Third day protest on #Manus We're fighting for our freedom



Image:  @manusFad22 [15/5/16]




Undefeated and resolved: "FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM..."  [VIDEO - Anthea Falkenberg - 14/5/16]




Refugee Rights Action Network WA [14/5/16]:  From yesterday: Political prisoners on ‪#‎Manus‬ island in solidarity with their fellow prisoners on ‪#‎Nauru‬. "Nazis, LNP and ALP same legacy different times"




Day 57 refugee protests, Nauru


Refugees display faces of their friends who Australia has tortured and killed via @InsurrectNews [15/5/16]



Image:  ‏@Mums4Refugees [15/5/16]




18 days. Australian media still won't give Nauru refugees the right tof reply to UNHCR denials


Peaceful resistance from the political prisoners interned on #Nauru, yesterday. "STOP dirty policies! STOP torture! Freedom, freedom!" [VIDEO - Refugee Rights Action Network WA - 15/5/16]




‏@rranwa [15/5/16]:   Happy to report #bringAbdihere* successful. He's on a flight from #Nauru, lands at Brisbane in 3hours. He should have been brought 3 days ago




* Naima's husband




Jeanie Walker, President - Australian Democrats SA [30/4/16]:


Here is something the men of Manus have asked me to share.

The Australia government period lost Australian reputation. Before three years in the world had a good reputation.

Now in the world majority country and majority people detesting Ausralia for the government.

In the world every where knew asylam seeker aren't smugglers, they left their country for governments oppression, Some people left for risky life and political case against their government and lots of dangerous life in their society.

Those are our reason asylam seekers came to Christmas island Australia. The Australia government sent us forcibly manus island, Nauru and Combodia spending lots of money and losing the country reputation.

If I thinking about both things the government and asylam seeker within us the government is a smuggler.

Asylam seekers are not smuggler, the Australia government smuggling asylam seeker other country .

Our opinion its true if you are thinking you are also will say true that .

Now We asking the Australian peoples who is smuggler asylam seeker or Australia government? ...




... Dr. Thomas Albrecht is the Regional Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Canberra, with geographical responsibility for the region, which includes Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

Mr. Albrecht’s role is to work with governments and other partners to ensure all persons of concern to UNHCR, including refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless persons, receive protection, assistance and durable solutions to their plight.

He is also keen to promote long-term cooperation on the protection of persons of concern in the region, and to increase understanding and support for refugees worldwide. ...  UNHCR Regional Representative visits UQ to discuss Migrant Smuggling [Media Release - 10/6/15]



Nauru: A ‘Human Dumping Ground’, Julie Morse [Pacific Standard - 12/4/16]:


... When Pacific Standard reached out to Nauru Ambassador Judith Cefkin for her thoughts on the refugee camp conditions, she sent back only a boilerplate response:

“We encourage all countries to work with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees to find durable solutions for refugees and asylum seekers.” ...



@theleast [15/5/16]:  I made a cartoon illustrating Australia's policy on Refugees/Asylum Seekers. ...



Joint media release with Kevin Rudd - Prime Minister, Mark Dreyfus - Attorney General and The Hon Tony Burke MP - Australian Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship [19/7/13]:

As of today asylum seekers who come here by boat without a visa will never be settled in Australia.

Under the new arrangement signed with Papua New Guinea today – the Regional Settlement Arrangement – unauthorised arrivals will be sent to Papua New Guinea for assessment and if found to be a refugee will be settled there.

Arriving in Australia by boat will no longer mean settlement in Australia. ...



The medium is the message.


Marshall McLuhan



Man creates huge heart shaped pool on Surfers Paradise beach (in 3-4 hours) [15/5/16]



... Australia’s “Refugee policy” should be called the “Self-destruction policy”, where we are driven to destroy ourselves. Systemic torture of detainees has resulted in serious self-harm and suicide, ever since the Australian government established Detention Centres. ...


Letter from an Ex-detainee 29/04/2016 [RISE]



I feel so reassurred by these remarks, don't you? ---->  ... ACT Law Society president Martin Hockridge said as a solicitor, barrister and judge he [Justice Terry Higgins] had always been a forward thinker.

