@MSF_Sea [16/5/16]:  ... #Dignity1 has completed their 3rd rescue. 182 #people incl 57 women & 4 kids were traveling in this boat.




@ItalianNavy [16/5/16]:  #SAR Nave BORSINI #MarinaMilitare in operazione #MareSicuro ha ultimato recupero di 123 migranti su gommone nello Stretto di Sicilia.





@guardiacostiera [16/5/16]:  #SAR #CentraleOperativa #GuardiaCostiera coordina 11 operazioni di soccorso nel #CanalediSicilia  



Day 58, refugee protests on Nauru





via  Refugee Rights Action Network WA  [16/5/16]



Image:  ‏@Mums4Refugees  [16/5/16]




‏@Mums4Refugees [16/5/16]:  ... 58th day consecutive protest on Nauru ...







"AUSSIES DON'T BE SILENT PLEASE" ‏@Mums4Refugees  [16/5/16] 



Political prisoners on Manus chant for freedom as protest continues [PNG Loop – 16/5/16]:


... “It’s a peaceful protest,” Benham Satah tells Loop PNG from Manus.

He said they are protesting to be sent back to Australia and not be let free to go out to the communities in Manus or PNG.

“If we wanted to go out of Lombrum, we would have put a request for it. In fact many of us don’t feel safe to go out,” he said.

And they are adamant they want Australian authorities to respond to their demand to be taken back to Australia.

“We haven’t committed any crime in your country, we are taken here by force,” Satah added. ...







And still London's Financial Times is the only establishment voice calling on Australia to CLOSE its illegal concentration camps and respect the UN Refugee Convention






WHERE has the UN "slammed" or "savaged" Australia's treatment of refugees recently, and why is it impossible to locate their latest "finding" anywhere on the UN website? [Sydney Morning Herald - 16/5/16]




... “The combination of the arbitrary character of (their) detention, its protracted and/or indefinite duration, the refusal to provide information and procedural rights to (them) and the difficult conditions of detention are cumulatively inflicting serious psychological harm upon them,” the Committee members wrote in their conclusions adopted on 25 July and made public on Thursday. ... [UN Committee on Human Rights Media Release - 22/8/13]





Perhaps Daniel Flitton could ask the UNHCR why they are now supporting Australia's anti-refugee policy of torture and exile?




Open letter to UNHCR from Nauru refugees questions motive of their April visit, calls for GENUINE resettlement after three years of punishment and torture [OP Voice - 2/5/16]:


... They tried to encourage refugees to utilise the one and only option (Cambodia) to go and live there but on the other side, refugees did not want to be misused again as laboratory rats ...

Cambodia's offer from Australian immigration to Nauru refugees have proved that Nauru does no have abilities for local integration.


The purpose of NO ADVANTAGE and PACIFIC SOLUTION policies for refugees [who are] described as queue jumpers to be punished in underdeveloped countries and be processed as long as it will take for refugees who applied for UNHCR resettlement process from Indonesia that attest take 3 to 4 years to get an answer. 

The difference between us and refugees who are in Indonesia is that we have been processed in DETENTION CENTRE under mouldy tents. ...

 We can witness a processing case from a refugee that applied UNHCR in July 2013 in Indonesia who has been accepted and will be resettled in Australia next week, but Nauru refugees still located in Nauru and they are just eligible enough to tolerate the discrimination from UNHCR processing system.

This strategy has proved to all Nauru refugee that the time of the torture is over and all refugees deserve to be transferred as soon as possible to the 28 UNHCR countries so they can start their new life if they are still mentally and physically healthy.

In conclusion, we are asking from UNHCR to arrange a resettlement in the 27 UNHCR countries except Australia. 

But it is obvious that regarding to UNHCR, absence of visiting Guantanamo, government of Australia have used the opportunity to cover some of the problems and disasters therefore it is fair for us to doubt on your visitation of Nauru after all these years for another political games. 

We are going to publish this news so at least you can answer media and reporters' questions. ...




UN Victory in Assange arbitrary detention case:  Decision has big implications for refugees and whistleblowers, but Australia's establishment "refugee advocates" weren't interested, and Australia's international law experts inexplicably focussed on the minority dissenting opinion [Center for Constitutional Rights - 5/2/16]



Predictable lies from Murdoch's hate propagandists are filling the void left by the censorship and silence of other media outlets, human rights organisations, and so called civil society groups.









