United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 15/11/16]


@rapidis [15/11/16]:  #Greece | Refugee children from Afghanistan stunned by Prez Obama's motorcade earlier today in Athens. ...  



A group of migrants who on Friday left Belgrade on foot and walked to the country's northwestern border with Croatia has returned to the capital. ... [B92 - 15/11/16]



Rescuers rush to aid migrants in the Mediterranean day after boat flips in heavy seas [Reuters - 15/11/16]‏



@MSF_Sea  [15/11/16]: ... The @MSF @SOSMedFrance #Aquarius has just rescued 129 #people from a rubber boat.


@MSF_Sea [15/11/16]:  At least 6 people dead after boat sank off coast of Libya yesterday. #Aquarius rescued 112 people and recovered 5 bodies ...  


@MSF_Sea [12/11/16]:  "All I want is freedom". This young man fled #Eritrea, crossed the desert and spent 6 months in #Libya.



Still no journalism and no opposition to the torture, turnback and exile policy, but the relentless lies and gleeful media sadism is a sign that the fascists are losing their grip ---> Asylum seekers and refugees who have left Nauru and Manus for medical treatment in Australia, including sexual assault victims and mental health patients, will have to return to the islands if they are to have any chance of being accepted under the US resettlement deal.  ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 15/11/16]


Pezzullo now believes he has absolute impunity with regard to refugee lives thanks to media, politicians and human rights organisations amplifying "US deal" bullshit [Guardian - 15/11/16]



A man has died following a traffic crash north of Bundaberg this afternoon.

Preliminary information suggests around 2.10pm a collision has occurred between a motorcycle and truck both travelling south along Rosedale Road through Meadowvale.

The 19-year-old male rider of the motorcycle from Meadowvale sustained serious injuries and was transported to Bundaberg Hospital where he later passed away.

The truck driver was uninjured. ... [QPS Media - 15/11/16]


Child airlifted to hospital after school buses crash south-west of Wollongong [ABC – 15/11/16]



Woman sleeping under car run over at Ocean Shores party [Tweed Shire Echo – 14/11/16]



Police used capsicum spray to restrain a naked male who had been hit by several vehicles after running through traffic at Kingscliff late last week. ... [Tweed Shire Echo - 14/11/16]



Vocal local complains about intrusive, prison like fencing, Somerville House girls terrorised by offensive role play, and exciting new opportunities to join illegal wars in the Middle East:  Surfers Paradise prepares for 2016 Schoolies [Yahoo - 15/11/16]



A teenage boy has been rushed to hospital after crashing his tinnie on the Gold Coast this afternoon.

The accident occurred in the Nerang River at Benowa around 2.45pm.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesperson said the boy suffered lower limb fractures after slamming into a pontoon jetty. [MYGC - 14/11/16]



A Sydney man raped a girl over a number of years before giving her a gun and urging her to kill herself, it is alleged.

The 51-year-old, who was already before the courts accused of multiple counts of indecently assaulting a 13-year-old girl, has now been charged over alleged sex attacks on another teenager. ... [Yahoo - 15/11/16]



Police have peacefully resolved an incident that began this morning at a medical facility in Yeppoon.

Around 7.15am a 48-year-old man barricaded himself inside a room at the facility on Hoskyn Drive armed with knife.

Negotiators held ongoing discussions with the man before he surrendered himself at 7.45pm.

Investigations are continuing. ... [QPS Media - 15/11/16]



Murder accused Gayle Dunlop reported years of domestic violence, Victorian court hears [ABC - 15/11/16]



The Northern Territory's anti-discrimination commissioner says laws might need to be strengthened to include domestic violence protections, following concerns this week about victims losing their jobs.

On Monday, the co-director of the NT Working Women's Centre, Rachael Uebergang, outlined a case to the ABC of a woman who was experiencing domestic violence and lost her job.

"[Her employer] said: 'I don't want this personal issue affecting my business, this is a private matter, I can't have this affecting my workplace, so I'm going to have to let you go," Ms Uebergang said. ...  [ABC - 15/11/16]



Woman found dead in suburban Highland Park street [MYGC - 14/11/16]



A man who sustained extensive burns as a result of a suspicious house fire in Brookwater, has died in hospital. ... [QPS Media - 15/11/16]



... It is understood Brisbane bank worker Neil De Graaf, 37, suffered burns to 95 percent of his body after crashing his new BMW into the garage of the home on Birchwood Road, Brookwater, about 7.30pm yesterday before taking two cylinders of petrol and dousing himself and the house in the fuel.