"He's very much been a champion of human rights," he said.

"There was a farewell dinner for three family law-based justices after the decision came out, and it was certainly noted [then] that one of our very own had made the decision, so there is a degree of pride from the Canberra legal community.

"The Law Society is generally against mandatory detention no matter what the circumstances are." ... [Canberra Times - 14/5/16]




There are no humane (disciplined) individuals in the LNP or ALP. They are ALL anti-refugee fascists [Sydney Morning Herald - 14/5/16]:



The high-profile Liberal Party candidate who rolled Bronwyn Bishop had described asylum seekers who came to Australia by boat as the victims of pirates and crooks and said they should be welcomed rather than shunned.

Jason Falinski, who won Liberal pre-selection to replace Mrs Bishop as the party's candidate for the blue-ribbon Sydney seat of Mackellar last month, wrote an opinion piece advocating in favour of "freeing up borders".

In The Australian Financial Review article published in May 2001 and co-authored by barrister and former Liberal adviser Greg Barns, Mr Falinski wrote Australia needed a larger, more liberal immigration program.

 He took aim at then-immigration minister Philip Ruddock, who was preparing to tighten the definition of what was a refugee, and criticised the country's political leaders for pandering to "xenophobic tendencies".

Mr Falinski says he now supports his party's policy "wholeheartedly". ...




Protest at Dutton's office yesterday. ‏@margaret_tmsinc [15/4/16]




Blood on all their hands --->  Sri Lankan refugees imprisoned after removal from Australia  [WSWS - 14/5/16]:



Since the Liberal-National government adopted the militarised “Operation Sovereign Borders” policy in 2013, an unknown number of boats has been turned back. Only several boats have been acknowledged as reaching Australian territory before being intercepted.

The last vessel officially reported to have reached Australian waters was a small Indonesian fishing vessel carrying 16 asylum seekers. It was captured by the Australian Navy last November and forced to sail back toward Indonesia without enough fuel to safely reach land.

The deportation of Sri Lankan refugees was pioneered under the Gillard government in 2012, working in collaboration with Sirisena’s predecessor Mahinda Rajapakse.

The Labor government established a close partnership with the Sri Lankan police apparatus operating together to intercept refugees.

Gillard’s government also worked hand in hand with the Sri Lankan regime to forcibly return 650 asylum seekers who were already in Australia’s detention centres.

Arbitrary “screening processes” were instituted, effectively blocking refugee visa applications.

The Liberal-National government continued this practice, first under Tony Abbott and then Turnbull.

According to a Human Rights Law Centre report, between October 2012 and September 2014, 1,248 refugees were sent back to Sri Lanka.

This was despite the known likelihood of torture.

When a journalist pointed to well-documented allegations of torture in Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Abbott declared that while his government “deplores the use of torture, we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances difficult things happen.”


Largely because of the protracted war and repression by the Sri Lankan government and military against Tamils, Sri Lankans once accounted for the largest group by nationality seeking asylum in Australia.

In January 2013, there were 3,437 Sri Lankan refugees either in Australian detention centres or in “community detention” awaiting protection visas.

Today, as a result of the bipartisan crackdown, that number has fallen to just 221.

The fact that the latest asylum seekers were said to be ethnic Sinhalese demonstrates that Tamils are not the only victims of the repression in Sri Lanka, and that the repression has continued long after the civil war was brought to a bloody end in 2009.

While Labor initiated the mass deportation of Sri Lankans, it could not have done so without the assistance of the Greens, who kept the minority Labor government in office from 2010 to 2013.

In the campaign for Australia’s July 2 election, the Greens are once again proposing a Labor-Greens government, while posturing as advocates of a more humane refugee policy. ...





What sort of third party perpetuates two party tyranny rather than hold the ALP and LNP to account? --->  Improving the treatment of people seeking asylum in Australia would be a key policy demand of the Greens if Labor relied on the party to form minority government, Richard Di Natale has said.

Speaking on Sky on Sunday Di Natale rejected Labor’s claims it would not make a deal or agreement to form minority government with the Greens as unrealistic and “a lot of tough talk in the lead-up to the election”.

