That Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014 doesn't even register with the international community? ---->  Those who oppose admitting more refugees in Western countries often ask why other countries aren’t taking them.

The reality is they are.

In fact, the five wealthiest countries — which make up half the global economy — are hosting less than 5 percent of the world’s refugees, while 86 percent of refugees are in poorer developing countries that are often struggling to meet the needs of their own people.

These are the findings of a new report by Oxfam, titled “Too small a welcome from the world’s wealthy.”

Together, the U.S., China, Japan, the U.K. and Germany are hosting less than 1 million refugees.

These five richest countries have taken 938,231 people, or 4.8 percent of the world’s 19.5 million refugees, even though they boast just over one-half of the cumulative global GDP. ... [Salon - 10/6/16]



‏@PplJustLikeUs [16/6/16]:  Welcome Bishop Vincent Long. Please use your position to show mercy for Manus and Nauru hostages. #BringThemHere



Installation of Bishop Vincent Long as 4th Bishop of Parramatta [Catholic Outlook - 16/6/16]



Day 89 refugee protests, Nauru



Image:  ‏@SuchNigel [16/6/16]




Nauru is a failed state dictatorship, and only allows journalists in if it is understood they will push the Nauruan and Australian anti-refugee hate agenda ---> ‏@elahe_zivardar [16/6/16]:  Day 89 of peaceful protest on Nauru.with the journalists from Australian government!!!




‏@SuchNigel [16/6/16]:



People came to the camp "RPC2" and they claimed they were reporters of channel 9 but when we asked to show us their ID cards


they said not with them now after that no one talked to them coz we doubted they were from imagination department




Damned lies, News Corp and Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island, Behrouz Boochani [The Saturday Paper - 28/5/16]:


... Have Peter Michael and his fellow journalists ever asked themselves why the Manus prison is operating so confidentially, and why no journalists have been allowed to visit the centres to report directly on conditions?

The answer is crystal clear. The government is engaged in illegal and inhumane policies that they have kept secret from the public.

I emphasise once again that these days, days prior to the election, are vital for refugees, particularly those on Manus Island.

We have been exploited politically for so long, in a brutal and harsh way.

We are really worried, and have been since the Supreme Court decision that ruled our incarceration illegal.

Still, we are kept here.

We are worried about what role the Australian government will make for us in the election and what kind of impact that will have on us.

It feels dangerous because we are powerless.




"POLITICAL PRISONERS ON MANUS CALL FOR LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY" ‏@Mums4Refugees [15/6/16]:  Day 34 peaceful protest by the men trapped on Manus ...







An Australian Navy ship has held a solemn ceremony in the Sunda Strait to remember one of the most heroic battles in Indonesian waters during World War Two. ... [Australian Embassy, Indonesia Media Release - 15/6/16]



‏@DubesAustralia - Paul Grigson - Australian Ambassador to Indonesia [12/6/16]:  Selamat datang di Jakarta HMAS Perth a warm welcome from @TNI_AL @Australian_Navy



Where is the UNHCR's statement?  Why are Thomas Vargas, Volker Türk, Thomas Albrecht (and Australia's "People Smuggling Ambassador" Andrew Goledzinowski) nowhere to be found? ---> @W7VOA [16/6/16]:  Despite #Indonesia VP's order, security forces not allowing #Tamil refugees to disembark, says @LilianneFan



Indonesian government allows stranded Australia-bound asylum seekers to temporarily disembark [Jakarta Globe - 16/6/16]:

Indonesia will allow 44 Australian-bound asylum seekers from Sri Lanka to temporarily disembark in Aceh Besar district, Aceh, Thursday morning for food and boat repair after they were stranded for five days at the waters off Lhoknga coast.

Aceh provincial administration spokesman Fran Dellian said the asylum seekers were allowed to come ashore after Vice President Jusuf Kalla sent a memo on Wednesday afternoon instructing Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah to temporarily host the asylum seekers.