Police believe the incident was a case of domestic violence.

The man's 23-year-old de facto partner, April Lane, her 48-year-old mother and two 18-year-olds locked themselves in the home’s bathroom. ... [Nine MSN - 15/11/16]



Strict bail conditions, including $250k bond, for 22yo Sydney man charged with travelling to Syria [ABC - 15/11/16]



Families of slain Lindt Cafe siege hostages refused access to debriefing notes made by tactical police [Yahoo - 15/11/16]:


The families of slain Lindt Cafe siege hostages Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson have been refused access to debriefing notes made by tactical police engaged in the fatal incident.

Lawyers for the families unsuccessfully challenged the NSW police commissioner's claim to "public interest immunity" over the notes, which blocks interested parties and the public from viewing the documents.

Releasing the notes would destroy an understanding among officers that their debriefing process was confidential, causing some to be reticent about participating candidly in future, the commissioner said.

Criminals desperate to understand police methodology could also prosper if the notes were released, he added.

But the families said this harm was overstated, arguing officers could be forced to participate in debriefs and police methods could be kept secret through non-publication orders.

NSW Coroner Michael Barnes, who has presided over a long-running inquest into the siege, agreed police methods could be protected if the notes were only released under strict conditions.

But Mr Barnes said confidentiality was critical to debriefs among tactical officers and must not be eroded.

Some tactical officers were already refusing to participate in debriefs or providing less information, while other sessions were canned altogether based on a perception confidentially was being stripped away from the process, he said.

"The very tangible negative impact on law enforcement in NSW, compared with the slight impact that would flow to the administration of justice, means that the balance must fall in favour of the confidentiality of the documents being maintained," Mr Barnes said in a decision published on Tuesday.

Mr Barnes said it was difficult to conceive how the "sparse, second-hand" debriefing notes would assist the families, pointing out his review of the documents did not reveal any inconsistencies with the evidence received.

It would be unfortunate if an inquest designed to foster public health and safety ended up undermining improvements to high-risk policing, he said.

Mr Barnes is expected to hand down his findings into the inquest early next year.



A 27-year-old male Constable from the Central Region has been suspended from the Queensland Police Service.

The officer is facing criminal allegations of misconduct in relation to public office and attempting to pervert the course of justice and is to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on 14 December 2016. ... [QPS Media - 15/11/16]



Former head of NT Police Firearms Policy and Records Unit accused of stealing weapons [ABC – 15/11/16]



Vigilante groups in north Queensland have been warned by police their amateur attempts to reduce Townsville's high youth crime rate are only making matters worse.

A crackdown over the past two months, during which an initial 30 extra police were deployed to the regional centre, has resulted in 729 people being arrested and police issuing more than 1600 charges.

Throughout the course of the operation, police have been targeting property crime in particular and say 76 young offenders were arrested in the first month. ... [Yahoo - 15/11/16]


Man charged following another dangerous, resource-wasting, class and race-based pursuit involving police dogs [MYGC - 14/11/16]


@DarrenAronofsky [14/11/16]:  good morning from #standingrock #NoDAPL



Neil Young celebrates 71st birthday performing at Standing Rock protest site [Rolling Stone - 14/11/16]



The Israeli government (Knesset) on Monday has passed a bill that would ban Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) activists from Israel.

The bill passed its first reading by a landslide 42 to 15 in favor, with seven abstentions.  

For it to become  a law, it has to pass a second and a third reading. ... [PNN - 15/11/16]



The Israeli Naval Forces on Tuesday morning have targeted the Palestinian fishermen off al-Sudaniya shores, northern Gaza Strip, with random heavy machinegun fire. ... [PNN - 15/11/16]



Israel legalises settlements, paving the way to confiscate more Palestinian land [Albawaba - 14/11/16]



Israeli court upholds ruling to evacuate Amona outpost by year's end [Maan - 14/11/16]



At least five Palestinians were hurt when Israeli soldiers fired a tear gas canister into a home while carrying out demolitions in the village of al-Auja in the occupied West Bank district of Jericho on Monday, locals told Ma’an. ... [Maan - 14/11/16]



After almost six-months in the waiting, it has been confirmed that the West Papuan Yerisiam Gua indigenous community’s complaint against a conglomerate responsible for severe logging in their homeland has yet to be officially responded to.

The charges brought forward against a subsidiary of Goodhope Asia, a Sri Lankan-owned company, include the clearing of almost 32,000 hectares of land for a palm oil plantation.