“When faced with the prospect of governing, wiser heads will prevail and it makes more sense to enter into a responsible power-sharing arrangement with the Greens,” he said. ... [Guardian - 15/5/16]




Will MSF also write to Australian leaders about the Cambodian exile "deal", and/or ongoing medical torture of refugees on Nauru and Manus Island?  --->  Europe, don't turn your back on Asylum: #TakePeopleIn [Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) [13/5/16]:


... The “EU-Turkey deal” effectively outsources caring for these people to Turkey in exchange for, amongst other things, a multi-billion euro financial aid package.

In an era of the greatest displacement of humanity in decades, this is a historic abdication of your moral and legal responsibilities.

We have been treating victims of Europe’s deterrence approach to migration for years, in what has become an acute humanitarian crisis on European soil.

We’ve reset bones broken by police, treated children shot in the head by rubber bullets and rinsed the eyes of babies doused in tear gas.

Instead of focusing on alleviating the crisis, EU and Member States have decided to simply walk away and push it on to others. 

This deal threatens the right of all people to seek asylum and violates your obligation to assist each man, woman or child asking for protection.

Pushing people back to their country of last transit transforms asylum into nothing but a political bargaining chip to keep refugees as far away from European borders and the eyes of the European voting public as possible.

Today, there is virtually no option left for people to safely reach European shores to claim asylum.


This deal is sending a troubling signal to the rest of the world: countries can buy their way out of providing asylum.

If replicated by many nations, the concept of refugee will cease to exist. ...




Australia thinks it can.  ‏@MSF_Sea [13/5/16]:  What kind of message does the #EUTurkey deal send to the world? You can buy your way out of providing asylum.




Australia's multi million dollar refugee exile deal with Cambodia is no joke [BBC – 18/9/15]




Fate of Rohingya refugee exiled by Australia and IOM from Nauru to Cambodia now in hands of Myanmar government  [Phnom Penh Post - 8/9/15]




That the UNHCR are only calling for the "immediate movement" of refugees, rather than urging Australia to immediately close offshore camps and resume meeting its international obligations under the refugee convention, is telling.




@moas_eu [13/5/16]:  The MY #Phoenix making its way into #Malta harbour after 9 months away #Mediterranean #SAR




MOAS ends sea mission in South-East Asia, will continue using their ground network and advocacy in the region - apparently [Media Release - 15/4/16]




Days after MOAS abandons its South-East Asia mission, Rohingya refugees perish [Reliefweb - 20/4/16]




173 rescued migrants (including 13 children) arrive in Palermo aboard Spanish ship Rio Segura [Citizenside - 13/5/16]




In the wake of the reports that the Department of Homeland Security is gearing up for a 30 day offensive targeting refugee mothers and children, the teachers of 9 high schoolers who have been held in detention since early 2016 interrupted Sec. Johnson at a commencement speech in Nashville, TN.

“We want to see our students graduate but that’s impossible when ICE agents stalk them outside their houses and DHS refuses to release them from detention,” explains Holly Hardin, a teacher who traveled from Durham, North Carolina, to confront Johnson.

“Johnson has no business addressing high schoolers about their future when he’s thrown the future of refugee teens into jeopardy.” ... [#NOT1MORE - 14/6/15]


100 detained by police in West Papua amid mine dispute [RNZI - 14/5/16]




Everyone profits from West Papua, except for Papuans, Benny Wenda [Guardian - 12/10/11]




The Government of the United States of America held a repatriation ceremony for the remains of servicemen killed in action in Papua New Guinea during World War II.

The remains will be returned to the United States.

The remains were found during a recent mission carried out by the U.S. Department of Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Accounting Agency (DPAA).

The ceremony paid tribute to the valor of those lost and underlined how their sacrifice had led to enduring ties between the people of the United States and Papua New Guinea.  ... [PNG Loop - 13/5/16]




Current US Ambassador to Brazil Served in Paraguay prior to 2012 coup [teleSUR - 14/5/16]





Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared a 60-day state of emergency on Friday due to what he called plots from within the OPEC country and the United States to topple his leftist government.

