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11th day of peaceful protest Nauru ...  ‏@elahe_zivardar [15/2/17]



The security guy was filming me and I was filming them ... ‏@elahe_zivardar [15/2/17]



Pacific Islands Forum team whitewash Nauru fascist dictatorship [RNZI - 15/2/17]



Michael Gordon? Janet Galbraith? Where are you? Why have you abandoned this man? ---> Loghman Sawari granted bail [ABC - 15/2/17]



Bail of K1,000 has been allowed by the Boroko District Court for Iranian refugee, Loghman Sawari.

Magistrate Alex Kalandi granted bail to the defendant after he spent five nights in remand at the Bomana Correctional Institute.

His lawyer Loani Henao is now arranging payment of bail to be paid before his client can be released from the District Court precinct.

His guarantor Father Francis Xavier of the St Joseph’s parish will pay a fee of K500.

He has been ordered to make sure Sawari complies to all his bail conditions.

He will also accommodate Sawari in Port Moresby until his case is fully dealt by the court.


Sawari's case is adjourned to next week Monday.

He is expected to be arraigned then. ... [PNG Loop - 15/2/17]



Australian immigration department health officials promoted as policy thrives and refugees die [Guardian - 15/2/17]:


... Douglas, the former chief medical officer for the department and now assistant secretary of the health policy and performance branch, was appearing at the coronial inquest into the 2014 death of Hamid Kehazaei, who died from a treatable infection contracted at the Manus centre. ...



How many more must die before the medical profession and health unions demand an end to Australia's anti-refugee policy? [Guardian - 14/2/17]:


If asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei had been moved to a better-equipped intensive care unit just 10 metres away from his hospital bed he would have been likely to have survived rather than died, a doctor called upon to treat him has told an inquest into his death.


The AFP emergency medical team Glied was contracted to had, on permanent hire, two rooms in the Pacific International hospital for its own intensive care unit, stocked with Australian-provided equipment, technology and medicines.

Glied said if the “AFP team” had been called earlier, and Kehazaei moved to their ICU, he could have survived.

The AFP ICU was “10 metres maximum, in the same corridor” from the room where Kehazaei was taken. ...



Deakin University - stop awarding Sri Lankan war criminals. Speak up for Tamil refugees! - 16 February:


Deakin Uni is awarding the Sri Lankan PM Ranil Wickremesinghe an honoury doctorate in law for his efforts in 'reconciliation'.

This comes at a time when there has been significant protests in Tamil areas over ongoing army land seizures and by families of the disappeared.

This whitewashing by Deakin Uni goes hand in hand with the press conference held with PM Turnbull where the Sri Lankan PM absurdly claimed Sri Lanka was safe for Tamils to return to.

It's crucial refugee rights supporters protest this propaganda push by Deakin Uni, the Australian government and the Sri Lankan regime to delegitimise Tamil asylum seekers in Australian detention centres and to justify the Australian navy boat turn backs and forced returns of Tamils intercepted en route to Australia.

Over 1000 Tamils have been deported by the Australian governemnt with many ending up in Negombo prison.

Join the Tamil Refugee Council for this snap protest and speak up for Tamil refugees!



Tamil asylum seekers still risk torture on return to Sri Lanka [SBS - 15/2/17]:


... Aran Mylvaganam, of the Tamil Refugee Council, works closely with asylum seekers who have been granted temporary settlement in Melbourne as they wait for their refugee claims to be processed.

"It is definitely not safe for Tamils to go back," he said. "Just three weeks ago, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture claimed that torture is still being used in Sri Lanka."

One of his clients is a Sri Lankan man who says he worked with the Tamil Tigers - considered a terrorist organisation by the United States and the European Union - in an unarmed, civilian capacity for 10 years, up until the end of the war in 2009.

The man, who spoke to SBS News on the condition of anonymity, said he was twice abducted and tortured by Sri Lankan intelligence agents.

He is living in temporary accommodation in Melbourne as he waits for his political asylum claim to be processed.  ...



Sri Lankan asylum seekers tortured after being forcibly returned from Australia [Amnesty - 4/9/10]



Rudd's key role stopping Sri Lankan asylum seekers [Project SafeCom Inc. - April 2010]



Aung San Suu Kyi pushes for more Myanmar investment as 4 month military operation against Rohingya draws to a close [Bloomberg - 15/2/17]



Transocean secures multi-well contract offshore Myanmar [Offshore - 13/2/17]:


... Woodside has contracted the ultra-deepwater drillship Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2 for a three-well campaign offshore Myanmar.

 The contract is expected to start this month. ...