The large-scale deforestation has led to severe flooding, threatening the livelihood of the local population which, needless to say, does not benefit from this systematic land grabbing and Goodhope Asia’s activities to begin with. ... [UNPO - 10/11/16]


‏@j_arkani:  Myanmar#GovernmentUsingHelicoptors To Kill Innocent #Rohingya Civilians. Helicoptor In #Maungdaw North,Myanmar 15.11.16(Tue)



Myanmar: Seven Rohingya villages destroyed in three days [The Stateless - 15/11/16]


@nslwin [15/11/16]:  An ancient mosque built in 1896 in #ZaydiPyin VT, Rathedaung Township was attacked by some extremists on Nov 14th night. #Rohingya  


@nslwin [14/11/16]:  Acc: to reliable sources in #Maungdaw, at least 4000 #Rohingya injured in #Myanmar Army's launchers attacks. Need urgent medical treatments.   


@Sthumoe [14/11/16]:  Urgently needed Humanitarian aid, food & Shelter for displaced #Rohingya elders women & children #YayKhaeChaungKhwaSone. ...



Flow on impact of Australian torture, exile and turnback policy --> Malaysia enslaves 300 Rohingya refugees because they aren't "good" refugees [Anadolu Agency - 14/11/16]



There are concerns in the European Union about human rights violations and the use of pellet guns by the Indian troops on Kashmiri protesters in occupied Kashmir, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider said on Monday. ... [Express Tribune - 15/11/16]



Kashmir’s perpetual suffering [Countercurrents - 14/11/16]:


... Someone tried to light up a cigarette, but someone else blew air into the match stick saying that he had heard the red of the cigarette can be seen exactly from a distance of 1 kilometer, the same distance a bullet can be fired from.

No one dared to smoke hence after and we took a deep breath & sighed noisily then spreadeagled onto the luscious cover of grass beneath our apple gardens.

Someone hugged an apple tree and grasped the green blades of grass and quietly wept.

They think they would wrest our gardens from us. Never, Never.

They belong to us, we belong to them.

‘Cujus est solum, ejus est usque ad coelum et ad inferos‘ (Whoever owns the ground, it is his from the depth of the earth to the height of the sky) – However forbidden the loudness was, he blurted out at top of his lungs in such a hushed atmosphere and no one tried to calm him down. ...



Kashmir: Pakistan says Indian troops killed seven soldiers in ceasefire violation [First Post - 14/11/16] 



The Tamil Nadu government has written to the Foreign Secretary reiterating its request to suitably compensate owners of 18 fishing boats, which were damaged while in Sri Lankan custody.

It also urged the Centre to impress upon that country to release the remaining 105 boats in its custody. ... [The Hindu - 15/11/16]



Welsh Tamils plant trees to remember genocide [Tamil Guardian - 14/11/16]



A Sinhala Buddhist monk threatened to kill a Tamil government official in Batticaloa, call him a "Tamil dog." 

The saffron clad monk's racist verbal abuse was captured in a video which shows a Sri Lankan police officer standing by watching events unfold.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 13/11/16] 



"The high grounds. You can see a good distance. The views are worth seeing."


- Noonie #ClintonsWalk



Image:  ‏@Clintonswalk [15/11/16]


@Clintonswalk [15/11/16]:  Kids at #Warburton painted this banner as a welcome to #ClintonsWalk



Ballina police face assault, perjury trial [Tweed Shire Echo – 15/11/16]


Four police officers bashed a man at the Ballina station before they and colleagues lied about him striking first, a court has been told.

But defence lawyers say CCTV footage only captured one-third of the incidents at Ballina station because the cameras were operating on delayed capture mode.

Senior Constables David Ryan Hill, 36, and Mark Woolven 45, Constables Ryan Charles Eckersley, 36, and Luke Christopher Mewing, 30, Probationary Constable Lee David Walmsley, 26, and Sergeant Robert Campbell McCubben, 49, appeared in Downing Centre District Court on Monday.

They’re all are accused of trying to pervert the course of justice, while four are accused of lying in court after Mr Corey Barker was charged with punching Sen Const Hill in January 2011.

In his opening submission, crown prosecutor Craig Patrick SC said Mr Barker was not shown punching anyone in CCTV footage.

But barristers acting for some of the officers expect expert evidence to reveal about two-thirds of the time was not captured on the VHS system.

