@Khaqani_M [15/7/16]:  From Tahrir Square now, Sadr: "Baghdad is free, America must leave"




@Khaqani_M [15/7/16]:  More images from today's demonstrations in Tahrir Square, #Baghdad.



United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 15/7/16]




Kremlin: Talks between Putin and Kerry constructive, honest and detailed [TASS - 15/7/16]




‏@Anonymous_UE_[15/7/16]:  La viñeta que resume lo ocurrido en Niza. #NoAlTerrorismo




Bodies recovered off Lesvos belonged to Syrian family from Aleppo [Ekathimerini - 14/7/16]





@moas_eu [15/7/16]:  Over 20,000 & counting. These are the #LivesYouSaved. Support us at http://moas.eu/donate  to help #RescueHumanity




They are also victims of the same terrorism, unimaginable abuse, persecution by religion or beliefs  ‏@PROACTIVA_SERV [15/7/16]




... “I’m still alive today because my parents sent me here.”  Welsh town rallies to save Tamil man from deportation to Sri Lanka [Tamil Guardian - 15/7/16]




Protestors in Malaysia call on Aung San Suu Kyi to end Rohingya persecution [Business-Standard - 15/7/16]




 “My persecution has not ended even after migrating to India,” said 29-year-old Maulana Khaled Mehmood, a former terror-accused, who is now fighting a cheating case (Section 420 of IPC) and a Foreigners Act case.

Picked up by National Investigating Agency (NIA) on Nov 14, 2014, from his residence in Royal Colony near Balapur, the Rohingya refugee was lodged for five months in Presidency Jail in Kolkata and then transferred to Cherlapally Jail in the city, where he was an inmate for six months.

Finally, as NIA could not prove allegations against him, Khaled got a conditional bail but city police booked him under a cheating case (Section 420, 458, 471 of IPC) and Section 14 of Foreigners Act for not being registered under UNHCR. ... [New Indian Express - 15/7/16]



Day 118 refugee protests, Nauru



Image: ‏@racvictoria [15/7/16]




Nauru government wins increased majority in elections; opposition cries foul [Hawaii Public Radio - 14/7/16]:


Final results are in from last weekend's election in Nauru. The ruling party won 16 of 18 seats in voting described by outside observers as free and fair, but, as we hear from Neal Conan in the Pacific New Minute, opposition leaders disagree. ... <--- And the US Ambassador is still tellingly silent.




ABC continues exploiting "good" refugees to invisibilise the Australian government's ongoing human rights atrocities [15/7/16]




Endorsement by Times of Israel proves Chasing Asylum is disempowering, abandon all hope, anti-refugee propaganda [15/7/16]:


... “We are the only country which puts children in indefinite detention,” says Orner. ... <---- WRONG.  The US and Israel also do it.




... When asked about her views on this new development, Orner was emphatic: “I’m deeply cynical about it, and I hate to say it, but I don’t think it will make any difference in the scheme of things.

“I hope I am wrong. I hope I am surprised. While we were editing the film there was a High Court challenge in Australia about the legality of Nauru, so the government quickly made the Nauru detention centre an open centre, which meant that people weren’t actually detained there.

“I’m surprised that of all the governments, Papua New Guinea is the one that has stood up and said detention is illegal. The Australian government’s response is that nothing will change.  They are saying adamantly that no-one will enter Australia, whether they’re genuine refugees or not. So I don’t anticipate that anything will change.” ...   [Australian Jewish News - 26/5/16]




Guardian [30/4/16]:


... Orner is understandably more cagey about the incredible footage filmed inside the detention centres.

It was filmed secretly and captures something that the tens of thousands of words written about asylum seeker policies can’t: that Australia’s detention centres are hell on earth.

The tents are mouldy, the fences are high, there is no privacy, the bathrooms are filthy and some of the men are housed in a tin second world war shed – in the tropics.

Graffiti on the tents reads, “Kill us.”

Whether she got footage from multiple sources or had one major source at each camp, she won’t say.

So distressing is the film that there is an argument to be made that it feeds into the government’s strategy of deterrence.