... does this look violent? #Manus guys want safety & freedom #CloseTheCamps #BringThemHere  via ‏@rranwa [16/5/16]




Protests on Nauru and Manus continue as Australia refuses to close its illegal camps and free the refugees.  Human rights organisations silent as Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee fascism continues being exposed to the world [RNZI - 16/5/16]




...  Meanwhile, an enforcement claim for compensation has been filed at the PNG Supreme Court for breaches of constitutional rights by asylum seekers who were processed at the centre.

Human rights lawyer Ben Lomai, who represents 600 applicants in Manus, said the application will be moved in court on Monday (May 16). 


Meanwhile, Australian barrister Jay Williams has also filed an application in the Supreme Court of Australia seeking an injunctive order for the 850 detainees in Manus to return to Australia.

The state and PNG immigration are parties in the proceeding in Australia.

Lomai said the application in the Australian High Court is to injunct the PNG Government and the Commonwealth of Australia from sending the asylum seekers to Nauru but to only return them to Australia.

This application will be heard on May 23, 9:30am at the Supreme Court of Australia. [PNG Loop - 14/5/16]




Update from Behrouz Boochani - journalist illegally imprisoned by the Australian government on Nauru [5/5/16]:


Some main information about our court cases:

We will have a court meeting in PNG court on 13 May.

It is a hearing with a single judge who will consider the motions from our lawyers regarding joining the Australian government and explicit orders for release , and return to Australia.

The judge will then convene the full bench for a full hearing, hopefully the start of the week of the 16th.

Also we will have a court on Australian high court.the court will sit with one judge to give directions about the hearing of the case on 23 May.

The main purpose of this court is to prevent our transfer from Manus to Nauru




Australia's "deterrence" war of attrition against refugees continues in its illegal camps. Human rights organisations mute:  Awful to hear another serious assault on refugee in Nauru last night. When will enough be enough ... ‏@Mums4Refugees [16/5/16]




Dirty Business on Nauru: Democratic Gulag of Australia [VIDEO - Autonomous Action Radio - 16/5/16]





Lecture ANU: Nauru's retreat from democracy [16/5/16]




Refugee Rights Action Network WA [15/5/16]:



Photos from Nauru tonight - memorial service to remember Rakib.

Another vigil marking the death of a prisoner unjustly incarcerated by the Australian government for political gain on the pacific black site of Nauru.

Earlier today a notice with the following information was circulated in the camp:


"On the behalf from Bangladeshi Community, We'd like to invite you for the funeral of our beloved friend Rakib. ...

A Memorial Service to celebrate the life of our Mate Rakib is going to be held at Nibok Settlement Side (Camp Four) on 15th of May 2016 starts at 04:00pm until 08:00pm.

A Bangladeshi guy who has passed away with suspected heart failure aged 24.

Rakib has left his last breath at Ron Hospital for the lack of Medical Supplies.

He has been here on Nauru as A refugee pretty much 29 Months.

We are all here in an extremely difficult situation, which none of us chose.

We have now lost three precious lives (Omid + Hodan + Rakib) due to our terrible circumstance.

We don't want to lose any one else.

It's crucial for us to stay strong and united.

We should look after each other.

If you notice a friend is not coping, give them support and be there for them as guardian.

We don't have much, but the most significant thing we have is each other and this is what will get us through this hard time.

All of you from every community are invited to attend the Memorial Day of Rakib.

It would be a great pleasure to get all of you together on that day.

I hope you would give your valuable time to attend the celebration. Thank you so much."




Regional human rights establishment busy making reductive calls to #EndChildDetention as refugees perish on Nauru and Manus [Asia Pacific Report - 13/5/16]




Opposition politician Belden Namah (who launched Manus challenge) calls on PNG PM O'Neill to step down [RNZI - 16/5/16]:


The Papua New Guinea opposition MP who launched the successful challenge to the Manus Island asylum seeker detention centre has called for the removal of the prime minister Peter O'Neill.