‘You’ll hear evidence the Crown did not discover there were these issues…until after the accused were charged,’ Mr Mewing’s defence barrister Brett Eurell said.

The court heard Mr Barker, then 22, was drunk, hitting the Perspex in the dock of the police station and threatening to “smash” officers before a decision was made to move him to a cell.

It’s alleged the officers accused of lying in court – Sen Const Hill, Const Eckersley, Const Mewing and Prob Const Walmsley – also assaulted Mr Barker after removing him from the dock.

Mr Patrick said Sen Const Hill punched Mr Barker, who then fell to the floor, was kicked and then dragged to the cell.

Defence barristers said it had to be proven their clients had been dishonest rather than mistaken when making their statements, sometimes many months after the incident.

The court heard Mr Barker had been arrested after approaching officers responding to a domestic argument involving his friend.

There was some evidence he had thrown a bottle at them, Mr Patrick said.

The jury is expected to be shown the CCTV footage at the trial.



Hypocrite human rights stooges continue protesting Turnbull's "lifetime ban" legislation, which merely cements ALP anti-refugee policy. 

NOT ONE has demanded the government AND opposition start complying with our international obligations - still only the Financial Times has called on Australia to respect the UN Refugee Convention.  



While there is no journalism and no opposition to Australia's anti-refugee torture, turnback and exile policy - we are ALL prisoners



 Mountz: image showing #Australia's onshore and offshore #detention sites ...  Image:  ‏@AudraLMitchell [12/11/15]



Important lecture about seeking asylum - and how Australia is trashing the UN Refugee Convention ----> Professor Alison Mountz, of Harvard University, Wilfrid Laurier University and the Balsillie School of International Affairs, responds to and challenges the crisis narratives unfolding in the media as she discusses political struggles over the erosion of asylum taking place globally. This talk explores shifting geographies of migration and border enforcement in major transit sites where migrants and asylum seekers seek entry and protection. The talk dwells in islands and enforcement archipelagos, offshore sites where struggles over entry and exclusion transpire and where the infrastructure of border enforcement and detention are growing. ... [VIDEO - Centre for International Governance Innovation - 12/11/15]



The impact of Australian policies:  What "stopping the boats" means for people seeking asylum in our region [Academy of Social Sciences in Australia - 2016]






Australia's political prisoners protest on Manus Island - 23 May 2016



PNG media and lawyer for political prisoners on Manus Island question latest Australian LIE; compensation case proceeds [EMTV - 14/11/16]:


... Last week Lomai filed fresh applications on behalf of the asylum seekers with the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea.

This time they are seeking three specific court orders.

1. For the asylum seekers to be returned to Australia

2. A third country option to be available to them and

3. Compensation ...



PNG needs more religious fundamentalism to eradicate traditional cultural practices according to government official [The National - 15/11/16]



Head of Evangelical Lutheran Church in PNG says torture and murder of people accused of participating in traditional cultural practices linked to lack of development [RNZI - 15/10/16]



End Time Foundation donates bibles to students [PNG Loop – 3/7/16]



But what's not clear is whether the US are using this so called "anti sorcery violence" campaign to further marginalise traditional culture - rather than hold fundamentalist christian perpetrators to account.  ---->  ... The United States has come out clearly against sorcery related violence. ... [PNG Loop - 29/10/15]



A two-page paid advertisement in print media on Repentance, or National Day of Prayer this Wednesday, August 26 has come under scrutiny by the Papua New Guinea Council of Churches.

The advert stated that during repentance day, an offering called the Aliyah will be collected and given officially to the Jewish people by the government of Papua New Guinea.

It also quotes bible verses showing support for idols, and why they should be brought forward to be burnt.

The Aliyah offering as defined in the advert is the return of Jews to Israel from whatever nation around the world they have been scattered. ... [EMTV - 24/8/15]



International Christian Assembly Jerusalem [23/3/15]:


... At the moment, more than 20% of the approximately eight million citizens of Papua New Guinea are born-again believers.

But this does not give the full picture of the spiritual landscape of the nation.

About 80% call themselves Christians and in this country it means you have turned away from idols to the living God – the God of the Bible!

So as a people, they have now gone from paganism to being a God-fearing nation in just a few short generations. ...



Police mobile squads have been sent to Porgera to remove the road block set up by landowners, Deputy Police Commissioner Operations Jim Andrews says.

Andrews said the presence of police would allow Works Department to clear the landslide which had been blocking the road for three weeks.