After seeing the footage of Nauru and Manus, it’s difficult to imagine any place that’s worse, or that is home to more suffering.

“There is no point in trying to come to Australia now by boat,” says Orner, in an odd echo of the government’s line.

“I don’t think the film can do any damage [to people seeking asylum]. It’s important to expose what’s going on.”  ...




Sovereignty + Sanctuary: A First Nations/ Refugee Solidarity Event [Media Release - 13/7/16]:

First Nations Liberation (FLN), Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees (RISE) and Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) present Sovereignty + Sanctuary: A First Nations/ Refugee Solidarity Event.


In order to recognise the plight of refugee arrivals to Australia, as well as the ongoing struggle for Indigenous self-determination, First Nations Liberation, RISE and WAR will hold a solidarity event in Melbourne this Saturday 16th of July at 1pm, in front of Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne.

“As refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees in Australia, we acknowledge that the land we seek protection on is the land of Indigenous peoples,” said Ramesh Fernandez, CEO of RISE.

Meriki Onus from Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) said “Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance welcome this historical event with RISE and First Nations Liberation. RISE’s commitment to accepting Aboriginal passports, Aboriginal law and customary law is refreshing and paves the way for all newcomers to this country.”

“Australian colonial borders continue to oppress communities of colour and Black peoples living inside and outside these borders. WAR condemns the treatment of Aboriginal people, asylum seekers and refugees in detention centres and prisons in this country. It is an international crisis.”

Ex-detainee and founder of RISE, Ramesh Fernandez said, “This will be not only be an historical event, it will be a meaningful event. It will also send a strong message to the Australian government and the wider public that under Indigenous law we are welcome here.”

“On this day RISE, on behalf of the refugee community, will acknowledge Aboriginal Sovereignty over this nation and stand in solidarity with the dispossessed First Nations of this country. We commit to fighting for justice on the terms set by Aboriginal people and nothing else.”

Further he added, “On behalf of refugee community groups and current and ex-detainees, I would like to thank the First Nations people for their recognition and ongoing solidarity with us. It is Indigenous law that we recognise and the sovereignty of Indigenous peoples. This has been long overdue but I thank all those at RISE who have worked these past four years to get to this point.”

On behalf of Sovereign House, elder Robbie Thorpe will present passports to RISE members. Issuing Indigenous passports to refugees sends a strong message: Under Indigenous law, refugees are WELCOME to this land.

Further, ex-detainees from RISE will outline demands which consist of how Australia (government & non-profit sector) should treat refugees arriving to Australia on boats. ...



A small remote community in Western Australia says it was offered money to shut down and move to a nearby former gold rush town in the Pilbara.

The claim comes a day after the WA Government said it no longer wanted to close 150 of the 274 remote communities in the State but wanted to help them become self-sufficient.

But Stanley Warrie, chairperson of the 40 people living on over 4,000 hectares of freehold title in the Cheeditha community, located 1,500 kilometres from Perth, said government officials told him they were going to close Cheeditha down.

He told NITV News he refused their offer of money for the community to move to Roebourne, four kilometres away.  

The first he heard about the release yesterday of the WA Government’s Resilient Communities roadmap report was when a friend told him he’d seen media reports. ... [SBS - 15/7/16]




South Australia's nuclear waste dump proposal will be put directly to residents of almost 30 Aboriginal communities and 60 regional towns.

Government officials will host informal meetings at more than 100 sites across the state over the next three months with the aim of receiving feedback on key issues identified by a citizen's jury.

A second jury of 350 people will then be convened to examine the feedback and present a final report to the government, which is expected to decide whether to proceed with the dump by year's end. [SBS - 15/7/16]




Senior NT policeman under investigation for potentially breaching pursuit policy [ABC - 15/7/16]




This story is BULLSHIT --->  A prominent Muslim prisoner is set to be released after the NSW parole board suggested he could become radicalised in jail.

