, Manus Island]

Some tortured us, physically some tortured us, mentally and some tortured us emotionally.

Enough it's enough.




Image:  @Shamindan1 [17/1/18]



@sunosi3 [17/1/18]:  Being in prison for five years without any point guilt or reason ,168 days of peaceful protest nothing has changed ,only $politics has been practiced by #our names. We are living in the planet where there’s no more #human rights exist on it .# Manus # [East Lorengau, Manus Island]



Teenagers held in isolated cells for more than 250 days in Western Australia [Guardian - 16/1/18]



The torture architects [ACLU]:


... Drawing on their experience as psychologists and relying on experiments conducted on dogs in the 1960s, Mitchell and Jessen proposed that CIA prisoners should be psychologically destroyed through the infliction of severe mental and physical pain and suffering.

They theorized that inducing a state of “learned helplessness” in captives would eradicate any resistance they might have to interrogation.

This theory had never been – and could not legally or ethically be – tested, and their program involved not only torturing prisoners but experimenting on them in violation of the international ban on non-consensual human experimentation. ... Salim v. Mitchell – lawsuit against psychologists behind CIA torture program [ACLU]



@UK_CAGE [16/1/18]:  So now CAGE and his military lawyer have submitted a petition to the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights. The Commission requested that the US provide Muhammad Rahim adequate medical treatment as recommended by specialists to protect his life and physical integrity...



@rohanjay [15/1/18]:  Guantanamo #torture survivors: “Confined to a place where torture was practiced (for some, on them) but where effective treatment is not, and can never be, available.”  


... There are interconnected physical, mental and emotional components to effective torture rehabilitation, and survivors often work with a team of care providers, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, massage therapists and physical therapists.

It is perhaps axiomatic that none of these requirements can be met at Guantanamo.

The military is in complete control over all aspects of detainee’s lives.

They remain held captive by the government responsible (directly or indirectly) for their torture, and in a setting that will forever be synonymous with torture.

Guantanamo medical personnel not only lack the specialized skills and expertise necessary to provide torture rehabilitation, but also cannot reasonably expect detainees to trust them (especially) given the role some of their predecessors played in the abuses detainees suffered. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [14/1/18]:  Any ethical psychologists have a view on what bringing an exiled refugee to Australia, subjecting him to time with pro Labor Party "advocates" and self described "trauma counsellors", then re-exiling him, might do to the mind? ... #Manus #torture



@Aussie4Refugees [17/1/18]:  The ABC's Peter Lloyd and Ian Rintoul are not producing journalism or advocating for the rights of trafficked and exiled refugees, they are promulgating medical torture "deterrence" propaganda. Australia's war of attrition continues unchallenged.  



@Aussie4Refugees [17/1/18]: Until the ABC's Peter Lloyd explains why he partially exposed UNHCR collaboration with "deterrence" policy [in May 2016], then ran dead - anything he reports about Australia's war on refugees is tainted. ...  #Nauru #Manus



The direct and predictable consequence of Labor Party anti-refugee “deterrence” policy, which Australia's media, professional associations, unions, academics, NGOs and the human rights establishment all support. ---> “They’re trying to kill me, if they kill me take care of my son.”

These were the last words of Faysal Ishak Ahmad before his death on Christmas Eve.

The Sudanese refugee uttered these words during his last visit to his friend Walid Sandal.

This is not a scene from a tragic film or novel.

This is the reality of the prison on Manus Island, hundreds of kilometres from Australia and in the middle of a silent ocean. ... [Guardian - 30/12/16]



... Sometimes I wake suddenly, because of too much pain.

I feel scared of IHMS because they are using my pain to put me under pressure.

I am sure that they will leave me with my pain. ... [The Saturday Paper - 16/4/16]



Interview with refugee Behrouz Bouchani - trafficked and exiled the Australian government on Manus Island [IranWire - 11/11/15]:


... Are there any psychologists or counselors available to talk to refugees?


Yes, but the behavior of the psychologists who work here has always had an element of torture to it.

In a remote corner of the camp there is a solitary detention center called Chauka were offenders have been kept.

Now it has been replaced with another solitary detention center called the Green Zone.

The psychologists mostly spend their time there and subject inmates to meticulous and agonizing question-and-answer sessions that resemble interrogations.

They ask them all kinds of questions about their mental health and their dreams.

They really upset people, and many refugees who have been questioned by the psychologists say that when they talk to them they feel like they are being tortured.

I have had the same experience.

I am really scared of them. ...



How is it that Australia can host a conference about refugee trauma featuring speakers who endorse anti-refugee torture policy i.e "deterrence'?




What part of the PNG Supreme Court ruling that the Labor Party's anti-refugee trafficking, exile and indefinite detention policy is ILLEGAL does the ABC's Eric Tlozek, and Greens Senator Nick McKim, not understand?


... "It's not designed as a processing facility, it's designed as an experiment in the active creation of horror to deter people from trying in the first place." ... 


I was told to lie: Former Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]





... Why'd he die and who is guilty?


Not I said the big world leader
Who prosecutes the "war on terror"
I am keeping the world safe for you
It is what leaders are appointed to do
The refugees that have to flee
Are not my responsibility
Don't point your finger at me
He was in prison to keep you free ..


'Who Killed Reza Berati?', Phil Monsour [2014]



Local G4S staff member from #Manus Island RPC poses with gun and radio. @Asher_Wolf [2/3/14]



@Aussie4Refugees [17/1/18]:  US Ambassadors and State Dept officials must be extremely proud of ongoing US influence in establishing Guantanamo-style refugee gulags and the conditions for enslavement throughout Asia Pacific. Why don't Stefan Armbruster, Ben Doherty, Liam Fox, Peter Lloyd or Eric Tlozek ask?





And not ONE politician, human rights organisation, NGO, "advocate" or legal "expert" called on the Australian government and opposition to PROTECT the refugees, END the "deterrence" policy and resume meeting our international obligations [15/4/17]



...  "And it emerges for the first time that there hasn't been a single processing interview to assess their claims since the centre opened last August." ... [SBS - May 2013]




17 January 2018