Landowners do not want the landslide cleared unless the Government pay them some outstanding claims. ... [The National - 14/11/16]



Can you see the war?  --->  ‏@Defence_CASG [15/11/16]:  .@stuartrobertmp encourages #Brisbane businesses to register with the DCIP for Future Frigate & OPV opportunities ...



... Like a ghoul from the reeking shambles

He grubs out his filthy pelf,

Reaping a cursed harvest

Where he daren't have sown himself.  ...


The Fat Man And The War



In October, over 3,000 Afghans killed and wounded [Pajhwok - 14/11/16]



The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said in a statement on Monday that at least 25 insurgents were killed during operations across the country in the past 24 hours. ... [TOLO News - 14/11/16]



Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court in The Hague said on Monday there were preliminary grounds to believe U.S. forces committed war crimes in Afghanistan and at secret detention facilities elsewhere in 2003 and 2004.

In a report, prosecutors said there was a "reasonable basis to believe" that U.S. forces had tortured prisoners in Afghanistan and at Central Intelligence Agency detention facilities elsewhere in 2003 and 2004.  ... [Reuters - 14/11/16]



A suicide bomber who killed four people inside the largest US military base in Afghanistan was a former Taliban member working there, the BBC has learned.

Qari Enayatullah joined the peace process in 2008, district governor Haji Abdul Shokor Qudosi told the BBC.

It is not known what job he did at Bagram or how long he had been there.

He was among Afghan labourers reporting for duty when he detonated his vest injuring 17 other people. ... [BBC - 13/11/16]



The Killing$ of Tony Blair [2016]



... "There is enormous continuity beneath the day-to-day news that makes us that indispensable nation when it comes to maintaining order and promoting prosperity around the world.  That will continue," Obama told reporters at the White House. ... Obama to reassure US allies about Trump's commitment to NATO [Reuters - 14/11/16]



‏@dromografosNews [14/11/16]:  Greece:"Leftish" government forbids public gatherings and demonstrations in the center of Athens...Cause: Obama's visit



KKE leader announces he will be present tomorrow in protest against the visit of US President Obama in Athens @AlbaFerrs [14/11/16]



‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [14/11/16]:


Anbar: News agencies:The government forces have imposed a curfew in Fallujah.


Anbar: Deaths and injuries were resulted as two blasts occurred at the gate of Nazzal neighborhood in the middle of Fallujah and near Fallujah Police department east of Fallujah .


The government forces have exploded civilian homes at the southern and western pivots of Mosul .Meanwhile, the Kurdish forces have committed crimes same crimes at the eastern and northern axes. .


Baghdad: 8 persons were wounded as an IED exploded in Mada'in district south of Baghdad.


Baghdad: Two persons were killed and 8 wounded as an IED exploded near a traditional market in Mahmoudiya district south of Baghdad.


Ta'meem: 3 persons were killed and 4 wounded -from one family- when a fire broke out in Laylan displacement camp southeast of Kirkuk.


Baghdad: 10 persons were either killed or wounded as an IED exploded in Baladiyat area east of Baghdad.


Anbar: News agencies: 3 kids ,a woman and man were killed and 8 kids and 4 women were injured as US-led coalition air force targeted two homes in Akashat area west of Anbar.



Putin and Trump discuss Syria and US-Russia relations in phone call – Kremlin [RT - 14/11/16]



Russian Defense Ministry says US-backed fighters used chlorine gas in Aleppo [Sputnik News - 14/11/16]:


... Some 30 Syrian servicemen were poisoned in the chemical attack carried out by militants in Aleppo on November 13, Konashenkov said.

"As a result of the attack, some 30 servicemen from the 415th battalion of the 115th division of the Republican Guard suffered poisoning of various degrees. Most of them were sent to a hospital in Aleppo."

Sunday's attack is the third chemical attack by militants in Aleppo in the past two weeks. ...



Syria dismisses OPCW’s decision as politicized, Foreign Ministry says [SANA - 14/11/16]



Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry agreed during a phone call on Monday to extend experts’ consultations regarding means of settlement in Aleppo.

Russian Foreign Ministry, said in a statement, that Lavrov stressed during the phone call that the armed groups in eastern Aleppo and the so-called ‘Local Council’ in the city refuse to cooperate in settling the situation, reminding Kerry that Washington has failed to separate opposition from terrorists in Syria. ”

"The Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian Air Forces have been making no flights in that area for already four weeks" Russian Foreign ministry quoted Lavrov as saying. [SANA - 14/11/16]




15 November 2016