Ahmed Elomar, the brother of Mohamed Elomar who died fighting with Islamic State, served more than two and a half years for bashing a police officer with a wooden pole during a violent protest in Sydney's Hyde Park in 2012. ... [ABC - 15/7/16]






Hyde Park protests: Man wins $100,000 defamation case over Daily Telegraph stories [Guardian - 5/2/16]




Cheikho v Nationwide News Pty Ltd (No 4) [2016] NSWSC 29 (5 February 2016)




John Passant [17/9/12]:


Socialist Alternative’s article Police brutalise peaceful Muslim protest in Sydney has provoked an outpouring of responses on social media, write the editors of Socialist Alternative.

Many were predictable right wing rants that find echo in today’s op ed pages – scrap multiculturalism, stop Muslim immigration etc.

But many other critical comments came from people whose usual instinct, so they claim, is not to side with cops. The sentiment of many who might otherwise take decent positions – such as support for trade unions and opposition to imperialist war – was captured by one of our readers’ comments: “No support for Islamists or the police!”

Equating the armed might of the state with Muslim protesters bearing placards is ridiculous. Yet furore has engulfed the country over the fact that some of the placards at Saturday’s protest contained clearly reactionary slogans. Some are asking why Socialist Alternative has not at least criticised the demonstration on this basis.

Saturday’s rally was called in response to anti-Muslim bigotry. That there were people present who had objectionable placards and slogans doesn’t change this fact.

If the left refused to support protests by oppressed people unless we agreed with every political view expressed, we would have had to denounce almost every protest movement in history – including the South African struggle against apartheid and the civil rights movement in the US.

Our starting point is to offer solidarity when the oppressed fight back. Muslims are one of the most demonised, repressed and over-policed communities in Australia.

Alternative members in Sydney joined the protest on Saturday as a sign of that elementary solidarity. To say “We oppose attacks on Muslims, but we won’t support their struggle against racism unless they behave themselves and/or conform to our beliefs”, is in our opinion profoundly mistaken and a capitulation to the oppressors.

Today, in Australia, we think it vitally important that anti-racists ask themselves one question: “Is my opposition to racism and oppression conditional?” The answer should be uncompromising: “Never.” ...




Eyewitness account of police riot against peaceful Muslim protest in Australia, Rachel Evans [Green Left Weekly - 16/9/12]



Footage of Anti-USA Protest in Sydney @karwalski [15/9/12]



ACLU sues Baton Rouge police after mass arrests during protests [Democracy Now - 14/7/16]




In Detroit, two street artists appeared in court Wednesday to fight felony charges for allegedly painting the words "Free the Water" and a large black fist on the Highland Park water tower in 2014.

Artists Antonio Cosme and William Lucka are facing up to four years in prison on felony charges of malicious destruction of property.


The United Nations has condemned Detroit’s ongoing water shutoffs as a violation of international human rights law. [Democracy Now - 14/7/16]




Four men in Detroit were arrested over the past week for posts on social media that the police chief called threatening.

One tweet that led to an arrest said that Micah Johnson, the man who shot police officers in Dallas last week, was a hero.

None of the men have been named, nor have they been charged.

“I know this is a new issue, but I want these people charged with crimes,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. ... [The Intercept - 13/7/16]




Accused American ISIS plotter was “set up,” family says [The Intercept - 13/7/16]:


... A criminal complaint unsealed last week and widely publicized revealed that Jalloh had been speaking for months with a government informant, who recorded conversations in which Jalloh seemed to support acts of violence.

The informant solicited Jalloh’s help in procuring money and weapons that he said would be used in support of ISIS.

At one point, Jalloh was provided with a mobile messaging application to help him send $500 to an undercover FBI agent posing as an ISIS member abroad. ...



Documents uncovered by Rahmatullah Nabil, former chief of Afghan Spy Agency—the National Directorate of Security (NDS) – shows that the money provided by the U.S government to the Pakistani military for fighting terrorism is in fact spent by Pakistan's Inter-service Intelligence (ISI) for promoting and supporting terrorism.


He says that Pakistan has over the years been funding terrorist organizations, particularly the Haqqani network, from the money they receive from the United States. ... [TOLO News - 14/7/16]



Remarks as prepared for delivery by Central Intelligence Agency Director John O. Brennan at the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC [13/7/16]:


... The United States and other nations are lending assistance to many of these countries so that they can better deal with these pressures and maintain cohesion.