In the memo, Kalla instructed the Aceh government to provide food to the 44 asylum seekers, which include a pregnant woman and nine children.

The memo also said Aceh must help to repair the boat and provide fuel before they are released back to international waters.

However, none of asylum seekers are allowed to land their feet in Aceh soil, Fran said.

Indonesian authorities normally place asylum seekers intercepted in Indonesian waters to detention centers, where their asylum status is then processed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and International Organization for Migration (IOM).

There are currently more than 13,000 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with the UNHCR in the archipelago, while detention centers in Indonesia are overcapacity.

Josef Benedict, Amnesty International’s director of campaigns for Southeast Asia and Pacific, has called on the Indonesian government to allow the asylum seekers to disembark and meet UNHCR officials for interviews.

“We are calling on the Indonesian authorities to adopt a consistent approach in these cases. Last year Indonesia won much acclaim for providing refugees and migrants with much-needed assistance during the Andaman Sea boat crisis. It will be a grave injustice if people seeking international protection had their right to seek asylum ignored in Indonesia,” Benedict said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Refugees and asylum-seekers frequently travel without identity documents, as often these documents are either difficult to obtain or get lost during the journey. This has no consequence on these people’s right to seek asylum. UNHCR should be allowed to register them immediately,” he added.  [Why is Amnesty giving Australia a free pass?]

The group — comprising of Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority — had traveled for more than 20 days heading to Australia on a boat bearing an Indian flag.

Despite many recent improvements, there are still concerns about discriminatory practices against Tamils by law enforcement officials in Sri Lanka.


Tamil National Alliance raises concerns about ongoing colonisation and militarisation at US/Wall Street Journal "get over it" whitewashing event [Tamil Guardian - 15/6/16]



Surviving in the worst: The tale of widow Rohingya refugees living in Jammu [ - 13/6/16]



The Dalai Lama ought to have raised the plight of the Rohingya with Obama as well as Aung San Suu Kyi ---> ... He said Obama thanked the Dalai Lama for his condolences for the victims of Sunday's mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Earnest added that Obama had in the past spoken of his "warm personal feelings" for the Dalai Lama, appreciation of his teachings and belief "in preserving Tibet's unique religious, cultural and linguistic traditions."

At the same time, Earnest said the U.S. position of considering Tibet part of China had not changed.

In an interview with Fox News later on Wednesday, the Dalai Lama said he and Obama talked about the current situation in Tibet.

He denied he was seeking independence and that it was in Tibet's interests to remain part of China, "provided we should have full right for preservation of our own culture, or rich Buddhist knowledge, knowledge of Buddhist philosophy, these things." ...  [Reuters - 15/6/16]




Conroy again signals to his constituents at US Pacific Command that the ALP wants a war with China [ABC- 16/6/16]




Australia grants early release to prisoner convicted in China [Reuters - 15/6/16]




More than 1,000 West Papuans participating in a demonstration calling for independence in Indonesia's Papua region were briefly detained on Wednesday. ... [RNZI - 16/6/16]


‏@FreeWestPapua [16/6/16]: The more #Indonesia oppresses the people of #WestPapua, the more determined we become to become free.



Special patrol unit launched in Okinawa after local woman's murder [Japan Today - 16/6/16]




Thom Hartmann speaks with Professor Stephen Cohen about Russia, NATO, and our mainstream media's refusal to report on the New Cold War. ...  [VIDEO - ICH - 15/6/16]




Ex-soldier dies after being Tasered by police in Llanelli [BBC – 15/6/16]




19-25 June Speak Out! Before it is too late, the global event "First they came for Assange…" wants to stress that we live in a critical time in which everyone opposed to the political and financial powers might soon become a target.




Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page told a court Wednesday that he didn't copy key notes from another band's song for the group's famous "Stairway to Heaven."

