... Nearly one-in-three migrants/refugees seen in MSF clinics experienced violent events including physical trauma along their journey.

State authorities, including those in European countries were the perpetrators in over half of such events which were associated with border closures.

There is “a crisis of protection and safe passage” which needs to change towards one of respect for the principles of international human rights and refugee law. ... A crisis of protection and safe passage: violence experienced by migrants/refugees travelling along the Western Balkan corridor to Northern Europe [BioMed Central - 16/4/17]



While we are waiting to enter Spain ... "They treat us worse than animals"  @FronterasFiltro [17/4/17]



@AneIrazabal [16/4/17]:  The future of thousands and thousands of #refugiados in the hands of a man devoted to authoritarianism ... safe third country? #Turkeyreferendum  



Record numbers of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean over the weekend [EURO News - 17/4/17]



Rescuers battle rough seas to save hundreds of stranded migrants [CNN - 16/4/17]



At least 20 migrants trying to reach Europe drowned on Sunday in the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya, a Reuters photographer said.

Photographer Darrin Zammit Lupi, who is aboard the rescue ship Phoenix, said he saw 20 bodies while a dinghy was being helped by the crew of the ship, run by the Malta-based Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS). [Reuters - 16/4/17]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 16/4/17]



4 killed, 22 injured in a terrorist rocket and mortar attacks in Deir Ezzor and Damascus [SANA - 16/4/17]



It has been 71 years since the French soldiers were evacuated to the last one ending the French colonial mandate of Syria, an occasion the Syrian people annually mark on April 17th as a celebration of their independence , also known as the Evacuation Day. ... [SANA - 17/4/17]



@JulianAssange [16/4/17]:  After the massacre of shiite refugee families in Syria yesterday let's recall the Western media's original CIA backed "moderate rebel"



Did Al Qaeda fool the White House again? [Consortium News - 14/4/17]:


... “Why should our goal right now be to defeat the Islamic State in Syria?” [Thomas] Friedman asked before proposing outright support for the jihadists: “We could dramatically increase our military aid to anti-Assad rebels, giving them sufficient anti-tank and antiaircraft missiles to threaten Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah and Syrian helicopters and fighter jets and make them bleed, maybe enough to want to open negotiations. Fine with me.”

So, not only have the mainstream U.S. media stars decided that they know what happen on April 4 in a remote Al Qaeda-controlled section of Idlib province (without seeing any real evidence) but they are now building off their groupthink to propose that the Trump administration hand out antiaircraft missiles to the “anti-Assad rebels” who, in reality, are under the command of Al Qaeda and/or the Islamic State. ...



Civilian casualties in airstrikes reported; 114 killed across Iraq [Antiwar.com - 16/4/17]:


Flooding in Mosul has rendered a pair of temporary pontoon bridges unusable.

With the destruction of the five bridges that used to span the Tigris River, floating bridges were built to facilitate crossing the river.

Now the refugees must use boats or other routes to escape west Mosul, and the arrival of aid has been curtailed. ...



Hundreds of members of Egypt's Christian minority Copt community gathered at a church in the city of Tanta on Easter Sunday to mourn those killed in a suicide bombing there a week earlier.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Palm Sunday attack on the church and the bombing of another church in Alexandria on the same day, attacks that killed 45 people in total.

Amid heavy security, worshippers filed past a flower-strewn memorial at the Mar Girgis church, with incense burning, and offered prayers. ... [Reuters - 16/4/17]



Hacker documents show NSA tools for breaching global money transfer system [Reuters - 15/4/17]



US conducts tests for upgraded nuclear bomb [The Hill - 15/4/17]



The Fog of War:  Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara - Errol Morris's Oscar-winning 2003 documentary



@DeptofDefense [24/6/16]:  Today in 1952 @usairforce, @USNavy & @USMC almost destroyed North Korea! Remembering our #History



Thousands of sexual assault reports in US immigration detention not investigated [Jamaica Observer - 16/4/17]:


A United States federal civil rights complaint claims that thousands of reports of sexual assault in immigration detention are yet to be investigated.

According to a new report by Fusion, a multi-platform American company owned by Univision Communication, out of 33,126 complaints of sexual and physical abuse in immigration detention, only 570 cases have been investigated by the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the agency’s oversight office.

The complaint filed by the immigrant rights group, Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC), includes reports of sexual and physical assaults during medical examinations, strip searches and rapes in detention allegedly perpetrated by guards and other detainees, Fusion said, stating that the complaints reviewed were filed between January 2010 and July 2016. ...



Hugo Castro, a U.S. citizen and immigrant rights activist from San Diego, has been missing since Thursday evening after posting a Facebook Live video from the shoulder of a highway near Mexico City, saying a group of criminals was "hunting" him. ... [KPBS - 16/4/17]



The southern Mojave Desert is known by most as a serene landscape, freckled with lizards, coyotes, jack rabbits as well as a cornucopia of other wildlife and desert vegetation.