And just as the various departments of our government provide aid and expertise to their counterparts in weakened states, the Agency plays a role as well.

In many cases, CIA helps to enhance the capability of foreign security and intelligence services so they can increase the quality and quantity of intelligence they provide us to help address threats of mutual interest, such as violent extremism, within and from across their borders.

But our assistance and partnership come with conditions--these intelligence and security services must adhere to standards of professional conduct and respect for human rights. ...




Daesh radio station was destroyed and 12 insurgents were killed in separate drone strikes carried out by foreign troops in Nangarhar province, local officials said on Thursday.

Attaullah Khogyani, spokesman for Nangarhar governor said that 12 Daesh rebels were killed in a foreign troops drone strike in Mohmand Dara area in Achin district on Wednesday. ... [TOLO News - 14/7/16]



Unknown gunmen shot dead an attorney near the centre of Dawlatabad district in northern Balkh province on Thursday, an official said.

The attorney was attacked in the Dawlatabad district near the district headquarters before noon, a government official in Charbolak district said on the condition of anonymity. ... [Pajhwok - 14/7/16]




‏@VOADariAfghan [14/7/16]:  3 Afghan Red Crescent Society health-workers kidnapped by armed men in Saripol Province, local officials say




Leaked data reveals how the US trains vast numbers of foreign soldiers and police with little oversight [The Intercept - 14/7/16]




‏@wikileaks [14/7/16]:  ISIS strategy (Feb, 2015): provoke a crackdown on Western Muslims so that they join ISIS ...




Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.

I will meet you there.




Princess Diana walking through a minefield in her campaign against landmines. [Photograph: Tim Graham/The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund]




Welcome to "Little America": Hub for the US military's global drone war [Common Dreams - 14/7/16]:


... Ramstein’s gigantic Exchange store (largest in the US military) is the centerpiece for an oversize shopping mall, just like back home.

A greeting from the Holy Family Catholic Community at Ramstein tells newcomers: “We know that being in the military means having to endure frequent moves to different assignments. This is part of the price we pay by serving our country.”

Five American colleges have campuses on the base.

Ellenmarie Zwank Brown, who identifies herself as “an Air Force wife and a physician,” is reassuring in a cheerful guidebook that she wrote for new arrivals: “If you are scared of giving up your American traditions, don’t worry! The military goes out of its way to give military members an American way of life while living in Germany.” ...



Dozens killed as lorry ploughs into crowd in Nice [France 24 - 14/7/16]:


At around 11pm local time lorry ploughed into a crowd of people in the southern French city of Nice towards the end of a fireworks display to celebrate the Bastille Day holiday.

The lorry drove at a high speed for a distance of around 2km through the crowd, according to witnesses and officials.

The driver of the lorry was shot dead by police.

Officials have said that at least 80 people have died, including children, with around 20 more critically injured.

French President François Hollande said the attack was “clearly of a terrorist nature”.

It is being investigated by France’s anti-terror unit. Hollande said a state of emergency implemented after the November terror attacks in Paris and due to end on July 26 will be extended by another three months. ...



A proposed “economic reconciliation” law will provide amnesty for public officials and state employees for acts related to financial corruption and misuse of public funds.

The law would sabotage the mechanism Tunisia already put in place to address economic crimes through a mix of public truth-telling, restitution, and judicial flexibility, Human Rights Watch said.

Tunisia’s government adopted the draft law on “Reconciliation in the Economic and Financial Sectors” on July 14, 2015, and forwarded it to parliament.

A public uproar halted parliamentary debate on the bill at that time, but on June 29, 2016, the general committee on legislation started debating it.

The president of the parliament has asked the members to adopt the law in a plenary session before their summer recess starts on July 25. ... [Human Rights Watch - 14/7/16]



Three demonstrators were killed in northern Mali on Tuesday, a medical source said, in a protest centred on a contentious peace accord that Mali has been struggling to enact.