Four months after the launch of major security operations in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine State, the fate and whereabouts of hundreds of detained Rohingya are still unknown.

Amnesty International considers them as victims of enforced disappearances, and are at risk of torture and other ill-treatment and of being subjected to unfair trials. ... [Amnesty - 15/2/17]



"I wanted to see with my own eyes": Volunteers in disbelief after IOM and media commandeer Rohingya Food Flotilla [The Star - 15/2/17]



Ireland's Rohingya refugee [Irish Times - 14/2/17]





Which country on this map of  South East Asia is supposedly a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention, but hasn't accepted refugees since July 2014?






a man who come from the west bring Justice forward for all who live here.



Image: ‏@Clintonswalk [13/2/17]



@Clintonswalk [13/2/17]:  Thanks constable Deano from Coober for lending his bus to us to continue our walk. Also Gavin turks from Port Augusta for working on the car



'Torres Strait Islanders are once again overlooked': Mayor Gela [NITV - 15/2/17]



A Canadian court has ruled that the government breached its duty of care to thousands of Aboriginal children, a move which Tjalaminu Mia, from the Stolen Generations says is a 'major win'.

The class action suit, which was launched eight years ago, sought $A1.30 billion on behalf of about 16,000 Ontario Aboriginal children who were removed from reserves and placed in non-aboriginal homes from 1965 to 1984 under a federal-provincial agreement.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba ruled that the federal government breached its duty to take reasonable steps to prevent the children from losing their Aboriginal identity.

The plaintiffs in the case argued that the children's loss of Aboriginal identity caused issues including mental disorders, substance abuse and suicide.

Minister of Indigenous Affairs Carolyn Bennett, said the government would not appeal the decision and that the government wanted to sit down with survivors by the end of the month to discuss a settlement. ... [SBS - 15/2/17]



Proposed changes to Native Title Act undermines Aboriginal land rights [NITV - 14/2/17]:


Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners have asked the Federal Court to strike out an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with mining giant Adani

A move which they hope will block the $16 billion Carmichael coal project in central Queensland, despite efforts by the Government to change the Native Title Act.

The applicants are seeking a declaration that Adani was not entitled to lodge an application to register an ILUA, on the grounds that it is not representative.

W&J Traditional Owner, Adrian Burragubba said in a statement that they will continue their efforts. ...



Palestinian high level diplomatic sources on Wednesday said that President Mahmoud Abbas, Abu Mazen, has met with the head of the Director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mike Pompeo in Ramallah last night. ... [PNN - 15/2/17]



Palestinian teens detail their torture at the hands of Israeli authorities [Maan - 14/2/17]



Israeli forces detained at least nine Palestinians, including two boys, in predawn military raids across the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, according to Israeli and Palestinian sources. ... [Maan - 14/2/17]


Palestinian sentenced to 17 months in prison for Facebook 'incitement' [Maan - 14/2/17]



Dear World,  I was scheduled to make a visit to Israel with fellow NFL players. ... ‏@mosesbread72 [10/2/17]



Native Americans on day 14 of Standing Rock hunger strike [TYT - 14/2/17]



Judge denies Native American Tribes' request to block final link in Dakota Access Pipeline [CNBC - 13/2/17]




It's always cold inside the icehouse

Though the rivers never freeze


There's a girl outside the icehouse

I can see her clearly though the trees ...


'Icehouse', Icehouse [1980]




Immigrants want you to see these chilling photos of US detention centres [US Uncut - 14/2/17]



The “hieleras”: A report on human and civil rights abuses committed by US Customs and Border Protection [Americans for Immigrant Justice - 7/8/13]:


The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is a federal agency within the Department of Homeland Security.

Within CBP there are several commissioners’ offices, including the Office of Border Patrol (OBP), which is responsible for enforcing the country’s immigration laws.

OBP has an annual operating budget of $1.4 billion and it employs more than 21,000 agents to patrol the nation’s 6,000 miles of borders.


While detention in CBP holding cells is supposed to be temporary, persons we met with had been detained there for as long as 13 days.

The temperature in the cells is so cold that CBP officers themselves refer to them as “hieleras,” or iceboxes, in Spanish. Detainees’ fingers and toes turn blue and their lips chap and split due to the cold. Blankets are not provided.

These crowded hieleras have no mattresses, beds or chairs, and there is a single sink and toilet in plain view.  Detainees have no choice but to urinate and defecate in front of their cellmates.

Detainees are not given even the most basic supplies, like toothbrushes, soap, combs or ample sanitary napkins, and are unable to bathe, take showers or change clothing. The only water available is in a single thermos, filled with bleach-like water, burning the throats of those who drink it.

