226th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


# Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [16/3/18]



@Omarjack003 [16/3/18]:  i don't know why many people get surprised that when Mr #PeterDutton considering fast track visas for white African farmers! don't you know that children, women and men been on #Manus&#Nauru for almost 5yrs just because we're not white and Christians!? #auspol stop #racism.



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN : Today's report on the situation of Refugees in Balikpapan detention centre . Friday 16-3-2018 59th day of our peaceful demonstration for freedom ...



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN : 59th day of our peaceful demonstration for freedom in Balikpapan detention center . This video is from today's demonstration Friday 16-3-2018 ...



@ezzad102 [16/3/18]:  59day of peaceful full protest, i never give [up] my rights ... i am human #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers 



@AliNatiqi [16/3/18]: 59th days of peaceful protest for freedom in Balikpapan IDC We can see openly, the indifferences of @UNHCR and @IOM against refugees of Balikpapan detention center. ...



Reuters’ journalist shows symptoms of liver disease [Myanmar Times - 15/3/18]



Some international observers urged Myanmar on Wednesday not to drag out legal proceedings against two Reuters journalists, as they appeared in court for the 10th time since they were arrested in December and accused of possessing secret government papers. ... [Reuters - 14/3/18]



Myanmar says it has verified fewer than 400 Rohingya for refoulement from Bangladesh to its concentration camps [Reuters - 14/3/18]



The leader of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), a Sinhala Buddhist extremist group, was seen attending an event with Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena in Tokyo this week, just days after deadly anti-Muslim riots erupted on the island. ... [Tamil Guardian - 15/3/18]



Families of the disappeared mark 1 year of protest in Maruthankerny [Tamil Guardian - 15/3/18]



Eight schools still under Sri Lankan army occupation in the Valikamam North 'high security zone' should be released for resumption of educational activities, the Northern Provincial Council has said. ... [Tamil Guardian - 14/3/18]



Biloela is in the Federal electorate of Flynn, which was held by Labor until Gillard and Shorten knifed Rudd to implement their version of the Pacific Solution in 2010



As well as insulting the town of Biloela, Fr Rod Bower exploits the plight of a brutalised Sri Lankan refugee family in his ongoing campaign to get Bill "it is OUR policy" Shorten and his band of proven anti-refugee Labor fascists Marles, Bowen, Burke and Khalil back into government.



‏@Aussie4Refugees [16/3/18]  If Andrew Giles was genuinely "disturbed" by Border Force's ruthless attempt to deport a Sri Lankan family in Biloela, he wouldn't be in the Labor Party. This ongoing brutalisation of refugees in the name of "deterrence", is his party's policy. He thinks you're stupid. 



Dutton is not especially racist or unique. His weekly provocations simply highlight how the Labor Party's White Australia Policy lives on, and there is no political opposition and/or genuine advocacy for your freedom and your right to seek asylum.




@Aussies4Refugees [16/3/18]: What's worse, Dutton's loud and emboldened hate, or the silence of "advocates", the human rights establishment, legal fraternity and media as men, women and children are quietly disappeared after 5 years of torture?



16 March 2018