Demonstrators said security forces opened fire when hundreds of young people set off on a banned march in the city of Gao.

A hospital source told AFP by phone that "the latest toll is three dead", with 31 injured. ... [Yahoo - 13/7/16]



Statoil ASA and BP plc say they will remain in Algeria despite militant attacks on their joint oil and gas operations in the country over the last few years, following the implementation of improved safety measures. ... [Rigzone - 13/7/16]



The Saudi Royal Air Force bombed their own troops near the Yemeni capital on Wednesday, marking the second time this month that a friendly-fire incident has occurred.

According to pro-Houthi media, the Saudi Air Force carried out this friendly-fire incident at the town of Fadhat Al-Nihm, where their own ground troops attempted to advance against the anti-government units. ... [AMN - 14/7/16]



Yemen's Houthi rebels have left for Kuwait to resume UN-mediated talks, amid threats of a boycott by the Saudi-backed, internationally-recognised government. ... [Al Jazeera - 14/7/16]



A Kenyan police officer went on a shooting spree on Thursday, killing seven of his colleagues including a hostage response team member before the standoff ended in a shootout, a police report said.

The siege in Kapenguria began early on Thursday when the attacker, identified as Abdilhakim Maslah, opened fire on his fellow officers, leading to a hostage situation.

Police at first suspected the attacker had ties to the al-Shabab group based in neighboring Somalia. ... [Al Jazeera - 14/7/16]



Al-Shabaab fighters blamed for beheading of an elderly man at a small rural village in central Somalia on Wednesday, according to local residents.

The headless body of the elder whose name was released as Ali Santur was found dumped at Bisle area located in the western outskirts of Beledweyne on Thursday.

No group claimed credit for the beheading, but Al Shabaab controls the rural areas near Beledweyne which is the regional capital of Hiiran, central Somalia.

However, Al-Shabaab and Hiiraan regional administration have not commented on the alleged beheading of the prominent traditional elder. [All Africa - 14/7/16]



UN accused of failing as north-east Nigeria at risk of famine [Guardian - 14/7/16]



Ugandan army crosses into South Sudan to evacuate citizens [Al Jazeera - 14/7/16]



10 killed in ethnic protests in northern Ethiopia [Al Jazeera - 14/7/16]



...  Israel began providing military support to Ethiopia in the early 1960s as Emperor Haile Selassie was attempting to prevent a military coup.

Anti-Zionist rhetoric emanating from the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) movement and ELF collaboration with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) strengthened Israel’s military alliance with Ethiopia. ... [Huffington Post - 13/7/16]



Israeli army carries out airstriked in central Gaza Strip [Maan - 14/7/16]:


Israeli warplanes carried out air raids in the central Gaza Strip late on Wednesday night, with conflicting reports on the nature of the strikes.

Palestinian sources said that Israeli warplanes carried out two airstrikes targeting lands east of al-Bureij refugee camp in the besieged Palestinian territory.

They added that at least two missiles hit an unknown target south of the Camera military site.

No injuries were reported.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that explosions heard in Gaza were “controlled detonations” carried out by Israeli forces. ...



Israel has decided to carry out an autopsy for a Palestinian who was killed by Israeli forces on Wednesday during a night raid in the central occupied West Bank. ... [Maan - 14/7/16]



A Palestinian youth was wounded by Israeli forces at a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank district of Jerusalem on Thursday morning after he reportedly tried to help another Palestinian being detained by Israeli border police.

Fatah movement spokesman Thaer Fasfous told Ma'an that Israeli soldiers opened fire at a Palestinian youth and detained another at a checkpoint near the refugee camp of Shufat north of occupied East Jerusalem. ... [Maan - 14/7/16]



Israeli forces detain Palestinian photojournalist [Maan - 14/7/16]



The Israeli “Civil Administration” on Wednesday had approved the construction of 90 settlement units in the illegal settlement of Gilo, Jerusalem.