But starting April 8, 2017, the landscape was temporarily adorned with trucks, biologists and a helicopter all in support of one being: the desert tortoise.

The translocation, in accordance with a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-signed biological opinion, serves as a negotiated mitigation to support the mandated land expansion, which will enable the installation to conduct large-scale exercise training with up to a Marine Expeditionary Brigade-sized force. ... [US Department of Defense - 14/4/17]



‏@JulianAssange [16/4/17]:  Erdoğan rules out releasing German-Turkish journalist imprisoned for WikiLeaks reporting 'as long as I am in power'



@JulianAssange [15/4/17]:  Detained without charge for 7 years, in violation of 2 UN rulings, I still walk the streets of the world--thanks to artists who give a damn



@JulianAssange [15/4/17]:  Prison letter from @alaa ...










Protesters calling for #ManusIsland to be closed in Bourke St Mall today #Melbourne #refugees #RefugeesWelcome ‏ @tcosoleto [17/4/17]



...  "We should defend these refugees using whatever means necessary," Tamil Refugee Council spokesman Aran Mylvaganam told the crowd on Monday.

"Our government will not do it because this is what they wanted to see.

"They want to torture these refugees so that others who are waiting to flee their countries will not choose to come here."

Mr Mylvaganam called on Australians and the trade union movement to "lead the fight back" and close what he called torture camps.

"Your silence is costing lives," he said. ... [Nine MSN - 17/4/17]



PNGDF attack another example of why Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus Island is unsafe says Amnesty [PNG Loop - 17/4/17]:


... “More incidences like this are inevitable unless the refugees and asylum seekers are relocated to safety,” she said.

“We call for measures to ensure the immediate safety and wellbeing of all asylum seekers and refugees, including adequate medical care to those who may have suffered from damage or injury, and a prompt and independent investigation of this incident.

“Amnesty International reiterates its call on Australian authorities to immediately halt its unlawful policy of offshore processing. Those trapped on Manus Island and on Nauru must be brought to Australia, or a third country where their rights and safety can be assured.” ...



Asylum seekers ask Israel for FREEDOM at Passover [Ynet - 11/4/17]



Lena Jarbouni released after 15 years of Israeli imprisonment [Samidoun - 16/4/17]



Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is an internationally-recognized human rights crime—but those being impacted are harshly punished for not only acts of resistance, but even mere advocacy for their rights.

Getting detailed facts about Israel’s imposition of Military Law in the West Bank, Abby Martin visits the the Ramallah offices of Addameer—the most prominent prisoners’ rights organizations in Palestine—for a shocking investigation into the use of Israeli jails and arbitrary laws as a weapon.

Chronicling this history of resistance and repression from the First Intifada through the 2015 uprising, this episode shows what brutal lengths the Israeli occupation will go to silence any and all advocacy for freedom. [teleSUR - 11/4/17]



The next phase in the War on BDS: Why Israel detained Omar Barghouti [Palestine Chronicle - 29/3/17]:


... What worries Israel most about BDS is what it calls the movement’s attempt to ‘delegitimize’ Israel.

Since its inception, Israel has fought for legitimacy.

But it is difficult to achieve legitimacy without respecting the rules required for a country to be legitimate.

Israel wants to have it both ways: sustain its profitable occupation, test its latest weapon technology, detain and torture, besiege and assassinate while receiving international nods of approval. ...



They love themselves, each other and Israel.



Kindred spirits bond during visit to Israel [SBS - 20/2/17]



... I will be accompanied on this trip by Shadow Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, and my wife Chloe.”

The Australian delegation is being led by Trade Minister Steve Ciobo and opposition defence spokesman Richard Marles. ... Shorten heads for Jerusalem [J-Wire - 17/1/17]



GIVE THEM BACK THEIR BABY YOU JUDGMENTAL, SNEERY, DO GOODER BASTARDS ---> The teenage couple who fled hospital with their three-day-old baby have vowed to fight for the little girl and revealed they haven't seen her since she went back to hospital. ... [NZ Herald - 17/1/17]



A man is fighting for life this morning after he fell from a balcony in Coolangatta overnight. ... [MYGC - 17/4/17]



Man arrested after early morning siege in Surfers Paradise [MYGC - 17/4/17]



The Volunteer Marine Rescue has been called in to help get paramedics to an injured woman on a boat off the Gold Coast on Sunday night.

It took around 40 minutes to reach the woman, who had reportedly fallen on the yacht off South Stradbroke.

The woman, aged in her 60s, suffered a serious injury to her upper leg and was bleeding significantly. ... [MYGC - 17/4/17]



They don't savage "long hairs" kids! They bring magical eggs! [QPS Media - 15/4/17]



Fascism. --->  ... They are the first inductees into an experimental school program at Mabel Park High School that uses military-style tactics to teach students life skills. ... [ABC - 17/4/17]



Woman's body, wheelchair pulled from Adelaide parklands pond [ABC - 17/4/17]




17 April 2017