In 2014, the then opposition leader Belden Namah challenged the deal between Australia and PNG to open the Manus centre for offshore processing of asylum seekers who had tried to reach Australia.

PNG's Supreme Court last month ruled that the Manus arrangement was illegal.

Belden Namah said the ruling nearly three weeks ago showed that Mr O'Neill attempted to vandalise and compromise PNG's constitution to serve the policy interests of a foreign government.

While the prime minister declared following the ruling that the centre would be closed, the governments of PNG and Australia have yet to settle on what to do with the asylum seekers and refugees still on Manus NOT FREED THE MEN.

Mr Namah said he was giving the PNG and Australian governments three months to close down the facility.

Furthermore, he has called on Mr O'Neill to resign due to what he describes as mounting governance and economic crises.

The Vanimo-Green River MP was also partly responsible for another successful Supreme Court challenge against an O'Neill government initiative.

The 30-month grace period amendment, which further protected PNG's government from motions of no-confidence in parliament, was declared unconstitutional last year.

Belden Namah cited the latest ruling as further evidence that Peter O'Neill was prepared to compromise and vandalize the constitution to build his personal wealth while the country was brought to its knees.

Mr Namah's call came as police fraud squad detectives recently made a series of high profile arrests linked to a major fraud case implicating the prime minister.

The probe stems from investigations by the anti-corruption unit Taskforce Sweep.

An arrest warrant was secured in 2014, but fraud detectives remain stayed from arresting Mr O'Neill on that charge by a judicial review still before the courts.

Claiming PNG needs an urgent rescue, Mr Namah said he and his colleagues in opposition had done all they could to defend the constitution and hold the prime minister accountable, but that the people must take the country back.

"The whole country needs to rally behind the university students, and the PNG anti - corruption police and Task Force Sweep Team and demand the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister," said Mr Namah.

The prime minister has repeatedly claimed his innocence over the fraud case and denied there was any evidence of wrongdoing on his part.

However Mr Namah said the Prime Minister must clear himself from allegations of corruption through the institutions of state that have worked very well for 40 years since independence.

"Papua New Guinea will be no more if this man, Peter O'Neill is allowed one more day in office" he said at a press conference in Port Moresby yesterday.

The former opposition leader said a new government or prime minister was needed as a matter of urgency to review, reform and take corrective measures to the economy and save the nation from total collapse.

"Our corruption index rating has gone over the roof, our economic and financial rating nosedived to negative value, and as an investment destination, we have withered away".



Some 20,000 Australians came out to watch the world’s biggest jet, the Antonov AN-225 Mriya, land in Perth.

The thousands of excited onlookers couldn’t help but cheer in amazement as the Soviet-designed cargo plane fought crosswinds while preparing to touch down on Sunday morning.  ... [RT - 15/5/16]







Hundreds of climate change activists in Washington state and New York mobilized on Saturday as part of a global protest against fossil fuels, event organizers said. ... [Reuters - 14/5/16]







Protesters take over German coal mine, block power plant [Deutsche Welle - 14/5/16]







Plans by Origin to move in and start CSG drilling in the area contaminated by Linc Energy’s underground coal gasification project has alarmed landholders, who have called for the Queensland Government to step in and halt drilling.

After catastrophic failure of the Linc Energy project, an ‘excavation caution zone’ was put in place by the Qld Government across 300,000ha of land when elevated levels of dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide were recorded in soils.  

Many landholders have been told they are not allowed to dig deeper than 2m within the caution zone, yet Origin Energy is preparing to enter and drill gas wells right through the area.  ... [Lock The Gate - 10/5/16]







57 striking workers arrested at Glencore's South African coal mine [Reuters - 5/4/16]







Two workers have died and five are missing after a wall collapsed at a copper mine owned by a Glencore subsidiary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ... [Telegraph - 8/3/16]




Government warned of ‘blood on the streets’ over Wik bauxite plan [National Indigenous Times – 26/2/16]:


... The submission, one of 16 to the Senate Standing Committee, questions among many other things the signing of a Development Agreement between Glencore and the Queensland Government on January 5, 2015, the day before Campbell Newman announced a snap poll for January 31.

On January 14, during caretaker mode, a Mineral Development License was signed and accepted by the state, which ABD [Aurukun Bauxite Development Pty Ltd] claims was a blatant break with convention.