The decision came a few days after Tel Aviv approved plans to construct 800 new housing units for settlers in and around East Jerusalem. ... [PNN - 14/7/16]



Pharrell Williams cancels Israel gig [Electronic Intifada - 13/7/16]



Israeli Ambassador Govrin to begin diplomatic mission from Cairo on Sunday [Ahram - 14/7/16]




A new report from Amnesty International documents forced disappearances in Egypt — a long-running phenomenon that seems aimed at both Islamists and secular activists.

The group called for international pressure on the Egyptian government to stop this trend.  ... [NPR - 13/7/16]




Six children and two adults were killed in a fire in an orphanage in South Africa on Thursday, rescue officials said.

Emergency service officials said the fire broke out at the Lakehaven Children's Home in the coastal city of Durban, killing six children aged between eight and 10, a 19-year-old and an older adult.

Four people were hospitalized with serious or lesser injuries while 10 others escaped unharmed. ... [Reuters - 14/7/16]



Pinochet-era commander released on bail after 5 days in jail [teleSUR - 13/7/16]




Lebanon  Interior Minister warns police to stop Syria refugee abuse [Al-Monitor - 14/7/16]:


Lebanese Interior Minister Nuhad Mashnuq on Thursday warned law enforcement agents against abusing Syrian refugees after pictures showing some being mistreated by municipal police were posted online.

Mashnuq said in a letter to heads of municipalities that officers would face "disciplinary measures" if they abuse their power when dealing with citizens and Syrian refugees.

"Lately, there has been a rise in the abuses committed by members of the police in several municipalities concerning Syrian refugees," Mashnuq wrote.

He ordered the heads of municipalities to give "strict instructions" to police officers "to respect rules and regulations".

Human rights activists have said that policemen in the Amchit municipality carried out nighttime raids in several homes, detaining Syrian refugees.

 The activists posted pictures online showing refugees kneeling or lined up facing a wall, their hands crossed behind their backs, as municipal policemen checked their identity documents.

images have sparked outrage and prompted the authorities to arrest five municipal policement from Amchit, who were later released after being interrogated.

Lebanon hosts more than one million Syrian refugees, roughly a quarter of the Mediterranean country's population.

Their presence has been a burden on Lebanon's economy and a source of tension, with rights groups saying the refugees face many restrictions.

At the end of June, troops raided a makeshift refugee camp near a predominantly Christian village on the border with Syria after suicide attacks.

More than 280,000 people have been killed and millions displaced since Syria's civil war erupted with the brutal repression of anti-government protests in 2011.



Men, women and children are not imprisoned on Manus and Nauru as topics for nice neat media narratives, or so human rights groups and ALP fans can use them in their twisted games of deny and delay and partisan advantage.


Australia's leaders are punishing these human beings to the point of death because they dared to seek asylum.


These men, women AND children must be freed and genuinely resettled IMMEDIATELY.


Demanding anything less is complicity.



 Day 63 of protests on #Manus where the sewerage flows between compounds when it rains or the tide is high.


Image: ‏@racvictoria [14/7/16]




Eddie Glaude and son: Leave ballots blank, because voting for the status quo threatens our lives [Democracy Now - 14/7/16]



... LANGSTON GLAUDE: So, I was doing research for an urban studies project that required me to study the landscape and study kind of the urban life of the area, and I went to a park that was known for—to be an attraction for people living in the area.

And I was doing my research, doing my research, not really messing or bothering anyone, and a police car pulled up, put a flashlight in my face and made a U-turn and popped up on the curb.

And while I was there, I asked him, you know, "Is everything OK, Mr. Officer?" They asked me, you know, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

I told them I was a Brown University student and that I was doing a project. And before I finished my sentence, they told me the park closes at 9:00. It was 6:00. I told him, "I understand that. I’ll be out before then."

And they kept repeating, "The park closes at 9:00."

I was with a friend, and they told me—they told the police officer, you know, "Yeah, we understand that. But the park—it’s only 6:00."

And another police came out and told us again that the park closes at 9:00, with his hand on his weapon.

So I feared for my life in that moment and took my friend away from the park and immediately exited.

It was probably one of the scariest moments of my life with police officers at that moment, so...  ... [Democracy Now - 14/7/16]




15 July 2016