In fact, Page said he didn't hear the other song, "Taurus" by a group named Spirit, until two years ago. ... [CNN - 15/6/16]




Federal officials ignored years of internal warnings about deaths at private prisons [The Nation - 15/6/16]:


... The Adams County Correctional Center is a 2,500-bed federal prison, but the Federal Bureau of Prisons doesn’t run it.

Adams is owned and operated by the Corrections Corporation of America, the country’s largest private-prison company, and it’s one of 12 private-prison facilities the BOP uses almost exclusively to hold noncitizens convicted of federal crimes. A third of these prisons are run by CCA.

Doug Martz was the chief of the BOP’s private-prison contracting office at the time of the riot.

“Even before the officer was killed, there were significant issues” with CCA’s management, Martz says.

“Inadequate medical care, low staffing levels, food-service issues. When you put all those together, it became ignitable.”

After the riot, he says, “We wanted to walk away.”

But when he sent a closure recommendation up the chain to the bureau’s CFO, Martz says, “We were flat out told, ‘No.’ ”

The fatal uprising at Adams was one of four riots to explode in the BOP’s private prisons since 2008, all triggered by grievances over medical care.

A trove of 20,000 pages of previously unreleased monitoring reports, internal investigations, and other documents obtained through an open-records suit show that the BOP had been warned of substandard care by its own monitors for years but failed to act. ...




Puerto Rico is being left voiceless: San Juan Mayor condemns Bill to create "Colonial Control Board" [Democracy Now - 15/6/16]



Successor to Honduran activist Berta Cáceres: Her death is tied to capitalist neoliberal policies [Democracy Now - 15/6/16]




Ukraine may get IMF funds in two parts: economic adviser Miklos [Reuters – 15/6/16]




French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has threatened to ban street protests in Paris after violence – including the smashing of windows at a children’s hospital – marred a demonstration on Tuesday against proposed changes to France’s labour law. ... [France 24 - 16/6/16]



Six videos of police violence during France's labour "reform" protests [VIDEO - France 24 - 14/6/16]



... It's our job to begin to scare the shit out of the power structure, whoever it is  ...


#DemocracySpring Day 5 [ACT OUT - VIDEO - 15/4/16]



This guy gets it


#DemocracySpring #DemocracyAwakens #bigmoneyout


Image:  @farm_dizzle [16/4/16]



The only thing that grows is debt [The Automatic Earth - 8/6/16]:


... All across Europe, ‘traditional’ parties are at record lows in the polls. As is evident when it comes to Brexit, but what when you look closer is a common theme, anything incumbents say can and will be used against them. (A major part of this is that the ’propaganda power’ of traditional media is fast coming undone.)

The collapse of the system doesn’t mean people swing to the right, as is often claimed, though that is one option. It means people swing outside of the established channels, and whoever can credibly claim to be on that outside has a shot at sympathy, votes, power, be they left or right.

Whatever else it is they may have in common, first and foremost they’re anti-establishment. ...



WA’s water regulator has killed Colin Barnett’s much-loved idea of piping drinking supplies from the Kimberley as a solution to Perth’s water problems. ... [West Australian - 16/6/16]



The Northern Territory chief minister's call for Western Australia to "take back" hundreds of homeless Aboriginal people who have moved to Darwin is "misplaced", Premier Colin Barnett says.

Adam Giles wrote to Mr Barnett in April, urging him to immediately repatriate indigenous people who had travelled across the border, saying they had put a strain on government resources.

Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation, which runs return-to-country programs to help get Aboriginal people back to their remote communities from urban centres, reported that last financial year 1800 clients were from WA, which Mr Giles said was "very disturbing".

He attributed it to the potential closure of remote indigenous communities in WA. ... [WA Today - 16/6/16]



Two Palestinian youths were injured and two others were detained in the predawn hours Thursday morning when Israeli forces raided Aida refugee camp in the southern occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem. ... [Maan - 16/6/16]



Israeli warplanes on Tuesday night have targeted agricultural lands located southeast of Gaza City causing severe damage, without reported injuries.