Detainees are only fed a single, oftentimes frozen, sandwich twice a day.

Sleeping on the cold floor is even more difficult because bright overhead lights are left on 24/7. ...



Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island inspected and interrogated by outsourced US Homeland Security officials in latest installment of fictional "resettlement deal" sideshow [RNZI - 15/2/17]:


About a dozen refugees detained by Australia on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island were interviewed on Wednesday for possible resttlement in the United States.

The Kurdish Journalist and Manus Island detainee [political prisoner], Behrouz Boochani, reported the interviews were conducted by the Resettlement Support Centre, a Singapore-based company contracted by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Mr Boochani said the same company conducted resettlement interviews with refugees detained by Australia on Nauru.

He said Wednesday's interview process lasted for about four hours and the refugees were given a code with which to check their progress towards US resettlement on a website.

Mr Boochani said those interviewed came from several different countries including two men from Afghanistan and three from Iran.

He said Manus Island refugees remained sceptical that they would ever be resettled in the US, after President Trump called the agreement with Australia to take some of the detainees, a dumb deal. ["They killed Reza Barati, Hamid Kehazaei, Faysal Ishak and they are trying to kill us":  Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island say "US deal" fake news [RNZI - 24/1/17]



Bangladeshi and Nepalese political prisoners explain how they are being singled out for deportation theatre [Reuters - 14/2/17]:


... Bangladeshi detainee [political prisoner] Mohammad Rasel told Reuters he was offered $19,500 to return to Bangladesh voluntarily, more if he convinced a group of his countrymen to go with him, during interview with an Australian Border Force official on Manus last Tuesday.

Another detainee political prisoner] who requested anonymity told Reuters that ABF officials met with a group of twelve Nepalese men on Friday, telling them they could either accept an offer of between $10,000 and $25,000 to go home voluntarily, or be deported. ...



It's DEPORTATION THEATRE because the media never follows up on what becomes of these people. ----> Why did Obama deport 85 Muslim asylum seekers to Bangladesh, India and Nepal? [Democracy Now - 8/4/16]



Cartoonists 4 ALP, MEAA and friends reinforce Australia's anti-refugee policy with exploitative campaign to release three "worthy" political prisoners - the rest can go fuck themselves [Huffington Post - 15/2/17]



More theatre of the absurd as the Sri Lankan Prime Minister and Turnbull pretend they aren't tyrants flouting the UN Refugee Convention with impunity [SBS - 15/2/17]:


The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka has urged compatriots who are being held in Australian-run immigration detention centres to come home. [signalled to his country's political prisoners - currently being held in Australian concentration camps - that they should abandon all hope.]

"Come back. All is forgiven," Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said as he stood beside Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on an official visit to Canberra on Wednesday.

He told reporters that the asylum seekers committed a crime by trying to reach Australia but would not be punished if they returned.

"They can come back to Sri Lanka and we will help them," he said.

"But remember, they broke the law by attempting to come to Australia."


Prime Minister Turnbull said the two leaders discussed countering people-smuggling [ongoing bilateral efforts to stop people from seeking asylum].

"The Australian and Sri Lankan navies have a strong and growing relationship," Mr Turnbull said.

"We also have long-standing, close cooperation aimed at ending the scourge of people smuggling and it's a testament to our success that there have been no illegal boat arrivals from Sri Lanka since 2013." 



Banality of evil continues unopposed as media FOI requests about torture at Australia's refugee concentration camp on Nauru blocked [Sydney Morning Herald - 14/2/17]



“Forget about refugee status… where is the humanity?”  Eritrean refugee pushes Canada to help asylum seekers in Israel [Middle East Eye - 27/1/17]:


... For years, the government gave asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan “temporary protection” in the form of short-term visas, which allowed the government to avoid actually processing their asylum claims.

Today, most African asylum seekers must renew temporary visas to remain in the country, and they live under a risk of being summoned to Holot, a detention facility built in the southern Negev desert. Israel also signed a secretive deal to deport asylum seekers to third countries.

The Israeli government says the agreement poses no risk to the deportees; a representative for the Israeli Justice Ministry said last year that at least 3,000 people had been sent to Rwanda and Uganda.

But it’s a policy that refugee advocates say puts the asylum seekers in danger and leaves them in a state of legal limbo.

Some asylum seekers have reported being repatriated to their home countries after their deportation from Israel, where they may face imprisonment, torture and other abuses. ...



THE LIE OF THE CIVILIZED "WESTERN WORLD" by Sascha Pommrenke [Indybay - 11/2/17]




15 February 2017