Maduro did not provide details of the measure, but he said that it includes the ability to face outside threats, such as Colombia's former president Alvaro Uribe's demand for intervention in Venezuela by foreign troops. He added that the previous state of exception included decrees "to protect the people and the socioeconomic stability of the country." ... [teleSUR - 14/5/16]



@wikileaks [14/5/16]:  Zuckerberg bans terrifying Assange cat. Facebook has banned @embassycat




Pfizer Inc has taken steps to ensure that none of its products are used in lethal injections, the largest U.S. drugmaker said on Friday.

"We are enforcing a distribution restriction for specific products that have been part of, or considered by some states for, their lethal injection protocols," the New York-based drugmaker said on its website.

"Pfizer strongly objects to the use of its products as lethal injections for capital punishment." ... [Reuters - 13/5/16]




Leaked diplomatic letters sent from Colombia’s Embassy in Washington describe how a staffer with the Senate Finance Committee, which is led by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, warned of repercussions if Colombia moves forward on approving the cheaper, generic form of a cancer drug. ... [Intercept - 15/5/16]




UNICEF says 25 Palestinian children killed in last three months of 2015 [Middle East Eye - 14/5/16]




Southern Gaza Strip left in blackout after Egypt disconnects last power line [Maan - 14/5/16]




Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinian farmers on Saturday morning northeast of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. ... [Maan - 14/6/16]







Israeli forces injured six Palestinians and detained a Palestinian peace activist on Friday during weekly protests across the occupied West Bank and Gaza, just days before Palestinians around the world prepare for the 68th commemoration of the 1948 Nakba. ... [Maan - 13/5/16]




Interview with BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti: Banned by Israel from Travelling, threatened with worse [Intercept - 14/5/16]




United States continue bombing everyone, particularly in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 14/5/16]




Syrian forces retake Deir al-Zor hospital after major Islamic State offensive [Reuters - 14/5/16]




Hezbollah's top military commander Mustafa Badreddine has been killed in a blast at a base near Damascus airport, the Lebanese Shi'ite group said on Friday, one of the biggest blows to its leadership the Iranian-backed organization has ever sustained.


Israel never confirms or denies allegations of targeted killings of individuals abroad.

When asked by an interviewer on Israel Radio about possible Israeli involvement, cabinet minister Zeev Elkin, a confidant of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, declined to comment. ... [Reuters - 13/5/16


@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [13/5/16]: Anbar: The government army has targeted the neighbourhoods in Falluja resulted in 4 deaths including a child and his sister and injuries.


At least 14 Real Madrid fans killed in gun, grenade and bomb attack north of Baghdad [Nine MSN – 14/5/16]




A former Australian soldier is in custody after a fatal shooting at the Australian Embassy in Iraq.

Sun McKay is being held at a military base in Baghdad, while authorities investigate how 34-year-old Chris Betz was fatally shot in the head.

Both men were employed by Unity Resources Group, a Dubai-based Australian security company contracted to guard the embassy. ... [Nine MSN - 14/5/16]



Five men with beards who tried to flee Australia by boat charged with "counter-terrorism" ("election crime"?) [ABC - 14/5/16]




A New Zealand Defence Force Orion aircraft has found three Kiribati fishermen missing for more than a week, adrift at sea. ... [RNZI - 15/5/16]





An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced 51 people to two years in prison for protests against the handover of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, judicial officials and lawyers said.

Parents and friends of the defendants burst into tears and cried out in shock after learning of the verdict outside the Cairo courthouse.

Defence lawyers Hossam al-Khadrawy and Ahmed Abdel-Latif confirmed the verdict, which they said can be appealed. ... [Al Jazeera - 14/5/16]




The D.C Circuit Court today ruled against releasing the entire contents of the so-called “Senate torture report,” which describes the Central Intelligence Agency’s controversial post-9/11 interrogation and detention program.

A three-judge panel decided unanimously to deny a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union under the Freedom of Information Act requesting release of the 6,000-plus page investigative report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. ... [ABC News - 13/5/16]





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