At least one rocket landed in an agricultural land near the Gaza-Israeli borders. Israeli army claimed it was an airforce drill. ... [PNN - 15/6/16]



Israeli settler group receives approval for construction of 4-story building in East Jerusalem [Maan - 15/6/16]




Egyptian army reportedly kills 35 in northern Sinai [Maan - 15/6/16]




... It is tempting to view the U.N.’s betrayal of Yemeni children exclusively as a failure of the U.N.’s leadership, but this incident is not an anomaly.

For over a year, powerful U.N. member states have helped insulate the Saudi-led coalition from culpability and, in so doing, fueled its righteous outrage at attempts to hold it to account.

Since its intervention in Yemen began over 15 months ago, the coalition has found the U.N. a highly convenient venue in which to be absolved of human rights abuses—thanks largely to the enabling of Saudi Arabia’s powerful allies, the U.S. and the U.K. ... [TIME - 15/6/16]



Libyan official: 9 fighters killed in battle to take Sirte [Ahram - 15/6/16]



Syria on Wednesday strongly condemned the presence of French and German special forces in Ain al-Arab and Manbij areas.

In a statement to SANA, an official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry considered this presence as a blatant interference, a flagrant violation of UN Charter’s principles and an overt unjustified aggression on the sovereignty and independence of Syria. ... [SANA - 15/6/16]



Two civilians killed, others injured in terrorist attacks in Aleppo and Quneitra [SANA - 15/6/16]



Turkey shells "ISIS targets" in northern Syria [RUDAW - 15/6/16]



United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 15/6/16]



‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [15/6/16]:



Anbar: "Massacre against civilians" The airforce of international coalition shelled Hasi area today including 6 families ;two of them were annihilated while trying to leave Fallujah

The killed persons of one of those two families have been identified : "Ibrahim Taha Aboud Al-Hadid Al-Esawi' with his wife and sons: "Taha ,Abdul Qadir and Ahmad".


Anbar: News agencies: The governmnet army has shelled Fallujah resulted in 6 deaths and 15 injuries............


Anbar: Families are displacing from Asriya Village next to zangoora area which is witnessing violent battles ,but the division 16 forces belonging to the government army are preventing the displaced families to cross the international high way at Kilo 18.....


Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb attached to a car exploded in Amin Al-Thaniya area at Filesteen Street today evening killing an owner of jewelry shop ..................


Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb exploded near shops in Diwanim neighborhood southwest of Baghdad today evening killing two persons and wounding 4...................



The NATO alliance agreed on Wednesday to hold onto its broad geographic layout of bases in Afghanistan, a move that could make it easier for the United States to keep more troops there as Kabul struggles with a resurgent Taliban threat. ... [Reuters - 15/6/16]



Pakistan raises issue of drone strikes at UN Human Rights Council [Dunya News - 16/6/16]



Boko Haram jihadists killed at least four villagers on Tuesday and kidnapped three women near the northeastern Nigerian town of Chibok where the group snatched more than 200 girls two years ago, residents and survivors said. ... [Reuters - 14/6/16]



More time needed to kick Somali refugees out, UN tells Kenya [Reuters - 16/6/16]



A family of four found hiding in the back of a lorry are now applying to live legally in south Essex, the Home Office has revealed.

Officers detained a man, a woman and two children after passing drivers spotted a group of suspected illegal immigrants climbing out of the back of a a lorry in Eastmayne, Basildon.

The family, from Iraq, were arrested on suspicion of illegal entry into the UK and were passed into the care of immigration officials, who detained them in custody.

The Home Office told the Echo the family were interviewed by officers and have since made immigration applications, which are being processed. ... [Basildon Canvey Southden Echo - 15/6/16]




Niger says 34 migrants, including 20 children, found dead iin Sahara desert [Reuters - 15/6/16]




A Dutch marine ship in the EU border agency Frontex rescued nearly 200 migrants on a sinking ship in the Mediterranean, the Defence Ministry said on Wednesday.