It also alleges that both Glencore and the State Development Department hired a Wik Traditional Owner to help sever ties between NAK [Ngan Aak-Kunch Aboriginal Corporation] and the influential Cape York Land Council at the height of the negotiations, a claim emphatically denied by Glencore.

The submission also claims successive Queensland governments going back to Peter Beattie’s Labor administration in 2006 had done everything in their power to keep the Wik hamstrung during any bidding process and strip them of any chance to create economic opportunity in their communities, often described as the most disadvantaged in Australia.

ABD and NAK believe that in 2006, legislative changes to the Mineral Resources Act 1989 (Qld) effectively removed the Wik’s Native Title rights and every subsequent action of successive governments had “followed this pattern of denial”.

NAK is now challenging those amendments in the High Court.

It argues that because the amendments were flawed, every decision relating to Aurukun since those amendments came into law are also flawed. ...






Communities neglected by Israel fundraise to build road [Al Jazeera - 14/5/16]






Israel refuses to grant an ID number to Khalid Yasin, even though he has lived in the West Bank for over two decades. ... [Al Jazeera - 14/5/16]






A group of Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian woman and her child late Friday night during an incursion into a home in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron's Old City in the southern occupied West Bank. ... [Maan - 14/5/16]







Bombing hits Yemen’s Mukalla, leaves 25 police recruits dead [Press TV - 15/5/16]





United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Syria and Iraq [US Department of Defense - 15/5/16]





An Islamic State attack on a state-run gas plant in Baghdad's northern outskirts on Sunday killed at least 11 people, including policemen, and forced two power stations it supplied to suspend electricity production.

A suicide car bomb went off at the entrance of the facility in Taji at around 0600 local time (0300 GMT), allowing another vehicle carrying at least six attackers with explosive vests to enter and clash with security forces, police sources said. Twenty-one people were also wounded. ... [Reuters - 15/5/16]







@carwinb [15/5/16]:  CENTCOM wanted $352 from Reuters for FOIA re death employees in 2007 Baghdad airstrike. ...






... I keep fighting to warn the world of the dangerous trend in which the only information you can access is the kind that someone with money or power wants you to see.

And, I keep fighting to let people know that they too can create change. By staying informed and educated, anyone can make a difference.

You have the ability to fight for a better world for everyone — even for the most desperate, those at the bottom of the social ladder, refugees from conflict, queer and trans individuals, prisoners, and those born into poverty.  ... Chelsea Manning, My Acceptance Speech for the 2016 Blueprint Enduring Impact Whistleblowing Prize (As read by Aaron Kirkhouse — May 9, 2016) [Medium]







Kerry meets Saudi king to discuss Syria before Vienna talks [Reuters - 15/5/16]







Declassified documents detail 9/11 commission's inquiry into Saudi Arabia [Guardian - 13/5/16]




In solidarity with Syria, Australian boxing team conducts exercises for a set of matches in Fayha’a Sports City [SANA - 14/5/16]



‏@MSF_Sea  [15/5/16]:  Last night our team saw 173 refugees including many families transferred from #Leros to a detention facility in #Kos





To compel refugees to leave Chios, police cut off the water and told them they must sleep outside [Κυριακάτικο Σχολείο Μεταναστών - 15/5/16]  




Protests, hunger strikes and no running water in Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus Island [Guardian - 19/1/15]




@davo537 [14/5/16]:  EUROPA dando el cante. #EurovisionSongContest ...







Border Security Force (BSF) shot a Bangladeshi teenager to death in Goalpara border area under Jibonnagar upazila of Chuadanga district yesterday.

The deceased was Shihab Uddin, 16, son of Mahabul Halsana of Goalpaara village. ... [Dhaka Tribune - 15/5/16]







Suspect arrested over murders of Bangladesh LGBT rights activist Xulhaz, his friend Tonoy [bdnews24.com - 15/5/16]







56 die in lightning strikes in Bangladesh in two days [bdnews24.com - 13/5/16]




Irrawaddy publishes cartoon articulating Australian political and media establishment discourse over past three decades [Asian Correspondent - 12/5/16]




16 May 2016