Among those onboard were 16 children and two pregnant women, the ministry said in a statement. ... [Reuters - 15/6/16]





@MSF_Sea [15/6/16]:  ... These 140 #people who escaped Libya this morning are now safe on board the #Argos and cared for by the crew.




Greens go quiet on hypocrisy and brutality of the major parties. 



 Great visit to our MCC adult migrant English program at Blacktown with @RichardMarlesMP and @MRowlandMP today


Image: @Resycoll [10/6/16]




House of Representatives Hansard [22/10/14]:



Ms ROWLAND (Greenway) (17:16): I rise to speak in support of the Migration Amendment (Character and General Visa Cancellation) Bill 2014.

This bill is designed to strengthen character and general visa cancellation provisions to ensure that noncitizens who commit crimes in Australia and pose a risk to the Australian community or represent an integrity concern are appropriately considered for visa refusal or cancellation.

The proposed changes in this bill represent the first significant update of the visa cancellation provisions since the inception of the act and are necessary to ensure current constraints are rectified when it comes to administering the character requirements of the Migration Act. ....





Murdoch-driven false narrative - and non promises continue - as refugees and asylum seekers perish [Daily Mail - 16/6/16]:


... Temporary Protection Visas were reintroduced by then-prime minister Tony Abbott in October 2013, fulfilling one of his key election promises.

However, the Senate voted in December 2013 and refused to allow them to be brought back, which prompted the Government to put a freeze on any new protection visas - meaning 33,000 refugees who had expired bridging visas without a legal course of action. 

It comes after a man claiming to be held in immigration detention has appealed to federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for help.

Calling himself Paul, the man told Mr Shorten he was in the Yongah Hill Detention Centre and had lived in Australia for decades before being detained after his visa was cancelled following a criminal conviction.

'I'm here after my visa was cancelled after doing 12 months jail,' he said on Perth ABC radio on Wednesday.

'I've lived in Australia for 30 years and upon my release from prison, I was sent here and had my visa cancelled under the 501 legislation.' Mr Shorten told the man he couldn't make statements regarding his circumstances because he didn't know all the facts but said his office would look into the case.



These men, women and children have the right to seek asylum.


Why has the Australian human rights establishment abandoned them at this critical juncture?




Conditions deteriorate at Australia's illegal concentration camp on Manus Island [RNZI - 16/6/16]:


Cost cutting is being blamed for deteriorating conditions at the Manus Island processing centre for asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea.

Food shortages and power cuts are adding to the frustration of about 900 men sent to the centre by Australia, where detention has been ruled illegal.

The spokesperson for Australia's Refugee Action Coalition, Ian Rintoul, thinks companies contracted to provide services at the centre are reducing their costs, now that its closure is imminent.

"So they're very very concerned about spending money, how much more resources they should be putting into the place. That created a bigger problem with meals, they've now got hundreds of people lining up, sometimes waiting for an hour in the queue to get food which sometimes runs out before they can even be served." ...





A new dormitory for police in Port Moresby funded by Australia for K2.4 million will house up to 140 officers, an official says.

The funding came under the PNG-Australia policing partnership.

The new dormitory is at McGregor Barracks.

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Bruce Giles said it was part of the partnership with PNG police to address housing problems for officers in the country.

He said similar dormitories costing the same amount were being built in Lae and at the Bomana Training College.  ... [The National - 16/6/16]




Day 88 Brave refugees of Nauru continue their daily protest 1,061 days dumped ...  ‏@Mums4Refugees [15/6/16]




Prospective election candidates in Nauru, forced to resign by the government three months before the election, want their jobs back, after the law was quietly abolished. ... [RNZI - 16/6/16]





16 June 2016